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Why Do Republicans Hate ...

Michigan Republican election official will delay Monday's Michigan certification

Satan to Trump: "Your perp walk is gonna have a bigger crowd than your inauguration!!"

I am so sick of this hypocrisy of the rethugs the press..

The Refreshments - 'Every Night'

The 'market' won't save us from climate disaster. We must rethink our system

Florida sees more than 9,000 new COVID-19 cases, nearly 2,000 of them in Miami-Dade

I'm really disappointed in those who call Trump a "lame duck".

I saw that f&cker diGenova at the press conference standing with Giuliani

We Are On Our Own

US coronavirus: A top official says hospitalizations and deaths will keep climbing as Covid-19 cases

Coronavirus vaccine won't mean end of public health measures, Fauci says

Thousands join anti-government protests across Colombia Published16 minutes ago

Biden Rips Trump's 'Outrageous' Vote Moves, Transition Logjam

trump election lawyers are not throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks

Thank President Trump for investing in Madison

Somebody Hand Trump A Fiddle And Take A Picture

Georgia Hand Tally of Presidential Race is Complete, Affirms Biden Win

Vladimir Putin has coughing fit during televised Covid-19 conference, forcing Kremlin to deny he has

On this day, November 19, 1944, Bob Greenlee, bass player for Root Boy Slim, was born.

Atlanta Mayor Says Trump Would Eat His Kids

Obama says Republicans going along with Trump because they're 'intimidated'

Blue whales have 'rediscovered' South Georgia 🐳🐋

Marshfield Clinic nurse describes the dire situation the hospital is in.....

The GOP's Murder-Suicide Pact

Fred Meyer, QFC launch COVID-19 rapid antibody tests at pharmacies across Washington

Rudy's hair color incident isn't even the nastiest thing from that press conference.

Couple Spends A Year Trying To Rescue A Stray Dog...Then This Happens

Biden team belittles 'spectacle' of sweaty Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani pushing vote fraud conspiracy

"Oil coming out of his wherever"! (Rudy style)

Trump's E.P.A. Chief Plans 2 Foreign Trips Before Leaving Office

Detroit Asks Court to Issue Sanction

Biden says he's made Treasury selection, but keeps name under wraps

GOP's Legal Superbrain Laughs At Giuliani's Clown Show, Warns Of Libel Lawsuit From Dominion.

Georgia confirms Biden victory and finds no widespread fraud after statewide audit

McConnell warns Republican senators to stay healthy or risk their lame-duck agenda

Florida Sheriff's Deputy Shot and Killed 2 Teens in Attempted Traffic Stop (VIDEO)

Virus-Happy Church Brings New COVID-19 Chaos to Plagued Tulsa

Other Lord of the Rings nerds should appreciate my Fantasy Football team ...


Listening to CNN, they confirm what I knew but give me a real problem...

The Sadow

Trump told ally he's trying to get back at Democrats for questioning legitimacy of his own election

I Keep Getting the "Forbidden 403"

GOP....grand old party OR


Biden's health care policy will change Medicare in 2 big ways

These old lyrics just seem SO appropriate for the Trumpians these days:

So Trump can request a recount in Georgia?

NY fraud investigations in trump/businesses have been expanded to include tax write-offs

Fox News to Keep Paying Karl Rove While He Leads Georgia GOP Fundraising

Trump Tax Write-Offs Are Ensnared in 2 New York Fraud Investigations

Covid-19 Update, County Alert System

Sen. Lindsey Graham faces ethics complaint over call to top election official in Georgia about ballo

We don't need no stinkn evidence..........

Rachel Returns Tonight!

Anderson Cooper is having a ball with the Rudypalooza conference

Bette Midler tells another Trump election truther to F--k off

Wait...wut? Tucker Carlson calls out Sidney Powell

Keep Birx? Ask her if she stands by this statement -

In blistering letter, Democrats demand answers on controversial appointee to U.S. standards agency

Rep. Connolly: We have been incredibly patient, @GSAEmily, but we can wait no longer.

What's Rudy got up his sleeve for tomorrow?

Trump's election lawsuits plagued by elementary errors

2022 US Senate Election Rating.

caption Rudy G's photo

Man Refuses to Leave Job He Hates

Dozens of House Democrats urge Biden to pick Deb Haaland as Interior secretary

Gellman is pissing me off

Con-Funk-Shun. Chase Me

The Elephant

Tiny owl saved after getting stuck in Rockefeller Center tree: 'It's the Christmas miracle of 2020'

One 9/11 attack every single year for the next 99 years

Opinion: Trump is the true perpetrator of election fraud

2,000+ people died over the last 24 hours in the US of COVID-19

Ron Johnson upset that people won't use..(checks notes)...HYDROXYCLOROQUINE

Found myself clicking Con-Funk-Shun songs tonight

25784 Americans have died from COVID-19 since Trump formally declared the pandemic was over on 10/27

Biden's incoming chief of staff says Trump 'failing to follow the law' by not letting transition

Pasco's (FL) sheriff uses grades and abuse histories to label schoolchildren potential criminals...

Ben Sasse actually telling the truth in statement to his constituents. (No fraud)

I had a sickening thought

Only in store repair for the Geek Squad?

Pasco's sheriff uses grades and abuse histories to label schoolchildren potential criminals...

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, November 20, 2020 (Season Finale)

Today's Olbermann should be required viewing for every American

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

Who doesn't love Bill Gates?

GA SoS, the other day, it was reported that "they" wanted him to head the Trump campaign

Rachel Maddow is back!!!

Ted Cruz fishing for "Craziest Repuker Award"


Tyson Food Managers Bet On Workers Getting Covid-19, Lawsuit Says

Trump campaign legal fight keyed to court of public opinion

"This is one of those days when we wished we had more than Four Pinocchios."

Oh Gee, Rachel's Susan has covid;

Rachel Maddow seems to be nearly on verge of crying.

Opera Singers and dial up modems


NYT "Trump's Attempts to Overturn the Election Are Unparalleled in U.S. History"

Anti-masker Karen gets arrested at Costco.

The Rock & Roll Band Deep Purple performs Smoke on the Water 1972

NYT "Republicans Supporting Trump, Remember: Lies Have a Long Half-Life"

I'm Your Captain/Closer To Home - Grand Funk Railroad

Trump is determined to punish us...

Now they are trying to override the votes in Nevada and Pennsylvania?

Rachel's wife has COVID, was in grave danger, according to Rachel

Shelby adds $760 million for unrequested ships with Alabama ties

Brian Karem: Here are adjectives and nouns I've used to describe Trump in the last few days

Daddy Warbucks is not gonna save you princess...

TRUMP doing everything to overturn Bidens MICHIGAN WIN. What happens if ....

Georgia has gone BLUE on the Fox News map!

About those M*A*S*H episodes in HD on Prime

So what is Trumps next step? Or even the one after that?

Can someone sober change Bret to Trump?

Who Gets Long Covid, and Why? Huge Findings From New Study

Stanford faculty passed a resolution tonight condemning Trump's pandemic adviser Scott Atlas.

David Corn...

Michigan political reporter doubts GOP members of Board of Canvassers will certify state results

Some crazy in Wisconsin...

Biden/Harris should have a full 6 MILLION Popular Vote lead by morning!

Trump is testing democracy. Nine out of 10 senior elected Republicans are failing.

After Rachel, there's a Special at 10.00pm - no Lawrence tonight

Tonight Rudy is making claims about a national conspiracy headed by the Biden Campaign

Joe Scarborough: It Is Time For GOP To Start Moving Forward

Insanity vs INSANITY...


Like a clock...

TCM Schedule for Sunday November 22, 2020 - Revolutionary Comedies

Politico: Trump is being encouraged to invite state lawmakers from key swing states to the WH

What answer is he going to give..? 'Ah, we are trying to start a coup...'

Oh GOODNESS, Dr. Kessler describing interchanges with

Somebody sounds nervous.

Trump's Dead End Explained By Former RNC Chair In 'Daily Show' Reunion MSNBC

WHO advises against Gilead's remdesivir for all hospitalised COVID-19 patients

who the fuck do conservatives think they are that when they win, they win...when we win, they win?

seems like trump is looking for a case to take before SCOTUS for the win

Leaking his brains...

Michigan SOS: MI Republicans To Rescind Their Certification Of Votes Katy Tur MSNBC


TCM Schedule for Monday November 23, 2020 - Star of the Month: Shelley Winters

Another photo of Giuliani leaving today's press conference..........

A top Pentagon official, Anthony Tata, has tested positive for coronavirus

It's looney tune times....

84% of Republicans think the election was stolen.

When does each state certify their results

Metal Oxide Sorbents for the Separation of Radium and Actinium

NO...she is compromised ...

Anti-masker gets arrested.

Thread from a Michigan State Senator re: state certification of election results

Is there a running list of which states HAVE certified?

Even freeperville thinks this is all bogus. No links or quotes.

From Glenn Kirschner keyboard to GODS ears...make it so

Every freeper and right wing person is going nuts about Tucker Carlson on Twitter

Trump lawyers in PA just stated they want to block ONLY presidential election results, not others

The COVID map is worse - only 5 states not in the red zone

We need a fed judge to file a cease and desist order on frump

So just what does it take to get charged with sedition in this country?

Income inequality...

Evo Morales Demands Justice for 2019 Senkata Massacre


It doesn't matter if something is illegal

She's trying to sing....

The House of Representatives should issue a subpoena to GSA head Emily Murphy now

Hell No, it's not the flu...

Elon Musk now 3rd richest man in the world, biggest gainer of wealth in 2020

Another domino falls. Tucker Carlson goes after Trump lawyer Sidney Powell.

Biden is now only 26,179 votes away from a 6 million vote victory over Trump!

Star Wars Origins - The award-winning, Mark Hamill approved, "epic masterpiece" Star Wars Fan Film

We don't need no fuckin badges....

Capital Weather Gang:

Woman found dead at retreat of disgraced Brazilian guru who appeared on Oprah

Every day this week....

Mitt wrongmey, he is not a president, he is a reality tv performer has been...

Trump's lawyers have filed a new motion in Pennsylvania making clear that they only want to block th

At the very least...

Chicagoans Who Nurtured Monarchs All Summer Learn How Mexicans Preserve Their Winter Home

Reframe: instead of "widespread", use "significant"...

At what age do people stop believing in Santa 🎅

Romney makes a pretty strong statement against Trump

Grasping for straws....

Slate "Theoretically, What Kind of Hair Dye Would Melt Down Your Face When You're Sweating?"

What happened to Lermont Stower-Jones?


Here is Rachel Maddow talking about her partner, Susan, battle with COVID (7 minutes)

Trivia: I really loved seeing Rachel at home without makeup, but why....

Rev Warnock: Sen. @KLoeffler spent her week rubber-stamping Pres. Trump's nominees for lifetime judi

Scents of history: study hopes to recreate smells of old Europe

If this was 2012 and Obama had lost by 6M votes and needed to overturn

Never too late to launch your career in the arts. This painter did it at 84!

Opinion: Trump administration in 'staggering' isolation at UN on health issues

Linda Ellerbee discusses "NBC News Overnight"

107 new cases reported today 11/19...about average for the past 3 weeks

"I think you've been cheated! The best part of you ran down the side of Rudy's face and became the

Meidas Touch: Sign the Papers

Guess what has all these Goldens so intensely focused:

It's bed time friends. Here's the last song in my headphones

One of the reasons Arizona turned blue -- the past work against the racist terrorist Arpaio

Supreme Court clears path for federal government to carry out execution of man who killed Texas teen

History has come for Speaker Chatfield and Senator Shirkey, who have b

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump & Giuliani's Vomitous Attack on Democracy

yahoo blocking email page for 15 secs if you're using an adblocker

Sasse condemns Giuliani's 'wild press conferences': They 'erode public trust'

Katyal: It's going to fail and your viewers shouldn't tear themselves up about it

I dont think even we here at DU understand

Romney on Trump election tactics: 'Difficult to imagine a worse, more undemocratic action'

Will Trump Be Tried For Election Tampering Offenses?

California imposes nighttime curfew 10pm to 5am

Anybody else feel like the media is giving too much oxygen to this dumpster fire?

Sure would like to hear from Dem leaders and Biden's 4,000 lawers

The Myths and Music of Laurel Canyon: From Hippies to Rock Legends

Barack Obama on Jimmy Kimmel tonight!

"Michael J. Fox is retiring from acting due to declining health"

It's getting crazy at work. I'm starting to feel like I'm living in a syfy movie.

You can always count on NYC tabloids

Thirty-Pieces-of-Silver Award. Top ten so far starts with Trump's legal teams.

Trump challenges cement Biden triumph

Trump campaign statement on Georgia

Guardian: - Along with everything else, Trump has killed satire as well

Obama is on Jimmy Kimmel right now - just FYI.

Michigan operative sounds alarm re. Monday's MI Board of Canvassers meeting.

Top Pentagon official Anthony Tata reportedly tests positive for coronavirus

10 enormously consequential things Biden can do without the Senate

Lara Trump mulling 2022 Senate run in North Carolina


The Daily Social Distancing Show: Trump Bullies Election Officials & Giuliani's Hair Has A Meltdown

Fox host demolishes Rudy Giuliani on air after unhinged press conference

AOC fires back at Kelly Loeffler's argument against stimulus: 'You gifted yourself a private jet on

Dept. Of Justice. Attorney General ...

Man it was a relief to see Dr Maddow back tonight.

If trump somehow steals this election

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Trump Is Stripping America for Parts Now That He's Lost

Congresswoman calls on Democrats to spine up on Trump's attempt to steal the election

Why are Michigan canvassers partisan anyway?

Jimmy Kimmel Live: President Obama is Scared of Sasha and Roasts Donald Trump

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Lewis Black Predicts Donald Trump's Future

Our dem team has been contacted by, and will be helping Stacey Abrams!!

MeidasTouch: #CrookedKellyLoeffler is #NotFromGeorgia

What's really infuriating is, from all available evidence, Trump doesn't even want to BE president

I'm Fairly Sure None of Us ...

Just Zombies Doing Putin's Bidding

Seth Meyers: Rudy Giuliani Charges $20,000 a Day to Fight 2020 Election Results - Monologue 11/18/20

Liberals Want To Evict An Elderly ...

I wish I could live

Trump attempt to stop MI certification of the election

Seth Meyers - Rudy Giuliani's Insane Press Conference; Trump Tries to Steal Michigan: A Closer Look

Republicans Truly Don't Care That Trump Is Undermining Democracy

Explain word problem to 7 year old.

Del Rio News-Herald to publish final edition

Why Michigan's Top Legislators Should Cancel that Meeting with Trump

There are 35 American states with less than 7 million people.

kayleigh mcenany "still believes" ...

Happy Birthday, Joe. 🎈 - a quote

McConnell is in a far weaker position than most people realize

MI Sec of State - Folks: Stay focused on the truth, the facts, the data, & the rules & procedures

Cowardly Governor Refuses to Stop the Most Corrupt Attorney General

"I'm told the president is mostly listening to three people," Kaitlin Collins says on CNN.

Obama: Hard To Bring Country Together While Trump Continues To 'Fan Division' - MSNBC

Listen to Trump's own team dunking on Rudy because the were too dumb to turn off their audio

San Antonio Edges Closer To Winning U.S. Space Command HQ

Barack Obama Surprises A Super-Fan In The Sweetest Jimmy Kimmel Prank Ever

FBI investigation into Giuliani is still active, CNN reports.

Maskholes: a brilliant analogy I hadn't heard before, and she's absolutely right

I was watching msnbc

It will be interesting to see who sends Joe public bday wishes today

Kyle Rittenhouse says he used coronavirus stimulus check to buy AR-15 used in fatal shooting

Bill Barr Did WHAT? How Is This Not The Biggest Story In The Country Right Now?

Lincoln Project: Don't call them leaders

Gov. Reeves Calls to Cut Funding for Virtual-Only Schools as Class Outbreaks Soar

Many finding out landlords won't take NC HOPE rent money -- and don't have to

What is that little "alert" icon on the bottom left of posts?

I Name Thee Covigula Trump

St. Jude scientists make breakthrough and discover possible COVID-19 treatment

Baby Elephant Wan Mai Outing (Cuteness overload ***WARNING****)

Washington Post/Bob Costa Tweet: 'Experts: These are the words and actions of an attempted coup'

Happy Birthday to President-elect Joe Biden.

Smart Move, GOP


Bad dream

Maddow: We Feared Susan's Covid Would Kill Her. Your Risks Could Hurt Those You Love Most. - MSNBC

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 11/19/20

Stephen Colbert: Dave Grohl Finally Conceded Defeat In His Drum Battle With A 10-Year Old

Dr. Lara Boyd, TedX Vancouver, Neuroplasticity

Great, We're at the '8kun's Admin Is an Election Security Expert' Stage of This Bullshit

The elephant in the room has it's knee on our neck. n/t


AOC disputes Loeffler's argument against stimulus:

Going Doo Wop this early morning!

GA Final - Biden +12,284

Cancel that meeting

Michigan's Marijuana Regulatory Agency is now taking social equity program applications online

Breakfast Friday 20 November 2020

Rudy Giuliani Admits His Election Fraud Claims Are From The Movie 'My Cousin Vinny'

Because black people should not be able to vote: Rudy Ghouliani

Happy Peanut 🥜 Butter Fudge Day

I have a feeling that once Trump is out of office, Barr will be sued and disbarred.

...things have to be very bad indeed for a Cabinet Office enquiry to find fault in a minister

Michigan really needs to change its certification process

Norway Says "Fuck It!"; 36 Blocks Up For Auction (New Record); Farthest North Offshore Sites Ever

US Constitution, Article II, Section 1, Clause 4

Record-Crushing UK Heatwaves In 2020 Caused An Estimated 2,500+ Deaths

Gossiping chefs 👨‍🍳 can never keep a secret it seems

Breadbags jumping the Trumptanic.

Greentrolling May Not Actually Change Much, But Under The Circumstances It's At Least Understandable

35 Years Ago Today; Windows 1.0 is released

Trump told ally he's trying to get back at Democrats for questioning legitimacy of his own election

11/19/20 Drought Monitor: 21% Of TX In Level 3/4 Drought; NM 73%; CO 74%; NV 65%; AZ 85%; UT 87%

Trying to drink coffee with fifty pound pup in my lap

Amazon Basin's Yanomami People "Utterly Abandoned" By Government Obligated To Protect Them

Heading for 500,000 dead by inauguration but some ReTHUGs and Kacia Hunt

Friday TOONs - Transition Demolition

Republican Senate signals it will confirm Biden Cabinet

European coronavirus restrictions appear to be paying off, says WHO, as U.S. cases soar

Pfizer and BioNTech will seek regulatory clearance of their coronavirus vaccine

Rudy Giuliani said someone should 'cut the head off' the Democrats while making a throat-slashing ge

What Can Go Wrong W. Carbon Credits For Planting Trees? Oh, Plenty As Big Oil's Greenwashing Shows

A New Use for an Old Drug: UVA Researchers Discover Potential COVID-19 Treatment

88 More Indonesian Workers Repatriated After Being Dumped By Chinese Fishing Fleet; Six Died At Sea

Orange Voldemort's mentality about COVID

O Canada...

Good Governance

On his way to Washington to talk to @realDonaldTrump @SenMikeShirkey says he is " happy...

I realized, today, I'm now saying 'JoeBiden' instead of Joe Biden, and.....

Politico review of Obama's book is really something else

Someone stole my Biden-Harris Sign

Your Old Radiator Is a Pandemic-Fighting Weapon

I Lived Through A Stupid Coup. America Is Having One Now

"I work at the Pentagon...Don't worry. This nightmare will be over soon."

Mask up campaign by my employer is bullsh*t!

Something you did once, that you never should have done, that you will never ever do again?

Trump's legacy is set in stone

Last Gasps of a Dying Campaign

Groundhog Day...

We were on a hike with our dog on-leash and a little kid asked "is that dog your prisoner?"

Trump is on an island

We were on a hike with our dog on-leash and a little kid asked "is that dog your prisoner?"

Carl Bernstein Naming and Shaming Republicans That Hate Trump

Let me just say to the likes of Joni Ernst and Scott Walker and their posse of enablers: yeah, it


February 2021, perhaps the 2016 files will expose the CON.

How long should a child be allowed to throw a tantrum?

Why we should not idolize "bad people"?

When do we all start labeling them as Fascists

The Rundown: November 20, 2020

Biden, Harris to meet in person with Pelosi and Schumer

Ed Norton 🧵: I'm no political pundit but I grew up w a dad who was a federal prosecutor & he taught

The origin of Super Villains: Immortus

Texas Trump supporters say they're ready to take up arms the minute the president gives the order

Trump and Giuliani are the Republican Party

🚨TRIGGER WARNING🚨 ⚠️ View at your own risk ⛔️

Ivanka Trump calls legal inquiries into Trump business political 'harassment'

The audacity. A veritable infomercial on Morning Joe

I was sent the transcript of the Orange-Palmer call Wed. night!

Will you laugh or puke? Or laugh till you puke? Not safe for sanity

Trump Has Appointed 2 White Nationalists To Government Roles Since Losing The Election

Geraldo Rivera suggests honoring Trump by naming the vaccine after him.

Tucker Carlson Calls UFOs More Credible Than Trump's Election Fraud Claims

Geraldo Rivera Wants to Name Vaccine After Trump

The Rude Pundit: Rudy Giuliani Is Sweating His Hair Color Off for America

Which occurs more often?

Monroe CO (FL Keys) Faces $1.8 Billion Costs To Raise Roads & Utilities; Has $400 Million Capacity

California Wants Its Imperial Valley to Be 'Lithium Valley'

Mitch wants to use Trump to win Georgia and keep his Majority Leader position in the Senate.

Lab owner gets prison time for faking drug tests that cost parents custody of kids

The New Yorker: How You Can Help Restore American Democracy

Fox outrage "when you are invited to the Whitehouse

Face mask trial didn't stop coronavirus spread, but it shows why more mask-wearing is needed

Higher Water Levels, More Violent Weather Powering Flooding, Erosion In Great Lakes States

Vaccines are almost ready -.Who gets them - Here's a list.

INBOX: GOP Sen Rick Scott of Florida says he's tested positive for the coronavirus

Trump Camp Outraged Georgia Recount Counted The Votes

Pic Of The Moment: The GOP's Latest Trickle-Down Theory

Trump's lawsuits challenging the election have turned into a clown show


Florida's Rick Scott tests positive for coronavrius

Trump's Antics Show Contempt for His Own Voters

Who is going to lock up the attempted coup plotters

Georgia Clean Air Force is FORCING my daughter to come home for Thanksgiving!

How many of Michigan's Top GOP will test positive in the next week?

Trump pal suggests on MSNBC the president had a nervous breakdown after election loss

YOU raised $10,309.33 for DU for GA 2020 runoff on 11-19-20

Detroit News Editorial: Shirkey, Chatfield should tell Trump the truth

Ex-GOP lawmaker who blew off COVID rules admits he got it wrong after catching the disease

Another republican pol contracts what his followers call a hoax

Chris Hayes pointed out that Wed was the anniversary of the Jonestown Massacre. Over 900 died.

Was the "Get a Brain! Morans" Guy The First MAGAT? Where is he now?

Trump is in 'desperation mode' as Michigan officials say they can't overturn election for him:

The Vice President is the President of the Senate. If Mitch retains power...

Key Madigan Ally, ComEd Lobbyists And Official Indicted In Federal Bribery Scheme

UMSL Plans $7 Million College Of Nursing Expansion To Meet Growing Demand

A Refusal to Believe: Southwest Virginia Leads State's Virus Surge

MUST-SEE: Tucker Carlson ABANDONS Trump's election fraud case on air

Death toll at 37 in Uganda unrest after Bobi Wine's arrest

Unannotated Title 18. Crimes and Criminal Procedure 2384. Seditious conspiracy

4471 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Fri.; 43 deaths

Here's where the "more votes than voters" shit came from

In this at least, the Trump administration excels

Wolf Blitzer: Very disturbing headlines in the Friday morning @nytimes and @washingtonpost

From Reuters Pictures: Pictures of the year: Space

Refrigerated trailers now appearing in Kansas, New Mexico, been in Texas for a while

Can I (or should I) save these baked beans?

Fun fact: Georgia uses Dominion 5.5 system voting machines! And yet, the hand recount of votes is ne

Former Notre Dame coach and ESPN analyst Lou Holtz says he has COVID-19

Trump's lawyer Sidney Powell is hardcore QAnon

Georgia Secretary of State to certify election for Biden


Illinois COVID-19 death rate in rural counties is now twice as high as metro areas.

I was trolled on Facebook this morning

Mnuchin now locking down the spigot to prevent any future stimulus once Trump leaves office

75 years ago today the most important trial in history began in Nuremberg.

Trump must be punished for the damage he has done to this country

Cults crumble when cult members are distanced from one another & given a path back to reality.

LOL: Giuliani Admits in Court He is NOT Alleging Fraud

SHOCK: CNN Interviews Dead Voters

Does anyone else believe (as I do) that Giulliani is just a distraction?

Michigan - The Lincoln Project

Michigan Republican at White House

Andrew Giuliani has COVID-19:

Michigan GOP lawmakers could be treading on thin legal ice with White House meeting

Can we afford to lose Cedric Richmond in the House to be part of the Biden administration?

Talk About Divisive

MI GOP leader arriving at DC airport to protests

Trump is a full throated attempt to get himself jailed for trying to subvert the United States.

Stay calm & carry on (cartoon)

Sen. Rick Scott has the Covid.

Another White House COVID eruption

"Just updating my calendar"

What Dumbfuckistan Murika shithole should Princess Ivanka settle in?

Sidney Powell's Affidavit that Questions Michigan Votes Was Actually Based On Data From Minnesota

Gato, ya out there? Looking for comments.

How can Trump inspire such loyalty in the GOP?

CARL Bernstein says GOP is enabling Trump as 'mad king'

Trump lost. Joe Biden is our next President. We're just waiting for time to catch up to the facts.

Welcome to The Resistance, Snapple

Endangered Peoples of the World

The Loop Hole...

Oh crap......they, backers of tRump, REALLY ARE PUSHING THE POSSIBLE 2024 RUN.

Trump's having discussions about inviting PA GOP lawmakers to the White House-CNN

Thank you Mr Lebowski!!! your post just inspired me

I favor this from Edward Norton

Ink Project - The End feat. Fifi Rong

Loser by The Protest Films

Tyson suspends Iowa plant managers amid virus betting claim

Mac a ninny to give presser at noon

Norman Greenbaum has a birthday today.

Trump's next four years will be fighting

The intro segment on Morning Joe this a.m.:

Joe Walsh has a birthday today.

I just got an account on I believe one must know the enemy inside out. Question -

Coming...eventually: Economy Class sleeper seats.

A 35 year old woman is on a Covid Ward. Physical therapist for the same hospital.

Giuliani's son, a White House staffer, tests positive for coronavirus

Why Republican voters say there's 'no way in hell' Trump lost

Eugene Robinson slams Trump & Republican Party

The Kraken never existed- the expert report Sidney Powell used confuses Michigan with Minnessota

So who is in charge? Trump isn't smart enough to come up with shit like:

Why WOULDN'T Trump either pardon himself, or have Pence pardon him ? Why take the chance of being

Joe: Tune in as my campaign adviser Bob Bauer provides a post-election legal briefing. (replay now)

Duane Allman was born on this date.

Georgia has Certified their election results

Merrick Garland Among Biden Candidates For Attorney General, Sources Say

This Post-Election Legal Briefing with Bob Bauer Should Make ALL Of US Feel Better.

IT manager at NC State fingered in lawsuit as a Proud Boy who doxed thousands of left-wing activist

Another Biden WH senior staff announcement

MI State Senator Shirkey responds to question by singing a hymn about being persecuted

History Channel Hitler's End The Bunker

President Trump just shared a story about his sister supporting him, but it was from fake account

Letter to my wife, ex-CIA from CIRA (Central Intelligence Retirement Association) ...

Wintergatan - Marble Machine (music instrument using 2000 marbles)

Joe: At least 37 transgender and gender-nonconforming people have been killed this year, most of the

"It seems like they just wrapped all of Afghanistan in an envelope and handed it to the Taliban":

Sen. Lamar Alexander sees no evidence of voter fraud: Biden should receive briefings

NPR: Merrick Garland among Biden candidates for Attorney General

Mnuchin's Fed move is like stripping Titanic of its lifeboats, economist says

National Toilet Day ...

Actor Ed Norton explains Trump's motives

This is just getting fucking ludicrous

Rudy's Kid Gets The Rona

Daughter of an old high school friend who now runs a Missouri mega-church has contracted COVID...

I'm no political pundit but I grew up w a dad who was a federal prosecutor & he taught me a lot ...

Miami Hurricanes Coach Manny Diaz tests positive for Covid

11th Circuit rules that bans on anti-LGBTQ "conversion therapy" violate the First Amendment

Dr. Bandy Lee (#3)

Many years ago I became a fan of Camus'

Could it be?

Just for Men: Rudy Edition

Birthday time: Biden turns 78, will be oldest U.S. president

8 months later and thousands of nails and thread

Tilopa's Six Essential Points of Meditation - Mahamudra - Kagyu Tibetan Buddhism

From Ben Carson on Facebook....

Geraldo proposes naming the COVID19 vaccine after Trump.

Sen. Lamar Alexander sees no evidence of voter fraud: Biden should receive briefings

Trump as Simple Simon for deluded cultists which number in the millions

Not my best work but an interesting exercise in Post Processing

Ivanka Trump finally convinces Donald Trump to wear a mask

Hoyer on Trump election challenges: 'I think this borders on treason'

At this hour on November 20, 1963, JFK met in the Oval Office with Lena Horne, Carol Lawrence and ..

Allegheny County is charging inmates to read books

Edward Norton On Why Trump Won't Concede

Trump's legal strategy is producing the same result as Cumberland's did against Georgia Tech in 1916

Grown ups are back

PFAS 'Forever Chemicals' In Everyday Products Could Hinder Covid Vaccine Effectiveness

I read a brilliant analysis on the state of play in the US and have come to the conclusion

OMB froze World Health Organization cash with same tactic used to 'illegally' halt Ukraine aid.

Kayleigh says the meeting with Michigan lawmakers is not an advocacy meeting

Efforts to derail Michigan election results an abuse of office

Rudy Giuliani's hair dye drips down his face during press conference

I love Robert De Niro

Charlie Kirk: The evidence just laid out by Trump's legal team is overwhelming. Where is the FBI?

What happens in Florida when the temperatures go below 65 degrees.

Georgia deals setback to bid to overturn Biden victory

It's Show Day today!

Today's sanitized freeper response (before the Biden presser) no names or links. Safe.

Press Briefing by Pence and Members of the Coronavirus Task Force; November 19, 2020

Mnuchin denies trying to hinder incoming administration

"Do you understand what the definition of sedition is?"

BREAKING: Georgia certifies the Presidential vote count (Bloomberg)

Voter fraud is a faith based religion ... You only get to see the evidence after you die.

Iran Says Trump Is Risking 'Full-Fledged War' with End of Term Escalation

In two weeks we've seen Rudy with his hand in his pants, bleeding hair, and now this

History of undermining law ends with assault on right to vote

What Does 'Emergency Use' of A Covid-19 Vaccine Mean?

Biden adds Obama administration veterans in top staff roles

this must frost T's cookies -- many top Washington reporters are now on Biden beat.

We've now found microplastics on the very highest and lowest points on Earth.

Televangelist Kenneth Copeland who mocked Biden victory with maniacal fake laugh 'hit by Russian hac

Rudy Giuliani will also be at meeting with MI lawmakers

Georgia certifies Biden's victory, hours after premature announcement.

Election Lawsuits Plagued by Elementary Errors

trump lost in Georgia again. now he can ask for ANOTHER RECOUNT

The country will remain divided

Purpling Red America

Dems demand GSA chief explain delay in certifying Biden's win

We are the only country on the planet that is totally out of control with regard to Covid-19

Science-Free Thanksgiving:

IRS doubles down on nondeductibility of PPP-funded expenses

House Democrats tell GSA chief her refusal to certify Biden's win is "having grave effects"

Ben Carson Used Unproven COVID Treatment Recommended By The MyPillow Guy

The Latest: Michigan congressman cites election 'dead end'

Trump is re-tweeting a Russia Today contributor who previously called for a Civil War to help keep T

Kaitlan Collins is one of my favorite pool reporters:

OUCH! Trump Legal Team's Supposed Evidence of Fraud is From the WRONG STATE

Anyone else notified family about cancelling holiday plans?

I just checked again. Trump is still a LOSER!

Churches Push Back Against Coronavirus Restrictions

(PA) Megan's Law offender arrested in Kiski Township for exposing himself to 13-year-old girl

Sorry if this has been posted, but Giuliani--WORSE than the dripping hair dye! OMG!

Sweet Tweet ...

Donald Trump Snipes at Mitt Romney in Clash Over Election Fraud Claims

Reminder: If you have a GOP Senator, call them now

Send out the clowns

In Pennsylvania, Trump wants questioned ballots or the entire election thrown out.

Governor Brian Kemp has until 5 PM tomorrow to sign the vote certification...

Near Slip: "Shide Show"

The FBI DOES NOT have a widespread voter fraud investigation going on

This just in

U.S. Appeals Court Voids South Florida Bans on Conversion Therapy for Children


The Definition of Insanity ...

More than 470,000 Americans will die from coronavirus by March, experts forecast

Leaked footage of Rudy in court.

Orange anus is throwing a temper tantrum.

Sure, Sex Is Great ...

More GOP Senators Have COVID Than Have Acknowledged That Joe Biden Won

Every Day This Week ...

Separated heavy cream

Coal Miners' Union Tells Trump to Move On

What an ER doc had to say about Thanksgiving

U.S., Taiwan in Talks on Potential Visit of Trump's EPA Chief

BREAKING: GOP Voter Guide leaked in advance of Georgia runoff election!

Start a new definition trend

Trump needs to be committed, he's insane!

CNN: Ivanka in the hot seat for "consultant" fees/tax fraud

Kaitlin Collins: Conversations underway about inviting Pennsylvania lawmakers to the White House

Here's the sort of armed Trump zealots that we're dealing with...

Supreme Court Cancels Dec. 2 Argument on Mueller Documents

** Buzzfeed Acquires Huffpost

You say you can't sleep?

Trump's Hold on the GOP Rank and File Continues to Be Amazing

Anderson & Wyatt Cooper

On Parler Sidney Powell openly states the coup: "I am actively working to... *overturn* the election

Scoop: Trump lawyers to avoid Michigan lawmaker meeting after COVID exposure

Watching Leah Remini's documentary on leaving The Church of Scientology.

Before the Deplorables do militia-terror, they are blubbering a la GHOULiani embarrassment!1

For how long can he refuse to go? Until Jan 20?

An "interesting" event from the PUCO chair

Butt Hurt tRump to enter a new stage of sore loserdom as Georgia will certify Biden's win today

Biden Needs to Fix Mnuchin's Big Mistake

Dylan papers, including unpublished lyrics, sell for $495K

Shipwreck Exposed by Erosion on Florida Coast Could Be 200 Years Old

Michigan militia plot: 'Plan A' involved takeover of Capitol, followed by televised executions

Amy Coney Barrett's first vote as a Supreme Court Justice is to put a man to death.

Shipwreck Exposed by Erosion on Florida Coast Could Be 200 Years Old

McEnany disputes any Trump 'advocacy' with invite to Michigan lawmakers

Face it Trump, you're a LOSER.

Avoid Covid vaccine if it was developed from stem cells, Catholic bishop advises flock

How Trump is sabotaging Biden -- and America

UPDATE: At least six Michigan Republican lawmakers... are participating in the trip to the White...

Swiss Prosecutor to End Magnitsky Case as Browder Calls Foul

Donald J. Trump is a cowardly, lying traitor, and he should be treated as such

A caller in tears, distraught over election results, tells Limbaugh that he's willing die for Trump

Snatching victory from the jaws of defeat! I don't think so.

MAGA, Stop Defacing Our Flag ...

What happens if republican controlled State legislatures

'Monstrous behavior': Mnuchin slammed for Biden 'snub' that could sabotage US economic recovery

Fun facts about turkeys...

#MAGA If you can't understand this.. It says "You've been #Trumped"

In Pro-Trump Media, The Election Never Ended

This is what it looks like when things fall apart

The Federal Trade Commission is investigation Steve Bannon's efforts for Cambridge Analytica

Second patient dies at Auburn hospital amid COVID-19 outbreak

Who paid for the Michigan Republicans White House trip?

Something is happening in Georgia

Florida Man Rescues His Dog From A Alligator

The family of Trump's Secretary of Education has bankrolled the Michigan legislators

'Shop Your Block' holiday campaign launches to support Seattle's small businesses

Here it is. The undeniable final proof that Biden has won the election:

You're most contagious during first 5 days of coronavirus infection, study says

Washington Flocks To Testing Sites As Coronavirus Cases Skyrocket

Happy Birthday, Mr. President elect!

Yes, Islam Is Facing a Crisis. No, France Isn't Helping Solve It.

Bill Gates: 'I feel very confident' COVID-19 vaccine is safe

One of the most effective parody tweets I've ever seen. (Rudy Giuliani)

Lol. Now he wants to act like a President.

Dorismond & Diallo & Rudy G's Racist History. (Anyone remember this?)

Oops...Kayleigh McEnany claims Trump was never allowed a proper transition.

Here's how seriously you should take the Trump legal team's conspiracy theories

Trump: "I've been loyal to the special interests"

NOW: "what will it take for you to admit you lost the election sir?"

Suddenly we are all Stormy Daniels waiting for him to finish so we can get some sleep.

George Takei: Overheard: So, was Rudy Giuliani delivering the Sweatysburg Address?

British Tory MPs Hiding Attacks on Joe Biden Now

So, what's happened to Grecian Formula stock prices recently?

Gov. Andrew Cuomo will receive an international Emmy award, "in recognition of his leadership during

Pitt vs. Virginia Tech will be first game with players required to wear face coverings in the field

Pelosi Calls Trump a 'Psychopathic Nut'

Trump's legal team humiliated after confusing Michigan with Minnesota in election fraud affidavit

Florida investigating third party candidate who ran for Florida state senate

Trump is trying to reduce that 306 count

... At least six Michigan Republican lawmakers are participating in the trip to Washington DC

President-elect Joe Biden's transition team is one of the most diverse ever

And in other crucial news: It's OK to go topless in Minneapolis Parks

If your teen daughter's friend's father said this to your child, what would you think?

The reaction to what Trump is doing seems VERY inadequate to me

House Democrats Will Bring Back Earmarks

"Have any of you ever used a real outhouse?"

Trump administration overrules Jerome Powell and cuts off Fed emergency lending programs

GOP Voter guide, pre Georgia Senate run off.

Rick Scott Tests Positive

Byron York posts the affidavit that Sidney Powell referred to as the centerpiece of the Trump case

Texas Republicans Are Aiding Trump As He Commits Acts Of Sedition

Jim Jordan wants to run for Governor of Ohio in 2022

The mininum is that Trump should be called a "Sore Loser" loudly by at least some prominent people

GOP Senate candidate John James asks Board of State Canvassers to delay certification

Trump Bribes States To Change Their Votes

This is what our team is doing to help GA!

Successful Coup Or Prison Trump Only Has Two Options

Exclusive: Watchdog files complaint accusing Perdue of insider trading

Sounds like the "Sharpiegate" hearing isn't going well for the

Another photo lesson!

🚨 I've just filed legal complaints with the AZ, MI, NV, NY, and PA bars against Rudy Giuliani and 22

Good sightings of the International Space Station on Friday and Sat. evenings over much of the East.

Post Election Results in Real Time

Good sightings of the International Space Station on Friday and Sat. evenings over much of the East.

Soon to be former US Senators joining the Biden Cabinet.

McConnell is pouring MILLIONS into Georgia to save David Perdue's seat.

Good sightings of the International Space Station on Friday and Sat. evenings over much of the East.

FTC investigating Steve Bannon's efforts for Cambridge Analytica--whether "he may be held individual

Depressed Trump Breaks Down And Rants Election Conspiracies During Press Conference

Kyle Rittenhouse released from custody on $2 million cash bond

Was just in my doctor's office and they had Trump's puss conference/drug announcement on.

Last week, I pulled jury duty during this pandemic. Ugh.

"In 1994, there was a memorable episode of The Simpsons called, 'Grampa vs. Sexual Inadequacy'..."

Raffensperger: Georgia Certified Election Because 'Numbers Don't Lie'

🧵 👉Why Trump can't steal the election in Michigan

Scaramucci: "He's only as powerful as his willing accomplices."

Ok media people -


State Legislatures Don't Have the Power to Subvert the Election for Trump (Ari Berman)

Kyle Rittenhouse released from custody on $2 million cash bond


Jonathan Pollard who spied on America for Israel is a free man as his parole ends.

Breaking - Georgia certifies Biden win

Watch out Mitt!

It's Time to Take Away Rudy's Law License

Republican Freudian slip of the day: "We're working on mass distribution of the virus"

Speaking of donnie's golf courses...

Know of someone who needs food?

National Review: Trump's Disgraceful Gambit

PLEASE watch what Rudy does with his handkerchief. Remember that Rudy's son has Covid.

Is this reason for worry? PA, WI, MI, GA judges...

Funniest Thing I've Seen Today

Trump makes late-term bid to lower prescription drug costs

I demand Joe Biden be immediately subjected to another vote!

Colombia's far-right threatens senators, journalists and protest organizers

Melania Trump Was Originally ...

Biggest laugh of the day (Chachi version):

Today marks the 75th anniversary of the start of the Nuremberg Trials

Land conservation plan stirs fight over Trump restrictions

Propaganda: In Pro-Trump Media, The Election Never Ended


It was at that very moment that the naive inventor realized his robot boy had disabled his safeguard

Why is it the responsibility of black people yo make society comfortable with them?

What's for Dinner, Fri., Nov. 20, 2020

Tyson hires former AG Eric Holder to investigate claims of betting on worker infections

Pro-Trump evangelical Kenneth Copeland laughs manically over media calling Biden's win

Latest excuse for blocking transition: Revenge

Ivanka whines about multiple investigations into Trump Organization fraud: 'These politicians are

Why chess is the perfect game?

@MeidasTouch are at it again! Attacking @sendavidperdue

Active shooter situation at Mayfair Mall in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

Trump Is Desperately Trying To Steal Michigan

Multiple people were shot at Mayfair Mall (Milwaukee), according to initial reports

Trump Demands Names Of Any Staffers Cooperating With Biden Transition

Cuomo Gets an Emmy for His Coronavirus Briefings

The Michigan lawmakers have arrived at the White House for their meeting with Trump.

Pure Evil was defeated

So now we're all getting a notion of how Stormy Daniels felt:

@BrianSimsPA If they do, I will immediately call upon Pennsylvania's Democratic Attorney General, @

Trump Could Be No Show at Virtual G-20 Summit

Poetry Corner...

I have just written another one of those posts that I decided not to hit the "Post My Thread!"

Bill Clinton has sent out an interesting tweet

The perfect Christmas card:

I think this herd of republicans are the most cowardly and disgusting I've ever seen in the US. n/t

Chris Cornell - Seasons

Last veteran of his WWII battle group marching alone in Victory Day Parade.

Quite the tell from Donald Lame Duck

You about to lose yo job, Kayleigh. And Kaitlan isn't.

I'm Iiving for the day

James asks MI state board to delay election certification

Active Shooter info!

Erin Brockovich on Biden pick: The fox is in the henhouse

Alice In Chains - Nutshell

Harrison Ford Breaks Down His Career, from 'Star Wars' to 'Indiana Jones' Vanity Fair

Governor Brian Kemp rants about Georgia vote counting, but will certify results...

Making my version of Pastitsio.

I need help with a Christmas gift idea. Do you have any friends on etsy

Today would be Dr. John's birthday. In his honor I give this gift.

Racist murder in Brazil: Little has changed in the 325 years since Zumbi's killing

LIVE: Gov. Brian Kemp gives update on 2020 Georgia election

Ahsoka Tano Spin-off Show in Development at Disney!

News: Lt. Gov. John Fetterman will be banned from flying flags off his second floor Capitol balcony

More conservatives break with Trump over election claims

Gym Jordan: Don't lockdown the country. Don't impose curfews. Don't close schools.

***Official: President-Elect Joe Biden now formally has Georgia's 16 electoral votes. Kemp signed!*

These Michigan Republicans who have heeded Trump's call to the White House---do they truly have no

Trump accuses Pfizer and Moderna of working to stop his re-election

I'm Not Saying They're A Bunch of Zombies ...

Georgia senator distracts from insider trading allegations with racist new ad

LIAR @PressSEC Kayleigh McEnany: "I.. [Trump] was never given an orderly transition of power ...

Washington Examiner: It's Time for Trump to Concede

BREAKING: Kirkland & Ellis withdraws as Attorneys for PA Secretary of State

He's dyed and gone to hell.

No, Trump's sister did not publicly back him. He was duped by a fake account.

I call bullshit on the official version of why the Georgia certification was delayed.

Trump's scheme for state legislatures to overturn the election won't work

Trump campaign has sent out more than 250 fundraising emails asking supporters for cash


I will ALWAYS fight for @realDonaldTrump because he ALWAYS fights for us!

Dog Who Tried To Bite Everyone Becomes A Snugglebug

Conservatives and Twitter

Joan Osborne My Crazy Baby Live

Press Briefing by Kayleigh McEnany 11/20/2020

Is this true? Trump's lawyer may have mistaken Minnesota precincts for Michigan precincts?

Trump's Remarks on Delivering Lower Prescription Drug Prices for All Americans; November 20, 2020

Georgia's governor and top elections official on Friday certified results showing Joe Biden won

Florida to get enough Pfizer vaccine doses for 1 million healthcare workers in hospitals, long-term

Tiger Cat: The Small Cat That Thinks It's A Big Cat

NYT:Kyle Rittenhouse, Accused of Killing 2 in Kenosha, Freed on $2 Million Bail

Biden Team Lacks Full U.S. Cybersecurity Support in Transition Fracas

Puppy nearly destroys curtains trying to snuggle them

Serious question Re: Ivanka and her tax issues

Joe: Because President Trump refuses to concede and is delaying the transition, we have to fund it o

So... what does it take for the election to get thrown to the House?

Georgia's recount revealed no fraud -- and just how unfit Loeffler and Perdue really are

Rev Warnock: Buena Vista: Join us for a meet and greet tomorrow!


Ever wonder where Santa works off-season?

Gov Cuomo: New York stands with the trans and gender non-conforming communities, now and always.

Ya know what makes me so angry? Re: Rittenhouse

*We're thankful for HOLIDAY INN on PBS! 🦃

George Takei: A shout out to the Secretaries of States across the country who are standing firmly be

News: Don Jr, the president's son, has tested positive for coronavirus.

WHEN YOU GO AWAY - A Parody for the Election Neal Phillips & Don Caron

rump judges: 'Therapy' to make kids stop being gay is 'free speech' so it's OK

Judge: No, it's still not Trump's job to smear a woman who says he raped her

US coronavirus hospitalizations hit record high as nation looks to a potential vaccine

Donald Trump Jr. Infected by Coronavirus and in Isolation

I heard on the news this morning

El Paso County officials plead for more morgue workers as coronavirus fatalities climb

Donald Trump Jr tests positive for Covid

Rescue Pets' Happily Ever After...

BREAKING: Michigan Legislators after meeting with Trump.....

***BREAKING*** MI Republican Senate Leader Says He Won't Be A Party To Trump's Hillbilly Coup

Saints reportedly elect to start Taysom Hill at QB instead of Jameis Winston with Brees out

No, Trump's sister did not publicly back him. He was duped by a fake account.

No President in the history of the United States has found less voter fraud than Trump.

New British-Cuban Biotechnology Joint Venture Debuts in the UK

FEC Commissioner Ellen Weintraub: I can't believe I need to say this, but...

Why cannot the Congress do anything about this scofflaw that is wrecking our Constitution...?

No, Trump's sister did not publicly back him. He was duped by a fake account.

Knock Knock

So Donny Jnr has covid

@SenSchumer Our joint readout of the meeting between President-Elect @JoeBiden, Vice President-Elect

Bolivia Resumes Participation in ALBA, CELAC, and UNASUR

Dear Joe Biden: are you kidding me? - Erin Brockovich

Auto group sues to block Massachusetts vehicle data initiative

Auto group sues to block Massachusetts vehicle data initiative

Pence: "Help is on the way."

Jonathan Pollard, Convicted Spy, Completes Parole and May Move to Israel

Midwest health system CEO says he had virus, won't wear mask

Not for everybody - Hill Country Devil with a song about consequences

so the propaganda and voter suppression failed. then the court battles failed.

U.S. plan to label Yemen's rebels as terrorists sparks fears of a humanitarian disaster

How Republicons win, how Democrats win, an important difference ...

03:59, 21-Nov-2020 Translate This is Peru's new interim president Dan Collyns

MississippiKing just offered up this prayer. LMAO

Hallelujah! Kaavan, "The World's Lonliest Elephant" moves to his new home in 10 days!!!

I remember when you never saw Christmas decorations until at least after Thanksgiving.

Donald Trump Jr. Infected by Coronavirus and in Isolation

My pizza recipe

I got years of celebrating to catch up on

George Takei FTW!

Sharpiegate2 - dismissed with prejudice.

Happy Birthday Duane Allman

Fundraiser on Youtube for WCKitchen (Jose Andres' charity) with Chrissy Teigen starting at 4pm PST

@MarkWarner says his bipartisan bill to fight money laundering & terrorist financing has been includ

"...intention to ignore..."

I kind of wish EarlG would take that repulsive photo of Rudy off the front page..,

Biden is first DEM to win Virginia by DOUBLE DIGITS since 1944!