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How Russian Hackers Can Blackmail Donald Trump and the GOP

NYDN: Election Day. NY. Russian Consulate. Security Guard. collapsed. died.

Not sure about a new election but Electoral College should not vote Trump in now

In this model there is no society

Longtime Atheist Activist Rob Sherman May Have Died in a Plane Crash

The White Rose Resistance Movement

RED ALERT: The common FUD meme across multiple forums on this bombshell is now "evidence"

So Traitor Trump put out this official statement today:

Religious Right Reinvigorated by Donald Trump

Wanting to get under their skin: Does putting a hashtag on their (DRUMPF, O'REILLY) names *anywhere*

Herr Gropenfurher's inaugural uniform:

Trump accuses CNN of 'fake news' over reported Celebrity Apprentice plans

NYDN: Election Day. NY. Russian Consulate. Security Guard. collapsed. died.

U.S. intel agencies confirm Russia hacked RNC. Was RNC blackmailed? Here's timeline that raises Q

Why Do People Laugh at Creationists? (Part 16)

No Shit..

Mattis received anonymous email in Petraeus case

Who was the Russian diplomat who died just before the election?

Flint water crisis: Senate passes bill funding removal of lead-tainted pipes (with a poison pill)

I am starting to wonder how long before DU is shut down again?

I don't know about you, but I'm about ready for a few words

How does this happen? (Getting something done in congress).

Patrons use dough to back pizza place targeted by fake news

Former SNL star Joe Piscopo considers run for New Jersey governor

Dan Rather on the trump/putin or putin/trump admin

Trump gloats over Blacks who did not turn out tovote

Catholic Church: New Priests Will be Expected to Preach Global Warming

Congressional leaders were briefed a year ago on hacking of Democrats - sources

Did Al Gore get played? Engaging with Trump brings risk for the left.

Freerepublic offline

Former Trump critics make up a parade of shame at Trump Tower

I take no pleasure in posting this, but this country doesn't care

How Trump-era trade policy threatens to send up the prices you see on store shelves

For the millionth time, Clinton won among those for whom the economy is the top issue.

Robert Baer on CNN: "Because if the evidence is there I don't see any other way than to vote again."

The floor of the McMurdo Sound, Antarctica.

If the GOP won't investigate Russian hack, remember...

How Trump and the GOP will try to turn the entire country into Dixie

I passed by 4 businesses today because they had trump signs out front.

Donald Trump Is Gaslighting America

NYT: Pulling Democrats Back to Its the Economy, Stupid

Is there a middle ground on Russia?

Nigeria Uyo: 'Scores dead' in church collapse

Study: negative media coverage of Clinton soared in the last two weeks of the campaign

When our electorate listens to this racist lying trash..and believes it..

Star Wars. A $42 BILLION dollar enterprise.

Ex-senator says New Jersey bear hunt is 'unforgiveable'

Nobel Peace Prize: Santos calls for 'rethink' of war on drugs

Nobel Peace Prize: Santos calls for 'rethink' of war on drugs

Are there any independent Russian-language news sources out there?

How do we distinguish between "fake news" and honest mistakes?

Democrats Seek to Drive Wedge Between Trump and GOP on Outsourcing

Islamic State fighters re-enter ancient Palmyra in Syria

Not long.

Joe Walsh Goes on Tweetstorm Against Russian Hackers and No One Can Believe It

I don't post that often and I'm sure many consider that a good thing. But, please, read this one.

With 'sustainable' bighorn herd in Catalinas, G&F says no more mtn lion killings

I am using an extension called my words. It allows me to easily replace common phrases with


Heaved and coughed

Non-Opec countries agree to cut oil output


Live By Night film

Evan McMullin turns up the heat on Dump.

With the Billions spent on intelligence how could the intelligence community miss Donald Trump?

Congress needs to investigate Cambridge Analytica

McMullin: 'Trump is not a loyal American'

7 Drugs Found in System of Hot Air Balloon Pilot in Deadliest US Crash, NTSB Says

In other news, there's a gay Mike Pence look-alike

black and white's from Death Valley NP....

US airstrike killed militant linked to Charlie Hebdo attack

Bristol Palin having 3rd child. This time she is married to baby daddy

100s Dead as Church Roof collapses in Nigerla

Here's the helicopter Trump wants to use for his dramatic entrance

Trumps cabinet Generals and CEOs

No, America, It Wasnt Russia: You Did This to Yourself

KKK, other racist groups disavow the white supremacist label

State school board may release Gilmer system from state control

Now we know why Trump didn't want to listen to intelligence reports.

Flood restoration company sues West Virginia's governor-elect

Ritchie Valens - Donna (VIDEO)

Lock Him Up!

The Temptations - I wish it would rain (VIDEO)

Gary, West Va. says drinking water possibly contaminated

Donald Trumps open corruption: The president-elect doesnt care that you know hes crooked

On Point!

Oh, What a Night

Petition: Declassify all information related to possible Russian or foreign-state interference

by Robert Reich:'The fact that the CIA has concluded that Russia intervened in the 2016 election

ICAHN: The Trump rally in stocks may have gone too far

Greece passes austerity 2017 budget, eyes 2.7 percent growth

I Don't Have Any Kids - But If I Did There Would Be No Way I'd Let Them Join The Military Under A...

Faith Evans - Mesmerized (VIDEO)

No to Iceberg Lettuce, Yes to These Salads

No, Sean Spicer, no one claims that the elections were "rigged"

Send your feedback to the Democratic National Committee

Who is Rex Tillerson?

Federal judge whose reputation ranged beyond Minnesota dies

DT doesn't need security briefings now and won't need the CIA after he's President.

WH- Petition - Election Do-Over!

I have been accused of wishful or magical thinking around here lately.

Trump was right.

Beatles Sgt. Pepper's cover art updated for 2016

Kennedy beats Campbell in the LA runoff

can i share a little joy?

Bombs outside Istanbul soccer stadium kill 29, wound 166: minister

Honest Question

My Alma Mater Northwest Missouri State University will play in their 10th national title game

America on January 20th has a despot in control. Drumpt can do anything...

We have a little over a month to decide if we want the country we all grew up in.

coming through . . . .

Patton Oswalt: Trump is like a "grope-y, racist uncle who just won $50,000 playing scratch-offs"

the unavoidable conclusion- if putin wanted drumph, he already owned him.

Regarding the Russian hacking, what is really going on here?

Bernie Sanders activists push Nina Turner to run for Ohio governor

U.S. Steel CEO Inaccurately Promises '10,000 Jobs,' as Lorain Mill Lays Off 33 More

Naked Akron Woman Leads Police on Stolen Car Chase Spanning Three Counties

Online charter schools not tossed a lifeline from Ohio legislature

Bernie supporters try to make something of the wreckage.

Another reason why Trump won: The Science of Storytelling

If you want to support Senator Warren's request to audit...

Our 50 Most Popular Recipes of 2016

Way to Go, GOP!!!

99 ways to fight trump

John Cena hosts SNL tonight. Maren Morris is musical act.

How the Twinkie Made the Superrich Even Richer

What we want to believe...

Fake News: Trump Elects Jim Jones For Head Of FDA...

Patti Smith's Stirring Rendition of Bob Dylan's 'Hard Rain' in Stockholm (Nobel)

Support Sen Warren's call to invstigate trump's finances

Walter White is alive!

Brazil's Temer cited 44 times in corruption testimony

Brazil's Temer cited 44 times in corruption testimony

Read Bob Dylan's Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech

List of 2016 Presidential Electors

Radio journalist shot dead outside home in northern Mexico

Baton Rouge remains an island of Blue in a sea of Red: Congrats Mayor Broome

FBI and CIA give differing accounts to lawmakers on Russias motives in 2016 hacks

Seattle Sounders win MLS Cup in penalty kicks

Suicide Journalism on the Crazy-Mean Streets of Tijuana

Suicide Journalism on the Crazy-Mean Streets of Tijuana

Does Trump have a tiger by the tail with the CIA

A man who rejects settled science on climate change should not lead the EPA

Takei: If there was interference on the play, you don't count the touchdown

Student at MICDS says the school has been unwelcoming to Trump supporters

Seems small but in light of what has happened I'd like to know who Bret Baier works for

I think you are gonna like this...feel free to steal it.

I Won't Give Trump Supporters A Safe Place Because There Is Now No Safe Place For ----

Capuchin monkeys produce sharp stone flakes similar to tools

Former U.S. Rep and longtime WV public servant Ken Hechler dies at 102

Capuchin monkeys produce sharp stone flakes similar to tools

All Hail The Seattle Sounders!

Don't forget who else openly consorted with Putin and Michael Flynn:

Democrats Hone a New Message: Its the Economy, Everyone.

Russian Firehose of Propaganda

Comrade McConnell: The GOPs Russia Dilemma

Why Some Argentines Are Suspicious of Macri's 'War on Drugs'

Are people on DU gradually eliminating the use of punctuation?

Concerns and questions: the record on human rights

Seems to me that Russia is planning something really big against the US.

Everyone needs to calm down. The Russian hack story will go away within the next 48 hours.

How Schumer and the Democrats are preparing to fight

WTF ...Trump video message on my cell phone !!!

Lindsey Graham & John McCain are likely to mount aggressive opposition to Tillerson as sec.of state

Our popular choice for President

$15-an-hour minimum wage prohibited by lawmakers

Mom, dad, 2 sons plead in $1.1M food stamp fraud case

Demand investigation 4 Treason & Espionage - call or fax the DOJ...

In your opinion why did Comey help to sabotage Clinton?...

UN Praises Bolivia and Evo Morales' Record on Human Rights

Trump team memo on climate change alarms Energy Department staff

so is there a twitter hashtag #comradetrump yet? dont twitter but someone could start it...nt

Michigan GOP-led House passes voter suppression bill and bill to punish labor protesters & unions

Unions vow to fight Lansing on public pensions, health care

CNN: town in Kentucky votes Republican after 144 years of voting Democrat

Calls Grow For A New Presidential Election To Be Held After Russia Meddled To Help Trump

If someone had dropped the Trump/Putin stuff before the election

How Michigan games the welfare-to-work system

A new absentee option will make voting process easier, but still secure

Putin's Puppet

A North Korean defector tells us what life was like under a dictatorship

A Day in The Life of a Dictator (portrait of craziness in power) Documentary

Where's the beef? Remember that. The GOP had no meaty Hillary scandal.

House OKs borrowing to fix Michigan Capitol

Patti Smith - A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall (Bob Dylan's Nobel 2016 Ceremony)

SCOTUS: Invalidate Election Results Of 2016 - Order A New Election

Photo: Delegation met with Senator Sanders to discuss DAPL Situation - Dec 10

At first the Deplorables were detestable rubes

WWDTM - Recorded in Chicago (2015) with Not My Job guest Sen. Bernie Sanders - For Dec. 10, 2016

LOL, pic of Don the Con the puppet

Photo: Dreaming of Revolution

SNL: Trump's pick for DEA

Daily Holidays - December 11

Blast near Cairo Coptic cathedral kills at least 22

Netflix Keeps Adding Israels Best TV Shows and Films. Heres What You Should Watch.

Democrat loses Louisiana Senate race

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Elf Kostoom Edition

Bob Dylan Nobel prize speech: this is 'truly beyond words'

KO: The Russians interfering in our election is, flatly, an act of war.

The older I get the less I know.

Nigerian church collapses, killing 160 worshippers

Trump To Nominate Extreme Militant John Bolton As State Departments No. 2

"What I saw at the Michigan recount"

Happy "Have a Bagel Day": Calvin Trillin, "Magic Bagel"

Corker, McCain, Graham

EMPTYWHEEL: The Evidence To Prove Russian Hack-

A Va. politician is giving away an AR-15 rifle as a Second Amendment statement

He helped make legal history in Loving v. Virginia. At 80, hes still fighting for justice.

Trumps new name is - Putin's Poodle

2 Million Dollars

Republican Party has been the party of selfishness and the party of punishment for decades

Trumps expected pick for State runs Exxon and received the Order of Friendship from Vladimir Putin

Blaming millennials for Trump 99 problems but the kids ain't one

How Did We Get to Where We Are?

It's Ayn Rand's America Now: Republicans Have Stripped the Country of Its Last Shred of Morality

Человек года

Cory Booker tweet. Answering a person depressed by the silence about Russia, etc.

New York Magazine: McConnell chose the Republican Party over protecting his country

Democrats Hone a New Message: Its the Economy, Everyone

I see my first benefit of Trump and LePage for Maine consumers

Change payment information

Frank Rich: Putin didn't JUST help install Trump in WH.....

BERNSTEIN: China's insane spending on robotics is fundamentally changing capitalism

Mark Twain poster to tweet around-- Trump fans have problem admitting they were CONNED

Why Scientists Are Scared of Trump: A Pocket Guide

The Walking Dead 7.8 "Hearts Still Beating" (spoiler alert)

As the TRUTH about the KGB/GOP Emerges, do NOT let them Frame the Narrative

The MSM panel members all think this is somehow funny

The TOP TWO Facebook "trending" news stories: homophobic Cindy Brady and pregnant Bristol Palin.

A fellow member of our board called Trump a "tin pot dictator"

SNL: Trump Appoints Walter White to Head DEA

'More than 10,000' flee rebel areas of Aleppo since midnight

Iran signs contract to buy 80 Boeing planes

It will be news to Hillary Clinton that the FBI will not draw inferences about things it can't prove

Study Projects "Bleaching-Level Thermal Stress" Of GBR Corals Every Year By 2050 - Guardian

Let's wave American flags at our demonstrations.

Got the statement about our "raise" for Social Security yesterday.

How is ANYONE okay with any of this madness?

Michelle Obama Won't Back Down From Criticizing Trump

How we regarded election fraud and systemic bias in the primary

Shitgibbon's Energy Plan - CAFE Cuts, More Gas & Oil Drilling On Federal Land, Death To Paris & CPP

Happy 73rd Birthday to John Kerry

It's beginning to look a lot like treason...

Romania expected to re-elect scandal-ridden left in national elections

I notice a lot of posts trying to okay what Russia did to our election.

"Unfortunately, This Makes The Greenland Ice Sheet Look Highly Unstable" - Lamont Doherty Melt Study

Russian-backed Paul Manafort told Donald Trump to target Michigan just before Election Day

"Are Congressional Republicans with us, or against us? The nation deserves to know, right now. "

The Shelley Duvall case gets more bizarre by the day.

Our "leaders" plan to do what they always do which is a bit of grandstanding

Russia Seen Moving New Missiles To E. Europe -&- In the mean time his puppet in US will weaken NATO

This week needs to be a full court press.

Pat Moynihan and the Post-Modern Presidency

The Deplorable's Core Values

Labor Secretary Pick Is Fourth Top Trump Figure Whos Been Accused of Assaulting Women

A hero of real news: Amy Goodman and Democracy Now! celebrate 20 years of fearless journalism...

The psychological weakness that will be the undoing of DRUMPF: Unpopularity polls

Rick Perry Said to Be Trumps Top Candidate for Energy Secretary

Trump on Fox says he doesn't need daily intelligence briefings as POTUS because he's "smart"

Does anyone know a help number for Yahoo?

Murica, 2016:

Hamilton's Federalist 68: The EC -- Unfit Persons and the Prevention of Foreign Influence in Gov't

GOP senators join Dems to condemn Russian political hacking

Hamilton's Federalist 68: The EC -- Unfit Persons and the Prevention of Foreign Influence in Gov't

Trump on CIA assessment of Russian intervention in election: 'I think it's ridiculous'

The FUCK YOU! Cabinet

Comrade Dumpf is a poleznye durak

Fearing Trump crackdown, "dreamers" advised to end travel

Trump: Forget "Person"--I Should Be "MAN" Of The Year!

Is Donald Trump a "useful idiot" of Vladimir Putin or willing accomplice?

Trump: Russia intel from Dems, not CIA, to distract people from my massive landslide victory

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, December 13: The Golden Years

The Genius Elect just showered us with his omniscience

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, December 14: Treacherous Spouses

NYT Editorial - Truth and Lies in the Age of Trump

"Push back and push Back HARD" was how the NC Gov race was won

War on Christmas Rages in Indiana

Joint statement with Senators McCain, Schumer, and Reed on reports Russia interfered with the 2016 E

Obama is still in power for more than a month, right?

Should Americans call for American hackers to come to the aid of their country?

Russian Official Brags About Trump Victory: Russia Won US Election

Waaambulance needed for DRUMPF kids: NYC making their lives 'horrible'!1

Don't forget it was the Democratic party that saved the world's bacon in WW l and WW ll

Burglar breaks into Miami religious store, steals pigeons

Reince is very adamant that the RNC was NOT hacked....

So, Hillary had Russian intelligence, the leader of the FBI, Trump/GOP, the Media, Bernie or Busters

The scariest thing of all...trump isn't hiding ANYTHING

Why I Will Not Cast My Electoral Vote for Donald Trump

Shields and Brooks on Trumps understanding of presidential power

Enough bullshit. Sanctions against Russian.

Dozens of Florida political committees being fueled by millions in dark money

A ray of sunshine...

Paul Manafort Former Trump Campaign Manager had business dealing with Yanukovych (ousted Ukraine PM)

Wanda Sykes on Trump:


Morning Joy right now: "Roe v. Wade could be overturned in 2017 or 2018

Stumped for a Xmas gift?

Former Presidents can request CIA briefings ...

Not sure if this was already done, if not

War on Christmas internment camp

Trump says it's OK if he skips intelligence briefings because he's a smart person

A letter from Mike Gronstal

Trumps call to president of Taiwan...

People Are Dying Younger Because America Keeps Failing the Bad-Break Test

Must be a Republican thing....

The best advice on Twitter trolls was written by al-Ghazali in the 11th century

Why Maine voters wont have the last word on referendums they passed

Bernie Sanders On CBS's "Face the Nation" (12/11/2016)

Nobody is safe

Jury results

Cartoon: EPA under Trump

The alarming response to Russian meddling in American democracy

Full interview: Bernie Sanders, December 11 - Face the Nation

Cartoon: without Obamacare

McConnell the turtle remained silent

Catholic church in Manila issues prayer against expanded death penalty

Put a 50-foot high fence around a large state

Looks like Joe Klein is leaving TIME

Is It Fair To Say Trump & McConnell Have Declared War Against the CIA & NSA?

Rick Perry top pick for Energy Secretary

Strange Priorities

A Hard Rains a-Gonna Fall still...

Another reason to despise the Deplorables

Did John McCain actually say this out loud on Charlie Rose?

Biden: Trump ran 'most vicious' campaign he's ever seen

SCHUMER: Report's of Russia's interference in the election should shake us to the core

Past Iowa Dem Party Chairs Weigh In On What Next Chair Should Focus On

It's Ayn Rand's country now;

Allen West Facebook post re Mad Dog Mattis: "Hired To Exterminate Muslims"

Trump says nobody really knows if climate change is real

Polls For Years Told Democrats They Would Have To Move Center Right To Win. Did Not Lose Their Way.

We were warned. We actually knew this could happen.

I Think We Are Going To Be In Near Cold Civil War By The Time We Reach 2018.

Sieg Heil to our man child in chief

Trump says he won one of the biggest landslides in history.

Chances Are Good That Trump Is Going To Get Troops Killed.

GOPr Voinovich Re Bolton in the State Department

And By Their POSTS, Lord, You Will Know Them.

At what point do you believe "buyer's remorse" will set in for the AVERAGE Trump voter?

What are you reading this week of December 11, 2016?

Is there such a thing as an "agnostic theist"?

Islamic State retakes historic city of Palmyra

Today's petitions

Might as well be truthful from the start...

Ryan stops short of call for Russia probe

I believe we are now the over ripe fruit!

Ship of Fools

This toon remind you of somewhere?

Support Seattle councilwoman Sawant


Intelligence figures fear Trump reprisals over assessment of Russia election role

For anyone who has experienced this horrible emotional abuse, this article is validating.

One of Schumer's Committee Assignments:

Would an organized boycott of Twitter be effective?

Do you think Russia will attack Poland ... again?

Chuck Todd? Its about Goddamn Time?

The "normalizing" of Donald Trump.


Promising no censorship, social network Gab draws 'alt-right'

Lets substitute WWJD with WWRD (Reagan)

On Another Subject - Snow Removal Day

Just what our crumbling, aging infrastructure doesn't need: Trump's plan

Ignoring intelligence briefings...what could go wrong??

A journey into Trump's psyche

Time for action against the traitors:

Stickers at tRump's cabinet members "meet and greet"

Jay Rosen, journalism teacher, weighs in on likely course of repression against journalists

Am I nuts?

Are cyber attacks an act of war?

Nate Silver: Clinton 'almost certainly' would've won before FBI letter

Stop worrying about the deplorable Trump voters

A Lion of the Democratic Party has died at 102

Let it snow, y'all.

Donald Trump is Gaslighting America

And now a message from our founder...

Greenwald running cover for Russia?

S&P's credit analysts about to rate US and other "advanced economies" as banana republics

When Trump holds his hands up funny

American Dream slips out of reach for millennials, study finds

The deplorables are claiming that the whole Russia

Critics ask if Tillerson can turn from corporate to national interest

New Amazon reviews of Russian flag

Bipartisan Anger Grows Over Russian Interference Into U.S. Election

Ok, Google- What is a Snozzberry?

Donald Trump attacks Bush for ignoring the C.I.A.

Hacked election?

Analogy to election, Russian involvement, and Republicans

The fringe left problem

Joe Biden: Hillary lost partly due to lack of outreach to those affected by globalization

ENVIRONMENTTrumps Questionnaire to Govt. Climate Scientists Just Leaked, and Its Terrifying

Tillerson has a direct, financial interest in lifting all sanctions against Russia.

Muslim restaurant to feed the homeless and elderly for free on Christmas Day

To Doris Kearns: The CIA or any USA intelligence agency ...

The ultimate participation trophy

"Being a 'friend of Vladimir' is not an attribute I am hoping for from a #SecretaryOfState,"

Job openings (5.5 million), hires, and separations little changed in October

Kleptocracy  and meddling with a foreign an election  looks like it pays very well

Trump Suggests Using Bedrock China Policy as Bargaining Chip

Companies on Climate: Trump or No, Still Cutting Emissions

To Michael Steele : The RNC was hacked...

Goodbye ANWR. Hello joint U.S. and Russia arctic drilling and increased global warming.

Trump wont waste a lot of time putting our

ARS & Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence Release New Report

Bernstein says Trump's lies worse than Nixon's

Filmmaker Martin Scorsese talks about his faith, upcoming movie 'Silence'

We fought the whole g.d. Vietnam War to keep Russian influence out of a small country

When the CIA Got It Right

Trump vs. Congress on Russian hacking

Trump Still Refusing Intelligence Briefings

Has any previous President or President elect every publicly said:

Intelligence figures fear Trump reprisals over assessment of Russia election role

Betsy DeVos wants to end federalized Common Core

Radiation from 2011 Fukushima disaster now reaching U.S.

Boeing Signs $17 Billion Deal with Iran, Challenges Republican Effort to Block Sales

Climate Scientists Speak Out Against Trumps Plans to Cut NASA Funding

Climate purge: Trump demands list of Department of Energy climate negotiators

Trump says U.S. not necessarily bound by 'one China' policy

First gorilla born in captivity, age 59, returns to Ohio zoo after surgery

I can see Russia from my election results

Russian disinfo campaign about the Dem primary being stolen, hacked, rigged?

Dont F**k The Patriarchy

Quarter of inmates could have been spared prison without risk, study says

Cadillac disavows casting call for 'neo-Nazi' character in brand ad

Can DU add a box in LBN for linking to articles' authors' Twitter accounts?

This is what happened to America in 2016

Where Trump Critics See Conflicts, Partners See Golden Opportunities

The Gullibles

About 40 cars in pile-up on snowy highway near Detroit

The Difference Between the CIA and FBI In Their Own Words

How Do You Turn Walter Cronkite Into a Friend of Gay Rights? Zap Him.

Manhattan White House

GAO audit of of Trump's finances and conflicts of interest (Sen. Warren) -- CONTACT INFO

POLITICO warned us Oct 10th this would happen.....

It's real.

It all seems so clear now:

What's for Dinner, Sun., Dec. 11, 2016

Glenn Carle, retired CIA officer, says Trump is on a collision path with the CIA.

Converting Methane Gas to Electricity - Bernie Sanders

Heads up! "GLOBALISM" is their new mantra to deflect from Russia

Who remembers the Domino theory?

Meet The Press: Chuck Todd goes after Reince Priebus (Heated!) (12/11/2016)

Converting Methane Gas to Electricity

Report: Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill out for season with ACL injury

Police expect Trump to lift limits on access to surplus military gear, like grenade launchers...

Sanders: Trump's dismissal of Russian interference 'makes no sense'

Democrats Must Go Beyond Mere Opposition to Trump

Christie turned down several jobs in Trump administration, sources say

Sanders: Trump Should Pledge to Veto Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid Cuts

Sanders on Trump Cabinet: they have a few poor millionaires on it, but, mostly, it is billionaires

Liberty University to build nations first on-campus firing range

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 12 December 2016

Is it just me or.....

Trump Supporters Boycotting Star Wars Rogue One Over Rumors Reshoots Added Anti-Trump Scenes

If Berlusconi is like Trump, what can America learn from Italy?

A Crown on a Clown...

No Words

Lynch and Kennedy say theyre worried about NBC Bostons signal strength

Did you guys know this?

Netanyahu says he hopes to work with Trump to undo Iran deal

When? Where? What is the clear concisely stated purpose for the mass protest gathering?

McCain on offensive against Exxon's Tillerson for Sec. of State

GOP redefined: Ignoring Russian interference,Voter Suppression,Gerrymandering,Fake News,Witch Hunts

2,000 ISIS fighters killed in Mosul, U.S. commander says

Who's Looking Out for You?

"Ask not what you can do for your country..."

Model Deddeh Howard sends diversity message by recreating famous photo shoots

Ex RT Today Anchor: The Goal of Russian Media is to Undermine Faith in Our Institutions

i know you dont like to monkey w the rules, but in light of the evidence

Man sentenced in shooting that led to quadruple amputation

Trump: I'd 'love' to have Ivanka, Jared Kushner 'involved'

Question, please. Re: something I just saw on CNN.

Kissinger asks for patience despite Trump's provoking ideas

FBI told state GOP in June its emails had been hacked

This just in!!!!!!!!! Treason charges being filed tomorrow!

Someone in my neighborhood name their Wifi "Tiny Hands Trump", LOL...

War on drugs perhaps more harmful than all the wars in the world combined: Santos

War on drugs perhaps more harmful than all the wars in the world combined: Santos

My 13-year old granddaughter has never known a day that we weren't at war

Let's hold an Electoral College vigil and stop Trump

So far, Obamacare isn't hurting the economy or killing jobs

Fox contributor Judy Miller calls investigation of Russian hacking Obama's tar baby gift to Trump

Would you be ashamed to be a Democrat if we needed Putin to steal the presidency for us?

Clinton won among voters that made $50,000 or less AND those said the ECONOMY was most important 7.3

How to Manipulate the Narcissist

Republicans threaten to block US aid for Colombia peace process

Republicans threaten to block US aid for Colombia peace process

Igor Panarin runs through my head

Former ambassador to Russia: Putin wanted 'revenge' against Clinton

I miss hearing H20 man's voice. Update- Welcome Back!

Holiday Presents for the GOP - make your suggestions

It was NOT An Election, It Was A Russian Coup DEtat

None dare call it treason