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Archives: November 26, 2019

WeWork's ousted CEO Neumann helped Kushner craft mideast "peace plan"

"When DOJ insists that Presidents can lawfully prevent their senior-level aides from responding"

Whats up with pompous and dotard's thumb?

This stray dog looks so different now!

well,oh crap

148-Pound German Shepherd Loses Over 40 Pounds

Lindsey Graham is looking really bad

They're Killing Us Like Dogs: A Massacre in Bolivia and a Plea for Help

Can the House investigate a Senator?

oh NOOOOOOOOOZ!! High winds may ground balloons for Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

11/25 Morning Consult poll: Biden 30%, Sanders 21%, Warren 15%, Buttigieg 9%, Harris 5%,

How is this puppy even real?

Feeling good tonight...

Pecker comes clean ...!

Perry thinks he's done...LOL, Oh Rick you're just starting your next career, dodging courtrooms.

Firefighters Rescue Kitten With The "Jaws Of Life"

The Chronicles of Nunes: How His Impeachment Speeches Created an Alternate Reality for GOP

Rudy's trying out his boss's tired old meme...

O Lordy; there are Tapes

House intelligence chairman Schiff says Trump impeachment report to come early next month

44% of Americans are low-wage workers, making a median of $18,000

Low-dollar, repeat donations to campaigns are making credit card companies rich

Devin Nunes' defense of Trump has redefined what a partisan hack looks like

I found a paper giving the solution for the diffusion equation for a conical boundary. Life...

When It Comes to Ukraine, Why Are Republicans So Anxious to Play Putin's Game?

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones puts Jason Garrett on notice after loss to Patriots

Here is a pattern:

Striking WMATA Workers Fight DC Public Transit Privatization & French Multinational Employer

'Tremendous value': White House began storing texts last year, creating evidence cache for Democrats

Today was the 1st day a sitting member of Congress in an early voting state endorsed a candidate,

My fear is that trump* has now given a 'green light' for war crimes

Always a prescient quote from Mark Twain...

Lev Parnas Handed Over Tapes of Trump and Giuliani to the House Intelligence Committee

This has to stop happening (Happy ending this time)

Forgiving Student Debt Would Boost Economy, Economists Say

Tweety's end of program commentary

Anyone having Thanksgiving in a restaurant?

It's worth noting that those of pushing for impeachment on DU all along have been proven right

Arrested as teens, three men exonerated after 36 years behind bars for wrongful murder conviction

Got squid? Why officials say you should catch and eat it out of Puget Sound

Yang takes a swipe at Amazon

A question to anyone who is active-duty military...

Anheuser-Busch to buy remaining stake in group that owns Seattle's Redhook Brewery

Borowitz: Giuliani Claims He Has Evidence Linking Biden to Obama

Two Leading Republicans Praise God For Bringing Us Trump

Luckovich-How to get a pardon from trump

Chilean Photojournalist Albertina Martnez Burgos Killed in Santiago

Michael Bloomberg, Presidential Candidate, Just Killed the Bloomberg News Agency

Self-confessed liar Sarah Sanders says: 'I don't like being called a liar'

Big news: Since October, Bernie gains 9 points in early states!

Last Republican AG drops out of lawsuit to block T-Mobile-Sprint deal

NEW -- Trump wants Eddie Gallagher to campaign alongside him in 2020 (Not the Onion)

Aside from Trump, who is the most odious, despicable Republican?

Richard Spencer re-Trump: "I don't think he really understands the full definition of a war fighter

Gov. Matt Bevin pardons man serving life sentence for sex abuse of 6-year-old stepdaughter

DAY 5 : they still haven't noticed

Cleveland Newspaper Torches Gym Jordan For His Disgusting Behavior

Morning Consult: Warren's September Surge Has Evaporated

"current or former" sr WH aide subpoenaed by a House committee must at least appear for testimony

Bernie is surging.

'He don't care about anyone but himself'

For the Trump theory that Ukraine, not Russia, interferred with our elections to be true,

Supreme Court Blocks Subpoena of Trump's Financial Records for at Least 10 Days

The Rise and Fall of Rudy Giuliani.

Biden's senior Latina adviser quits in frustration

SSDD - Governments Urged To "Energize" COP 25 Climate Talks Starting In Spain Next Week

Since 2000, At Least 3 Moth Species New To Ireland Have Arrived As Earth Warms

Governments Have Already Announced Plans For Oil, Coal, Gas At 120% Of Maximum Paris Targets

Mike Bloomberg campaign ad: "Rebuild America"

SCOTUS; Climatologist Michael Mann's Defamation Suit Against National Review Will Go Ahead

Fan wowed by classical music

Gordon Lightfoot - "Ten Degrees And Getting Colder"

2020 US Senate Election- Both of the GA US Senate seats will put Democrats in the majority in 2020.

Ice fossils found in meteorite

Greenhouse Gases: Highest Recorded Levels In Over 3 MILLION YEARS (Report)

Has Bloomberg entered his name on the early states, too?

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Almost Finished! Bob Kincaid subs for Mike

Bloomberg, Patrick make Florida primary ballot

Berlin and Paris outline plan for EU makeover

Pelosi: Compromise on trade deal 'within range'

Samoa measles epidemic worsens with 24 children now dead

The brightest light in the universe has been detected

Johnny Cash - "As Long As The Grass Shall Grow"

New Jersey takes step toward banning 'gay panic' murder defense

Fired Navy Secretary, Trump sending a message to our troops

Did I hear Lindsay Graham say "it was the Democrats who started this mess with the impeachment"?

Lula Promotes Political Polarization in Speech

That's Nice - Younger Republicans Want Government To Act On Climate (Vox)

Two things every thanksgiving. One is cooking a turkey to render

Striking WMATA Workers Fight DC Public Transit Privatization & French Multinational Employer

My son asked me, "Who are you going to vote for in the NY Democratic primary?"

O M G. I have to rave about a fave

Want to see a really lousy George C. Scott movie?

Trump Tells Allies He Wants War Criminals to Campaign for Him

Devin Nunes Accuses Witnesses of Misleading American People with Facts

RW buzzword: "socialism"

Report: tRump wants Eddie Gallagher to campaign along side of him in 2020

PELOSI: The Courts Are Clear: "Potus insistence that he is above law is offense to our Constitution"


So this whole situation with Chief Petty Officer Gallagher...

President Trump signs bill making animal cruelty a federal felony

"Trump got his wall after all" - immigration down 70%

Stacey Abrams Hires Palast Investigations Team for Massive Federal Suit to Restore Voting Rights

Trump Wants War Criminals to Campaign for Him

Pete Buttigieg has a big new plan to shake up the retirement system Ben Werschkul

Turn on Rachel if you arent watching. She's interviewing the Fusion GPS guys. They've

Look at what right wing scumbags are doing to Adam Schiff. Disgusting!

Man And Cat Locked In Tense Battle Over Who Runs The Household 🤣

lol@NinaTurner & John Cusack.. "Boycott msnbc over BS' coverage"..

New Yorker: The Inside Story of Christopher Steele's Trump Dossier (new book by Fusion GPS founders)

Trump doesn't care about Eddie Gallagher and the Navy SEALs. He cares about what they represent

A cold day in hell...

Damn. Ali Velshi in for Lawrence again

"Crime in Progress" by Simpson and Fritsch - I pre-ordered it.

We are now on the list of unstable governments.just the only one that's high tech & most powerful.

Yeppers real personal, the Con against the world

Trump Says ISIS Was Defeated in Syria. So Why Is the U.S. Still Fighting?

What happened with the secret company that was being fined everyday

Brazil: Halt illegal cattle farms fuelling Amazon rainforest destruction - new report

Behind The Racist Coup In Bolivia - OpEd

See the difference?

Republican Populist: Spiro Agnew and the Origins of Donald Trump's America

Days away from BlackFriday, 100s of Amazon workers rising up!

Fuck SCOTUS for the 10 day stay they put on release of Trump's tax returns.

Top House Republican Uses Russian Stock Footage In Pro-Trump Campaign Ad

Mystery Train

I just received this email from Adam Schiff (it notably did NOT include a plea for money!):

Trump is the military equivalent of a "jock sniffer".

Bohemian Rhapsody

Jared Kushner's new assignment: Overseeing the construction of Trump's border wall

Jackie Speier: Nunes faces a potential ethics investigation for his involvement in Ukriane scandal

Are Your Jeans Red or Blue? Shopping America's Partisan Divide

Tweet of the Day

The decision in the McGahn case means that impeachment witnesses like Rick Perry, et al must testify

Keystone XL: police discussed stopping anti-pipeline activists 'by any means'

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Trump Tells Allies He Wants U.S. War Criminals to Campaign for Him

Sean Patrick Maloney calls out Sen. Graham says happy to investigate tRumps corrupt kids.

My wife LOVES Sesame Street, she's been watching it since she was a teenager....

Bernie lets it rip against Bloomberg 'arrogance'

Two Central Figures Face New Scrutiny In The Impeachment Inquiry - Deadline - MSNBC

UK Labour party accused by Rabbi of failing to wipe out anti-Semitism from party

Just watched Rachel and I'm more committed to Warren than ever.

Is there an on-line version of Black Friday?

What did Fiona Hill mean by "rabbit hole?"

UPDATE W/ THANKS BELOW. I never ask for Prayer but tonight I turn to you my friends

10 Things You Didn't Know About Adam Schiff

'Devastating Loss': Judge Orders WH Counsel To Testify Before Congress Amid Ukraine Scandal - MSNBC

Texas Republican Party's 2020 election strategy document lands in Democrats' hands

Federal judge orders Pentagon and OMB to turn over documents discussing blocked Ukraine military aid

Two things to consider in the various subpoena cases

The realism of Bernie Sanders' climate policy

The Daily Show: Who Will Win the Black Vote in 2020?

Joe Biden did not state that Marijuana is a gateway drug

The Daily Show: Hillary Rodham Clinton & Chelsea Clinton - Impeachment & "The Book of Gutsy Women"

Seth Meyers - Trump Has Impeachment Meltdown on Fox and Friends: A Closer Look

'Rule of law is what sets us apart': Richard Spencer's scathing final letter as Navy secretary

White House chief of operations Daniel Walsh is leaving

Federal Contractor That Locks Up Immigrant Kids Scraps Holiday Bash At Trump Golf Club

cat tries but comes up short

vice squads still tormenting LGBT bars? decades after Stonewall?

does anyone remember the name of the book

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Can Anyone Explain to Me Rep. Brenda Lawrence's Rationale Here?

Fort Worth teacher wins appeal after firing over anti-immigrant tweets to Trump

Pumpkin pie "cheat" - fast and delicious!

Tucker Carlson Says He Is Rooting for Russia in Conflict Against Ukraine 🤮

National Enquirer company chief David Pecker talking with New York prosecutors

Joe Biden is now the favorite in the betting market to win the Democratic primary

anyone hear thom hartmann on monday?

Just saw a Bloomberg ad. I was surprised at how strong it was.

Madonna plans to build $3.8 million physicians clinic at its Omaha campus

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump Honors Dog, Giuliani Has Insurance & Bloomberg Joins Race

Vandalism at Jewish cemetery prompts $5,000 gift from Muslim charitable group

It's even worse than you think. With the pardons, Trump is trying to make these evil killers

Trump Gives U.S. Business the Ukraine Treatment Support him if you want a tariff break.

Nebraska State Fair finance head quits, citing losses

November Photo Contest Finals!

November Photo Contest Finals are posted in GD.

Americans are paying $40 billion a year in import taxes thanks to Trump's tariffs: study

Who but a demon could impeach God's chosen one?

Former Executives and Employees of Health Technology Company Outcome Health Charged in $1 Billion

Owner Of Empire Pharmacy In Hudson County Admits Role In Multi-Million Dollar Conspiracies To Commit

Founder Of Purported Snack And Pet Food Companies Sentenced To 7 Years In Prison For Defrauding

FBI Says Former Student Plotted ISIS Attack to Kill Dean at Miami Dade College

Did Bloomberg really say this?

You know you're getting old when:

Wow - Please watch this video...

Recommendations for elliptical machine

Elizabeth Warren Just Picked Up a Major Florida Endorsement

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 11/25/19

Sports interview gets increasingly bizarre as it goes on.

Stephen Colbert - Guest Robert De Niro: Donald Trump Is "A Fake President"

Trump Mar-a-Lago intruder Yujing Zhang ordered back to China

Breakfast 26 November 2019

Baby Trump Is the Shiny Object Florida Needs During Impeachment Season

Creative types, help with suggestions for a monument...

Claiming Native American Ancestry

2020 US Senate Election- Which seats will the Democrats win to regain control of the US Senate?

ACLU: Gov. Ron DeSantis keeps flip-flopping on a crucial voting rights issue

Lawmakers consider FL tax rebate for working poor: "This hits home...that extra buck that comes into

▶️ Hear the Bern: Episode 34 - Turkey Talk: Briahna sits down with Bernie & Peter Daou

Hill Country landowners say Kinder Morgan is lowballing them. Special courts are agreeing.

New discovery could spell end to seasonal flu

Rick Perry: Donald Trump is 'The Chosen One' Sent By God to Lead Us

Dallas County Pays Up After Deputy's K-9 Mauls Girl in Schoolyard

Texas Republicans Dig In for Trump, Their God-King (GRAPHIC WARNING)

How do you slow down a QB like Lamar Jackson?

US veterans say Trump views military 'as tool for massacres' after reinstating accused war criminal

Good morning! Nothing like waking up to 14 inches of fresh snow with up to another foot on the way

Turkey Leg Hut Fires Back, Questions Lawsuit's Timing Right Before Thanksgiving

Got a cool door for free.

The STUPID. It Burns. Burns Like Acid...

It's just a little after 6 a.m.

Bloomberg on the Public Sector : Cut entitlements, pensions, and job security protections.

Climate change: 'Bleak' outlook as carbon emissions gap grows

Why is money allowed to be removed from the economy???

Tucker Carlson Says He's Rooting for Russia...

Rain and Winter Storm Watch for Central and Northern Arizona

Liberty County District Attorney Arrested On Assault Charge

Trump directs Jared Kushner to investigate why Matt Drudge

Netanyahu supporters set to rage against 'coup' at Tuesday rally in Tel Aviv

"Declaration of Independence"

Lifelong Republican voter quits party by penning scathing viral letter to his Congressmen

Developing Nations' Clean Energy Investments Dropped 20% In 2018; In Large Part China-Driven

4 Years Post-Paris, Global Carbon Output Up 1.5%/Year Since 2009, Needs To Fall 7.6%/Year From 2020

Tuesday TOONs - Mango Fandango

Tucker Carlson: I am rooting for Russia

WMO GHG Update: Atmospheric CO2 Up 147% Over Pre-Industrial; CH4 Up 259%, N2O Up 123%

New CNN poll on impeachment.

Muslim woman confronts man over antisemitic rant at Jewish father and son on Tube

Biologists Find At Least 1 Form Of Phthalate In Every AK Seabird Tested (910 Birds, 10 Species)

*SNORT* Peabody Can't Find Any Utilities Willing To Accept Their "Clean Coal Award"

When your feeling of White Supremacy really does not pay off...

The Rundown: November 25, 2019

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 11/20/19

Under proposal, Democratic loyalists could kill minor parties

"Executive Decision." Nail-biting hijack film.

In NSW 1 Million Hectares Have Already Burned; Auditor-General Asked To Assess Fire Service Funding

TINA TURNER ... Happy 80th Birthday! She's simply the best and better than all the rest!

TX GOP sent their 2020 plans to the TX Democrats

trump sat in the white house yesterday and said he is going to protect his war criminals....

Dr Brian May selected for ESA's Comet Interceptor team

Comrade Numnutz

Former KGB agent details process of sowing discord prior to active measures w final act being crisis

trump appears to be assembling a band of war criminals

Breaking: Trump to resegregate baseball

Kamala's in depth interview with Jonathan Capehart

New Docs Show How State Dept MISLED Top Dem Lawmakers On Why Yovanovitch Was Removed

Texas Republican Party's 2020 election strategy document lands in Democrats' hands

Lindsey Graham looks like a frightened man.

Buttigieg picks up third congressional endorsement from New York lawmaker

Raise your hand if you're surprised.

😀🇺🇸🍰☀️❗️What's Your Favorite Cake?

Editorial: On brand, Trump throws America's reputation in the trash to wink at war crimes

Kamala Harris & Mindy Kaling Cook Masala Dosa

Robert Redford: America is in crisis. It's time to rid ourselves of Trump.

Airspace violation reported in Washington, DC, and fighter jets have been scrambled

The Rude Pundit: Note to Democrats: Call the GOP's Bluff

Happy Franksgiving, 5 days late...

So support for impeachment NOT droppping off!

Mr Rodgers' Neighborhood...

Winter storms threaten to snarl US holiday travel

That Uplifting Tweet You Just Shared? A Russian Troll Sent It

'Disrespects everybody in uniform': Ex-Navy Secretary buries Trump for celebrating war criminals

Voting centers prove popular as half of Harris County voters cast ballots outside home precincts

I Don't Think Bloomberg Has a Prayer of Being the Nominee, However,

Brett Kavanaugh's latest opinion should terrify Democrats

Juanita Jean-Texas GOP has hired Karl Rove to save Texas from turning blue

Where is the actual pile of cash???

Obama Reportedly Told a Dem Candidate that Joe Biden 'Really Doesn't Have' Bond With Voters

Prayer for this group.

The Supreme Court procedural ruling in one of the Trump tax cases - What you should know

KOALA Rescued From Australia Bushfire Didn't Make It :(

Waiting for Obama

Pompeo to speak @ 11am - fyi

'Of course I'm joking': Tucker Carlson and John Kennedy walk back their pro-Russia comments

Great new Joe Biden Ad on Foreign Policy and rebuiding America's realtionships with allies

I expect the Senate to hold bogus "Biden hearings"

Juan Cole:Ayatollah Rick Perry's Evangelical Theology of Trump as God's Chosen is just like Khamenei

Is God trying to trick us?

Yet Another Investment Firm Profiteering Off Of Inmates

Trump Blurts Out Confession to ENTIRE Thing on Live TV

Trump Blurts Out Confession to ENTIRE Thing on Live TV

A truely interesting article about Pete Buttigieg

The reason the world's situation keeps getting worse is simple

McGahn's 30hrs of Mueller testimony cannot be quashed via Executive Privilege

BROKEN: Trump Orders New Military Ribbon for "His Warfighters"

Comcast email keeps looping me back to login page.

Can the Yang Gang and Berners start acting like this?

Anyone thinking about a new kitchen?

I Think Papa John Needs To Lay Off His Own Product

Truly the biggest clunker for the Democrats right now is ageism

I really am saddened to see the current Democratic candidates immediately wasting

Judge Accuses DoorDash of Trying to 'Squirm' Out of Arbitration

The Devil scores one...

Tina is 80 today

Top Climber Falls while climbing El Capitan - Climber ok, some nice pictures of Yosemite

trumpy meaness everywhere

David McWilliams podcast : EP34: Impeachment and polarization of US politics with Prof Bill Black

With Carlson in the news, a reminder that a former Fox Exec attended a 2016 election party in Moscow

More Winning! Indiana engine maker Cummins to cut 2,000 jobs

Isn't it ironic?

🔥 Fox Guest: "The core question is why the hell does Tucker Carlson still have a job here..."

George Takei.....

Rep Brenda Lawrence no longer supports impeachment in abrupt reversal (but, she's back on board now)

Letter from the Grass Roots

Are we still underrating Andrew Yang? Yes, we are

Pic Of The Moment: Another Tradition Trumped

From the start of Trump's run for president until the middle of 2018

So half of all Americans still think Trump should be removed from office, but

Colorado snow storm.

Just saw a Bloomberg 4 POTUS TV ad - it was pretty good

Watchdog Probes How Lincoln Museum 'Pimped Out' Gettysburg Address To Glenn Beck.

Ruling Will Not Lead Bolton to Testify Soon, Lawyer Says

Unconditional handouts benefit recipients--and their neighbours too

Why Cash Aid Distributions Have A Beneficial Ripple Effect

'I set trends dem man copy': Michael Gove mocks Stormzy Labour support

Register to Vote in Virginia if you turn 18 by Nov. 3, 2020

DNC Vice Chair Michael Blake live on FOX: "Why does Tucker Carlson still have a job here?"

A wealthy Venezuelan hosted Giuliani as he pursued Ukraine campaign. Then Giuliani lobbied the DOJ

Parkhomenko's Daily Big Stuff...

ReTHUG Group think

Neo-Coward Supreme! . . . Please come CAPTION John Bolton!!!

Donald builds the Wall, children's book on Amazon.

U.S. Rep. Brenda Lawrence no longer supports impeaching Trump in abrupt reversal

The UK election system needs reform, but I am thankful, that in a year where the mental well being

House Sues To Enforce Census Probe Subpoenas Of Ross, Barr

President Bartlet and the Butterball Hotline

Trump's strain with Pentagon inspires talk of more departures

I have mentioned before that I live in a DEEP red district. Confrontations with MAGAts are

New Oversight chair files lawsuit against Barr and Ross.

BREAKING: House Oversight suing AG Bill Barr & Commerce Sec Wilbur Ross for refusing to answer congr

Did any of you watch CNN's "All the President's Lies?" I didn't learn...

I just keep settling on Amy Klobuchar as my backup candidate.

Melania was booed at a Be Best event in Baltimore today.

What's going on with Chick Fil A?

Timeline: Rep. Devin Nunes and Ukraine Disinformation Efforts

Jamaican man shoots AK47 wielding robber in Florida

Giuliani lobbied DOJ on behalf of wealthy Venezuelan who hosted him during Ukraine meeting: report

Giuliani lobbied DOJ on behalf of wealthy Venezuelan who hosted him during Ukraine meeting: report

Ex-Alabama sheriff gets 18 months in federal prison

Pets talk Holidays

Kermit Thanks You! 🐸

US senator to investigate if foreign spyware used to target Americans

How important is it to get Republicans on the record?

Mick Mulvaney's PATHETIC Scramble To Cover Up Trump's Ukraine Quid Pro Quo

I would be more amenable to Bloomberg

Country for sale - apply within - Diplomats for Sale

DOJ moves to halt judge's ruling that McGahn must testify

Monday Night Football: the once great NFL show is now the worst on television

There's something terribly wrong': Americans are dying young at alarming rates

At least 18 killed, 325 injured, as 6.4-magnitude earthquake strikes Albania

Could Russian oligarchs be pouring money into the stock market (to help Trump)?

Melania Trump booed at youth opioid summit in Baltimore

Trump: Why Did We Wait 100 Years to Mark a Centennial?

Pompeo Gives Trump Cover On His Bogus Ukraine Conspiracy Theory, Floats Potential Probe

Bernie Sanders Goes to Bat for Baseball Players as MLB Proposes Terminating Minor League Teams

Pompeo continues to push this false narrative about the Ukraine.

Is it normal to sue somebody for ignoring a subpoena?

11/27 Mike Luckovich: Mad hatter

Trump wonders why the 100th anniversary of women's suffrage wasn't celebrated 'a long time ago'

"Nixon, July 28, 1974, 11 days before he announced that he would resign: 46% impeach & remove"

Max Bruch Violin Concerto #1

Going to phisical therapy.

Melania Trump Booed by Children at Youth Opioid Summit in Baltimore


"Oh, one more thing!" The phrase every medical provider dreads.

Bloomberg Hires FARA Agent for Ukranian Oligarch Tied Directly to the Russian Mob

Documents: Trump administration officially put hold on Ukraine aid same day as Trump call

Netflix Will Keep Iconic Paris Theater Open For Netflix Releases & Events

Biden reverses, says marijuana isn't a gateway drug

I went to Walmart today to return my broken nose hair trimmer

The Only Thing He Cares About

All the sci-fi (and fantasy) televisions and movies coming up next year

BYU to students: Buy private health insurance or drop out

Trump administration officially put hold on Ukraine aid same day as Trump call

Speaking of the idea of censure as a "safer" alternative to impeachment...

"By repeating his guilt"

Big Us - Bernie Sanders

Big Us - Bernie Sanders

Americans, not Chinese, pay Trump tariffs: NY Fed study

Coastal fog linked to high levels of mercury found in mountain lions, study finds

[Former] Clinton strategist Mark Penn counsels President Trump on impeachment

NEW: House Judiciary Cmte just noticed its first impeachment inquiry hearing for Wednesday, Dec. 4.

Woman in Estes Park Colorado, knocked down by elk and no one assisted

Supreme Court lets lawsuit by climate scientist continue against "conservative" outlets

White House Invited to Participate in Impeachment Hearing Next Week

Florida...Trumps last stand

Boog the chocolate lab is such a sale out

woman killed by feral hogs in Texas

Turkey pardon live

Fucking POS-in-Chief is turning the "turkey pardon" into an extended impeachment joke

Had a talk with Trumpers today

A modem or a router?? which OR both do I need to get off my slow internet speed from my provider??

Report: Trump Wants To Bring Accused War Criminals Up On Stage At His Rallies And RNC

Is something wrong with trump's left arm?

Bullshit jobs: why they exist and why you might have one

Motherfucking Mark Penn advising Trump on impeachment

'Democratic' candidate Mike Bloomberg has spent millions keeping the Senate in Republican control

Irish People Try Surstrmming (World's Smelliest Food)

Ruthless Quotas at Amazon Are Maiming Employees

Next week nuts

Obama Said He Would Speak Up To Stop Bernie Sanders Nomination: Report

The wild turkeys are back

You do know that he thinks he will control the message

Crap......faux noise was just in Florida for the next orange rally.....

House Democrats file lawsuit against William Barr and Wilbur Ross for refusing Census documents

You raised $41.00 on November 25, 2019 ActBlue POTUS donation links

Navy says review board will not look at case of SEAL Eddie Gallagher, who will retire

It's obvious Loser45 is too stupid to be orchestrating things

Trump lashes out at 'D.C. Wolves' after McGahn ruling, claims he would 'love' for staff to testify

McGahn's case appealed after judge says he must comply with subpoena

How Bernie's small donation campaign funding model is lining the pockets of credit card companies

If Bernie won the nomination, who would he choose for VP?

Pete Accused Of "Racist Paternalism" After Viral Essay Blasts 2011 Stance On Minority Education

King County prepares to open 24-hour homeless shelter

Elizabeth Warren Returning To Chicago For Edgewater Town Hall

A Former Clinton Aide on Embracing the Sanders Movement And 'Nonviolent Political Revolution'

Winter wonderland or travel nightmare? Snowstorm unloads over 30 inches of snow in Colorado

No, the new CNN poll is not good news for Donald Trump on impeachment

A Former Clinton Aide on Embracing the Sanders Movement And 'Nonviolent Political Revolution'

Iowa farmers snag $767 million so far in Trump's 2019 bailout, the most nationally

Delta Airlines expanding facial recognition technology at Sea-Tac airport

Didja hear about the woman who ordered a pizza to stop domestic violence....

Russia says it showed hypersonic nuclear missile system to U.S. inspectors

"Cave Fire" explodes in California mountains, threatens homes

Barbara Lawrence on MSNBC the congresswoman that

There's no other way to explain Trump's immigration policy. It's just bigotry.

"Hidden gems" channels for Roku, here's a video listing ten, off the beaten track, especially Kanopy

In Trump's military, the rules don't matter at all

Aircraft in morning DC incident might have been flock of birds

The "division" argument

Never-Trumpers and the Democratic Party: why don't they join us ?

Lindsey Graham is doing what the Ukrainian government wouldn't

Bloomberg doesn't play by "the rules" either.

Cats - Transition from kitten to BOSS

DHS weighs online applications for Real ID as 2020 deadline looms

82 Days Underwater: The Tide Is High, but They're Holding On

Rick Larsen not happy with Trump's reversal on flavored vape ban

Is Eyman really running for governor? It's looking that way

Getting ready for Black Friday

"In my 3 years covering @FLOTUS... that was the worst booing she's received at a public event"

Biden Retakes Lead As Warren Plunges, Buttigieg Rises, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds

Time to call out and remove Putin's propagandists

Former MLB player tweets that Socialists better be careful if Bernie wins.

At Thanksgiving, have a helping of family history

Woman dies after accidentally brushing teeth with rat poison

Jurassic Park.... but with cats.

Mar-a-Lago's pastry chef was a QAnon follower and baked a Q bundt cake.

David Frum: Heads, Trump Wins. Tails, We All Lose.

Was 'Oumuamua a cosmic dust bunny?

Dolemite Mts. in Italy at sunrise

Cat Jumps Into His Mom's Arms After Being Lost For 536 Days

Volkswagen Breaks Ground on North American EV Production Facility in Tennessee

I ran into a big red one Vietnam vet I invited him for thanksgiving

Northgate Mall landlord shuts off the heat on food court vendors

Tinfoil hat time?

West Seattle apartment deal is latest in flurry as excise tax increase looms

Former MLB Player Threatens to clip Sen. Bernie Sanders should be elected President

Surgeons Succeed In Implanting Donor Kidney Using Robot Through Single Port

Happy Birthday, Tina Turner: Pop's Ultimate Comeback Queen Turns 80

Murders of Latin American labor leaders anger unions and lawmakers

If you don't know about this woman, I think you'll want to.

Woman Takes A Photo With Her Dog And It Goes Hilariously Wrong

I am sure this has been asked before. . . .

Turkey Revenge

The First Round of Impeachment Hearings Are Over. Now What?

How Evo Morales Made Bolivia A Better Place ... Before He Was Forced To Flee

Dog At Drive-Through Starbucks Can Barely Wait For His Order

Piera asks for troops back on Chile's streets despite reports of 'grave' abuses

Notice Trump never says, "I didn't try to pressure Zelensky to investigate the Bidens."

House Judiciary schedules first impeachment hearing as Trump claims he is protecting the presidency

Is Bolivia turning into a rightwing military dictatorship?

Interesting new CNN Poll:

Cartoons 11/26/19

California cannabis industry sending SOS to state leaders

The Supreme Court now has five votes to sabotage the next Democratic presidency.

Pompe-O Wants To Go Home To Kansas

LOL..guy practicing karate behind Kate Bolduan CNN during live segment.

Misinformation Efforts Over Kentucky Vote Could Be Playbook for 2020 - ProPublica

He's slurring his words.

Rescued circus tigers to arrive in Florida after 18-month ordeal in Guatemala

Ohio Election Day cyber attack attempt traced to Panama

Georges Bizet Carmen Suite

General election 2019: No apology from Jeremy Corbyn over Labour anti-Semitism claims

Brett Kavanaugh's latest opinion should terrify Democrats.

Watch with the sound on: Traveling made FUN!

Why Transit Riders Are Joining The Suit Against Tim Eyman's Initiative 976

I don't know about you, but...

The WH terrified of contradicting Trump:

(Jewish Group) Despair: Chief rabbi's criticism of Labour strikes a chord

John Bolton: U.S. National Security Commitments 'Under Attack From Within'

Trump apparently asked about the Ukraine aid specifically after reading an unspecified media report.

Paul Simon & Willie Nelson - "Homeward Bound"

Under a tornado warning in NW Arkansas

Reminder of a proper President. Carter's impeachment advice to Trump: Tell the truth...for a change

Ferocious 'bomb cyclone' taking aim at huge portion of western US

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Thank you Sen ⁦@BernieSanders⁩ for joining @ChipotleTweets workers, ⁦@AmericanAir⁩ #Eulen ...

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