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Archives: November 28, 2020

As we always knew there was a big undercount of deaths from Coronavirus.

Check your 2020 Bingo Cards for "Massive Black Hole Closer than we thought".

All the voting nonsense is just a clown car distraction

Today is -

WaPo OP: White women vote Republican. Get used to it, Democrats.

Pumpion Pie from 1670

So Black Friday was a bust then?

Thanksgiving Leftovers - Basics with Babish

Trump is skating on thin ice on the treason pond

SAD: I just noticed that there was not even a single ornament on the Christmas Tree

The expressed hope that the murdering, orange traitor will go to nightmare-a-lago for the holidays

The David McWilliams Podcast : The World in 2021 .... a sobering outlook for the US, post Trump think wearing a mask is uncomfortable and humiliating.

Time Zone - dumb question

Lucas Nelson and POTR...Romeo and Juliet cover

Austrian village of 'Fucking' decides to change its name

In Lieu of Fun, Episode 246: John Sipher Deciphers Espionage

From an Ultrasound Technician....

Just finished mixing up a nice batch of pesto

If you use Twitter, I IMPLORE you...please DO NOT post this photo in replies to Trump's tweets.

Trump's baseless claims of Georgia voter fraud spark fears among Republicans

" I am Weary Let Me Rest," the Cox Family

Cuba and Japan Sign First Memorandum on Health Cooperation

Republicans don't believe in Democracy: More "We don't like the results" bullshit in PA

Prison Sex - Tool

The Lower Lights - 'This Little Light of Mine'

Dear Trump, it takes a lot of money, time, and energy to run a cult.

On HULU - The Women Who Run

Stinkfist - TOOL

more ben franklin- titles are marks of honest men + wise, the FOOL or KNAVE that wears the LIES.

MSNBC special on Obama on now.

How difficult would it be to audit "mail-in" ballots?

Federal appeals court slams Trump campaign efforts to turn tide in Pennsylvania ruling, saying 'clai

Here is the "proof" GOP is pushing in MI court case about Dominion voting machines

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles- the ending gets me every time

Little quiz for everyone: there are 30 pop groups hidden in this pic

US Intervenes as Venezuela Prepares for High Stakes Election

Lemoncello pound cake - made one the other day for a friend

Black Friday is the latest victim of Covid-19

U.S. appeals ruling that barred Postal Service changes before election

El Paso was still grieving when the coronavirus arrived. Now, death has overwhelmed it.

Chief Shingwauk, 1773, Sault St Marie, Canada

If Putin resigns before Trump's term expires could any asylum/tower agreement epire as well? is up and running -- and it's a laughing matter

Hindemith "Sonata for Trombone and Piano"

AEnema - Tool

Trump administration proceeds with rollback of bird protections despite objections of scientists

I am taking a really nasty dislike to that Noem from SD.

Sarah Cooper: I'm am the Law Mentor for Jenna Ellis

AZGOP chair eyes nullification of presidential election in new lawsuit

A Brief History of Hunting Animals to Extinction, Jim Robertson

Colorado lawmakers to tackle small business relief, child care, housing in special session

Who are the true radical extremists in the Georgia U.S. Senate race?

Tweet of the Night:

Gov. DeSantis extends his ban on letting local leaders enforce COVID mask mandates

700K #DiaperDon tweets.

'Farewell Party'

Star Trek Discovery: what's with all the crying?

Iowa's 'ag gag' has stifled investigations, despite pending court challenges

Georgia Satellites 'Keep Your Hands To Yourself'

Mine ponds increase risk of mercury exposure for indigenous communities and wildlife

Mine ponds increase risk of mercury exposure for indigenous communities and wildlife

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Live and Let Die!

KS Supreme Court tackles 15-year feud on flawed installation of glass panels at KU football stadium

Young Tik-tokers have put 'Ratatouille' to music. Great thread!

More COVID-19 cases, more restrictions for Louisiana

Best product to clean cooking range?

The Swiss Alps continue to rise: Evidence from cosmic rays show lift outpaces erosion

New Rule To Allow Use Of Firing Squads, Electrocution For Federal Executions

New transient ultraluminous X-ray source detected in the galaxy NGC 7090

"It looks like you're trying to release the Kraken" (meme)

🔥 🔥 🔥 !WE THE PEOPLE! Fire speech from Warnock, Listen here! 🔥 🔥 🔥 !

Fincantieri Reveals Plans for Major New Shipyard in Yucatan, Mexico

The Emperor Has No Clothes

Scotland leader to tell party she's 'never been more certain' of independence

Funny Prayer about Getting Old

Funny Prayer about Getting Old

How Colombia's top corporate lawyer became a 'threat to national security'

Exasperated Republican congressman urges Trump to accept election defeat

Sergio Arboleda University: educating Colombia's mafia

WaPo: Prominent Iranian nuclear scientist killed in ambush attack, bringing threats of revenge

Tulsi Gabbard: Wants Trump to pardon Assange & Snowden.

Maine group launches campaign to put universal health care on the ballot

Republicans have filed a petition in the WI Supreme Court seeking to block the certification of ....

South Korean intelligence believes North Korea is nervous about dealing with Biden administration

🚨NEW: Republicans have filed a petition in the WI Supreme Court seeking to block the certification

What is the best explanation for "conservative" pathology?

Colombia's former chief prosecutor facing 'high treason' charge

Jake Tapper Hits Donald Trump With A Blunt Reminder After President's Rant At Reporter

'Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress' The Hollies

Just heard on CBS that the Bidens will be adopting a cat!

Polar scientists wary of impending satellite gap

The Inside Story of Michigan's Fake Voter Fraud Scandal

Watching the Obama special on MSNBC

Public Transit, Battered by Pandemic, Triumphs at the Ballot Box

Message counts?

Six Possible Contenders Eye Mosby's Soon-to-be-Vacant House Seat

Who do you think will come out on top in the GOP: The "Panems" or the "Gileads?

NBC: "Experts worry Trump can't be trusted with nation's secrets after leaving office"

Floyd Rose tremolo - love'em or hate'em

Covid Alerts - LA County imposing Stay At Home; NFL closing ALL team facilities on Mon/Tue

the killers - caution (studio-2020) their newest record is SO Springsteen (w/l. buckingham axe solo)

Iraq fears Trump's final weeks could see confrontation between U.S. and Iran

"my first presidency"

In 7 to 10 days, when the cases and deaths spike from Thanksgiving

COVID-19-afflicted movie star praises Medicare for All in Canada that saved his life.

Youtube has started jacking viewers. bad vibes.... used to be you could

Bolden says she has COVID-19 after exposure in House

Looking to shop local on Small Business Saturday? Try this Seattle browser extension

Enbridge files federal challenge to Whitmer's Line 5 shutdown order

Post the birth name of someone famous & see if anyone knows their name W/O using Google-Part 2

tRump campaign spends over 11K on each added Biden vote in MKE

What has Trump done RIGHT?

Rochester Mayor Kim Norton said no. President Donald Trump listened.

Interesting Book: A Game of Birds and Wolves

Missouri Senate to vote next week on COVID funding. Fate of liability bill uncertain

Biden's win hides a dire warning for Democrats in rural U.S.

Rural areas in Missouri and Kansas send their sickest patients to cities, straining hospitals

Happy Friday DUMA. Today's drink is Old Forester Rye. How ya doing?

So true tweet:

Bob Dylan's songbook ain't going away any time soon

Man sues for refund of $2.5m he donated to Trump election challenge group

Best thing on Facebook -- award winning 1 minute Iranian film

The Beatles - Blue Jay Way

Tiffany from Girls Generation : All I want for Christmas is you

The Beatles - It's All Too Much

Sheryl Crow performs Tom Petty's "You don't know how it feels"....this video is so cool!

The Beatles - I'm Only Sleeping

Trump moves to strip job protections from White House budget analysts as he races to transform civil

The Beatles - She Said She Said

On Yahoo--'Loser': How a Lifelong Fear Bookended Trump's Presidency

Republicans ready to become deficit hawks again under a President Biden

Crowded House - Into Temptation

The Beatles - Tomorrow Never Knows

Have tissues on hand, it gets a little dusty. Steve Earle covering his son's song


Raven the Science Maven :

Who should serve as Biden's Agriculture Secretary?

The Beatles - Within You Without You

Health Care Should Help us In Rural America

Black Betty by Ram Jam

Buckingham Nicks (1973)

Concrete Blonde - Everybody Knows

Joe Scarborough tells an inconvenient truth about the 2020 vote and Biden's bipartisanship

Best TV News Bloopers Of The Decade

Jesse Johnson. Best guitarist in the Purple Rain movie

Beavers win Fog War

Squirrel gets DRUNK eating fermented pears

More Jesse Johnson - This is so badass.

Foo Fighters - My Hero

Federal protections, state rental assistance not preventing all evictions

FREE Covid-19 testing available. Some sites open 24 hrs. Drive through....

The things you find when browsing! Zappa plays Zappa - Dweezil, Steve Vai and...

Dog Person Falls in Love with Foster Kitten And Now They're Inseparable

Idaho Squirrel attacks burglar

Could defeat in nuisance lawsuits herald a reckoning for the NC hog industry?

Honey, I Shrunk the President!

Bankruptcy judge orders lobbyists to explain their role in HB 6

There are 2.6 million people in Dallas County. On Wednesday, there were 26 ICU beds left

COVID-related deaths pass 10,000 in Pennsylvania

Gun company under investigation in California given taxpayer funded incentives to relocate to Tennes

Rural Tennessee mayors feeling the squeeze as Gov. Bill Lee delegates mask rules to them

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Good night all. 11:30 is pretty much my finish line - even on a Friday

Prove me wrong. Even if Miami-Dade went same % as 2016, we still lose Florida 2020

los angeles rams - let's ram it (studio-1986) in the pantheon of things so bad they're kinda awesome

Remembering the lasting legacy of Harvey Milk 42 years since his death

Upstate NY voters swung widely away from Trump

Milwaukee County presidential recount wraps up with Biden adding to his margin over Trump

I did a Vokda-Buzz thread Wednesday night. But I'm back anyway...

I'm blissing on 7mg of Indica tincture...

2 from Olafur Arnalds: 'Only The Winds' and 'Near Light'

HBO The Flight Attendant. Can't find it. What gives?

If Jenna Ellis is looking for activist judges she can look

Jane Fonda just on BBC 😍

US COVID-19 cases reach past 13 million

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that are likely to change political parties.

trumpet bitches about pa again. oh boo fucking hoo

I'm on DU too much. I worry my pet. 😝

twitter is doing so much damage by failing to suspend trump's account. nt

"If you feel like china breaking if you feel like laughing"

NYC's Pinstripe Bowl canceled due to pandemic

Until January 20th the White House is to be known as the Out House.

USVI's Bid To Sue Jeffrey Epstein Estate For Racketeering Gains Ground

The purge of federal departments and agencies we're seeing is Donald Trump v. the Deep State . . .

The Daily Show: So You Think You Know What Militias Are?

US imposes sanctions on Russian, Chinese companies for supporting Iranian missile programme

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Trump's History of Condoning White Supremacy

Los Angeles County, the most populous county in the country, gets a new stay-home order after COVID-

Seth Meyers - Americans Celebrate Thanksgiving During the COVID-19 Pandemic - Monologue 11/26/20

Goddamnit GReedDiamond!

Rabbi Yosef Goldman on recent Supreme Court decision

The "Tax Deal" View of Puerto Rico's Status

Biden to face test over access to sensitive information as he inherits Trump's secret server

Stephen Colbert: Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So Long, Donald!

Food aid drying up for more Puerto Rico residents

XKCD: What do you miss most about life before the pandemic?

Fighting space junk: UT, IBM project aims to bring order to orbital chaos

Leadership positions in PR Democratic Party won by New Progressive Party members

Happy French Toast Day!

Judge reduces former Alabama Speaker Mike Hubbard's prison sentence

Revealed: UK supermarket and fast food chicken linked to deforestation in Brazil

Poison gas, firing squads: US approves more execution methods

Alabama hospitals nearing COVID-19 summer surge levels

Florida congressman-elect tests positive for virus

I used to really enjoy gardening

Security Experts Fear State Secrets Won't Be Safe With Indebted Donald Trump

Stillman College battles back from financial brink

Trump fans

DOL Tips Rule Nears Release in Latest Eleventh-Hour Deregulation

Omg, this video by MeidasTouch on the truth of the DiaperDon hashtag

Want racist language out of Alabama's Constitution? Wait until 2022

Tony Hsieh, retired Zappos CEO, dies at 46

Rural hospitals in Alabama struggle to find enough nurses to face COVID-19

Former Alabama judge faces prison time; prosecutors cite 'audacity and wickedness' of crimes

Eric Clapton Sparks Backlash for New Anti-Lockdown Song With Van Morrison

Alabama woman accused of husband's murder says she was stabbed in vagina

There's nothing 'normal' about this moment: Even if Trump reluctantly leaves office, immense damage

Doug Jones as Biden's attorney general? What oddsmakers have to say

Covid stimulus help for desperate ICU nurses is urgent. But Congress is on vacation.

Alabama attorney general sues removal of Confederate monument

Feeling very alone this season

Trump's Schedule for Saturday, November 28, 2020

Daily Beast: Trump considering holding a 2024 campaign event on Biden's inauguration day

Weekend TOONs - Jumpin' Jehoshaphat!

Whatever happened to....

Breakfast Saturday 28 November 2020

The Atlantic: Denial Isn't Working Out for College Football

Dear Mr. Raffensberger, do you STILL consider yourself a "trump supporter"?

Good explainer on all the Kraken bullshit: BBC News

One Nomination Sent to the Senate; November 27, 2020

Westmoreland County, PA, has had two school secretaries die of Covid within the last week.

Have you ever had a COVID-19 test?

Trump's Remarks During Thanksgiving Video Teleconference with Members of the Military; 11-26-2020

I love the way Ann Telnaes draws Barrett

Trump moves to create bird graveyards

Rev. Barber: "We need to get back to 'normal,'" REALLY?

Trump considering trolling Biden inauguration with 2024 campaign event: report

Feeling Fresh

Tampa GOP consultant steers his candidates away from public forums

Suddenly, we are all Stormy Daniels,

According to scribblercat, Cindy McCain is front runner as US ambassador to UK

Movie in netflix

Since soon to be former President Trump is so obsessed with flushing,

Did the U.S. steal an island covered in bird poop from Haiti? A fortune is in dispute

"It wasn't me."

Any word on where

YOU raised $3,355.37 for DU for GA 2020 runoff on 11-27-20

This may start a DU dispute," but

Arkansas 2020 November General election turnout rates vs. registered voters

Ducks are fowl. tRUMP is just foul.*

Watch your back.

What about Pete?

Sen jon Cornyn of tx makes a fool of himself!

Do you think that Joe Biden should be brutally honest about the damage Trump has done to America?

Judge halts further vote certification (but backs off a bit)

I have quite the dilemma here

When prosecuting Trump, be selective

The Irony.

New York Post reports today that Mrs. Trump is "preparing to pen memoir on her time in the White...

Trump Might Leave Scorched Earth on His Way Out. Netanyahu Is Happy to Lend Him a Lighter

A special gesture from the All Blacks to Argentina before tonight's Haka.

K'eyush The Stunt Dog's favorite food is...?

Lovely Day

4236 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sat.; 36 deaths

Money well spent

Always try to make your job interesting

What could Trump do to tank the economy out of vengeance? What Republicans have done for years

Op-Ed: To stamp out Trumpism, the U.S. needs to deal with these six things Ian Bassin and Justin Flo

Portraits of Native Americans Highlight Their Spirit and Cultural Identity

Ke$sha ain't Dolly Parton

Happy birthday to Randy Newman

Canada: One-year-old boy killed after police open fire on alleged kidnapper

Radicalization experts fear what Trump's fringes will do now--and they aren't certain how to stop it.

Give It Away - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Jose Iturbi was born on this date.

Traveling Riverside Blues - The Mighty Zeppelin!

Chilly for golf, isn't it?

To the pathetic troll who just got blued, screwed, tattooed and thrown back under the bridge: SEE:

The "Boss" holds his last cabinet meeting to explain why he lost

This archbishop has become the first African American cardinal in Catholic history

Higher Ground - Red Hot Chili Peppers

The National Retail Federation is delusional.......

Only the bear remains - story of three rescued pals

Fer Mr. Lebowski....

Georgia Voters.. Its a scam to keep you home!!!!!! trust me

Repost due to high level of Sick!

🚨NEW: We have filed our opposition to a petition filed by Republicans seeking to block the certifica

ESA and ClearSpace SA sign contract for world's first debris removal mission

Sitting in the corner having a fit..............

"Trumps undermining democracy may have unforeseen consequences for republicans"


Just a thought to get the Trumpenfuhrer to concede and get out of the White House.

What is Hip?

Call off Your Goons

Last Time Bill Barr Seen In Public???

What kind of monitor for my laptop?

The pulsing harmonies in this tune drive me nuts! So good.

Let's see how Frank Zappa himself plays the guitar. Wow...never knew he was this good!

FINALLY! Upright Freezers IN STOCK nearby! Should I get a larger store brand freezer? Or...

'How Democrats Suffered Down-Ballot Losses Across America'

BREAKING: Joe & Jill Biden will be adopting a cat

Bobby Keys just killin on the Sax! Stones

McKinsey Proposed Paying Pharmacy Companies Rebates for OxyContin Overdoses

It's not that there are more of "them". It's not the policies. "It's the propaganda, stupid"!

Marble Falls, TX has finally opened a free Covid testing location at the fire station this week ...

The Great Frog Society! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Tyler Gordon (the young artist who painted Kamala): "I couldn't have one without the other."

This human and dog. ❤

Holy wall clock!

The real reason that Trump is not only stupid, but totally incompetent.

Just read in LBN that Lloyd Austin might be the Sec. of Defense


No Real Christian Would Vote To Repeal Obamacare

😂 A search for "trump ornaments" on Amazon is too much fun

Trump's Payroll-Tax Deferral Creates Predicament for Congress

Clapton & The Wolf!

🔥🔥🔥🔥Why does Fox News want to stop this video???? Almost 8M views!

Coach Gonzales says N.M.'s UNM Lobos are a 'terrible football team'

Trump spent $3 million for a vote recount in Wisconsin's largest county

Ex-Overstock CEO Says He's Put Together an 'Army of Various Odd People' to Save Trump

Los Angeles issues stay-home order as coronavirus surges

Man Sues For A Refund Of $2.5M He Donated To Trump Election Challenge Group.....

Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi And Jon Stewart Team For Covid-19 Prevention Ad

Danish government killed 100s of thousands of minks due to COVID fears

Queen Of Hearts - The Hillbilly Moon Explosion

Jackson - The Hillbilly Moon Explosion

Neutrinos prove the Sun is doing a second kind of fusion in its core:

Unappreciated classics from your favourite bands - post em'

My county has gone to purple. (Severe covid threat)

I could use a little commiseration.

Trump Uses Data From Wrong Election To Claim Massive Voter Fraud In Pennsylvania

Judge Elect - Jennifer Brunner - It's official - we broke gerrymandering in Ohio

Mideast Tribal people try Dunkin Donuts for the first time:

The Cisco Kid Was A Friend Of Mine!

History could be made today

What do DUers think - Barbara Lee for Senate to replace Kamala Harris

what are your favorite podcasts ?

Right Place, Wrong Time - Dr. John

Big Boy no more: Restaurant loses its franchise name after refusing virus restrictions

Chris Krebs is still debunking election fraud nonsense

Bird Flu in Norway. 2020 got how many more weeks?

Trump's Already Gaming Out a 2024 Run--Including an Event During Biden's Inauguration

When I Laid Down I Was Troubled - The Wolf

On this day, November 28, 1940, Bruce Channel was born.

Gun Street Girl - Tom Waits

Cartoons 11/28/2020

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 11/28/20

Trump Supreme Court shows how bad it's going to be with order putting churches above public health

Rock With Me - The Hook!

I have a DIY home page. It works well on my iMac, but

Trump's plan to burn the civil service to the ground is moving forward at one major agency

On this day in 1980, Adam & the Ants released the single Antmusic from Kings of the Wild Frontier.

New York Times honors Dr. Mark Wallace for early work during pandemic

Desantis accused of 'killing spree' after extending ban on cities from imposing own mask mandate

I need a new front loader washer, which brand is best? Anyone have a lemon to avoid?

Armed 'Sovereign Citizen' Busted In Boston After Buying Explosive Ingredients: FBI

Update ... I saw the damage caused by Trump and Stephen Miller up close and for real yesterday.

How Mitch McConnell's Do Nothing Republicans Are Killing You: Robert Reich

Don't Laugh At Me - The Wolf

Vanderbilt's Fuller becomes first woman to play in Power 5 football game

Am I a bad person?

Cee Lo Green - The Way

Major And Champ are saying it's Winston. . .

Afghan pilot who protected US airmen is in hiding after Pentagon reverses approval to come to US

I' not a regular, but this is like dueling banjos

Tears of pride for two amazing young people, Tyler and Braydon, and their mentor, P-E Joe Biden.

Glamrock - Do you know Fanny?

Fuck I love performing this number!

VPE Harris asked about Trump running in 2024: "Please," she said, and broke out laughing.

How Mitch McConnell's Do Nothing Republicans Are Killing You: Robert Reich

Today's winning meme

'Fine me!' Hundreds of Trump supporters gather in front of the Alamo to protest curfew

From NewsFlector: How VP Harris can sideline MoscowMitch.

The forgotten female chess star who beat men 90 years before 'Queen's Gambit'

Former CIA head, Cruz trade jabs over killing of Iranian nuclear scientist:

South Korea: Kim Jong Un has executed citizens, shut down capital to stop COVID-19 spread

Bragging about all the different cases he could appeal-even ones not yet filed-is peak Rudy Giuliani

Cindy McCain is under consideration to become US Ambassador to the United Kingdom: report

Nuther of my favorites to sing. Plus I got to play harp!

Monte Cristo Turkey Waffle Sandwiches

James Brown: Get On Up

Washington Post: White House Budget office moving to reclassify key roles

What a fantastic pop rock tune! Dig on it!

Vanderbilt kicker Sarah Fuller makes history, becoming first woman to play in Power Five football ga

Pope Blasts Those Who Criticize COVID Restrictions in the Name of "Personal Freedom"

More awesome pop rock from Brendan Benson

Frigidaire's Kitchen of Tomorrow, as seen in the amazing "Design for Dreaming," 1956.

森の木琴 - Forest xylophone - Hokkaido Show Gardens

Flock of SeaGulls I Ran. I Luv the 80's!

Fer mah boy Glamrock ...

US women beat Netherlands 2-0 in World Cup rematch

Here is the question to be answered very soon: Ghislaine Maxwell

When a white Southern reactionary equates a landmark Black church to "the bed of Hell,"...

son volt - right on through (studio-1998) great tune from the classic Wide Swing Tremolo cd

Trump's Already Gaming Out a 2024 Run--Including an Event During Biden's Inauguration

So, what exactly would happen if Idiot pardoned himself?

Got my mail in ballot today.

Protesters deter shipments of construction materials onto THAAD base in Seongju

Time to fight back against Republicans framing all the issues

We got two honkeys out there dressed like Hacidic diamond merchants

On November 27, 1982, David Bowie and Bing Crosby released Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy.

Amy Grant Children of the World Song.

Walk Ruined

Record number of new COVID-19 cases in Oklahoma

I heard this for the first time this season this morning.

It's A Sin To Be Rich, It's A Low Down Shame To Be Poir

John Fetterman: Twisted spectacle is the final refuge for the sad, the desperate, the sycophant...

In Key States, Republicans Were Critical in Resisting Trump's Election Narrative

Do others retain memories of mundane events from their childhood? Or am I weird?

On November 27, 1981 The Human League released "Don't You Want Me?" as a single.

The Italian island of perpetual fire

Howlin' Wolf - mesmerizing live performance, 1964

We are in a culture war. Do Georgia GOPers care about GOP Senator insider trading

UArizona COVID-19 Modeling Team recommends three-week Arizona shutdown to avoid 'catastrophe'

I Want To Live In A Country Where ...

Pick one:

President Trump Paid $3M In ...

While we're celebrating 80s Glamrock ...

Wegman's - Bridgewater, earlier this week.

Jon Ossoff patronizes a small business (Slutty Vegan) on SBS. Perdue hits up...

Sidney Powell filed a motion for a TRO in the "Kraken" case


Why do MAGAts support crooked swamp creatures like Loeffler and Perdue?

God said Trump would win

Where Is The Interference Or Holding Call Refs

Just back from Georgia and boy are my eyes tired of seeing ads

Adriano Celentano released a song in the 70s with nonsense lyrics meant to sound like Am. English

Stumbled across MOMXD on cable but I can't find

just got a call from the nursing home- mom's positive

................ Kelly Loeffler is gonna need some burn-salve after this ...............

The unevenness of COVID-19 weekly rise in cumulative cases

Confused baby sees her father's twin brother for the first time

how many repeats of the Thanksgiving meal have you had?

$115k of taxpayer money today on jet fuel and maintenance costs so Trump & spawn can golf

What has happened to "The Chase" on the Game Show Network?

An interesting perspective on global population density

What's for Dinner, Sat., Nov. 28, 2020

A fight broke out between lawmakers, (Taiwan) pig guts were thrown: CNN

---sigh------whimper------whine-----SOB! I don't know what we did to offend the Almighty, but it

Buffalo Bulls RB Jaret Patterson ties record with 8 rushing TDs and 409 yards

I must be on the CVS senior mailing list

About "Wearing a Mask"..will become as common as.."Putting On A Seatbelt:

"The Door" - from the Protest Films, a group I'd never heard of before, put this out. GREAT!

latest brutal @MeidasTouch video #NobodyLikesKelly is now the number one trend in the United States

Not just movies...but...."Feel Good Movies"...At the end, a person feels ..."good"

Ok, here's the plan. We cover a Beyonce song, but Heavy Metal style. With a Brass Band

If you can forgive yourself, can you pardon yourself?

I watched my Trump supporter neighbor set up his nativity scene yesterday...

The PA Supreme Court dismisses the case brought by U.S. Rep. Mike Kelly

This is my favorite thing about being a Democrat.

Felix Mendelssohn Symphony #3 "Scottish"

Mozart Requiem

Trump May Hold Rally During Biden's Inauguration

Donald J. Trump Presidential Library online

A pretty good joke for your weekend

McConnell Suspends In-Person GOP Lunches


Juvenile bald eagle, I think,

What do you see as the lasting effects of the Trump Administration?

Elissa Slotkin mentioned in report as possible CIA director for Biden

LA Speed Check - SR-71 Blackbird (The King of Speed)

What could Trump do to tank the economy out of vengeance? What Republicans have done for years

I had an Alan Dershowitz joke, and many others...

From gun violence activist to arming the LGBTQ community

*8:00 PM -- An American in Paris (1951)

🚨🚨BREAKING: Pennsylvania Supreme Court DISMISSES Republican's lawsuit seeking to invalidate mail-in

Trump Uses Data From Wrong Election To Claim Massive Voter Fraud In Pennsylvania

Someone needs to make this for me!

Three Chicken Plants Hit in 2019 Raids Agree to Pay Back Wages

Woman in her 20s survived COVID-19 and has kidney failure as a result.