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Archives: July 26, 2020

Chris Frantz: 'If you knew David Byrne, you would not be jealous of him'

Language of the Oppressor

McAllen, TX: lawyers discover DHS is detaining people at black-site run out of the local Hampton Inn

Couple wear Swastika masks while shopping

Video footage of Albuquerque Riot Zone

No, deplorable, this is not adorable.

12 people infected with the coronavirus were falsely told they'd tested negative

Why does DU have so many Trump campaign Ads?

Bush - Comedown

Sinclair pulls show where Fauci conspiracy theory is aired

A lovely couple - and so glad they found each other.

Trumpy makes the death of Regis Philbin about him. Of course he would.

Biden campaign ramps up for 100-day push

Convention cancellation adds to Trump's troubles

"Just because I'm in the NSDAP and the SS it doesn't make me a Nazi."


House hearing with big tech company CEOs rescheduled for Wednesday

The GOP could reduce federal unemployment benefits to $200 a week.

Semisonic - Closing Time

I'd like your thoughts on this product -- Thanks

You Know What's Ironic About The AIDS Crisis From 35 Years Ago?

As pandemic limits scrutiny, GOP fears lesser-known Democratic candidates will steamroll to Senate m

Tal Bachman - She's So High

I Predict That Next Week, Drumpf Will....

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Most Important Event Quests You Need to Do - Sizzling Spice Festival

"Swimming pool Karen" confronts Black, gay woman for talking to her son

Three Injured in Shooting as Rival Armed Militias Converge on Louisville

Interesting tidbits from this passed week's political podcasts

John Saxon, 'Enter the Dragon,' 'Nightmare on Elm Street' Actor, Dies at 83

Why 'the debate over Portland is important'

These Trump Campaign Payments to the Trump Organization Look Shady as Hell

Why would any reporter or anybody else ask Trump

Flunk Trump

Mnuchin: Virus aid package soon, $1,200 checks by August

House lawmakers to launch probe into DHS excluding NY from Trusted Traveler Program

Who is the news person anchor on MSNBC right now

I live near Alcoa TN, where the first school opened up.

John Lewis's 7-year-old great nephew calls the civil rights icon 'my hero'

US Senate seats up in 2020 that Democrats will win to regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

Sad! Trump campaign ordered to stop using name of his cherished hero, Ronald Reagan, to fundraise

If the Rs think they're going to steamroll Pelosi over that $600, they're grossly mistaken

Trump is clearly self-deestructing.

Harris seen as Biden VP favorite as clock ticks

Coronavirus cases seep into the ranks of Newport Beach first responders

The wealthy Republicans who want to oust Trump in November's election

Hungary's Last Major Independent News Outlet Staff Resign Claiming Political Interference

Wow, Regis Philbin passed away.

Thank you BLM -in Barbados Statue of Lord Nelson to be moved

Police declare riot at Seattle protests, make arrests

1,025 New Coronavirus Cases In Washington

I was energized today

Lacrosse sticks? Portland. These people are so impressively resourceful

'A Texas Hospital Overwhelmed By The Coronavirus May Send Some Patients Home To Die'

2020 Horse Racing - 2020 San Diego Handicap

I have a W.L. Jackson

Let History Record That The Only Time The Republic Actually WAS In Danger From A Would-Be Tyrant...

Look who the lazy bastard played golf with today:

Picture from the first day of a mask mandate in Minnesota

Bonus Tweet of the Day

I'm thinking of baking brioche. Any tips?

Of all the videos to come out of Portland, I think this is the coolest of all ...

Q Lazarrus - Goodbye Horses

Trump's law and order re-election campaign strategy doesn't make much sense

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that Democrats are going to be winning.

She shoots, she scores. Not all heroes wear capes, but she did.

The Mooch: Texas is in Danger

Today is the first day of MN mask mandate. These pics from Walmart in Marshall, MN

Plane with 6 people on board crashes into houses in Utah

What is a "wave election?"

for the heroes in Portland

Judge denies Trump admin request to delay deadline to release migrants from ICE detention centers

Trademarking "telerally?"

Ich bin ein Portlander

Who knows about an article that claims that wealthy Republicans want to oust Trump?

Audrey Hepburn - Moon River

Stock and bond index funds, plus patience always win

The couple with the swastika masks at a MN Walmart store were told never to return

Misogynistic pro-Trump lawyer murdered Judge Salas' son

The World's Greatest Tabla Player!! Zakir Hussain

CORPRAT SOCIALISM: Pay Trump 1.4 million. Get 41 million in taxpayer money back. Quite a racket.

How can you believe two different things at the same time?

I'm currently in Mission Beach, San Diego. What pandemic?

For folks in battleground states. What kind of ads are you seeing?

Coronavirus ravaged Florida, as Ron DeSantis sidelined scientists and followed Trump

Catalog of 45*'s Worst Cruelties, Collusions, Corruptions, & Crimes

Roger Ebert review of "Downfall" the last two paragraphs sound mighty familiar.

☦ Orthodox Christian Sermon: "Believe In Miracles and Submit To God"

Saturday Night Fever.......ok, ok, loved the BeeGees ok??? But.....

Gassing a nurse helping someone, in broad daylight?

Do you support a shutdown?

Mastodon - Motherload

Trump Attacks The Rule Of Law. Critics Say It's Time To Use 'The F Word: Fascism' MSNBC

Coronavirus ravaged Florida, as Ron DeSantis sidelined scientists and followed Trump

Coronavirus ravaged Florida, as Ron DeSantis sidelined scientists and followed Trump

Protest Live Streams - July 25


This is what trump has done to the people of this country and how he's caused them to act

Andrew Yang: Economic uncertainty is a 'crisis on top of another crisis'


1 killed during downtown Austin protest

***Information about Photo Contests August-December 2020***

100 Days!!!!!!!!!! Flush the turd on Nov 3rd!!!

Right now Portland, MOMS are leading protest down streets to the MARRIOTT HOTEL

I have not heard or seen anything about the debt or government spending under Trump

Denver forecast: meteorologist unemployed

Scene Four: Beyond This Life - Dream Theater

Tormmorrow (Sunday) A BIG F****** DEAL happens

Velshi: Protests Are The Sound Of Democracy In Action - MSNBC

In Los Angeles, the Black Lives Matter protests got crazy. Criminals were breaking into stores.

Trump calls those who disagree with him...TERRORISTS.

What is happening in Seattle? From Rawstory get idea fires everywhere,

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

"Trump Could Not Be More on the Wrong Side": New Poll Shows Trump's Black Lives Matter Protest...

Rep. Ted Yoho resigns from board of Christian organization following AOC incident

Great Video on Why Masks Work

Scene Eight: The Spirit Carries On - Dream Theater

My Senate and House prediction 100 days out

RNC, Trump campaign told to stop using President Reagan to raise money

See why Fox News cut away from White House briefing

Police station windows smashed following huge Oakland rally

The Mars Volta - The Widow

Nikki Glaser to Anne Coulter-- The only person you'll make happy is the Mexican who digs your grave

Mnuchin: Virus aid package soon, $1,200 checks by August


The Daily Social Distancing Show: What the Hell Happened This Week? Week of 7/20/2020

Some Mongolian heavy metal

Pandemic math

When first released this song seemed powerful. Then it became a naive look at the world (to me).

So many unemployed and so many needed for contact tracing...

US sterilisation program tried to 'breed out' Black people, met UN 'genocide' definition: Study

Covidiot of the day award winner

When you know things are REALLY bad

The Panic Room President

Dictator or President??

Judge Calls Out Trump, Barr DOJ For Punishing Cohen Over New Book Rachel Maddow/MSNBC

Violent Racists Swarm Protest in Weatherford (Graphic)

tweet of the early morning

LA-SEN: Meet Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins

Spread this message far and wide because it's the truth!

Goon squad - Elvis Costello

One-third of NYC small businesses won't survive pandemic, civic leaders say

What's so funny 'bout peace, love and understanding

Cruise ship with 1,200 guests sets sail for the first time since industry shutdown

You think everything is fine?' Keilar grills GOP lawmaker on Covid-19

John Saxon Dies, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Enter the Dragon Star and Cult Icon Was 83

Miami Heat NBA team pushing for AmericanAirlines Arena voting site.

Hillary Clinton - Voter Suppression, Roger Stone & Trump The Daily Social Distancing Show

The Postal Service is telling Americans to give every ballot 14 days round trip.

John Saxon, starred in 'Nightmare on Elm Street,' 'Enter the Dragon,' dies at 83

new ad running in Texas

Bowser Pushes For More Polling Places To Open In D.C. For November's Election

We will always protect people we will always protect "Republicans" Trump does a Freudian slip.

New York lawmakers pass automatic voter registration and absentee ballot protections

TX-22: DCCC rolls out first-ever Hindi and Chinese language video ads in Texas

IN-05: Lawmaker wants to deregulate wetlands. Her family once was cited for bulldozing them.

Trump Assures That We Stay Angry with a Parade of Horribles

US Senate seats up in 2020 that Democrats are going to win to get back in the majority.

MN-01: Coals of criticism heaping on Jim Hagedorn; UnitedHealth Group says no more cash for you

Car drives through crowd, protester shot in Colorado

Breakfast Sunday 26 July 2020

Police declare riot at Seattle protests, make arrests

The creativity of the Portland protesters is very impressive, here is the latest tactic ...

Arrests and clashes follow anti-Netanyahu protests in Israel

Indigenous leader Raoni recovers from illness in Brazil

Medellin's rise in forced disappearances overshadows drop in homicides

Can y'all help me find this book? Just this I was reading DU

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Spice Cowboy Edition

The Media and The Military

Elon Musk Confesses to Lithium Coup in Bolivia

This is a real problem in the United States. Any lie can be published as fact without pushback

Florida: Governor's name is Ron DeathSentence, not DeSantis

Ransomware attack on Garmin servers.

***July Photography Competition Final is now OPEN for Voting***

July Photo Contest Finals are up in GD

Why Democrats have a path to victory in one of the GOP's most gerrymandered legislatures

Yesterday: A year ago today, Trump had a phone call with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky and pr

75-80 people taken into custody during protest in midtown Omaha

Supporters of Cuba and Black Lives Matter find common ground

RVAT: His message to other Christians: "You are not obligated to vote for Donald J. Trump in 2020."

The pup ran into the holy grail rabbit this morning

Internal DHS Memo formally changing the blame for PDX violence from "Violent Opportunists" to Antifa

I love him! I love him! I love him so much, I shall give him ... this sock.

Trumps America - hostile nazi territory

Try watching this and not smiling.

I had a sick bat on my deck and NO one could tell me what to do...

The goal for DU for Joe just went up again

The Coward in Chief: Trying to create a dictatorship in America is a fool's errand.

Coup Leaders Postpone Elections in Bolivia Again

Rachel will be on Velshi this morning as the countdown begins

Tsunami of fake news hurts Latin America's effort to fight coronavirus

Forget Putin, it's meddling by America's evangelical enforcer that should scare us

Shitstain Promises To Attack Democrats' Climate Plans. Uh, OK . . .

Is fat ass golfing again today? Hopefully it is very hot and he'll stroke out

Trump is sending tens of tousands of paramilitary to save U.S. cities from the people who live there

Say What!


Coronavirus ravaged Florida, as Ron DeSantis sidelined scientists and followed Trump

Rock from Mars heads home after 600,000 years on Earth

Tonight at 8pm - Celebration for Change virtual event to support Joe Biden

Trump stormtroopers in Portland some of them are veterans

****GUARANTEED FRESH CNN POLLS**** Biden +12 in MI +5 in FL +4 in AZ

Thank goodness tRump passed his cognitive test.

There is a section of America that is forever lost to rationality

This video is completely devastating for Trump. George Carlin gives him the finger from the grave.

What is going on with Biden in Florida

So, the Federal Police in Portland are being paid by who?

Vallejo police union president placed on leave, under investigation for destroying evidence from con

So will the rogue Attorney General appear at the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday?

Theory of Cognitivity

Have you seen this advertisement for Lavazza coffee? A Chaplin speech.

100 days.

How did the US end up with nurses wearing garbage bags?

Rio de Janeiro cancels New Year's Eve festivities over virus

The wealthy Republicans who want to oust Trump in November's election

What do give a man who has everything?

I watched yesterday on a highlight clip of a NASCAR race that showed

Authorities Say Hidden Donations Easily Fuel Bribery Scheme (Ohio GOP)

Childhood memories

Like I said, we're all Antifa now.


The View from the Tenderloin

I Just heard again today the Deborah Birx is not a doctor. This has got to stop...

My idea and reasons: Portland Patriots could pull back 3 blocks all around from courthouse

It is this delusion that stops many Trump voters from turning on Trump.

Trump Boasts he Has Much Higher TV Ratings than Lincoln..yes- Borowitz Report

A bipartisan group secretly gathered to game out a contested Trump-Biden election. It wasn't pretty

Up early to stencil new tee shirt meme.

Are there mental hospitals for cats?

msnbc is giving the Trump campaign press sec to

The Bonus Army were called radicals by Hoover, too

Neanderthal gene linked to increased pain sensitivity

On this day, July 26, 1948, Harry Truman issued Executive Order 9981.

I don't think I've ever been this happy to be able to read work emails!!

Remember when Lincoln said, "A house divided will fall?"

America Wake Up - George Carlin - Pattern Integrity Films- Warning! strong profanity

Fahrenthold: Trump is trademarking 'telerally' to pump money into private business....

I was right to worry about my anti-vax nephew, during the time of Covid-19

You raised $8,152.00 on July 25, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

Gassing Moms And Vets Does Not Win Elections

Nobody, no company, no individual or nation state has ever been held to account.

About Rep. Roger Williams (R-TX), who also bullied AOC

Calls for investigation into mysterious death of Italian UN monitor in Colombia

Did Sinclair media really think their "Documentary about Fauci creating the Covid-19 through"

Can't decide which direction to go in with this kitten

All votes matter. Here's the best way to make sure yours does.

Police corral crowds as movers leave US Consulate in China

I updated my mail box.

Living or visiting ...California...Have you ever been to Yosemite National Park?

Mother of victim killed at Austin protest says son was pushing fiancee's wheelchair before shooting

Grease- Central Station Antwerp

Yoho Won't Apologize For 'Loving His God'

I Mailed my Minnesota Primary Election Ballot on Wednesday.

How long has Putin been controlling Trump?

Rose petals and wreaths at Edmund Pettus Bridge for Congressman John Lewis's last crossing

Silent Tribute Thread: John Lewis Crossing the Edmund Pettus Bridge for the Last Time

After Goya Foods' CEO praises Trump, Philly Latinos boycott and turn to other brands

US Senate seats up in 2020 that Democrats will be winning to get back in the majority.

One Man Dead, Suspect Detained After Shooting at Black Lives Matter Protest in Austin: Police

Facebook is Attacking Meidas Touch:

Yeah, I know I've read that Scott Adams is a misogynistic, right-wing dick ...

Seventh Soldier from Vanessa Guillen's Duty Station Found Dead

Vote Vet's New Ad on Russia Bounties

For the times we are in - Whole Lot of Shakin' goin' on

Jeff Tiedrich: President Email Lady wouldn't be teargassing your mom, just saying

Nine-year-old girl is the youngest to die from coronavirus in Florida, state health officials say

VoteVets New Russia Bounty Ad:

The New Intern

Speaker Pelosi has a new name for Donald Trump

1973 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sun; 19 new deaths

Live: Representative John Lewis' body is about to be carried across the Pettus bridge..

Nows not the time to feed Trump.

Chris Wallace shuts down Steve Mnuchin's lies on new stimulus bill: 'Republicans rejected this'

The backside of my Biden yard sign!

Devin Nunes says Democrats are 'against white people' because they are 'always talking about racism'

The right's use of lying assumed premises in spreading their messaging.

So if Trump gets drubbed in November,

Coronavirus ravaged Florida, as Ron DeSantis sidelined scientists and followed Trump

While watching the coverage about John Lewis,

America's image around the world is being tarnished by the violent federal response in Portland

A trip on the Agawa Canyon Tour Train

John Lewis' Body Carried Over Historic Edmund Pettus Bridge

Her car was 'courtesy' towed to an illegal spot then ticketed by PPA. The city wants $300 in fines

Boris Johnson's government is privately 'desperate' for Trump to lose the election to Joe Biden

Black armed protesters march in Kentucky demanding justice for Breonna Taylor

Jake Tapper: "4000+ deaths in 4 days!" Larry Kudlow: "But the $1200 check which is coming!"

Philadelphia Historical Commission votes in favor of moving Christopher Columbus statue from Marconi

Agent Provacateurs at protests?

Someone needs to make Trump understand that the Corona Virus is not a contest.

Covid-related nicknames for Trump...and a chant

Thousands of Police Discipline Records That New York Kept Secret for Decades - ProPublica

Trump's Approval on Handling Virus Hits New Low

Erskine Hawkins was born on this date.

Hat tip to Nurse Jackie, but it's a "Who did it better"? battle of

Meanwhile in Belfast, N. Ireland...

Dobie Gray was born on this date.

Mick has a birthday today.

'Gone With the Wind' star Olivia de Havilland dies at 104

How coronavirus affects young adults with chronic illnesses and rare diseases

Stanley Kubrick was born on this date.

Which foreign countries are taking what actions to interfere with our election?

What "defund the police" really means

I saw the coolest thing this morning...

Rift between royal brothers laid bare in new book extract

Eric Trump - "Silicone Valley"

Almost all global stock markets trending down at least moderately at 12:29p EDT.

Coronavirus ravaged Florida, as Ron DeSantis sidelined scientists and followed Trump

Europe's Economy Set to Outpace U.S. in Upending of Past Roles

Your Coronavirus Antibodies Are Disappearing. Should You Care?

Kudlow on economic recovery: 'On the whole the picture is very positive'

You're going to need more than one coronavirus shot. One dose of a vaccine probably won't be enough,

John Lewis Tributes from Political Cartoonists

Pow-POW- POWW--- Right in the kisser

Putin Attends Naval Parade, Promises New Ships to Navy

Trump's Covid Failures Reshape Race and Lift Biden

See why Fox News cut away from White House briefing - How Trump/Fox Wag The Dog

Republican Congressman Ted Yoho Bravely Admits

Is anyone selling on ebay these days?

(Jewish Group) Jewish group asks head of Philly NAACP to resign after anti-Semitic Facebook post

What Fiction are you reading this week, July 26, 2020?

The Reagan Foundation has told the Trump camp to stop using Reagan's on the coins....

Hanna hammering South Texas, hit hard by coronavirus, with flooding rains

Republicans and Democrats want Mueller to testify again. They may regret it.

Florida reports 9,344 coronavirus infections Sunday, 78 deaths

(Jewish Group) The Dilemma of French Jews and the Fight Against Racism

Trump to Social Security: Drop dead

Pelosi rules out liability protections for employers of "essential workers"

100 Days: Trump faces headwinds as Election Day draws near

Trump campaign moving forward with opening centers in communities of color amid pandemic

(Jewish Group) High profile Twitter users call for boycott of site over antisemitism

Is the idea of Trump going to Russia with his family absurd, in your opinion? I am serious here.

For racial justice protests, Trump taps Homeland Security BORTAC squad, air marshals and Coast Guard

After cataract surgery do you go back to being able

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows on Sunday insisted that the surge in COVID-19 deaths is

Scientists reveal first-ever photo of a solar system like ours

Members of New York Liberty, Seattle Storm leave court before national anthem; Breonna Taylor honore

As America tops 4 million COVID cases, the cult of Donald Trump has become a death cult

Garmin Site Partially Down Due To Ransomware Attack

Masks--Everybody is missing the point about anti-maskers

Trump's new 'somber tone' on the coronavirus isn't a reversal of his denial...

This is the biggest mistake people make while wearing a face mask

I ran away to a remote Scottish isle. It was perfect

Yesterday I got a letter from "America Votes"

Biden's VP choice -- Have you heard anything?

****GUARANTEED FRESH YOUGOV NAT'L POLL**** (Likely Voter) Biden 51% Trump 41%

As A Candidate, Trump Asked FBI In Intelligence Briefing: 'Are The Russians Bad?'

'The virus is the boss.' Ex-Obama economist warns pandemic could cause financial crisis

Nate Silver: "I do not buy that Trump's fate is sealed"

Senate passes defense bill without funding for Stars and Stripes

US officers force open rear door of Chinese consulate in Houston following closure order

Moderna phase 3 vaccine trials to start tomorrow.

Ivanka Trump causes outrage with taxpayer funded lake photoshoot in middle of pandemic

'The Heiress,' Actress Olivia de Havilland (1916-2020) RIP

What's Going on Inside the Fearsome Thunderstorms of Cordoba Province?

Take that racists, John Lewis just crossed the bridge again.

Stunned Conservators Just Found a Ghostly Picasso Hidden Beneath One of the Art Institute...

Portland cops and the public trust: Steve Duin column

Why the Big City President Made Cities the Enemy

Bronx Borough President Unloads On Trump's Yankee Stadium Visit,

100 Days

Many People, news media , pollsters, politicians, believe this election is about politics.

Wake Up America - Pattern Integrity Films using George Carlin's Words from The American Dream

Protesting an authoritarian police state is terrifying


Trump to send federal agents to Milwaukee after Gov. Evers, Milwaukee officials ask him not to


Olivia deHavilland has died at 104.

By Mid-July, Siberian Fires Had Destroyed Nearly As Much Forest As Global Losses For All Of 2019

Dr. Jill Biden: 100 years ago, women forever changed this country.

Baby, I Love Your Way -- Peter Frampton -vs- Big Mountain -vs- Will to Power

"Vote Blue No Matter Who" and the Democratic Convention coming Aug 17-20

Made-for-TV fascism: how Trump's 'crime explosion' ploy could backfire

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, July 28: TCM Memorial Tribute: Carl Reiner

Bring The Bear Home

The Leaked DHS Exposes The Truth: Trump is waging war on Anti-Fascist IDEOLOGY

Non-Violent Vietnam Vet pepper sprayed in face at point blank range.

Ted Cruz butt hurt at restaurant wait staff getting $600 in unemployment payments

The Masks!

The right to an opinion


Types of headaches

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, July 29: Feel-Good Films

See Barack Obama's Surprise Visit to 'Crip Camp' Virtual Workshop

Store Mask Requirements Aren't Really Requirements If They Aren't Enforced

The ghosts of the people I've killed

Bankruptcy complicates disputed Frognal Estates development

Hell Toupee

2020 Horse Racing - 2020 Tattersalls Gold Cup

Cartoons 7/26/2020

Kudlow tries to spin 1000 DEATHS a day

Trump Ad About 'Chaos' in U.S. Actually Used Photo From Pro-Democracy Rally in Ukraine

Keep an eye out for Everett's marine guests: two gray whales

Colombian guerrillas are using coronavirus curfews to expand their control

Portland police declare riot as demonstrators attack fence outside federal courthouse

My prayer

Protester apparently armed with rifle fatally shot as he approached driver who sped through crowd Video Misrepresents the Science Behind Face Masks

Take away any argument that Trump can make and force him to run on his dismal performance

Dolly Parton Sings - Karen

'Surviving Autocracy' author Masha Gessen on Trump's casual racism,

Olivia de Havilland, Sophisticated Star of Hollywood's Golden Age, Dies at 104

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

'It's my constitutional right': Black Americans arm themselves in response to pandemic, protests

2014: The acquisition binge in local TV

My favorite Olivia DeHaviland movie - 'The Heiress'

At Boeing and Airbus, Finished Airplanes Pile Up

New research puts the 'good guy with a gun' idea to rest

This is it. "The Essential Trade-Off. America' pandemic policy is built on choosing money over lives

Spain self-isolates after coming into contact with Grant Shapps

California grocery store worker was suspended after pepper-spraying a customer

Republicans face worsening outlook in battle for House

Baboons 'armed with knives and chainsaws' spotted in safari park

Trump Tries To Appeal To 'Housewives' And White Suburbs, But His Views Seem Outdated

Man accused of running over Sikh man charged with hate crime

Putin says Russian Navy to get hypersonic nuclear strike weapons

'Good luck eating out': Ted Cruz faces backlash after suggesting restaurant servers are grifters

Election Officials Are Vulnerable to Email Attacks

Democrats see clear path to Senate majority

phoebe bridgers - kyoto (studio-2020) her new album is awesome ...

Walmart won't enforce its own rules on mask-wearing because it fears staff could be attacked

This sculpture at CIA headquarters holds one of the world's most famous unsolved mysteries

Rep. Ted Yoho removed from board of Christian charity over his comments about Rep. AOC......

The virus spreads, cities are racked with protests, and Trump spends his Sunday morning tweeting

Trump 2020 poll: President is behind in a must-win state

US Senate seats the Democrats will win in 2020 in order to regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

Bummed that the Highland Games have been cancelled in my neck of the woods (though understandable):

100 Days: Democrats see clear path to Senate majority

Carnac the Magnificent

I have posted this video in the past, but it's so charming that I have to post it again:

Amazon, Google and Wish remove neo-Nazi products

Nearly 2 dozen lifeguards in New Jersey test positive for coronavirus after hosting social gathering

John Lewis makes final journey across Edmund Pettus Bridge in horse-drawn caisson

The Myth of 'Bloody Mary'

Robert E. Lee High School in Virginia gets a name change: It's now John R. Lewis

What I saw from my vacation at Rehoboth Beach, DE

Pelosi says Congress "can't go home without" a deal on coronavirus relief package

Governor says she'd be willing to work with federal officers but timing is 'suspect'

White Too Long review: how race trumped American Christianity

End of July. 90+ degrees ouside. I made....

AP-NORC poll: US course at record low, Trump sinks on virus

WH chief of staff: Trump won't extend the unemployment boost because it 'paid people to stay home'

Biden Tops Trump in CNN Polls for Michigan, Florida, Arizona

Feds must provide papers from white nationalist case

Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Symphony #4

We are the worst

Kudlow "apart from Texas Arizona California and Florida"....economy is doing great

Insufficient vitamin D increases risk of severe COVID-19, says new study

Cotton Says Slavery Was 'Necessary Evil'

Seattle protestors supporting Portland protests. Fuck Trump's police state.

COVID-19: Eradicate the virus or learn to live with it? 60 Minutes Australia

My heart just broke.

New Mexico governor says her state is 'at the mercy of what's going on around the country'

New Mexico governor says her state is 'at the mercy of what's going on around the country'

The Twit tweets: ... I won't be able to be in New York to throw out the opening pitch for the @Yanke

St Bernard dog rescued after collapsing on England's highest peak

Mondaire Jones takes out an anonymous tweeter!!

What do I do with my anger?

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 7/26/20

Welcome to America

I thought Boris Johnson loved Trump?

Trump Backs Out of Throwing First Pitch

In response to the bumper sticker "Fuck your feelings. Trump 2020"

Trump Backs Out of Throwing First Pitch

Chad Wolf's pants are fleeing his choice of shoes.

Puerto Rico Democratic Primary Results: Biden 35 delegates, Bloomberg 10, Sanders 5

It is going to kill me but i'm going to take a break from the DU during the

Larry the Cat destroys Trump with one tweet:

Looks like the WH is giving Trump the glamour shots treatment

Well, On A Hopeful Note

What's for Dinner, Sun., July 26, 2020

US Senate seats up for in 2020 that Democrats will win to get back in the majority.

Body of civil rights icon John Lewis crosses Selma bridge

99 Days to Go - Who's Campaigning??? (Plan ahead, folks!)

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 27 July 2020

Walk Away Movement

Sometimes it is good to sing a song for cathartic release

Mashed potato brain

Last week I posted a poll regarding Oliver Stone

Video: Richmond Mayor Condemns Last Night's Violence, Praises BLM, Blames White Supremacists

Biden leads Trump, Kelly tops McSally in Arizona: poll

Saved by the other pupper:

Azar blames testing delays on states

Seattle's Lake Washington Boulevard closes for pedestrians, local traffic

Washington State, Seattle University to teach most classes online this fall

Hey Joe

michael franti & spearhead - i got you (studio-2020) turn it up baby!

Some thoughts about the murder of George Floyd

How the fuck can Biden only lead trump by 4%

Was this wag choreographed?

Super Obscure Anniversary Time! Except I missed it yesterday -

DHS decides there's been enough free speech for the day, walks up, and pepper-sprays vet in the face

4 Marlins starters rumored to have tested positive this morning.

This doggo is a fitness instructor:

Verlander out for season (now says few weeks) with elbow injury

Put my Biden sign out today (Shoutout to TomSlick)

This is Very Disturbing: Christian Megachurch Plays QAnon Conspiracy Video to Open Sunday Service

trump's "big, beautiful wall"....

Got Mary Trumps book last night @ 6. Just finished it today and passed it on in our complex

Got Mary Trumps book last night @ 6. Just finished it today and passed it on in our complex

Finally am going through a pile of video cassettes

Fox News Brings On Billionaire-Backed AstroTurfer To Push For Reopening Schools

I'm Done With America - Jon Pavlovitz

This photo has been haunting me


More federal officers deploying to Portland as protests gain momentum

Remember when Regis Philbin owned Saturday night in St. Louis?

Trump has been building a bigger wall around the White House. This is what it looks like now.

Biden's path to the White House could hit a dead end on Facebook

ms. trump's miscarrage should have been donald

Americans without water - CBS Sunday Morning

US Senate seats up in 2020 that Democrats are to win to get back in the majority.

Computer problems said to be cause of delays in release of Omaha protesters

Ninety-nine days out. Is there an overlooked race you expect to blow up by October?

Trump lashes out at Reagan Foundation over fundraising request

Airbus' self-flying plane just completed successful taxi, take-off, and landing tests

What we know about the 'Hapsburg group' named in Manafort lobbying scheme

"Everybody says it's the greatest wall ever built...." :

First a plague and now this...maybe there IS a God!

Just finished watching Glory for the umpteenth time

Anyone watching The Twelve on Netflix?

trumps wall blown down during hurricane hannah

Hurricane Douglas swirling off Maui, bears down on Hawaii

National Weather Service helpful tip.

Ted Yoho stated he would not run for re-election in 2020 because of a promise... But....

"If I ever die from COVID, please know my dying wish is that....

Sprouts, WTF? Store Mask Requirements Aren't Really Requirements If They Aren't Enforced

Watching Storm Trumpers in Portland and John Lewis in Selma...

"Florida Governor Ron DeathSentence" - A perfect name for him!

I love this sweet baby boy.

I just got my copy of Mary Trump's tell all book and it's a First Edition!

Hurricane Hanna Blows Down Trump Border Wall/Fence in TX

About traveling through a country with lots of different geography?...That include...mountains,


"A New Poll Released Shows the Trump Administration's Approval Rating At Its Highest."

Europe's Economy to Outpace U.S. in Upending of Past Roles

How Black Lives Matter went from a hashtag to a global rallying cry

Governor of Hawaii: Shelter In Place order. 7:25 PM EST nt

Bear Breaks in Cabin After Knocking Down the Door

ICYMI: Joni Ernst Is Giant A-Hole / Wonkette SCOTUS confirmations.

My brother Joe passed on Saturday night

Cat Surprises Her Foster Mom With Kittens

Baby Rescue Boar Completely Transforms When She Meets Her Brother

A simple question for those who believe that Trump is even marginally sane and competent:

Dad : we're not getting a dog

How it should be for turtles. No plastic in sight.

US Senate seats up in 2020 that Democrats are likely to have a net gain of.

Violent Racists Swarm Protest in Weatherford TX (Graphic)

Birkenstock gives paid voting holiday. Not sure when this was originally announced but it's great.

Just look at how he is Defacing the Peoples House as he cowers in Fear

Fires and Pepper Spray in Seattle as Police Protests Widen Across U.S.

Kornacki about to devote an hour to the election race