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If you want to see it is. Done by a librarian!

Democrats propose Coronavirus Relief Plan that would give U.S. residents $2,000 every month

Fauci: No scientific evidence the coronavirus was made in a Chinese lab

Can't Use Roundup / Glyphosate On My Weeds I Think I Might Try Chloroquine

Hawaii - no new cases for 1st time in 8 weeks -

John Fugelsang: What Barack Obama and Fred Trump have in common.

Lyft joins Uber in requiring drivers and riders to wear face masks

Stimulus checks: IRS sets Wednesday deadline for direct deposit info

New White House Souvenir Tee

This Woman's Stunning Camper Van is the Best I've Ever Seen!

Facebook, YouTube and Twitter struggle with viral Plandemic conspiracy video

Why the unemployment rate could be 5 percentage points higher

Federal watchdog finds 'reasonable grounds to believe' vaccine doctor's ouster was retaliation

yes - hearts (studio - 1983) when 90125 came out, I listened to it incessantly

White House's pandemic relief effort Project Airbridge is swathed in secrecy and exaggerations

The Superimmunity of Bats, and the Molecular Biology of their Resistance to Coronaviruses.

Remember the U6 unemployment rate?

What is 'silent hypoxia'? Experts weigh in on COVID-19 symptom

Nurse who stood up to armed lockdown protesters in Arizona says they thought she was a paid actor

Just curious... if Trump and Pence are incapacitated with Covid 19

That's it man. Game over. We're all gonna fucking die

It's now officially the Trump Virus.

Attention Rapture Hopefuls!

No, wait. Stephen Miller's wife?

400,000 Americans Died In World War II

Emails Show White House Officials Buried CDC Report

Here's how coronavirus could kill 75,000 more Americans -- without even infecting them

Ohio State announced it will pay about $41M for sexual assault cases

GOP candidate withdraws motion challenging Inslee order

yes - holy lamb (song for harmonic convergence) (studio-1987) big generator was weak, BUT ...

The coronavirus economy is exposing how easy it is to fall from the middle class into poverty

2 more Tri-Cities coronavirus deaths. Public health prepares for influx of farm workers

So wearing a mask is considered being afraid, but carrying a gun is just protection

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Live and Let Die!

Pierce County reports 35 new COVID-19 cases, three new deaths

Thurston County COVID-19 cases rise to 117 from 115

Mercy to furlough 'thousands' of employees, cut jobs

12 grocery distribution center workers in Puyallup test positive for COVID-19

Dozens of child care centers close in Spokane Co. during coronavirus shutdown

Melinda Gates grades the Trump administration's coronavirus response

Routine vaccinations for U.S. children have plummeted during the Covid-19 pandemic

This REM parody is amazing

U.S. CDC reopening guidelines are under review - White House

Heat and Humidity Near the Survivability Threshold: It's Already Happening

Lawsuit reopens Walmart's past practices in Mexico

California pastors vow to defy Gov. Newsom and reopen: 'Churches are part of the answer not the prob

GOP solutuion to theTrolley Problem

Florida oncology network that bilked cancer patients gets $67 million in COVID-19 aid

So apparently the market thinks the coming depression is the greatest thing since sliced bread...

A birthday refresher: Harry S TRUMAN

Seattle to close major parks at 8 p.m. to prevent nighttime gatherings

Roy Horn of Siegfried & Roy passed away due to complications from #COVID19,..

Michelle Obama's "Becoming" is playing on Netflix!

5 Washington Counties Approved To Reopen Early

No Income. Major Medical Bills. What Life Is Like for Millions of Americans Facing Financial Ruin

Ivanka's PA tests positive for Covid-19:

"I shared a room with a homeless person, a Colombian cleaner, and a man from Bangladesh..."

Document reveals Secret Service has 11 current virus cases, as concerns about Trump's staff grow

The law firm that's handling Ahmaud Arbery case.

Roy Horn of Siegfried & Roy dies at 75

You know you want this frisbee.

Soaring joblessness could shake U.S. economy, politics for years

Has the President drank some bleach yet to disinfect himself yet?

A strange silence from the CDC today...

Handy Tip for Hunters, Hikers, etc.

The GOP Covid talking points

Tyson's Largest Pork Plant Reopens As Tests Show Surge In Coronavirus Cases

So we are in the middle of this pandemic

New Orleans left out of formal statewide protections against electricity shutoffs and late fees

Remember the Paul Ryan throw grandma off the cliff ad?

to everyone who has a loved one in a long term care facility:

Monday morn on Joe Scarborough, "Reporting on banning of the ad Mouning in America"

Death penalty training protocol at heart of current execution delay

WH hereby renamed Plague Central.

Bird Song Hero: The song learning game for everyone

jeff tiedrich tweet for john kelly, john bolton, robert mueller

With Tones Of Obama, Joe Biden Drops The Hammer On tRump

Exclusive: Joe Biden Gives Address on Economy - recorded Live.

Trump flouts coronavirus protocols as security experts warn of need to protect president

jeff tiedrich tweet on michael flynn

My wife just said to me that "this is the way North Korea acts" when it comes to information about

*LA Philharmonic, PBS stations now.

First the Great Depression, and now the Trump Depression

Quarantined Events

For ALL the FrontLine Warriors

This Week in Hell: A Cacophonous, Discordant, Symphony of Buttholes (Ferret/Shower Cap)

The Virus Is Closing In On Trump

Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association suspends tribes that signed compacts with Gov. Stitt

2020 US Senate Election Prediction- Democrats will end up with at least 53 seats.

The Daily Social Distancing Show: This Week's Good News

Obama is pissed!

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Chef Jose Andres - Keeping People Fed During Coronavirus

William Henry Harrison

LA Philharmonic, PBS stations now.


Friday Night Wine Buzz. Ask me anything.

Internet reacts to Ivanka Trump's assistant testing positive for COVID-19: 'Really starting to make

The Daily Show - America CEO Don Trump Announces: Everyone Must Go!

Elie Mystal for the win! - His take on " he looked like the suspect"

Multiple tweets re: MSNBC saying about 3 dozen Secret Service agents are positive (11 active...)

Eight dead; 49 recovered in coronavirus cluster at nursing home near Wichita

GOP reassures us about reopening:

Would it be wrong to start a pool on the day/time a Trump tests positive?

Seth Meyers - President Trump and Melania Trump Celebrate National Day of Prayer - Monologue 5/7/20

If 80% of Americans Wore Masks, COVID-19 Infections Would Plummet, New Study Says

Bunny has catitude:

RNC is prepared to sue Democrats "into oblivion" to keep them from voting (without dying)

Happy Friday my friends. Tonight's whiskey- Wild Turkey 101. 1st song follows:

Recall campaign to remove Republican Gov. Mike Dunleavy can proceed: Alaska Supreme Court

Ricketts Hates State Workers

Seth Meyers: Guest Representative Ayanna Pressley (D-MA-7th)

Did Katie Miller go inside the nursing home without a mask? Because she was outside without one.

Since Trump deep sixing CDC reopening plan here's a link to it

Powerful mock video Katie Miller

Some of the posts here got me thinking

Dale Hansen Unplugged: "The rule of law doesn't long as you are well-to-do and white"

The Other Shoe that Hasn't Dropped

For Some Holocaust Survivors, Even Liberation Was Dehumanizing

Ivanka Trump's personal assistant tests positive for Covid-19

Rainbow - Rainbow Eyes (1978)

"I Just Couldn't Be More Proud at the Prospects of Your Presidency", he Told Biden..

Bill Maher on Tara Reade

Can we spend some time

JUST IN: 11 Secret Service agents test positive for COVID-19: report

MALICIOUS. INTENTIONAL. Trump blocks national testing program -- why? Because tests make us "look bad

Cat Week Tonight with John Oliver

Idaho governor appeals to Supreme Court to stop trans inmate's surgery

Friday feeling? Feeling Friday!

Channel 53 ABC Lansing Mi. Reporting AG Nessel and other lawmakers have gotten serious and verified

2 suspects in Flint dollar store slaying caught

We May Have a COVID Vaccine in 2021, But Not Without Taking Risks

Joke & cartoon:

2020 US Senate Election Prediction- Democrats will easily end up with 51 seats.

*Jane Goodall on Amanpour, WETA now.

My Friday mood is mellow

Enter your state and see how it is doing re: the virus in real time

NPR: Fox News propaganda led to Smithfield plant deaths.

In the shooting of Ahmaud Arbery, seems the "series of break-ins" never happened.

So, if both Trump and Pence have been near people who then tested positive...

Did you know this about Neil Young?

Anyone else had the thought that Trump and Pence have dodged COVID-19

Roy of Siegfried & Roy dead to CV

Who is this guy doing commercials for "Opening up Wisconsin?"

Could this be the next Revolutionary War????

2020 Vulnerable Republican held US Senate seat top ten list.

New Rule: Sex Monster Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

I Hired a Team of Secret Shoppers to Find Out How Businesses Were Opening in Dallas. It's Not Good.

Van Morrison 1980

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 5/8/20

I am stuck on re-learning the Budgie catalog

Statement by Vice President Biden regarding Ahmaud Arbery

Rats are infecting humans with hepatitis, and nobody knows how

A quote gives away the game

Having to face a hard truth.

Tweet of the Day

Governor Greg Abbott was Fooled by a Publicity Stunt

From 'Yankee': Dorie Greenspan's 'Triple-Layer Parsnip and Cranberry Cake'

05/10 Mike Luckovich: Can't scream loud enough

So why is this Michael Flynn is a hero who was railroaded crap going unchecked by the liberal media

If the MSM is going to feature Tara Reade, they should give equal time to all of trump's accusers.

A simple plan for re-opening America

Why isn't Katie at work today? Why is she being paid if she's just lying around?

☦ Eastern Orthodox 40 Days of Pascha/'Prayers for Animals'

Bonus Tweet of the Day

72 attendees of Wisconsin protest have tested positive for COVID 19

Unease At Trump White House After Its Second Confirmed COVID-19 Case

DA that chose not to charge the McMichaels for Arbery's murder, charged this woman with voter fraud

The Covid-19 Spread Risks - Know Them - Avoid Them

Obama says in private call that 'rule of law is at risk' in Michael Flynn case

Trump Met with GOP Lawmakers with No Masks

police were ready to arrest killers of Arbery, DA Jackie Johnson would not allow arrest of friend

DeVos does her evil while we are focused on pandemic

If it wasn't clear enough that the TR accusations are a politically motivated smear...

Recommending two Asian films

What do you remember?

My mom is going to get to be around her granddaughters again on sunday!!

Asians, That's Funny EP. 1 ft. Anna Akana

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

The Coronavirus Was an Emergency Until Trump Found Out Who Was Dying

Can I help you with something?

What, if anything, would you do about this neighbor?

Souplantation's buffet-style restaurants closing permanently due to COVID-19 pandemic

Defense Secretary Esper stood beside World War II veterans -- without a mask

Good morning Democratic Underground!

Dog sorts out cat for family photo. Oh Lordie, if I didn't see it with me own eyes...

Why it may be harder for our economy to recover from the virus

Breakfast Saturday 9 May 2020

Asia Today: Seoul shuts down more than 2,100 nightclubs

It's snowing in Maine

Sheryl Crow "Beware of Darkness" On Colbert

? & The Mysterians - '96 Tears'

Venezuelan Legislators Call on Guaido to Fire Aides After Raid

Japanese probe's asteroid Ryugu encounter hints at space rock's dynamic history

Mainers rally in their cars outside Blaine House for universal health care

Rick Wilson: 'Mourning in America' ad paralyzed the Trump campaign for days

Republican state senator calls for minimum wage cut during pandemic

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that will go Democrat.

It's like riding on air.

THE HOOD INTERNET presents 1983

Choirs may have to remain silent long after society reopens

THE HOOD INTERNET presents 1979

Roy of Siegfried & Roy dies of complications from C19

Run The Jewels "Ooh LA LA"

Right now 78,616 Americans are dead from Covid-19

Tara Reade's Possible Russian Connections Outlined

What about COVID-20?' U.S. cuts funding to group studying bat coronaviruses in China

Non-Fiction Burning - PM Dawn with Flora Purim + Airto

Maine's two-week quarantine a deal-breaker for some seasonal residents

Water To Drink

Colombian Company Designs A Hospital Bed That Converts Into A Coffin Amid COVID-19 Shortages

Tom Misch & Yussef Dayes - Nightrider (feat. Freddie Gibbs)

Colombian Company Designs A Hospital Bed That Converts Into A Coffin Amid COVID-19 Shortages

Khruangbin - C-Side

The Safer Affordable Fuel-Efficient (SAFE) Vehicles Rule for Model Years 2021-2026 Passenger Cars

Also right-wingers: "How dare Costco make me wear a mask! That's tyranny!"

Monsune - Nothing in Return

Nine Maine businesses sue Gov. Janet Mills over shutdowns

Donald Byrd - You & Music

Gary Bartz - Music Is My Sanctuary

Sbastien Tellier - La Ritournelle


Help me find this cool, but terrifying, video!

Do you think Trump and Pence are getting convalescent plasma treatments*?

'Promiscuous treatment of nature' will lead to more pandemics - scientists

Tokimonsta - The World Is Ours

Al Jazeera 5-9-20: Triple anti-viral drug shows COVID-19 promise in Hong Kong study(.)

Bird Song

Philippines orders its largest broadcaster off the air as nation fights virus

Ashley Slater's Private Sunshine

Question about Tara Reade's timetable.

Philippines orders its largest broadcaster off the air as nation fights virus

State says ban on in-person church services is constitutional

Jesus H. Christ In A Hula Hoop

How to force Americans back to work, Starve them.

Don't start a rumor that people in the White House are intentionally trying to infect Trump.

Trump has sure gained a lot of weight since that raid on "Whoville"! And, what happened

On this day, May 9, 1924, Hank Snow was born.

LNG Industry In Freefall; Prices Collapsing And Projects Canceled Or Delayed Around The World

Hey Rick Wilson I've got an idea for you.

On this day, May 9, 1935, "Nokie" Edwards was born.

My wife tried to break quarantine this weekend

Who else woke up to snow falling this morning?

So apparently Birds Aren't Real!!

Feeling your pain? Virus reaches into the lives of Congress

Alberta Suspends At Least 19 Monitoring Requirements (Groundwater, Emissions) For Tar Sands Mines

Front page of The New York Times:

Scientists discover evidence of ancient, nitrogen-rich Martian groundwater hiding in Antarctica

Exactly what can the incumbent President run on?

May 9, 1726: Five men arrested in raid on molly house in London are executed

As Job Losses Mount, Lawmakers Face a Make-or-Break Moment

We Are The Derps - COVID Denial, Conspiracy Theories - Different Suites In The Mansion Of The Morons

Trump says doing too much coronavirus testing makes the US 'look bad'

Trump eyes federal retirement plan investments as part of showdown with China over coronavirus

The amount of snark around here is just amazing this morning trying to work on aria Les Paul

Did you know that littermates can have different fathers?

Trump's Bid to Stand Above the Law

Florida marks its deadliest week of coronavirus pandemic

Kitty demonstrates my patented method of folding fitted sheets:

Will Americans ever forgive Trump for his heartless lack of compassion?

This is how economic pain is distributed in America

Donate to the Lincoln Project

What would happen if Vitamin D was first added...

The judge should look skeptically at Barr's latest effort to rescue another Trump crony

George Conway: No one is above the law. The Supreme Court is about to teach that lesson.

72 got COVID-19 after being at large event

"The real Lord of the Flies: what happened when six boys were shipwrecked for 15 months(...)

Vitamin D levels appear to play role in COVID-19 mortality rates

This coronavirus has shown us that we need to fix our country or we will not have a country...

Cuteness Overloaded

Unemployment by Race and Education Level

As a Minnesotan, I don't get the backlash against face coverings

Tyranny, the word right wingers love to fling around when claiming stay safe at home is slavery.

Our community hospital just furloughed 20% of employees...

U.S. northern border illegal crossings rise; many are Mexicans

So basically, we're on presidential virus watch then

Karma and hubris are now in charge

You raised $2,180.00 on May 8, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

Where are "Protection for businesses from being sued over COVID" in the liberty/death dichotomy?

More Things You Have To Believe To Be A Republican Today: Antisocial Distancing Edition

Newsom is slow dancing California - & I like it

George Takei for the win!

"..officials tried to convince people to wear masks after many refused during 1918 flu pandemic....

They are on the way.

Ted vs. Joe


The pandemic exposed a painful truth: America doesn't care about old people

JetBlue planes fly low over NYC to salute healthcare workers

Outbreaks in Germany, S. Korea show the risks in easing up

Incredibly disturbing...

Rock legend Little Richard has died

If Trump handed out free blankets, tainted with Covid to the American people.

The White House Has Been Infiltrated by COVID-19

This is why Chump's election is in peril

Allies despair as Trump abandons America's leadership role at a time of global crisis

an admission that Flynn did this not just with the knowledge of, but on orders from, Trump

Bill Barr Tests Negative for Integrity

Now that too is gone

A single Kayleigh McEnany quote gives away the game

FDA chief to self-quarantine after exposure to person with coronavirus

Just saw something amazing in the Yahoo comments section (no, really!)

Duck full of yeast explodes; man loses eye

Experts Warn Unemployment Rate Could Soon Rise To America Is The Greatest Country In The World

One thing about masks I've discovered. Sometimes the mask makes it

Yesterday Laurie Garrett said 31 Secret Service tested positive, and 61 are on quarantine. This was

I Just Flew. It Was Worse Than I Thought It Would Be.

My Parents Finally Got a Dog. All It Took Was 30 Years and a Pandemic.

Rest In Peace....Little Richard.....

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that will definitely go Democrat.

Little Richard, Founding Father of Rock Who Broke Musical Barriers, Dead at 87

New York City hospitals begin planned surgeries delayed by coronavirus

Richie Furay was born on this date-


Rip It Up -- RIP, Little Richard

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 5/9/20

I was wise to start an emergency fund when Trump was elected. However, I made a mistake.

The one Republican Senate candidate willing to call out Donald Trump

The Flowering Jacaranda

Eleven Secret Service agents test positive for COVID-19: report

We need to mourn a passing of a legand

We might survive as brothers or perish here as fools-go place your bets

The Brits sent a message -

Leadership -- The No-Drama Obama Press Conference

215 trillion to save 100,000 lives, at the September 9, 2001 rate.

A few cat things

Sanders: US facing 'worst moment in American history maybe since the Civil War'

When is a business open, when there's an "Open" sign in the window or when there are customers?

Maxine Waters Reveals Her Sister Has Passed Away Due To COVID-19

Joe Biden ad: 'Crisis Reveals Character'

Jack Johnson & Paula Fuga - "Country Road and Give Voice" Kokua Festival 2020 Live From Home

An announcement from Captain Obvious: "Given all that we all now KNOW---not suspect---

Open for business

The real Lord of the Flies: what happened when six boys were shipwrecked for 15 months

Want a serum antibody test? Here's a possibility:

Occam's Razor, Dawg

Trump says 'no rush' on more aid as jobless crisis grows

Ivanka Trump's personal assistant tests positive for coronavirus

Midday Music for Millennials -- SillySaturday

Larry Hogan's fake #resistance: His purchase of Korean COVID-19 tests looks like a PR stunt

Now Ivanka's personal assistant has tested positive!

Trump has zero shame when it comes to lying. He doesn't care if he looks like a fool.

Just when you are having trouble with how awful people are acting...

Fuck Steve Schmidt

Bill Maher Highlights Tara Reade

Report: Ivanka Trump's Personal Assistant Tests Positive For COVID-19

We need a public symbol honoring the horrible lonely death of our family and friends.

3-Year-Old's 'Keen Observation' Saves Elderly Neighbor trapped in basement

Otter Kotaro & Hana Wash Your Hands

I am amazed how African Americans are able to control their tempers.

A Good Question and Quote of the Day.

trump's own polling shows him losing to Biden by a double digits among seniors.

A "Plandemic" flavored Coronavirus update

Anyone arguing that there's no difference between Trump and Biden is a Russian troll

recorded on New Year 1970 This song qualifies for an AARP Card

No more almond milk!

If 80% of Americans Wore Masks, COVID-19 Infections Would Plummet

Tom Brady and Tampa Bay Buccaneers given five prime-time games in 2020 NFL season

Fact-checking Judy Mikovits, the controversial virologist attacking Anthony Fauci in a viral

A righteous rant: "Re-opening" isn't about saving ordinary workers-It's about saving the 1%"

There's One Big Reason the U.S. Economy Can't Reopen

Bored In Your Lockdown? Try Watching Birds

"Ahmaud Arbery" Statement by Vice President Joe Biden May 8

The Lincoln Project people will not will switching back to the Republican Party.

Cuomo on now and Hakeem Jeffries is about to join him

This multigrain bread recipe uses very little yeast and is insanely easy:

pet woo

Court halts ban on mass gatherings at Kentucky churches

Governo Cuomo Pandemic Update May 9 2020

If Republicans are willing to sacrifice Americans to protect their version of the American Way,

In any other state this might seem strange......

VERIFY: The 'Plandemic' documentary is full of misinformation

And my capacity for shock remains. Did you see this on Rachel? "not regular folks"

Stan Kaplan took the words out of my mouth.

Given the COVID-19 invasion of Drumptland maybe

What are the ingredients for a "chaotic disaster"?

I remember when I went to work on government project ...I and thousand of others had to be vetted...

Now its 80,000 Deaths; Harsh words from Steve Schmidt, Rick Wilson

Free Mask Distribution

Canada's much more Robust Health Care System

May 8. Joe Biden Campaign Ad "Deserve"

Trump is starting to practice his *rigged election* strategy should he lose in November

Tijuana coronavirus death rate soars after hospital outbreaks

In the early days of the pandemic, the U.S. government turned down an offer to manufacture millions

Take that, Steak-umm: More meat than required by law.

Why will Trump oppose further federal aid for states? A simple, obvious answer:

So... what's up with the testing? -rant-

I was working out on my rowing machine this morning. I yelled out to my wife.

Why does Trump continue to be obsessed about Russia investigation?

Is Trump receiving preventative care to ward of the virus?


In the early days of the pandemic, the U.S. government turned down an offer to manufacture millions

How many Ahmaud Arberys is it going to take, America?

She shows nothing but teeth to her rescuer but in 3 days they became friends--Simba

How to understand Covid-19 antibody testing in 10 steps

The word of presidents, past, present and prospective

Cartoons 5/9/2020

The most awful thing about Trump is "lack of empathy"..feeling for others. He has none

Trump Keeps Insisting That This Pandemic Will Just "Go Away."

Ok so where is Fauci?

Inslee: State is at toughest point in fight against COVID-19

South Dakota governor tells Sioux tribes they have 48 hours to remove Covid-19 checkpoints

Trump doesn't understand this simple truth about the virus.

Meth, Murder, and Madness: The System That Buried Ahmaud Arbery

Public health expert on coronavirus: 'We're well past containment at this point'

So Trump is playing a doctor on tv again. We won't need a vaccine, the virus will just go away

Statistician argues that COVID-19 figures hint at 'staggering number' of deaths ahead

Howcum the Republicans are SO much better

GOP in power grab to rein in Dem governors on virus response

New Biden ad--Boom!

Mike Pence visits the moon

Pic Of The Moment: Coming Soon, Probably

Ahmaud Arbery: Suspect in killing was involved in prior investigation of 25-year-old

Marines Hire Falconer to Thwart Seagulls That Are Hazing Recruits at Boot Camp

County by county, 'KoCuomo' parody video sings Cuomo's praises

Wealthy guy shows off his Picasso collection

Navajo Nation residents face coronavirus without running water

I know tRump is an evil and narcissistic sociopath but can somebody explain to me

Court halts ban on mass gatherings at Kentucky churches

Democrats on collision course with Trump and Republicans over Postal Service bailout

Trump Demands California Votes Be Thrown Out After State Announces All-Mail November Election

There's sports on ESPN. A Cornhole competition.

As world shelters, scientists raise alarm on another threat: An active hurricane season

NY State cites COVID-19 in presidential primary appeal

Anxious About the Virus, Older Voters Grow More Wary of Trump

Kamala Queen of Shade

The Racist doesn't get it

Dish adds REAL news to all of its packages.

5-year-old dies from severe illness linked to coronavirus

The District Attorney Who Saw "No Grounds for Arrest" in the Killing of Ahmaud Arbery Has a History

Voters need to be reminded that Trump once said he might cut Social Security and Medicare

This! Trump's corrupt relationship with China helped the spread of C-19

Utah gun lobbyist loses his appeal to block the ban on bump stocks

10 New Coronavirus Cases In Pierce County; 1 More Dead

Restaurants in a Few Rural Eastern Washington Areas May Reopen Dining Rooms Soon

An Odd End

Eric Idle - "Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life" - STEREO HQ

US reversal prevents UN vote on pandemic truce

LIVE UPDATES: State reports 46 more COVID-19-related deaths, including 4 in Central Florida; cases r

We are going to win the whole shebang.. the Presidency, the House, the Senate.. and even some of the

For Some Reluctant Trump Voters, Coronavirus Was The Last Straw.

A Friend Found Out This Morning That He Tested Positive For Covid-19......

10 Easy Steps to Become a Dictator

'We are living in a time when history is holding its breath' Arthur Clarke

U.S. & Russia Will Be #1 & #2 In Cases Soon

Amid lockdown dispute, Musk says he will move Tesla out of California

For those who are keeping track of their county Covid numbers, start watching the number of deaths

Tear The Fascists Down

Biden uses virtual events to target battleground Florida.

NY Capital District EGA Chapter's stitches serve as background for NY Governor's Press Conferences

No, having to wear a mask is not oppression or taking away your rights

Hissing Feral Cat Falls In Love With The Guy Who Rescued Him

Anxious About the Virus, Older Voters Grow More Wary of Trump

California becomes first state to switch November election to all-mail balloting

I am back on the 'grey' market

Trump's Tantrum Helped The Lincoln Project Put Coronavirus Ad On The Air In Three Swing States

NJ city councilor who went on an anti-gay rant during coronavirus meeting escapes censure

We should encourage Americans to save more by using some sort of a 401K-style savings plan.

The Four Poxmen of The Horslypse

A hole is burning through my brain

Whatever she's saying, she MEANS it!

Justice Roberts denounced for refusal to investigate federal judge's sudden retirement

Why we're seeing mass layoffs in the US but not the UK

OAN's becoming more dangerous. Ignore them at your peril.

fake news media still calling them protestors. very aggravating.

Michelle Malkin REFUSES to take the 'Gates vaccine'.

Recognize this album cover?

20% of colonists supported the British during the Revolutionary War.

WaPo: I worked for Jared Kushner. Of course he says his covid-19 failure is a success.

There are some amazing people in the world.

Glynn County commissioners say DA blocked arrests after fatal shooting

Having a lot of weird dreams. Of course dreams are always weird

Tiny puppy confidently challenges much larger Giant Poodle

BTRTN 2020 Senate Snapshot: Dems Now Have a Greater-Than-50% Chance of Winning the Senate

BTRTN 2020 Senate Snapshot: Dems Now Have a Greater-Than-50% Chance of Winning the Senate

....the U.S. government turned down an offer to manufacture millions of N95 masks in America

Just went through Downtown Olympia

'Chaotic disaster': Obama hits Trump's coronavirus response, warns of disinfo ahead of election

We are going to be at 80,000 deaths from C-19 by the end of tomorrow and we will pass ...

Christian group rushes to support 'God-fearing men' who killed Ahmad Arbery

Where can I get reliable info about what's going on in Native American groups ?

Who said it?

I'm against welfare recipients getting our tax dollars and I'm super liberal.

What if we convinced Trump's base that their push to repudiate masks is really....

Best Bloopers - Carol Burnett Show.

Best bloopers Jack Benny radio show

Ahmaud Arbery's killer at KKK rally in full uniform pics and video

Anybody gotta link to MF45 sending Vents to Russia?

Deep Dark Dangerous Quarantine Sessions 9, Live, Starts May 9th, 3 PM PST, live stream up now

Two Kayaks in Big Bayou

dog names

Found on FB

My Guess Is One Million Dead In The USA From Coronavirus

Yep; we hit 75 thousand deaths

Mystery of snails with iron shells that survive inside white-hot volcanoes

Is this enough satisfying?

For anyone interested, here is Judy Mikovits paper that was retracted by the Journal of Science

Why is it that so many white Americans seem to be mesmerized by Trump's spell?

Moments away from 80,000 dead from Covid-19 in the US

US approves new coronavirus antigen test with fast results

Statement by Joe Biden on the Trump Administration Rule to Undermine Title IX and Campus Safety

What's for Dinner, Sat., May 9, 2020

Lamb Bone Broth

Entitled White Man, Todd Starnes, Whines About Wearing A Mask When He Went To Buy A Toaster

Donald Trump Wants You...To Be Cannon Fodder In His War

Sarah Cooper mimics Trump again!:

Access Journalism Is Killing Us

Moms Get Free Wine for Calling a Hotline & Screaming Out Their Frustrations

Elon Musk claims Tesla will leave California, sue over coronavirus order

Did I do something bad?

recently (yesterday?) I am unable to watch twitter videos posted here

Hoping against hope in Michigan.

Question for DUers in Ore, Wash and other vote by mail states?

Not exactly unrelated . . .

Court halts ban on mass gatherings at Kentucky churches

Overconsumption, globalised supply chains and the Covid-19 crisis

PM Update: Near record cold temperatures tonight. Much warmer on Sunday.

I just had to post this.

GoPro swallowed by lava, continues recording

Almost half of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Michigan considered recovered

Some funny signs:

BUSTED: Violent neo-Nazi steps down from CEO post at government-contracted surveillance company

Did I read this right ??

Confronted with horrendous jobs report, White House and congressional Democrats aren't even talking

McSally Says Next COVID Bill Shouldn't Be 'Cash Cow' For Cities As Arizona Suffers

A question: How soon after infection with Covid-19 can it be detected?

This explains alot. 🐾🐾⌨️

any healthy bbq/grill ideas for tonight!

Ugh, since today's news is so depressing. I'm eating ice cream and bingeing on '30s flicks

As deaths mount, Trump tries to convince Americans it's safe to inch back to normal

Face Masks Are Becoming Much More Available Around Here

Scientists forsee new pandemic, say it will be widespread by early next year

When Democrats regain power, we need to tackle corporate encroachment on free speech

Dangerous Cult Leaders: Clues to what makes for a pathological cult leader

A swarm of Corgi puppies!

Sorry, but this "$2,000/month for everyone" is total crap

It'll Be Awkward for the Rapture Folk - John Fugelsang

More than 70 test positive for coronavirus after attending "a large gathering"

The Dead

Biden ad:

Humor for the day

Coronavirus at Iowa Tyson plant infected 1,031 workers, county says -- far more than state or company

Biden should just say that Trump and Reade have a lot in common

Watching our DVR'd copy of Jimmy Kimmel, and he's showing tRump's interview

We need a commitment from Biden to appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate Trump and his Admin

Oops. DC US Atty submitted court document to dismiss Flynn charges with the wrong DC Bar number.

This is literally every right wing conspiracy of the last 5 years rolled into one chyron.

The Venezuela "coup attempt" was so botched it ended up at

Could Iowa be the surprise pick up for Biden?

Trump On Pence Staffer That Tested Positive For COVID19: 'I Don't Know What Happened'

Which band would you most like to see perform live

CDC official leaks their re-opening plans after Trump team swears they'd "never see light of day"

Merles Saunders and Jerry Garcia, Keystone, Berley, CA - 1973

Trump Gears Up Fight Against Mail-In Voting

What Will We Call Donald Trump In 100 Years?

South Dakota Governor Orders Virus Checkpoints Removed

Trump Livid After California Allows Statewide Mail-In Voting: 'These Votes Must Not Count'

For Latinos and Coronavirus, Doctors are Seeing an 'Alarming' Disparity

Should federal pension billions be invested in China? Sen. Shaheen and Trump may find themselves on

Mrs. Betty Bowers tweet!

U.S. Deaths due to Coronavirus deaths: 80.022 ....

Native Kansan tells stumpy to fuck off...

Remarks by Trump in Meeting with Republican Members of Congress

CDC Head Redfield self-quarantining after exposure to CV at the White House

Betty Bowers, of course


CDC director self-quarantining after exposure to person at the White House who tested positive for C

Don't try to talk sense and logic with a trump supporter...

Stuck doggies

A Frump Funk Antidote

US Senate seats in 2020 that the Democrats are going to win.

As deaths mount, Trump tries to convince Americans it's safe to inch back to normal

NY 'Pause' Extended Until June 6 By Executive Order From Cuomo

Aliera Healthcare sues New Hampshire claiming religious discrimination

Construction of LAX's new train system suspended for 2 days after column collapses, killing worker

That's not what *she* said, SHITLER. Ur always blaming somebody else, now your mother!1

Omg, what an asshole answer!

William Barr's Perversion of Justice

Obama Shreds Trump's Pandemic Response: 'Absolute Chaotic Disaster'

This bear has never known life outside a cage -- watch his first time playing in snow!

China 'shocked' by U.S. reversal on U.N. coronavirus action: diplomat

Court halts ban on mass gatherings at Kentucky churches

Melinda Gates: US coronavirus response 'lacking leadership at the federal level'

Old Growth Bald Cypress in a Louisiana Swamp

60,000 people headed to Georgia after it allowed some businesses to open

Barr says "History is written by the winners". That should scare the livin' crap

Let Me Roll It

Wolf Blitzer I don't give a damn if Trump could be