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Dammitt...BF took me out for a late lunch and day-drinking

We did it, Дорогая.

Progressive veterans group launches campaign labeling Trump as a 'national security threat'

Trump: Bolivia leader's resignation sign to 'illegitimate regimes' (Irony officially died today.)

Far-right and military seeking to violently disrupt Colombia's anti-government protests: audio

This albino turtle is absolutely stunning

As Republicans eye Nevada, the state's battleground status may come down to one man: Joe Biden

Former FARC candidate assassinated in southwest Colombia

Never Trumper?

India's Nuclear Arsenal Keeps Growing

this is too good not to share

2 White House officials say Mulvaney helped coordinate Ukraine pressure campaign

My 2 cents

Pompeo's Impeachment Role Draws Outcry From Diplomats, Staffers

China accuses US of using UN to 'meddle' in Tibet

Bolsonaro and Lula Exchange Verbal Attacks

China accuses US of using UN to 'meddle' in Tibet

No more fire in the kitchen: Cities are banning natural gas in homes to save the planet

Nikki Haley was told people would die because of trump's policies, she didn't care.

China's pork crisis is bigger than you think

Nikki Haley, you will never get rid of the stench of Trump.

About Harassed Lions

On C-Span tomorrow: ERA discussion

Mulvaney plans to file separate lawsuit over House subpeona

Is Biden's 2020 run faltering?

Do we know where Gabbard's new supporters come from? nt

The problem with closed minded people is that their mouths are always open. Example?

The frigid truth....

What kind of penalty if we don't sign up for Medicare Part D?

An argument with another Trump Humper

Trash trucks literally surrounding Madison Square park to protect Trump from boo-ing

I just really want to know what the kompromat is.

Schiff tells republicans to pound dirt...

Utrecht: Planning for People & Bikes, Not for Cars

The coming events

Joe Biden Iowa Town Hall on CNN tonight: 9 PM

Brazil's Supreme Court Prepares to Debate New Controversy Linked to Flavio Bolsonaro

Trump applauds; Ocasio-Cortez, Omar, and Sanders condemn coup in Bolivia

Trump applauds; Ocasio-Cortez, Omar, and Sanders condemn coup in Bolivia

Remembering being in school observing minute of remembrance at 11th hour of 11th day of 11th month

China killed their pigs. UK killed their cows.

Judge shuts out public from Mick Mulvaney hearing on House impeachment subpoena

White House infighting flares amid impeachment inquiry

This is one the 49ers might lose ...

Trump tweeted lie today: "To think I signed the Whistleblower Protection Act!"

Rex Tillerson denies he tried to undermine Trump, says Nikki Haley was 'rarely present' at meetings

Bolivia's Coup Threatens the Struggle for Social Liberation and Economic Justice

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Great Article on Scams, phishing, other cons (also how to prevent from being taken by these scams.)

National Enquirer/AMI is TRASH

PBS NewsHour video: Joe Biden holds veterans town hall in Iowa

Bombshell Impeachment Testimony Shows Trump Let Russia Run America's Ukraine Policy

Should I deck him? He really deserves it.

man deliberately calls other driver the "n word" knowing he is being filmed. 200k views on twitter

Finally, an honest tweet from Trump.

Who said it?

Today, in Iowa, a patriot asked to shake hands with the next President - his wish was granted.

I just saw an ad for bible bedtime stories so you can fall asleep.

Tillerson: Haley rarely a participant & not in a position to know what I may or may not have said

This guy is the absolute poster child for the Republican Party.

(Jewish Group) A Letter to Golda: A group of daring Georgian Jews openly asked for freedom

Link for live stream of CNN, to watch the Biden town hall

concerned motorists save dog

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Almost Finished!

Tweet: I stopped at the bookstore tonight (...abt Don Jr's book...)

does age give this guy a pass for threatening to shoot anti-trump protestors?

Atlanta Journal opinion piece about Lucy McBeth's district: Dunwoody, Georgia

Law and Profits

Thread on Joe Biden CNN town hall

It's the Beaver Moon

Need help with transportation back and forth from doctors office

Bribery/Extortion facts keep coming in as Witness-Day approaches

Orlando Bank lost her jewels, but later they turned up at auction...

Hundreds march to re-enact 1811 Louisiana slave rebellion...

President Carter admitted to hospital for procedure to relieve pressure on brain

Jimmy Carter hospitalized with bleeding on the brain. Prayers needed!

Ram Jam - Black Betty

Why didn't Nikki Haley run to her boss-daddy and tell him villains were plotting against him

Rep. Elaine Luria has the simple mantra we need in 2020.

"Uneducated White Voters" Interviewed. It's Really Bad

Charles Pierce: Joe Biden is having a terrific town hall on CNN. Very Bidenesque.

My new addiction: White Noise.

Can Ukraine break the oil/gas contract with Rick Perry's friend?

*Maya Rockeymoore Cummings on Rachel now.

Freshman Rep's Veteran's Day Ad Destroys Trump And GOP

Morning Digest: Kentucky Republicans back down from plot to steal election after massive outcry

Maya Rockeymoore Cummings was on Rachel show.

Maya Rockeymoore Cummings, widow of Baltimore Rep. Elijah Cummings, will seek his seat in Congress

@MaddowBlog 9m BREAKING: Maya Rockeymoore Cummings will run for her husband Elijah's congressional

Just a thought on Jimmy Carter and things

It Gets Worse. NYT "E.P.A. to Limit Science Used to Write Public Health Rules"

Mick Mulvaney reminds me of a squirrel trying to hang on to a nut.

Legendary journalist Bill Moyers says he fears for the nation for the first time in his life

Harris touts union-friendly Medicare-for-all plan at town hall in Nevada w/ powerful Culinary Union

Bill Moyers explains how and why PBS MUST replay Trump's impeachment hearings during primetime

Slate "Selling Their Stories. This is the way democracy ends, not with a bang, but with a book deal"

With so many Rs "retiring" would be nice if, the last act of service

Steyer calls Warren health care plan a 'huge risk,' weighs in on Anaconda Copper Mine contamination

Tweets from CNN with video clips of much of the Biden town hall.

Someone's gonna sing this to me one day...

1995: "he would veto any health care bill that didn't offer health insurance for all Americans"

DNC sees Nevada as key battleground for presidential victory

Your nightly insect photo, Kirby's back swimmer.

Former President Jimmy Carter hospitalized to relieve pressure in brain

Group files ballot initiative to overhaul state Senate, add ranked-choice voting

Members of the military are among the top contributors to Yang's campaign

"It's amazing when you actually have time to communicate with voters how effective Joe Biden is."

The Daily Show: Bloomberg's Belated 2020 Bid

Citing security, Nevada keeps dams' emergency plans secret

The Bolivian Coup Is Not a Coup--Because US Wanted It to Happen

The Daily Show: Facebook's Sexual Emoji Ban, Las Vegas's Homeless Curb & A 911 Boss Streams Netflix

The Bolivian Coup Is Not a Coup--Because US Wanted It to Happen

Las Vegas law makes sleeping on downtown streets illegal

Spanish monarchs arrive in Cuba for first visit by country's royals

Seth Meyers - Billionaires Freak Out About Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders: A Closer Look

Pompeo's Impeachment Role Draws Outcry From Diplomats, Staffers

5th Avenue Shooting Victim Released from Hospital


Panel to discuss state's latest plans to fight nuclear waste storage in Nevada

Navarro: After 4 years of Trump rallies, Joe Biden's town hall feels like chicken soup for the soul

New measles case reported in metro Atlanta

Nikki Haley looks like she's had her skin bleached.

Mental Health -- Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj

College of Southern Nevada faculty enter 4th year without contract

Black Facebook employees complain racism, discrimination have gotten worse

CNN's Kirsten Powers asked her followers for comments on the Biden town hall

Pete Buttigieg releases veterans, military personnel plan

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman to be removed from National Security Council

The Trump administration cracked down on Medicaid. Idaho kids lost insurance

Very touching moment on Jeopardy! tonight re Alex Trebec

They claim no harm because aid was released... wait

Lebron James on the Raptors last night:

Republicans can't win without cheating, so they do

Idaho towns have to be creative to increase tourism, experts say

Remember remember, Lego November !

Question #1: When is it actually too late to jump into these primaries?

Simplot proposing east Idaho phosphate mine with 5 open pits

Morrison and Berejiklian can't see the forest for the burning trees

Republicans shrug off growing evidence, stand with Trump against impeachment

Louisville Metro Police Officer's Credit Union Vice President Sentenced For Fraud

The Film and Music Industries in Seattle Are Losing

EPA to Limit Science Used In Public Health Rules

Democrats are crafting a story about Trump bribery and extortion

Nicolle Wallace lays out the crushing impeachment evidence against Donald Trump.

When America previously abandoned allies in the Islamic world, it at least got something in return --

On the Anniversary of Kristallnacht and the Fall of the Berlin Wall, Remembering East Germany's Jews

(Jewish Group) The Perils of Forgetting

(Jewish Group) When 'Finance' Becomes a Code Word for Jewish

19-year-old files $9 million claim after losing both legs in Coeur d'Alene Police shooting

Co-founder of Spokane's new shelter revealed to have embezzled from previous employer

Foggy Autumn Vineyard

Microsoft takes fight for 'dreamers' to the US Supreme Court

Line of Separation...

Value Village misled customers by marketing itself as a charity, judge rules

Elections results indicate Spokane Valley government may be shifting to center

Walgreens may get scooped up in the largest private equity deal in history, report says

Once again confirming we are witness to one of the most ludicrous eras in history...

January 21, 2021 will be an amazing day. Think about it...

I will be watching the Impeachment Inquiry hearings for myself

Clinton criticizes UK government for blocking Russian report

Trump tweeted he regrets signing the Whistleblower Protection Act... signed in 1989.

Bess Levin at Vanity Fair is calling them 'Donfoyle'

Seattle Children's hospital again closes some operating rooms because of mold

Massachusetts system ends venture with US HealthVest after Seattle Times investigation

"Some asshole wrote a poem about that once...probably good advice

🐦 UPDATE: NOV 16 at 12PM - Rally in East Los Angeles with Bernie Sanders

Republicans Demand That Everyone in Witness-Protection Program Appear on National TV

President Trump heading back to South Florida to be keynote speaker at U.S.-Israel summit

Maya Rockeymoore Cummings, Widow of Elijah Cummings, Will Run for Congress

Jimmy Carter - Life before the Presidency - lovely read

Man Who Threatened Florida Synagogue Had History of Cyberstalking

Former President Jimmy Carter hospitalized

Two years after Hurricane Irma, Florida growers now face a citrus glut

Countering right-wing conspiracy theories.

Orange County emergency manager leaves his post after calling staffer a 'diva b***h'

U.S. Virgin Islands hopes to spur hotel expansion with new hotel development law

Fox News Analyst Questions Trump's Fitness for Office

There's a whole generation of voters growing up, thinking that THIS is the Republican Party.

Google digitizes artworks in Puerto Rico for the first time

"this scandal has always been about disinfo, getting it injected into the mainstream conversation"

Breakfast Tuesday 12 November 2019

NOV 20 (9-11PM ET) Democratic Debate in Atlanta

In Soviet Missouri, Space Explores You.

▶️ Hear the Bern: Episode 32 - Bernie Gets It Done (w/ Warren Gunnels)

WAPA's $3 Million Gutterball Deal

49 Years Ago Today; Dead whale removal goes horribly wrong

How Warnings About Trump Are Being Silenced.

This is OUR day now...

November 12 - Happy Birthday Senator Jack Reed (D) RI

Warren's days at Rutgers and Penn

November 12 - Happy Birthday Mayor Libby Schaaf (D) Oakland

I have no philosophical objection to Deval Patrick running, but he offers nothing compelling...

Which one is scarier: Haley or Pence?

Sean Spicer voted off 'Dancing With the Stars' after weeks of controversy with low scores

GOP to argue Trump's "state of mind" on impeachment

Worst Still On The Way In Australia Fires; Mayors Enraged By Gov. Climate Stupidity

Louisiana Oyster Fishery Collapsing; First Deepwater Horizon, Now Freshwater Floods

'Reads like a chilling warning of more coups to come'.

Tuesday TOONs - GOP Rolls Out New, More Accurate Mascot

Burning, Even On Its Margins, Combines W. Black Carbon To Dry Amazon Rainforest

Fare thee well, Sean Spicer!

Pence better watch his back, Haley is going 100 on kissing Red Don's butt

OMG! Is that Nikki's lipstick on Donnie's tighty-whiteys? nt

Livestream NOV 15 National Nurses United to Endorse Bernie Sanders

I must remember Trump isn't the problem, but the most obvious symptom of it.

Is Trump going to pull a switcheroo at the convention and dump Pence for Haley?

Haley Prostitutes Herself For Trump....

Relax. All Trump is guilty of is having "policy differences"

Shame on you Nikki Haley!

There's a Surprisingly Plausible Path to Removing Trump From Office

Give them an inch and they will steal a mile.

Into the abyss: How the MV Lyubov Orlova, a cruise ship named for a Soviet movie star, met its end a

Good luck Jimmie Carter!

Good Luck Jimmy Carter Thread by DUer imanamerican63 Post if you want.

Tribe offers to buy exclusive rights to gambling in Alabama

Did the timing of Haley's resignation have anything to do with the Khashoggi assassination?

Don't let Republicans focus on "the phone call". This was a multi-month extortion conspiracy.

The United States provides aid to over 100 countries

To Don Cherry and every other bigoted, big mouthed, blowhard

New video from Republicans for the Rule of Law, reminding House Repugs how they behaved 45 yrs ago

Fascinating on 538 - identifying/analyzing Tulsi Gabbard's base

Woman steals golf cart from Florida hospital, takes it on I-95 joyride

I've become pretty skeptical about Rotten Tomatoes rating system

FYI: Malcolm Nance coming up on Morning Joe next after commercial

Painting of a Painting... Painting a Painter... around a Painting 💌 ❤️

Federal health contract funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars to Trump allies

Democrats need to be very patient at this time.

Rick Wilson: Strap in for a Wild Week as the Impeachment Inquiry Goes Public

The Rundown: November 11, 2019

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 11/06/19

"President" Haley

This guy is amazing. Must see. You won't be disappointed

POLITICO Playbook: Dreamers get their day at the Supreme Court

BREAKING: Mike Espy announces campaign for MS-SEN

'Inexplicable and shameful': Clinton blasts delay of report on Russian interference in Brexit vote

Mayor de Blasio disses Mike Bloomberg's presidential ambitions

Try Not to Laugh at Tulsi Gabbard's Letter to Hillary Clinton

Mike Espy announces run for U.S. Senate

Trump Regularly Stumbling & Slurring at White House

"Uneducated White Voters" Interviewed. It's Really Bad

Caution: 1 out of every 3 snakes is an asshole.

Wild horse or burro roundups that BLM call humane, this is what really happens:

Help is on the way !

David Duke's cover photo is... Tulsi Gabbard.

I love this new ad -Moment

All Channels Airing Impeachment Hearings - 😳Yay😳

What would happen if the Democrats added obstruction of justice charges to Articles of Impeachment?

Morales leaves Bolivia for Mexico amid violent unrest

Supreme Court will allow Sandy Hook families to move forward in suit against gunmaker Remington

Clinton/Murder/Epstein Memes

Daddy, I'm scared.❤Adorable.

SCOTUS Dreamers Protest now Livestreaming

Boris Johnson accused of 'outrageous' lack of concern about floods

National Nurses United Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

Giuliani considers launching an impeachment podcast amid public hearings (not the Onion)

Dog Tries To Jump On Recliner With Dad -- And It Doesn't Quite Go As Planned

Let's call this Jokeday - I'll start off

Hey, is that the Pope over there?

"How can we get men to vote for a woman for President?"

Folks, this is kind of a big deal.

Snow Day - woo hoo!

Elephants!! Also lions, but not on phone camera.

PERJURY: "After Mr. Trump got off the phone with Mr. Stone, what did then-candidate Trump say?"

Red tide is back off the coast of Florida. Residents aren't sure how much more they can take

WATCH: Elizabeth Warren Tells 10 Year-old Girl Why She Decided To Run For President

Anyone know if there is a burden of proof standard in impeachment trials?

Putin's playbook: make yourself powerful by showing the world that Trump is your lackey.

Labour reveals large-scale cyber-attack on digital platforms

Find the 'ass' in this photo

I'm at the Social Security office for the first time...

Supreme Court Won't Intervene to Protect Gun Manufacturer From Sandy Hook Suit

Democrats have designed the first hour of impeachment hearings to be a blockbuster.

Jill Biden's message to Donald Trump: 'Stop it. My husband's going to beat you.'

Jimmy Carter in recovery now.

Your Smart Phone Is Working Great, Right?

Hundreds of victims' relatives, ex-officials ask Trump administration to halt federal executions

Joe Biden gets backing of another North Texas politician, names state campaign director

Polluted waters of the river Yamuna

Sean Spicer Booted as bad as losing Kentucky for Trump

Stone told Gates he needed contact info for Jared just after the announcement of the DNC hack

Happy Birthday Neil Young!

Crowd Chants Lock Him Up At Trump At Veterans Day Parade

Court says EU states must label Israeli settlement products

House Republicans Bail As More Than 41% Of GOP Has Left Trump

Biden holds a narrow lead in new New Hampshire poll

Trump, Ukraine and Impeachment: The Inside Story of How We Got Here

Jen Psaki of the Obama admin: Biden town hall a reminder of Biden's grace and humanity


America's largest milk producer files for bankruptcy

An interesting approach to selling a car

Tough -- Lewis Capaldi

Mulvaney Will Defy House Impeachment Subpoena

🇺🇸😀⌛️☀️❗️ Your Favorite Happy Hour Libation? 🥃🍺🍹🍸🍷🍾🥂

Trump adviser Stephen Miller injected white nationalist agenda into Breitbart, investigation reveals

Seth Meyers savagely roasts the billionaires trying to take on Warren and Sanders

N.J. country club sues waiter over red wine spilled on member's $30K purse

Did Ukraine ever receive the Javelin missiles...?

Supreme Court Allows Sandy Hook Families' Case Against Remington Arms To Proceed

Bipartisan members of House want Trump to rescind his invitation to Erdogan.

Alleged US Isis member 'marooned between Turkish and Greek borders'

Why does all restaurant food tastes the same?

How the U.S. betrayed the Marshall Islands, kindling the next nuclear disaster

FFS...Trump did not have to RECEIVE ANYTHING to be guilty of extortion, bribery, QPQ, etc...

US held record number of migrant children in custody in 2019

What will Don the Con and his ReTHUG enablers attempt to come up with for

133 Foreign Policy Officials Endorse Joe Biden (Washington Post)

Stone wanted to 'debrief' Kushner on DNC email hack

I know the senate controls the trial BUT

Joe Sestak just called.....

Some toys should be required

Evo Morales Finally Went Too Far for Bolivia

Yang polling 6th but 11th in coverage

There is still some good in this world:

Cage Match!!!!!! Nikki vs Mike . . . . will it be televised?

Sanders campaign attacks Holder/Patrick Presidential bids

Wisconsin GOP's priority...

Australia fires could be out of control for months, says fire chief

Entire 'DAYS OF OUR LIVES' Cast Fired

Spam from Amazon?

Macron Tells World Leaders Nationalism Is 'War' At Paris Summit

Pic Of The Moment: Republican Senators Plan Trump's Escape

Father and daughter ballet

Tackle and Grapple!

new term for Tangeranus visits: "bad swacky"

New Biden ad...

Stone trial: Closing arguments coming tomorrow.

In private speech, Bolton suggests some of Trump's foreign policy decisions are guided by personal..

Nate Silver on media coverage of IA and NH giving white voters disproportionate influence

Alabama man says his slashing of Baby Trump balloon was 'good versus evil'

Alabama man says his slashing of Baby Trump balloon was 'good versus evil'

Update -Pop Singer Mina Chang, Senior Trump official embellished resume, had face on fake Time cover

Senior Trump official embellished resume, had face on fake Time cover

Oh, Noes! My Wife Ordered an Amazon Echo!

Asian Americans favor Biden, Warren while Yang lags behind, survey finds

Trump weighs conditioning foreign aid on religious freedom

Trump weighs conditioning foreign aid on religious freedom

drumpf admin: nasty tell-all memoirs and

Guy Rushes To Save His Animals From Tropical Storm

CNN Biden Town Hall transcript

The Simpsons have been on long enough now to cover the time

What does "this for that" mean to you?

A father slit his son's throat for being gay in an attempt to kill him

The Relativity of Time by the Republicans

1-pound puppy with backwards legs does it ALL 😍

#CoffeewithCandidates continues tonight w/ @BernieSanders - Join us @boston25 at 6!

🔥 Bernie 2020 D.C. Grassroots Fundraiser

Dude argues with a cat

Odds makers: 14 to 1 chance Hillary will be 2020 Dem candidate

Watch the whole clip. Schmidt lays it out in plain English

Andrew Yang on paid leave for new moms

Trump: 'We've got some lawless people in very high positions -- they're lawless'

I regret referring to Trump supporters as "idiot racist fuckheads."

Dog Throws A Total Tantrum When She Realizes Mom Wants To Take The Stairs

70,000 children have been detained in 2019.

Nikki Hailey basically just admitted she ratted out Tillerson and Kelly to Trump

Remember the 5th Beatle?

Chris Murphy DACA extension.

Meteor lights up the sky across St. Louis

Gabbard lawyers call out-of-context Clinton comments 'defamatory,' demand she issue a retraction

Here's a shout-out to House Dem committee staffers who are helping to build the impeachment wall!

The Ukraine scandal, IS the Trump Russia scandal.

Supreme Court allows Sandy Hook families' lawsuit against gun makers to proceed

Do not click on this link unless you have a vomit bag handy!

Seth Abramson: Breaking from Stone Trial-New impeachable offense/felony by Trump revealed

From all the rumors going around about other candidates entering the race

Uh-oh! The cat vs snowflake battles begin.

There's a new sheriff in Iowa and his name is Pete Buttigieg - MP 22% JB 19% EW 18% BS 13%

Ever Wonder Why You Don't See Many Expensive Supercars on the Road?

Do you believe Skyrim is for the Nords?

New Monmouth Iowa Poll.

House GOP Memo Delineates Impeachment Defenses in Upcoming Open Hearings

Former President Carter out of surgery, no complications

Jessi Combs death investigation: Cause of 550-mph crash in Alvord Desert determined

Mark Sanford suspends 2020 presidential campaign

Chief Inspector Murphy has sustained a very serious back injury

Greatest. Correction. Ever.

Simple Online Hearing Test - Headphones Only

Trump sure is passing out those wage increases!! He just added $3,000!!.........

Democratic Ad Campaign Spotlights Trump Voters With Regrets

A $30,000 handbag. A disastrous wine spill. And now, a country club is suing its own waiter.

No surprise, really

Renton police investigating 3 carjackings from Sunday night

Aaron Rupar: Trump slurring during speech this afternoon

Dreamers hold their breath as Supreme Court takes up future of 800,000

Ludwig van Beethoven Piano Concerto #2

Venezuela hyperinflation hits 10 million percent. 'Shock therapy' may be only chance to undo the eco

Bernie Sanders on Seattle council races: Amazon 'should have kept their money'

Supreme Court refuses to block lawsuit against gun manufacturer brought by Sandy Hook families

Transparent Clipart Optimized for Small File Size

New Democratic majority set to bring down Confederate statues in Virginia

Wow! Unbelievable version of "Smells Like Teen Spirit".

'Living a daily tragedy': Venezuelans struggle to survive in Colombia

Tweet from the Sanders campaign:

Man arrested for slashing Baby Trump balloon said it was matter of 'good versus evil'

Leaked Emails Show Stephen Miller's Unfiltered Anti-Immigrant Views

Seattle tunnel tolling impacts could be widely felt on Tuesday

Fifty years ago on this day, November 12, 1969, Seymour Hersh broke the My Lai massacre story

Dog Trapped In Hurricane Rubble For Weeks Is So Grateful To Be Found

Appeals court upholds Goodwin, Ramos convictions in Unite the Right attack


Boeing details steps needed to get grounded Max jet flying

I was thinking about applying for a job in the Foreign Service...

Trump Organization ordered to pay $290,000 after losing battle against Scottish wind farm

Just so we're clear: When the Republicans begin their defense of Trump

Publisher: Record number of pre-orders for 'Anonymous' book

Twenty Poond notes: investigation after ATM dispenses toy money

Spain's ruling socialists strike coalition deal with Podemos

Seth Abramson: " the Ukraine scandal is about Trump searching for a way to exculpate Russia "

Why GOP witness wish list shows they can't defend Trump

Causing 'profound' trauma, Trump administration detained record-breaking 70,000 children in 2019

2020 Census PSA

Found some interesting images while a-Googlin' ...

Elizabeth Warren's systematic, methodical approach to Iowa -- and why she's rising in the polls

New York turned its back to Trump long before he left

The climate chain reaction that threatens the heart of the Pacific

Australian raptors start fires to flush out prey

Has anyone on DU ever used a Thermomix?

The Whistleblower's Identity Doesn't Really Matter Anymore

Here is one possibility where I might switch to Biden

Atomwaffen Division member Andrew Jon Thomasberg pleaded guilty to two weapons charges in fed court

Trump advisers exploring tax proposal that would lower "middle class" rate to 15 percent

Cartoons 11/12/19

Gym Jacket Off Jordan: "Ridiculous" to say he ignored sexual abuse, because...he defended Trump

Man linked to neo-Nazi group pleads guilty to gun charges

You raised $1,180.00 on November 11, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Watch her shamelessly lying to Savannah Guthrie & the world, promoting Trump as a truthful, perfect

Trump might be innocent in the Ukraine affair.

Former AL Gov. Don Siegelman Joins Us To Discuss Jeff Sessions' Chances - 11-11-19

My local Paramount channel is

We Read All 2,677 Pages of Ukraine Testimony So You Don't Have To

Trump interacted with indicted Giuliani associates at least 10 times.

U.S. to Expand Mueller Election-Fraud Case Against 13 Russians

Stephen Miller; 900+ emails promoting white genocide novel, white power websites and Mein Kampf

oops...THAT was quick...

Nikki Haley is the rat who jumped back ON the sinking ship of Chump!

Sean Duffy heads to K Street after resigning from Congress

Two reasons I don't give money to panhandlers: First, they may spend it on booze. Second, I want

Self-transforming robot blocks jump, spin, flip, and identify each other

New evidence shows contact between Trump official and Republican redistricting expert

Pregnant cow rescued from a slaughterhouse and see her expression of gratitude to her Saviour

Bloomberg Heads to Arkansas to File for 2020 Presidential Primary

Black man beaten while restrained in a restraining chair. Almost no media attention

Why old people will always complain about young people

Lieflation: Trump Tells Crowd Ivanka Has Created 14 Million New Jobs

Seeking Common Ground: Why Progressive Muslims & Atheists Should Work Together

Trump Has Discussed Firing Inspector General

The whole Roger Stone thing is so bizarre.

Counterterrorism Expert worries that 'Putin leads Trump

Revealed: Tory councillors posted Islamophobic content on social media

Katie Porter's Twitter response to Bill Gates whining about taxes....

Jim Jordan will strip naked and start twerking in the middle of testimony

Lula's Free And He's Promising to Fight

Former President Carter out of surgery, no complications

Is there an infographic that lists how Dump has profited in one column

Problem solved

Does not bode well for DACA:

Meghan McCain,"Never Trumpers make my life harder" and she is "sick of it!"

The Trump Administration Is Giving Family Planning Funds to a Network of Anti-Abortion Clinics

In private speech, Bolton suggests some of Trump's foreign policy decisions are guided by personal i

Elizabeth Warren To Deliver A Speech On The Historic Legacy Of Black Women Workers

This particular part of Gates testimony is redhot.

Supreme Court Appears Ready to Let Trump End DACA Program

Trump Has Considered Firing Intelligence Community Inspector General

They're shredding Nikki on MSNBC right now

'Racist' TYT reporter continues smear campaign against Buttigieg (A must read, this backs up what I

Seth Abramson....Another impeachable offense...


Pete Buttigieg wants to build a bridge to the religious right. But tension within his in-laws'....

Pence meddling in foreign aid policy...

Behind Trump's Dealings With Turkey: Sons-in-Law Married to Power

U.S. drone imagery shows possible atrocities by Turkish-backed forces in Syria

Adam Schiff...Transparency my ass...

Kentucky...More weed per capita because it's illegal...!

Suspect in Popeyes chicken sandwich stabbing identified and charged with murder

Some genius has improved the book jacket for Donnie Jr.'s little screed.

BoJo's Circus of Horrors

Adam Schiff...Impeachable offenses include bribery

Ohio State for the cover...

Wisconsin's GOP priority?

This pretty much sums up the GOP Strategy for tomorrow.

Mahony exits race against Tom Cotton

Clinton says she is being urged by 'many, many, many people' to run in 2020

Federal Court Rules Suspicionless Searches Of Travelers' Phones And Laptops Unconstitutional

Krrystal Ball loves Gabbard

Barr opening investigation...

Noel Ignatiev, scholar who called for abolishing whiteness, dies at 78

Tillerson on Haley...Who?

Babysitters were present...

Citing Deep Commitment to Medicare for All and Green New Deal, Nation's Largest Nurses Union

Luckovich-Jim Jordan-The Non Whistleblower

Why Scott Morrison's Climate "Policy" Is Shit, And Why Australia Is Totally Boned

Parking spaces - pull in or back in?

How deep is Rudy...?


Cause Nazi be Nazi

A very simple idea about "scam calls". Why do we get so many of them?

I have to confess, I enjoy watching magats getting arrested...

Could Nikki Haley be a Republican firewall

Meet the Inquisitors About to Rule the Impeachment Hearing

What's for Dinner, Tues., Nov. 12, 2019

Roger Stone tongue tied...

Schiff is so ready - oral and typed explanation of bribery in time for

Rep. Adam Schiff: Trump's Potentially Impeachable Offenses Include Bribery

Magats asking ... What could our leader possibly be impeached for...?

Just wanted to remind everyone . . .

How to watch the Trump impeachment hearing: Schedule, witnesses and more

Sen. Burr: "Impeachment Trial will last 6 to 8 weeks". This will coincide with start of primaries.

Send a Get Well card to Jimmy Carter

'That's Ridiculous,' Says Billionaire After Sanders Campaign Returns Her $470 Donation

Frank Dobson has died.

*NEW* Morning Consult - Biden 32%, Sanders 20%, Warren 19%, Buttigieg 8%... MB 2%

Billy Barr's witch hunter John Durham strikes out in Australia.

Federal Court Rules Suspicionless Searches Of Travelers' Phones And Laptops Unconstitutional

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