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Help. I have a 2012 Power Book which works perfectly except some keys on the...

Speak Now: Law and Disorder With Constitutional Scholar Michael Dorf.

I was back at my parish church for Mass for the first time in a year this weekend.

I changed my DU name!

Dog reacts to owner saying the word cheese...

'Lucky: How Joe Biden Barely Won the Presidency,' by Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll

DUers is this Pamela Brown on CNN a Trumpie

Giant golden statue of Donald Trump on sale for $100,000 - as it's revealed it was made in Mexico

God Bless The Homeless - First Baptist Church Jacksonville, Fl.

Large condor regularly visits man who saved it's life as a baby.

Foo Fighters - Everlong

On this day, February 28, 1986, the film "Pretty in Pink" was released.

Anyone know whether a large fraction of CPAC attendees were Floridians?

It seems like everyone around me is dropping like flies.

On this day, February 28, 1986, the film "Pretty in Pink" was released.

Ok....Jayne Lynch is covering the Golden Globes for NBC.......but I do like the E's coverage better.

*Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy (rerun) 8:00,

Trump got 55% in today's CPAC straw poll. He'd received 82% in 2019, the only other CPAC straw poll

A Group Of Tr**p Supporters Along With Their Flags & Signs Were Out Again Today.....

Alice In Chains - Down in a Hole

I wear one surgical glove for opening produce bags at the grocery store.

Once Trump's 'enemy,' Fed emerges as White House ally in rejecting concerns about overdoing stimulus

Winter Beach

Hit hard by COVID early, Albany gets mass vaccination site

Republican calls grow for US to boycott 2022 Olympics in China

Iran Rejects Offer of Direct U.S. Nuclear Talks

People against COVID-19 vaccine protest at Dodger stadium site, met by counter-protesters

'Boldly Frivolous' Gohmert v. Pence Election Lawsuit Spurs Bar Complaints Against Attorneys

US Senate Election Rating from states Democrats will win in 2022 by a landslide to a narrow margin.

żDoggie door question? - wet and muddy feet

CNN: Trump repeats election lies at CPAC

Analysis: The specter of Trump's comeback raises a practical question

CPAC: Hyatt Hotels says stage design resembling Nazi rune is 'abhorrent'

AOC is soon live on MSNBC (Mehdi Hasan's new show)

While many waited for holiday mail, Louis DeJoy's old company got a "Christmas" USPS contract

Trump's placeholder Gab account hacked, used to post endorsement of gargling piss

CBD Delta-8? Anyone tried it?

Seattle landlords lose eviction policy lawsuit against the city

The Heavy, "How You Like Me Now" (extended) on Late Show

Portland- Photos: Windows smashed during demonstration in Pearl District

Hyatt says it's creating a 'highly inclusive environment' as people call for a boycott of the hotel

Roger Stone dances to pro-Trump rap outside CPAC

Willie Nelson, 87, shares his secret to a long life: 'You have to take care of yourself'

CPAC Speaker Angela Stanton King Promotes QAnon From Stage

Backstage, an aide brought the Florida guy a full length mirror...

A gustatorial review of Trump's speech at CPAC (humor)

Fauci Fires Back at Kristi Noem Saying He's 'Wrong': 'The Numbers Don't Lie'

Democrats Abandon Plan B for Minimum Wage Hike

Dr. Terry Wahls presented at TEDxIowaCity.

Ugh! That "former guy" lasted over an hour plus of non cense!

Wow! Biden video statement on workers' right to join a union and Alabama vote

Ted Cruz Jokes About Cancun, CPAC's Golden Trump Statue

I am watching World Series of Poker on ESPN!

trump the Big Loser

3 names removed from Khashoggi intelligence report after initial publication

Trump's latest coup: the mantle of Ronald Reagan

We Are Losing a Generation of Civil-Rights Memories

Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy is in BOLOGNA now.

Republicans in disarray

US states with highest ancestry from Europe

Meteor sighted across UK (tweet-heavy thread)

CPAC 2021 National Anthem: #NoKeyLeftBehind

Just a great cover, by a great group of young musicians

Pro-Trump Texans are serious about secession and want to seize property from Democrats as they

Kia & Hyundai got hacked--holding payment system, key fob access and other systems ransom for $20M.

China Appears to Warn India: Push Too Hard and the Lights Could Go Out (NYT)

Trump at CPAC sealed the deal, there really IS no turning back.

"Mirror, mirror on the wall....."

Minneapolis to hire influencers to spread messaging during trial over George Floyd's death

Best anthem video hands down!

Jonathan Pie isn't happy with Boris....

Chad Wolf

Fans at CPAC deny Trump supporters were involved in Jan. 6 attack

Kang Tae Kwan _ Tears Of The Moon

Time To Add The Republican Party To The Domestic Terrorism Watch List: Thom Hartmann


State House passes clean fuel standard bill; now heads to Senate

Who was the stupidest speaker at this year's CPAC?

I just had my first whole roasted garlic bulb. Put it on charcuterie. Delicious.

White nationalists are once again using Christian symbols to spread hate

Remember Your Old Graphing Calculator? It Still Costs a Fortune -- Here's Why

Remember Your Old Graphing Calculator? It Still Costs a Fortune -- Here's Why

Far-Right Platform Gab Has Been Hacked--Including Private Data

The Hyatt Hotel: A paradise for sedition. (Meidas Touch)

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm just won a Golden Globe for Best Comedy!

I went ice fishing today with my kiddo.

Jeff Tiedrich

The Daily Social Distancing Show: What the Hell Happened This Week? - Week of 2/22/21

If Women Had To Orgasm ...

The Daily Social Distancing Show: This Week's Coronavirus Updates - Week of 2/22/21

Can't wait till this goes national and i can try it.

St. Louis civil rights attorneys have uncovered docs/Tax $$ used for Jan 6 attack

Do we really need the Senate Parliamentarian when we have the Senate President?

Kushner's Times Square Center Moves Toward Foreclosure

So who won?

China to create 'IT aircraft carrier' through tech megamerger

Ex-Trump Aide Plans Run for Congress

St. Louis civil rights attorneys have uncovered docs/Tax $$ used for Jan 6 attack

Senate Democrats Can & Must Abolish The Filibuster. Now.: Robert Reich

The Daily Social Distancing Show: The History of the "Strong Black Woman" - Dul-Sayin'

Pfizer vaccine may be less effective in people with obesity, says study (about half the antibodies)

One of these things is not like the other.......

Maya Rudolph and Amy Poehler lead worst-dressed stars - as A-listers show off fashion fails

One Pfizer dose offers robust protection for those who have had Covid-19, studies find.

Slightly Creepy Deep Nostalgia Tool Reanimates Photos Of The Dead With Deepfake Tech

Fog Avisory For DMV Region. Fog is moving into the District.

Ted Cruz mocked Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez at CPAC after the congresswoman raised millions for Texas

I'm in Medford, Oregon. I drove up to Crater Lake. Un Bloody Real. (Video added)

Patria (HBO)

GOP Heads EXPLODE After Immigrant Families Reunite

What are you streaming?


Is GOP Senator implying a large number of Republican COVID Relief Bill supporters are freeloaders?

60 Minutes: Never-before-seen video of the attack on Al Asad Airbase

Pop songs that are really, really dark.

NJ Teen Admits to Coordinating Neo-Nazi Group's Plot to Deface Synagogues Across U.S.

(Jewish Group) Beyond the golem: Horror film 'The Vigil' stars lesser-known Jewish demons

Rev. Al Sharpton's Exclusive Interview with Vice President Kamala Harris - MSNBC

A Recent Survey Casts New Light On America's Racial And Water Divide

So now they're stabbing and pushing over elderly Asian people from behind.

President Biden prepares to undo Trump's Latin America policy. How far will he go?

Orthodox Christianity: 'A Deep Dive Into Orthodox Theology', Fr. Peter Heers

Biden Warns Amazon to Keep Hands Off Union Drive, Draws Cheers From Workers

Report: US wasted billions on cars, buildings in Afghanistan

'Sad': Rep. Adam Kinzinger blasts Sen. Josh Hawley's CPAC remarks

Top Republican tries to avoid tough question on air... it backfires big time - Brian Tyler Cohen

Senate committee to hear end-of-life options bill Monday


U.S. Relations With Saudi Arabia Put To The Test Following Khashoggi Report - MSNBC

West Virginia lawmakers say 'school choice' will help all kids. But the bills wouldn't help some

☦ Eastern Orthodox Theology Regarding Mary.

Labor unions threaten legal action over access at West Virginia Capitol

The West's Infernos Are Melting Our Sense of How Fire Works

West Virginia's coronavirus response coordinator says herd immunity very unlikely with COVID-19

CPAC National Anthem - now with guitar chords!

Texas electricity firm files for bankruptcy citing $1.8 billion in claims from grid operator

Pennsylvania nursing home administrator indicted on fraud charges for falsifying staff timecards

My cat denies reality when it doesn't fit her experience.

...and nobody cares that Maggie is back on The Walking Dead

Buffalo Creek Showing Signs Of New Life, 49 Years After Sludge Spill

Amended Charter School Expansion Bill Moves Ahead In W.Va. Senate

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Raids

Legislature sends governor bill to reduce teacher certification requirements

Dear DUers: All thru this terrible COVID year I've felt a sense of community at DU.....

U.S. attorney departs, but HB 6 investigation is far from over

'Stand Your Ground' laws tied to racial inequities, increase in violent crime, researchers say

'Aisha's Law' for domestic violence protections returns to Ohio legislature

VCU freshman found dead after night of hazing at fraternity rush event, his family says

Florida man drowns while searching for lost golf ball, authorities say

Cleveland church where the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X spoke to be stop on proposed

Ohio AG Dave Yost asks Supreme Court to suspend indicted Cleveland Councilman Ken Johnson

Ohio private employers will soon pay less in worker's comp premiums

Grateful Dead - (Walk Me Out in the) Morning Dew

US Senate seats in states that Democrats will win in 2022 by a landslide to a narrow margin.

Petula Clark - The World Song

Kevin McCarthy must face consequences for promoting Trump's Big Lie

Young Lefty Stefan Knaack Running for Cleveland City Council in "Forgotten" Ward 11

SNAP, Medicaid Rollback Bill Would Cost Nearly $20 Million in Red Tape, Analysts Say

Ohio Sues Biden Administration Over U.S. Census Data

CPAC: Teen Level Communications

Top tier Democratic nominee for US Senate seats that Republicans are favored to win in 2022.

Best "little old lady" story I've heard in a year

The AI-powered fact checker that investigates QAnon influencers shares its secret weapon

Monday TOONs - "C" Is For Circus (With One Ring To Rule Them All)

Texas power back on. Recovery won't be cheap

Litigation Tracker: Pending Criminal and Civil Cases Against Donald Trump

Biden's Schedule for Monday, March 1, 2021

Trump Calls Capitol Riots a 'Lovefest'

Did I hear that right?

Cannabis version of Shipyard's Pumpkinhead ale to launch in Maine

NYC-Sized Iceberg Breaks Off Brunt Ice Shelf (Antarctica), UK Research Station Closed

After 2/21 Seine Floods, Louvre Relieved That Bulk Of Collection Stored Elsewhere

Study: Best-Case For US Corn Belt: 24% Of Topsoil Already Lost; Worst-Case: 46%

June 3, 2017, 11 FBI agents (9 armed) swarmed Reality Winner's home. Reality never Mirandized, was A

'Inferior' women: China counters Uighur criticism with explicit PR attacks

Dog left homeless after fire now living his best life

Toys for boys in the 60's

Anybody liked Tonka trucks?

Deb Halland's Confirmation A Proxy Fight By GOP In Their Endless Defense Of Oil & Gas

Even Denmark Unlikely To Hit 2030 Emissions Target, Per Danish Government Report

To Orwellian Infinity And Beyond!! Wall Street's Climate Doublespeak Getting Clearer

Can you imagine that if we locked on to President Obama like these idiots did to The "former guy"?

Ten years ago, I was in Syria...

Is Toyota's fuel cell module a hydrogen breakthrough?

Put that into your pipe and smoke it.

Deported Veterans, Stranded Far from Home after Years of Military Service, Press Biden to Bring Them

In honor of my 1000th post, I want to share old news that's new to me.

Franken recreates McConnell's post-acquittal impeachment speech

Sen Sanders: Sadly, the Republican Party has turned its back on democracy ...

Emails reveal secret 'war games' meeting & other Pro-Trump shenanigans by GQP AGs

The Rundown: March 1, 2021

''BernieSanders & I are honored to wish civil rights hero, Harry Belafonte, a Happy Birthday!'' 🎂

Natural Woman

And now, for something completely different....

why should we care about the 2022 midterms?

More teachers plan to quit as Covid stress overwhelms educators

22 US Senate seats that Democrats could win in 2022.

Senate Democrats drop proposal to penalize companies for not providing $15 minimum wage

You know the situation where

France's Sarkozy convicted of corruption, sentenced to jail


(Dedicated to CPAQ) Spike Jones - Der Fuehrer's Face

Heavily promoted tom brady diet,

Bobby Short - Way Out West On West End Avenue

President Biden: "Workers in Alabama - and all across America - are voting...."

Hyatt Nazi

QAnon supporters think Biden is a robot who wears a face mask to cover up his malfunctioning mouth..

Anti-masker murders police officer who was escorting him away from basketball game

US supreme court could deal blow to provision protecting minority voters

If Andrew Cuomo leaves as NY governor, will his replacement be more likely to pardon Trump?

Trump Calls Capitol Riots a 'Lovefest'

Ex-tobacco exec bankrolls centrist third party

Osama bin Laden's Son is a Painter. America is His Muse

Hundreds claim decades of abuse by 150 youth center staffers

Any advice for someone who is expecting a mom back from physical rehab?

Census data snafu upends 2022 elections

Chopin was born on this date.

U.S. Senate Democrats drop minimum wage plan for $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill

This is interesting, but it's getting old. 03-01-21 UPDATE.

Stunning new allegations further connect Trump to Russian mobsters and oligarchs

Rep. Jim Jordan's false claim that Pelosi denied a request for National Guard troops

a hot bed of civil rights debate- little free libraries.

Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy sentenced to jail for corruption

Glenn Miller was born on this date.

Irv Cross, pioneering Black sports analyst, dies at 81

CNN New Day 'The Big Lie is alive and well': Avlon rips GOP at CPAC

Trump's power is fading fast.

Rewriting January 6th: Republicans push false and misleading accounts of Capitol riot

The lost year -by Tom Tomorrow

Roger Daltrey has a birthday today.

United Airlines orders 25 new Boeing 737 MAX jets

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Says His Behavior Has Been Misinterpreted as 'Unwanted Flirtation'

This is one of the people that Trump "called out" @ CPAC. Rep. Anthony Gonzales

Maria Bartiromo blows up at Debbie Dingell with unhinged rant against COVID relief

Calls to can Goya Foods grow after CEO repeats Trump's election lies

Trump grasps for relevance in first post-presidential speech at CPAC

Marc E. Elias 🚨NEW: No more Kraken in Wisconsin.🐙

A Guy Tried Mainlining Shrooms. Then They Grew in His Blood

Cartoon: CPAC cult By Clay Jones -March 1, 2021 9:00 AM

Crowd in Mexico stops gay couple from being arrested as they chant 'I'm gay too' at cops

John Bolton Rips Trump's CPAC Straw Poll Results: 'A Pathetic Figure'

It is a waste of time for our Democratic representatives to go onto fox (so-called) news shows,

Very Reasonable QAnon Lady Just Wants The Imaginary Child Abuse To Be Investigated

Trump has almost settled on his post-attempted-insurrection marketing pitch

Democratic veteran challenges 'twisted' QAnon-promoting Greene

Yearning for Justice

busted b/c he wore his work shirt and hat to an insurrection. Some #SeditionHunter complained to the

Piaggio, KTM, Honda and Yamaha to create swappable batteries consortium

...Sidney Powell loses again as Supreme Court tosses her remaining attempts to overturn vote...

DuoLingo is stalking me again

What did Rudy Giuliani mean by "trial by combat" ??

Dead shark among items seized at US airports

Nevada wants to make absentee voting permanent after massive success in 2020

Trump's biggest CPAC lie unmasks a vile truth. Democrats ignore it at their peril.

1039 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Mon.; -1 death

'Bottom-feeders' are propping up 'crazy old uncle' Trump so they can cash in on him: ex-GOP lawmaker

Connecting January 6th, Parler, QAnon, Russia, and Standing Rock

Eric Boehlert: What a mess -- Maureen Dowd lectures liberals about the press

How Pro-Trump Forces Pushed a Lie About Antifa at the Capitol Riot

A bullet silenced Samir, but the struggle he waged lives on

CrossFit Is Finally Fed Up With Marjorie Taylor Greene

In between how Trump has energized and is a force in the Republican party I caught this

Activated charcoal toothpaste to whiten your teeth.

Good Day DU (March 1, 2021)

Will Trump's mental decline steepen so much over the next three years...

Professor Who Designed Texas's Energy Market Defends Skyrocketing Prices Following Winter Storm

YOU raised $20 on 2-28-21 DU for Kansas Fair Maps: Anti-Gerrymandering Fund (UPDATE OOPS)

Biden Backs Unionization Push at Amazon

About the chip in my arm

Genetic genealogy is helping to crack cold cases and identify victims left nameless for decades.

Killings by Police Declined after Black Lives Matter Protests

group of men, including one with an earpiece, gathered near Rosslyn during the Jan. 6 storming of th

Amazon fixes its app icon

Census Data Snafu Upends 2022 Elections

"How did he know?"

Keep a good thought for Act Blue employees

Rabbit Rabbit

Elizabeth Warren Revives Wealth Tax

Duckworth urges Biden admin to release intel on Russian bounties

Portugal Sees EU Consensus on 'Digital Green Pass' for Travel

Today's Moment of Karma

Madison Cawthorn Lied About Crash That Partially Paralyzed Him, Pal Says

France's Sarkozy convicted of corruption, sentenced to jail

Today is the first day of meteorological spring!

A few weeks ago I reached out to DU for ideas to help me get used to retirement.

The 50 most ridiculous lines from Donald Trump's CPAC speech

Supreme Court to decide on Puerto Rico access to Supplemental Social Security Income

Tyson Foods says it will vaccinate 'thousands' of its Iowa meatpacking workers this week

Pythagorean Theorem Demonstrated with Fluids.

The World's Largest Money Managers Hold $170 Billion In Coal Assets

Elizabeth Warren proposes wealth tax on 'ultra-millionaires'

Blind Coconuts seller

Another Far-Right Social Network Hacked

26th April 1478: The Pazzi family launch their failed plot against the Medici family

Biden to Impose New Sanctions on Russia

Ex-Detroit Red Wing Todd Bertuzzi reportedly arrested on suspicion of drunk driving

Regarding ACA. Anyone have any idea how one can get an online quote without getting

Das ist mein Kissen (PILLOW)

Right Wing False Equivalence Fail 101.

Vaccines and Getting Them into Arms - A Historical Perspective

Marcus Flowers: "It's official! I'm running for Congress against Marjorie Taylor Greene." Great ad!

South Carolina: A Year Later - By Joe Biden

Trump unleashes new threat to American democracy at CPAC

Biden Putting Tech, Not Troops, at Core of U.S.-China Policy

Did you see this shit coming out of North Dakota? - Unbelievable

Republicans are trying to kill what's left of the Voting Rights Act.

Huawei exec's extradition fight enters final round in Canada

Bed Bugs Shied Away With Less Pandemic Travel. They're Not Gone

Whaddup, North Dakota? Republican Controlled Legislature votes 43-3 to Hide Presidential Vote Counts

Oldest Known Wild Bird Hatches Chick at Age 70

Bonus Quote of the Day

Daily Press Briefing on M$NBComcast now

Pelosi: Sexual harassment allegations against Cuomo 'credible'

Trump's supporters boo Mitch McConnell despite his saying he'd 'absolutely' support the former

Pup Can't Pass up Popcorn Snack

Rick Scott: GOP is voters' party, not Trump's. No civil war. Trump: Get rid of them all (17 Repubs)

Pic Of The Moment: One Of These People Cares About Texans

Goya Foods CEO said Trump is 'the still actual president' and doubled down on false election claims

Major offshore wind farm using 187-meter high turbines starts to produce power

Premature Chihuahua Puppy Loves Growling At His Favorite Toy

A different beginning of the season

AOC shoots back at Cruz, saying he treated storm-hit Texas as a 'layover' between trips to Cancun

A bailout for the Texas energy market?


Meet the swirlon, a new kind of matter that bends the laws of physics

Republicans Are Least Likely to Want Vaccine

Do you really give a f--k if you ever hear the name "Trump" again?

U.S. strike, first under Biden, kills Iran-backed militiaman in Syria

Goya-Oh boya!

The biggest voting rights case of the term is headed to SCOTUS TOMORROW, Brnovich v. DNC

Ominous Sign...

I fear, the dissolution of western society is only a few decades away.

Let's talk candidates for artists of Presidential Portraits!

How A Nazi Symbol At CPAC Turned Into A Massive Hyatt Public Relations Disaster

legit question here

E. Jean Carroll is ready for her day in court with Donald Trump: 'I think of it every day'

Cartoons 3/1/2021

"I don't mean to brag, but ..."

Kristi Noem Faces the Nation and asks it to look elsewhere

Seattle plans mass vaccination site at Lumen Field Event Center

Clean fuels and police tactics advance, drug law fix arrives

Biden admin will let migrant families separated under Trump reunite inside U.S.

Why GOP's Objection To Certify Election Was Different Than Previous Years

US Senate seats that Democrats will win in 2022.

Judiciary Committee greenlights Garland's AG nomination

Democratic bill to expand voting rights could bring biggest changes in decades

Euclid police officer indicted on 7-counts, including attempted rape

I hate taking pictures 8-(

Texas AG Sues Power Company Over Sky-High Bills During Winter Storm

While the Capitol Was Stormed, A Group of Men Gathered Near the Marine Corps War Memorial

Biden issues statement supporting HR1 to protect voting rights against "unprecedented assault..."

GOP projects their bullshit onto Biden

I can't think of a better tribute to the Lone Star State's favorite Senator

CNN's Brianna Keilar perfectly destroys Trump's CPAC speech

FCA Pleads Guilty in Plot to Enrich Detroit Union Officials

So you want to start reading comics?

National Cherry Blossom Festival unveils hybrid plan for 2021, peak bloom expected April 2-5

'Many' Capitol Police officers want to retire or leave after Jan. 6 siege, union says

Michigan House bill would allow bars to stay open until 4 a.m.

Canker Cluster

GOP state lawmakers help spread lies about COVID-19

Trump lets out long continuous fart on stage at CPAC. Attendees say he looks, sounds & smells great.

AG Candidate Wants to Intervene in Local Cases

Some tasty indictments for your afternoon snack:

China said to speed up move to more survivable nuclear force

Netanyahu accuses Iran of attacking Israeli-owned cargo ship

Ohio's roads are rated a 'D.' But who will pay to fix them?

Defying deadly crackdown, crowds again protest Myanmar coup

50 Years Later, Why Marvin Gaye's Seminal Album 'What's Going On' Endures

***Timeline for the Winter Seasonal Contest***

Question - Iowa's unemployed percentage is really low, yet the state did lose jobs over the past yea

Three tower techs rescued after being stranded in Utah's Oquirrh Mountains

How do you post pictures on DU?

An independent commission is needed to focus on facts about the deadly Capitol riot

'Green pass': European Commission to propose EU-wide vaccine passports for summer

AOC on passing the minimum wage bill.

WH criticized for not directly sanctioning Saudi Prince MBS for role in Khashoggi murder

Trump spokesperson who lied repeatedly to media reportedly running for Congress

Supreme Court to debate voting rights case that advocates worry will limit access to polls

Mall Values Plunge 60% After Reappraisals Triggered by Bad Debt

Mead NE-Ethanol plant temporarily forced to shut down -' Smells like something dead, rotten, acidic"

Ohio announces phase 1C for COVID-19 vaccine eligibility

Sen. Duckworth calls on Biden to release intel on alleged Russian bounties in Afghanistan

2021's Best & Worst States for Women

Monday marks the first day of meteorological spring. Here's what that means.

WH staffer describes 'a complete lack of empathy' during Trump administration for keeping workers

Mead NE-Ethanol plant temporarily forced to shut down -' Smells like something dead, rotten, acidic"

QAnon conspiracy about Trump's March 4 return to Washington puts capital on alert

Dog camera hilariously captures this pup's home alone antics

Hyatt Hotels goes full Susan Collins

Bullet trains in America? The new push for major high-speed rail project between Boston and New York

Well this was wierd. I answered a call because I am waiting

Donald Trump's CPAC speech: The 50 most ridiculous lines

Grassley going after Marc Elias......🤣😂🤣

Will Republicans get behind Renewable Energy?

Madison Cawthorn Lied About Crash That Partially Paralyzed Him, Pal Says

"Illegal Alien" No More: The Biden Administration Drops the Label

Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine could be in Washington in a 'few weeks,' doctor says

A big problem beyond minimum wage - too many low wage jobs just above it that need pushed up

Washington posts first colder than normal February in six years.

On a party-line vote of 30 to 18, the Iowa Senate approved Senate File 413

BREAKING: Judge Merrick B. Garland has been reported out of the Senate Judiciary Committee by a bipa

Who gets to decide if it's harassment? Or racism?

U.S. Supreme Court questions patent tribunal's constitutionality

What kind of attorney gives a self-incriminating interview w/local media?

'Deez Nuts' MAGA a**hole indicted for role in Capitol insurrection

FDA approves at-home COVID-19 test

J.J. Watt agrees to two-year contract with Arizona Cardinals

Union representing grocery workers pushing to expand hazard pay across Puget Sound region

Trump got the vaccine in January

Alaska Air's inaugural 737 MAX flight takes to skies over Seattle

Trump Drops 2024 Hint In CPAC Speech - The Damage Report

Remember Needy Amin crowing about new highs for the DJIA?

And there's been no International Travel (expect with very strict measures) from Brazil to UK, yet..

"...Don't let it happen. It depends on you." --George Orwell

Sad On Every Possible Level

Hyatt Calls CPAC Stage That Looked Like a Nazi Rune 'Abhorrent'


If The GOP Wants To Win ...

America has administered the most shots of any country in the world -- any country in the world -- wit

My health ins. co. sent me a gift card


I need this pandemic to be over with soon. I'm stuck home & getting into FB fights w/ libertarians

Maybe I'm Just Different ...

Sometimes don't go as planned...

That Electoral College

A man refused to mask up at a high school basketball game. Then he killed an officer who intervened,

I went back up to Crater Lake before dawn this morning. (Lots of pics and vids)

Golden Tribute To Trump

Earworm #257154

Cuomo Administration Retains Criminal Defense Lawyer on Nursing-Home Issue

wealthy UTA alumni supporting "Eyes of Texas", minstrel era song, threatened to pull donations

Felix Mendelssohn Violin Concerto in E Minor, Op. 64: I. Allegro molto appassionato

What are the chances that these QRUMP lawyers, (all the crazy ones)

What's for Dinner, Mon., Mar. 3, 2021

Hey, at least he's trying...

About leeks: "On St. David's day, put leeks in your hat!"

How a 10-second video clip sold for $6.6 million

JB Pritzker ends Illinois cash bail system that disproportionately hurt poor

'It is a new day' Fencing removed from around historic St. John's Church after 8 months

Richest 100 Americans Would Pay $78 Billion Under Warren Tax

White House confirms Lausch to stay as top Chicago prosecutor

Pretty Cool Pink Floyd Cover

Unions Give Amazon BIG Middle Finger - The Damage Report

One student shot at Watson Chapel Junior High, juvenile suspect in custody

Union president: AK Steel to change its name

JB Pritzker signs measure limiting cost of insulin.

I am very disappointed in Andrew Cuomo

Weather report says that there's a Gale warning for my area.

Let's talk about what Trump missed at CPAC (Part 1)....

Let's talk about what Biden missed at CPAC (Part 2)....

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats are definitely going to win.

Dan Pritzker donated proceeds from Jerry Garcia's guitar to Southern Poverty Law Center

Supreme Court could hurt voting rights for people of color -- again

Shhhh.....don't tell

This Is Tyranny!

Education Is the Vaccine ...

Irrational Nuclear Fear Puts Sweden In Danger Of Succumbing To Stupidity

Keilar: CPAC like a Fox News TV family reunion

Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex to host entire NIT with 16 college basketball teams

Sgt. Marcus Flowers, FTW!

Invasive Treefrogs Have Snuck Into Louisiana and They Are Not Good Neighbors

How to make a samurai topknot

Christone "Kingfish" Ingram sitting in with Tedeschi Trucks Band on "Statesboro Blues."

Illinois Gov Pritzker donates $2.5mil to Dem Party of Wisconsin

National Park Service predicts cherry blossom peak bloom period of April 2-5

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats are gonna end up winning.

It's both sad and scary that so many in our country are this far off the deep end.

Reflected Sunset (facing east with the sunset behind me)

The depth of destruction of US Immigration infrastructure is sickening

Bypass the Parliamentarian, and let's get this done.

Comparative Religion Funny

Marvin Gaye's 'What's Going On' gets its own day, 50 years after release.

where tf is the "Stimulus"...?

White House Press Briefing March 1 2021

PM Update: Wintry winds are back as it stays cold through Tuesday.

Florida man drowns while searching for lost golf ball, authorities say

Rev. Sen. Warnock FTW!

Prosecutors fill in details of Proud Boys assault on Capitol

Golden Gate Bridge

PASS that stimulus bill. In addition to getting essential relief to Americans.....

Bernie: I applaud the Israeli health officials ... Making sure all Palestinians receive vaccines

Did no one inform CPAC that Trump prefers a golden shower to a golden statue?

LOL -- Not only has the Atlanta Dream kicked Kellly Loeffler to the curb

Manchin asked if there's a point where he would change his mind on the filibuster.

West Virginia and Manchin to get a boost from mine cleanups

Michigan to get Johnson & Johnson single-dose vaccine this week

Gov Wolf eases covid-19 restrictions

USDA puts brakes on land transfer for Arizona copper mine

GOP senators slam $15 minimum wage in op-ed full of lies

FYI from Congressman David Trone's March 1 vaccine distribution letter

Anyone know when the House will hold its next hearing about the Jan. 6 insurrection?

Interior reverses last-minute Trump grazing permits for men who inspired Bundy standoff

Ari is discussing a report on policing and asking about Blue Lives Matter

Senate confirms Miguel Cardona as education secretary


Poll: Majority of West Virginians support $15 federal minimum wage

This is NOT the #CPAC2021 highlight real. DO NOT RETWEAT!!!

Tweet of the hour

The term "three cornered pants" mean nothing to anyone under the age of 50.

Who Made the Hats for Scarlet O'Hara? Meet Mildred Blount

🚨ALERT: Georgia House PASSES voter suppression bill #HB531.

'Roaring Kitty' no longer has financial broker license: filing

DHS Sec.: Trump admin. 'gutted' immigration system

Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2007, the last time the Minimum Wage was raised : A lesson for 2021.

Colombia's war crimes tribunal and the terrorist with apparent learning disabilities

Internet scams in the age of COVID. Give 'em points for creativity

Biden increases pressure on Duque with explicit support for Colombia's peace process

Senate panel to vote Wednesday on three Biden nominees, including trade pick Tai

Looks like the Proud Boys online store is back online.

See what Bill Gates thinks of Biden's stimulus bill (CNN)

Girl acts sad to see how her horse will react.

Squirrel paralyzed by hawk attack now living the best life

U.S. faces 'unprecedented assault on democracy,' White House says, backing election reform bill

Fed up with dead HP printers. Any recommendations for something?

March is National Women's HERstory Month. This year's theme is "Valiant Women Win The Vote:

New York Covid-19 Variant Expands Reach in U.S. With 735 Cases

Husky Sneaks Up On Owner By Acting INVISIBLE!!!!

This is National Women's HERstory Month. This year's theme is "Valiant Women Win The Vote:

Is this the end to the NRA? One can only hope

QAnon supporters think Biden is a robot who wears a face mask to cover up his malfunctioning mouth..

Rescued Cow Crying for Missing Baby REUNITED

Black Voter Outreach (Luckovich)

Donald Trump freak effigy in gold trolls CPAC

(CDC director warns of potential 'fourth surge' in coronavirus cases)