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Thousands In WA Fear Eviction As Moratorium's End Draws Near

Former Sen. Barbara Boxer attacked in California

Remember this? George Carlin (gasp, there's fascism in America)

House rejects GOP effort to seat McCarthy's picks for Jan. 6 panel

TFG's knuckle dragging Supporters Protest as Jill Biden Visits Vaccine Clinic

Melissa Manchester -- Midnight Blue

Fox News Viewers Less Vaccinated As Trump Fuels Hesitancy (MSNBC)

Funny How FUX NOISE Has Been Talking For THREE DAYS SOLID About The Tragic Mugging of A Man New York

What synchronized event would you be in if you were in the Olympics?

The Christian nationalist assault on democracy goes stealth -- but the pushback is working

Meet the members of the House's January 6 select committee

Alabama COVID Hospitalizations Jump 400 Percent as Governor Fumes About 'Unvaccinated Folks'

This Deserves A Poe Award Of Some Sort...

Capitol invader busted by Bumble match

Mental Health Response Teams Yield Better Outcomes Than Police In NYC, Data Shows

Mexico's former First Lady allegedly used a shell company to obtain millions in government contracts

God says, "Just get your damned shot, for Christ's sake!"

Speaker Dade Phelan signs civil arrest warrant for Texas House Democrat who returned to Washington

Chasten Buttigieg says he and Pete couldn't afford more than a 1-bedroom apartment in DC

Layla Revisited

Oklahoma man who shot a woman for stealing his swastika flag blames Antifa

Is it just a coincidence, that as the age of data dawns, the Republicans

Diplomat gets leid over and over

Ending Eviction Moratoriums Likely Led To Thousands Of Coronavirus Deaths: Study

Just FYI, Trump's Gallup poll Approval Ratings At This Point In His Presidency Were 38%.

John Fugelsang tweet

Former U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer assaulted, robbed in California

Authorities investigate Enrique Pea Nieto, his children, and ex-wife Anglica Rivera

Pelosi to Gym Jordan - As You Wish!

Fish fraud is rampant -- and Subway's tuna scandal is just the tip of the iceberg

You know why you never hear rabbits having sex

New Orleans RTA to mandate vaccines for all employees

I'm in the dog house!

Remember how George P. Bush was kissing Trump's ass?

Vice President Harris breaks tie to confirm key labor appointee

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread!

New York City and California will require workers to be vaccinated or face testing.

Well, there it is. The dumbest fucking thing I've read all day

Republicans blame liberals while finally urging vaccines

Texas Democrats: Abbott must restore funding to legislature to kickstart negotiations

Now that the AZ Fraudit has found nothing now they are subpoenaing

Protestors demand the resignation of City of San Marcos leadership

Rev. Jesse Jackson Arrested Outside Senator Sinema's Office In Protest Against Filibuster

this was the inspiration for the clean water act.

placebo - nancy boy (studio - 1997) serious boundary-pushing androgyny for 1997

Michigan Republicans Caught Using COVID Relief Funds To Pay Themselves Huge Bonuses

Atlanta Cop Suspended for Kicking Handcuffed Women in the Head

Political Karma Plays Out In The Investigation Into January 6th

What is electricity? Basic electricity part 1

I Got Grifted: the Whistleblower Who Wasn't

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

A chivalrous Marine

Safety system problem delays opening of Potomac Yard Metro station in Alexandria

'Hell He's Created': Trump Blasted For Lies Amid Covid-19 Surge - The Beat - MSNBC

More Washington counties recommend masks indoors as delta variant surges

Can Somebody Take A Clip Of The 1/6 Insurrection Video & Play Helter Skelter...

"Is this the last Christmas tree in Washington? Spotted in NoMa."

Tweet of the night:

Opinion: Did Biden just commit an impeachable offense in Ukraine? - Say What?

GOP Changing Their Tune On Vaccines: 'Things Are Too Far Gone' - Deadline - MSNBC

'Dangerous and stupid': ER physician on packed, maskless Trump event (CNN)

Let's talk about Americans today vs Americans of the 1940s....

"FOX News Needs To Be Held Accountable" - Dean Obeidallah

Argentina declares emergency due to low water levels in Parana River

Argentina declares emergency due to low water levels in Parana River

Live-action what??!!??

Our visit to Point Vicente Lighthouse on July 26, 2021:

Can anyone tell me time when herd immunity wiped out a virus anywhere without vaccines? nt

Rep. Schiff on MSNBC: Republicans Don't Want the Truth About January 6 to Come Out

RIP Robby Steinhardt. We all thought you were the shit in my High School

A Modest Proposal ...

Carol Leonnig: Trump Gleefully' Watched Supporters Charge The Capitol - Deadline - MSNBC

'Unacceptable': Reporter reacts to Flynn's remark after he was gifted a rifle (CNN)

Work place is screwing me/coworkers over.

Matt Gaetz's Future Sister-in-Law Says He's a Gaslighting 'Creep'

Was just on stocktwits a stock message board

If you're wondering why Fox is so insistent on scaring people away from the vaccine...

Gotta admire this level of patriotism from the 'love it or leave it' crowd here.

God Damn it! People I love now have Covid!

The must win battleground US Senate Race in 2022 is GA(Warnock-D vs Walker-R).

Heroes - The Lincoln Project

The GOP is about to be EXPOSED as Terrorists - The MeidasTouch Podcast

MeidasTouch releases an official statement on Trump's endorsement of Ken Paxton over George P. Bush

What if a member of Congress refuses a subpoena from the House?

Capitol Officers To Testify At January 6 Committee Hearing - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Mountain of Love- Johnny Rivers

Emergency rooms at capacity across western Washington

Neutron star 'mountains' may be blocking our view of mysterious gravitational waves

Bed Time. Tonight's Lullaby is

"I am a white woman! There is only one race!"

2 DC-area women triathletes!

2 DC-area women triathletes!

'Unacceptable': Reporter reacts to Flynn's remark after he was gifted a rifle

Key Questions About Capitol Riot Still Unanswered - Mehdi Hasan

Delaware lawmaker won't run for reelection after anti-Asian slur in email draws backlash

'Pelosi Republicans': McCarthy Blasts Select Cmte.'s GOP Members (MSNBC)

Questions Jan. 6 Select Committee Should Ask About Trump Mob Capitol Attack - The Last Word - MSNBC

Here's Proof Trump's Election Challenges Were A Grift From The Start

Dame Helen Mirren is 76 today.

North and South Korea agree to restore communication channels, improve ties

Pentagon chief 'deeply concerned' by sharp rise in suicides among US troops

Proof of being UNVACCINATED required at Huntington Beach, CA restaurant

Democracy is misinforming about Cuba

"A Literal Pedophile!" Matt Gaetz's Future Sister-in-Law REVEALS ALL in Leaked TikTok Videos!

Trump Leads MAGA To Root Against U.S. Athletes - The Young Turks

Rep. Schiff on CNN: The Republican Party is an Anti-Truth Party

On Occasion I Speak Lightly Of 'My Adventurous Youth'...

Fox News Viewers Less Vaccinated AsTrump Fuels Hesitancy

Parade Of Trump-Tied Criminal Cases Marches On (MSNBC)

How Trump's Business Raked In $2.4 Billion While President - Forbes News

5 killed in bakersfield including deputy

Vaccine Mandates Spread As Covid Resurges And Patience Wears Thin For Vaccine Hold-Outs - MSNBC

Pizza restaurant brawl over wait times

That's a Moray

Pondering the despair of the Karen's and Kevins, the Q freaks, the BLM and antifa paranoid-

January 6 Committee To Examine Networks Of Capitol Attackers - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

#OnThisDay July 26, 1948 President Harry S. Truman desegregated the military.

'Spill Over' From Taliban Resurgence In Afghanistan Raises Regional Concerns - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

Live: Jan. 6 Select Committee Holds First House Hearing On Capitol Riot NBC News LINK ...

Iowa COVID-19 Tracker -- County vaccination rates

Murphy Takes a Shot at 'Talking Heads,' Without Naming ex-Guv Christie

Democrats Excoriate Ciattarelli for Embracing the 'Extreme Right-Wing Fringe'

Union leader indicted on health care fraud charges

COVID-19 in Arkansas: State sees highest single-day increase in deaths from virus since March

Attach to toe..............

Biden announces end of US combat mission in Iraq (CNN)

Former Sen. Barbara Boxer assaulted, robbed in Oakland's Jack London neighborhood

Good morning. All the President's Men now,

New video shows Ewing cops stomp Black teen's head, kick snow in face during 2018 arrest

Dr. Jha: If You're Vaccinated, You Should Not Be 'Excessively Worried' - All In - MSNBC

Interesting (and doubtful accuracy) map of the states of the United States...

Divinyls - Boys In Town

Last victim identified in Florida condo collapse, bringing the death toll to 98 people

'Suffocating': Why a Black Professor Quit Collin College

My apartment building caught fire yesterday.

Texas Man, 68, arrested after video captures husky being abandoned on road. dog ok, adopted out

Officer To Testify In Uniform

US diplomat, pleads guilty to raping and drugging 23 women over 14 years while stationed in Mexico

Breakfast Tuesday 27 July 2021

OK gun range that called itself a "Muslim-free" business, closes. hate doesn't pay

The Texas Election Bill Contains a New Obstacle to Voting That Almost No One Is Talking About

Republican says he wasn't involved in fatal crash despite motorcycle stuck to the front of his car

Dashcam video shows Detroit police officers flee from shooting happening in front of them

Former Wyoming Republican Senator Mike Enzi Dies in Cycling Accident

Why Texas's lone Black freshman Democrat refuses to give up on the fight for voting rights

Tuesday TOONs - CSI: Capitol

Mittens and Scooter have fallen for my devious ploy

olympic sport that requires $10,000 in "Gear"... air rifle

Nazareth - Holiday

Biden's Schedule for Tuesday, July 27, 2021

David Crosby's Had It With 'Evil Bastard' Trump and the Rotten Music Industry

Louie Gohmert, Matt Gaetz, And Marjorie Taylor Greene To Hold Protest Supporting Domestic Terrorists

You can't buy happiness but with some actions you can certainly rent it!

A peaceful moment for you today

I Just Got A "Different" Email From The Zoo

Police who defended U.S. Capitol to testify at riot probe's first hearing

House January 6 Committee Hearing Livestream

Remnants Of CA Salmon Runs Hung On For Decades; High Water Temps Might Be The Final Blow

Police who defended U.S. Capitol to testify at riot probe's first hearing

Good News Network: 100 years ago (today), two Canadians isolated the hormone insulin

13 States, 85 Fires, 1.5 Million Acres Burned Or Burning, And It's Not Even August Yet

House January 6 Committee Membership

Breaking Olympic gymnastics spoiler

Study: Heatwaves Like PNW 2021 Will Become Common In Decades Ahead; Up To 18C Over Averages

A Pittsburgh Burger King closes temporarily as workers apparently walk out

Olympic champion Simone Biles is out of the team finals after appearing to injure herself...

Exhibition tells story of Spanish children used as vaccine fridges (storage) in 1803

Video Evidence Shown in the Capitol Insurrection Criminal Cases

State House Democrat charged with theft, is resigning seat

US Senate seats that the Democrats will win in 2022 are going to be in-

Last, but not least, Spooky Jr has made an appearance

Michael Enzi, Long-Serving U.S. Senator From Wyoming, Dies at 77

Ex-US Sen. Mike Enzi of Wyoming dies after bicycle accident

Kentucky Man's Mugshot

Alabama is prosecuting a mom for taking prescribed medication while pregnant

"Who gives a shit?" Kinzinger told reporters."

Gov. Carney officially sets Delaware on path to $15 minimum wage

anybody have streaming links for Jan 6 hearings?

BOOM! Studios for October 2021

Led by the Slobfather several ReTHUGs participated in a coup

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 7/21/21

The Rundown: July 27, 2021

Tapes provide rare look inside murder plot, and the Florida klan's link to law enforcement

'Ocean to Idaho' film premiere swims into Idaho Falls next month

Congressional candidate's money comes from one source: himself

Eric Boehlert: Can the media Both Sides an insurrection? They're gonna try

Hardest hit Covid states no longer reporting cases daily

Trump Officials Can Testify in Jan. 6 Inquiries: Justice Dept.

The 'Founding Fathers' Were Surprisingly Pessimistic


Regarding those hesitant, reluctant, or refusing to get vaccinated

Majority of Dodgers players do not want Trevor Bauer to rejoin team, per report

I've been kicked out of Facebook

History repeats

The DOJ rules that former officials from the trump administration are not protected by

House to hold hearings on the 1/6/21 violent insurrection @ the US Capitol. Fox News this AM

Ignore anyone who belittles or whines about the "partisan" investigation the House Select

The first thing I'd do if I ever woke up and nothing hurt, is check for a

MAGAT heads are exploding because the NFL plans on having the song

She Blew The Whistle On Military Sexual Assault, Then Came Under Investigation

Meidas Touch seems a bit confident. I wish I shared that optimism.

Who does the Funding for the Cover Up (TLP)


House January 6 Committee Hearing has started

Last victim ID'd in Florida condo building collapse

A reminder that the January 6 commission IS bipartisan...

Might want to cancel your Disney, Sea World, Universal plans

Open Thread- Question du jour

When was Mike Enzi ever a consensus builder

Maine Is Cancelling The Registrations Of Imported JDM Cars

Something else that needs to be done along with the investigation into Jan 6

Cop Appears To Plant Evidence During Totally Worth-It Traffic Stop

CDC decision on updated mask guidance is imminent

Liz Cheney: Committee might subpoena McCarthy & possibly Trump himself.

Within You Without You

OFFICIAL THREAD: House Select Committee on January 6

Watching CNN- so proud of these guys

This Capitol riot hearing is...RIVETING!

Gaslighting by Stefanik: Nancy Pelosi Nancy Pelosi Nancy Pelosi

Happy Birthday - Marilyn Monroe

Alabama is prosecuting a mom for taking prescribed medication while pregnant (cross post from GD)

So, what happened to Simone Biles?

Officer Fanone is especially compelling. (previous officer too) He absolutely holds your attention

U.S. warns against travel to Israel, Portugal and Spain as delta fuels outbreaks

Sisterhood of the Holy Weed

If Stefanik has information she should be compelled to testify under oath.

How interesting - of the networks, only ABC is carrying this live

Georgia man pleading guilty to 4 of 8 Asian spa killings

Grab him up, take him to the river: Inside a KKK murder plot

Boop Oop A Doop - Your early morning Boop

Democratic strategist are worried.......

Michael Fanone just kicked the cowardly congress critter's asses.

I can't turn away.

They're calling Officer Fanone a "crisis actor."

Trucker shortage leads to possible fuel shortages at some airports, airline industry says

As I watch the 1/6 House Committee hearing my eyes are filled with tears

5 Indian police dead after clash between forces of separate states

They say a cigarette can't ignite gas - but------

DC/VA/MD: Potomac Yard Metrorail Station delayed at least five months due to 'inexcusable' mistake

You don't bring bear mace/wasp spray to a rally unless you've planned out exactly how you're going..

Team USA's face masks are getting a gold medal in freaking people out

Right Wing Watch: The day after the insurrection, radical right-wing activist John Guandolo said

Listening to Officer Dunn, I fully understand Tucker Carlson's preemptive attacks on him

CDC to urge vaccinated people to resume wearing masks indoors in some circumstances

Both Siderism on CBS evening news

QAnon reaction: Everything is fake, nothing you saw happened, it's all a hilarious lie.

Arkansas Gov. tries to reason with anti science constituents

LIVE: Jan. 6 House Select Committee Holds First Hearing On Capitol Riot

Joe Walsh: Listening to these officers, all I've got is: "Fuck you Donald Trump for inciting this.

BREAKING: @TexasLonghorns officially request invitation to join @SEC

Pro Publica is posting all the videos being used in the January 6th prosecutions.

Glenn Kirschner: I wept when USCP Officer Harry Dunn testified about what the Trump supporters/

I don't have cable - is Fox News carrying this January 6th hearing?

She Blew The Whistle On Military Sexual Assault, Then Came Under Investigation

Noel Casler: Hearing how many rioters used the 'n-word' makes my blood boil, because Trump had used

"I'm still recovering from those hugs and kisses"

I will get trashed for this, but watching this hearing I'm really proud of Liz Cheney...

Justice Department Paves Way for Officals to Tattle on Trump About Jan. 6 Insurrection

Holy Crap! The Capitol Officer Gonell went there!

Please remember while Officer Daniel Hodges testifies

Good Day DU (July 27, 2021)

Trumper Who Wore 'Back The Blue' Shirt To Rally Arrested For Assaulting Officers On Jan. 6

Newsmax's most popular host, attacking police officers

Sergeant Gonell: I am still recovering from the "hugs & kisses"

Capitol Officer Fenone's body cam video

The officers are calling the insurrectionists "Terrorists"

Holy crap. Kingszinger is crying. At the beginning of his statement

Adam Kinzinger getting quite emotional....

Distraught Simone Biles pulls out of Olympics team final: 'I was still struggling with some things'

Kinzinger's emotional remarks are incredibly moving (VIDEO)

Kinzinger: The Republican Party has chosen to make the insurrection another partisan fight

DOJ: Trump officials do not have Executive Privilege, zero restrictions to testify at Jan 6th hrgs

Man in contraption washes up in Florida after trying to run on water

I think Olympic Skateboarding may have some bugs to work out...

Official thread for Jan 6th comission

according to radar , sonora ca had a brief rainshower @ 0500 ca time .

Rep. Kinzinger (R) Destroys RW talking points on Insurrection with his questions

Rep. Stefanik: Nancy Pelosi "bears responsibility" for Jan. 6th

Anita Bryant (remember her?) not invited to her Granddaughter's wedding...

I Don't Think Many Americans Realize That The Capitol Bldg Was Breached.....

My nephew has become my niece

Charlie Pierce: Kinzinger's murdering every RW talking point & hanging their bodies from lamp posts

Sgt. Aquilini Gonell, just now:

Appreciation Thread for the Officers Testifying Today

Currently on OAN: "Britney Spears' Attorney Files to Replace Father as Conservator"

Representative Schiff's voice...

cognitive dissonance...that's all they have...

"No uptick in employment" in states ending pandemic benefits

Matt Gaetz's Future Sister-in-Law Says He's a Gaslighting 'Creep'

A Lawsuit Against Jan. 6 Rally Speakers Forces DOJ To Consider Who's Legally Immune

OFFICIAL THREAD 2: House Select Committee on January 6

Trump increased the hatred for others not white like him

A few words missing so far, in the testimony AFAIK--until just now

Indigenous Americans demand a reckoning with brutal colonial history

What did Jim Jordan know about the insurrection and when did he know it?

"Distressed Boyfriend Jeans"

What did Jim Jordan know about the insurrection and when did he know it?

Are these the only officers going to speak or are they just the first?

Fox News is having to broadcast the 1/6/21. It doesn't get more real than this.

What Newsmax decided to air when they cut away from Officer Michael Fanone testifying

Simone Biles cites emotional toll of Olympics after pulling out of team gymnastic finals

Officer Hodges said the reason they didn't shoot people was...

Cheney asks police about Trump's 'loving crowd' comment

1475 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Tues.;12 deaths

You can see now why the MAGA house members didn't want any of this to be public

Bhutan fully vaccinates 90% of eligible adults within a week

"What were you fighting for?" Officer Hodges: "Democracy and the future of this country"

WATCH: Republican Adam Kinzinger chokes up at Capitol riot hearing -- then rips his GOP colleagues

George P. Bush just learned a very important lesson about TFG

ABC in Phoenix cuts away to a glamour infomercial.

CDC to change mask wearing guidance for vaxxed people at 3PM

Some French anti-vaxxers appear to have appropriated the yellow Star of David

Mitch McConnell tried to pin slowing vaccine rates on Biden, despite conservatives leading efforts

'Mental health' behind Simone Biles' shock Olympic team final exit

Vaccine mandate 'tipping point': These entities are requiring vaccines as the Delta variant spreads

Those chants of "fuck the blue fuck the blue" by Trump's thugs should be hung around Trump, ...

Trump fanatic Samuel Lazar has been arrested for attacking cops at the Capitol on Jan. 6.

Jamie Raskin has weighed in on OH-11

Behind Officer Fanone: Anyone know who the balding man with the white close-cropped beard

Heard Again Yesterday That The Joint Chiefs Were All Going To Resign One-By-One If....

While this hearing is important for history, I suspect very little minds will be changed because of

DAYM. Officer Dunn all but said arrest trump

Get the hitman!

Officer Dunn: go after the one who sent the mob

We are never gonna get anywhere with this Select Committee..........

DOJ Letters: No "Executive Privilege" for Trump-Era Witnesses on 2020 Election Machinations

Reps. Gaetz, Gosar, Gohmert, and Greene's DOJ presser is being derailed by one whistler.

This message was self-deleted by itself and no one else

Funny how Fuckie Todd finds it necessary to edit the F word

Vaccination hesitancy amid Delta variant is putting two groups of people at particular risk

Asking for good thoughts for Lucy

Marjorie Taylor Greene freaks out as committee kicks off: 'They want members of Congress in jail'

Corporate PACs once again funding GOP's "Sedition Caucus" as hearings on Capitol riot begin

Native Americans are targets of voter suppression too

If the movie DEEP IMPACT really happened

The Six Million Dollar Man - 148 seconds of TV greatness

The zombie apocalypse is upon us! All you have to defend yourself with is the last thing you bought.

Disbelief, support in Japan after Naomi Osaka's elimination

GOP Presser on Jan 6th Prisoners was stopped early due to an interruption by protestors.

A couple is being sued for defamation after writing 1-star Google reviews of a roofing company

So, having just watched 4 hours of riveting sworn testimony from 4 uniformed police

The Time Tax

Bystanders, Boy Scouts help put out fire at Discovery Park

Biden to meet with key Democratic negotiator as White House presses to keep agenda on track

Are the un-vaccinated "willfully and spitefully" behaving

I Want To Know What Was Discussed At Tr**p's DC Hotel - The Day(s) Before 1/6....

Germany to test travelers for virus on entry

Wisconsin GOP leader doesn't want another election probe

Two accounts of AZ GOP pushing "fraudit" lies suspended by Twitter

Designer who won't make same-sex wedding websites loses case

The courts are destroying America's ability to fight pandemics

More Domestic Terrorists Arrested

We have started investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol. Nothing will be off-limits.

Video: GQP presser interrupted, woman asks Matt Gaetz "are you a pedophile?"

Lock up the Slobfather

I had a dream last night that I was tickling Sir Patrick Stewart's feet.

Ex-airman sentenced to 45 months for leaking drone info

Explain why? 9th paragraph?."Much of our country remains unvaccinated, 49.1% fully vaccinated"

CNN: "Subpoenas are coming "soon" from Jan. 6 select committee, panel chair says"


I bagged my last four PT sessions for my hip replacement for COVID risk. No big deal. I was killing

Alert!: Fox's deep news coverage demands investigations re Britney Spears.

What would you do if you suddenly realized Rand Paul was your neighbor?

Blaming Pelosi for 1/6

I found all officers testimony im thinking , god fighting hand to hand

Sanjay Gupta says CDC says if you are vaxxed you are still carrying around

Australian fires had bigger impact on climate than covid-19 lockdowns in 2020.

My current favorite sandwich

(Wisconsin) GOP fails to override veto of bill ending unemployment aid

Sometimes it is true...

Cat goes for gold on the parallel bars

i think gym jacketoff is going to be called to testify...

Liz Cheney urges investigation of Trump's 'every phone call' on Jan. 6, and Kinzinger makes an emoti

Cartoons 7/27/2021

GOP Lawmakers Abandon Press Conference

How surprise storms unleashed violent winds over the District on Monday evening

Aaron Rupar's Twitter thread provides clips of all the highlights of today's hearing.

Vaccine mandate calls fueled by COVID-19's latest spike

Pentagon Chief Slams China While Vowing Deeper Role in Asia

Bret Baier on Fox: 'You Cannot Watch This Testimony and Say That Is Not a Big Deal

Human Rights Watch: Israeli war crimes apparent in Gaza war

As Virus Cases Rise, Another Contagion Spreads Among the Vaccinated: Anger

2 Capitol rioters plead guilty while House hearing unfolds; judge calls their behavior 'reprehensibl

Max Headroom says they were on line to use the bathroom at the Capitol and now they're in jail.

Is there really a 'crisis' in cosmology?

Wayne Berman - The Lincoln Project

I just found this band, but they've kicking around for 5 or 6 years

A Capitol riot suspect said 'my mom and I helped stop the vote count for a bit' after being 'invited

Water vapor detected on huge Jupiter moon Ganymede for 1st time

Stressed and "fighting demons" Biles exits the team competition

The REAL Reason For Housing Crises - Rebel HQ

Peter Thiel floods 2022 GOP races with cash, makes candidates an easy target

Romania's Roman gold mines get UNESCO heritage status

How are suburban women taking the hearings?

An Arizona GOP official tore into the state's election recount on Fux Noise: 'This was not a stolen

German X-ray space telescope captures most complete map of black holes ever

Unpatched iPhone Bug Allows Remote Device Takeover

I'm confused about January 6.

Fed up Jen Psaki SCHOOLS Fox reporter over combative question - Brian Tyler Cohen

Happy 99th birthday Norman Lear!

Mexican fuel cargo for Cuba is sovereign decision, president says

Officer Fanone Condemns 'Disgraceful' Indifference To Jan. 6 Victims - (MSNBC)

Colombia seeks to absolve former president despite evidence

Miami doctor to Gov. Desantis: Three things you need to do now to help us fight COVID

Republicans are a statistical anomaly

They say they'll take a bullet for their country, but won't take a needle for their neighbor.

Matt Gaetz meets the public...

GQP select committee strategy

Author Sandra Cisneros, Finding Home Space To Write, Be Barefoot & Rude- Immigrant Dad, Artist Mom

Narco's nephew Colombia's new ambassador to Washington DC

I seem to be scrapping more posts than I complete and post recently. Some are just a little "salty"

Woman wins lottery to take this cross-eyed shelter cat home - GeoBeats Animals

'Low-intensity urban terrorism' is Colombia's 'new threat'

These Are The Happiest Pets On TikTok - Purr Purr

Little Ducklings Take a Leap of Faith to Follow Mama

Liz Mathis to challenge Ashley Hinson in Iowa CD-01

Capitol Police officer shares emotional testimony

'ARE YOU A PEDOPHILE!?' Matt Gaetz & Marjorie Taylor Greene Flee Presser After Hecklers Shut It Down

Women's March (Super PAC) endorses Nina Turner for OH 11 primary

Walmart to pay 100% of associates' college tuition and books

Dog Waiting For the UPS Man to Bring Him His Daily Treat

Blinken voices outrage after swastika etched at State Dept

Former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland endorses Shontel Brown

Atlanta Cop CAUGHT Kicking Woman's Head - Rebel HQ

It has taken me ALL SUMMER, but I finally got some photos of a Monarch Butterfly!

Capitol Police Officer Testifies To The Racism He Faced During Jan. 6 Riot

Steve Schmidt: We are witnesses to a profound and dangerous repudiation of faith and belief.

MSNBC Maddow: GOP rep eyes plan to kick Cheney, Kinzinger out of the party

Amazing Elephants: Timisa Reacts to Wild Elephant Dung and the Herd Rush to Surround and Protect Her

Think Of Your COVID-19 Vaccine Like A Very Good Raincoat, Says Dr. Leana Wen

Chief Inspector Murphy gets his daily rest

CDC updates guidance, recommends vaccinated people wear masks indoors in certain areas

Atlanta-area spa shooter to serve 4 life sentences in Cherokee County slayings

I am not mad at people that refuse to get vaccinated......

Biden says White House exploring vaccine mandate for federal employees

Ancient Peruvian Sun calendar declared UN heritage site

Chile's ancient mummies added to UN heritage list

Osprey down creek, +

Chile's ancient mummies added to UN heritage list

Trailer - Lamb

Ancient Peruvian Sun calendar declared UN heritage site

Emory University to require vaccinations for faculty, staff for fall semester

Just give the guy Covid. That is proportionate justice

Wisconsin Republican promises forensic election audit

Pastor Threatens Church Members Who Wear Masks - Rebel HQ

The Rubber Glue Defense

Beaver And Otter Play 24/7

My op disappeared less than a day after I posted it

Fox news is reporting NOTHING on Twitter about 1/6 hearing. Want to join me in helping them?

Reasons pet cats wouldn't survive in the wild...

Two more bad apples arrested

Black lab loves to take tube rides around the lake!

Do you believe we will learn that some Congressional Rs were directly involved in the insurrection?

George P. Bush learns the GOP's Trump lesson the hard way

Newsmax Host: I took pleasure in USA Men's Basketball loss

Anti-vaxxer arrested after threatening to 'beat, kill and lynch' Dr. Fauci: report

Time For The End Of The Teen Gymnast

yea, they support the police: mcconnell & mccarthy did not watch the 1/6 committee hearing today.

Gym Jordan is in some serious trouble

For 'trivia, TCM

I have been fully vaxxed since March. I wore my frikin mask to the store just now

Liberal Redneck - Capitol Cops Testify (Trae Crowder)

Many years ago, the small-town high school I attended had 3 or 4 "assemblies" each year.

I'm Really Enjoying The Olympics...

Anti-vax NFL players willing to put their immunocompromised coach at risk to own the libs.

Larry Nassar's abuse of gymnasts, including Simone Biles went back decades. Why it still matters in

Donald Trump plus all his children, their spouses or mistresses; Pence, Meadows,

What's for Dinner, Tues., July 27, 2021

TFG & Republicans will have to dig a new sewer to rebut four heroes

House Republicans pull out of another key select committee in a sign of 1/6 panel fallout

4 needed reforms of California's recall election rules

Wild goose knocks on glass door when her mate is in surgery:

Capitol Hill Officer Reveals How Racist Trump Supporters Are - Rebel HQ

Video shows salmon injured by unlivable water temperatures after heatwave

Vaccine Hold-Outs: COVID Infection Helps Remove R's From Gene Pool, Can Cause E.D, Sperm Ct. Decline

Adorable step dancing toddler:

Marjorie Taylor Greene Gets Chased Out Of Her Own Press Conference - The Rational National

Karen's Verbal Assault BACKFIRES In Store - Indisputable with Dr. Rashad Richey

In court filing, House counsel says it won't defend Mo BROOKS from Eric Swalwell's Jan. 6 lawsuit

Confused Dog Looking For Hidden Mom Runs to Dad

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Suing Speaker Pelosi Over Mask Fines

Women's March endorses Nina Turner in first-ever electoral endorsement

Need a laugh? 😆 The Daily Caller seems to troll Fox News's Douchey with tweet

Irish Government approves Covid vaccines for 12-15 year-olds. Now my son can get vaccinated !

Walmart now offering free college tuition and books to its 1.5 million U.S. employees

WE are a Nation of Immigrants.

Things that make you hmmmmm........

An excerpt from Wolff's new book encapsulates the entirety of the prior administration

Ed Buck convicted in meth overdose deaths of Gemmel Moore and Timothy Dean

Justice Democrats find an enemy to fight: Speaker Pelosi

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 28 July 2021

Biden says Russia spreading misinformation ahead of 2022 elections

Salon: GOP's race to the bottom: Who can be the most obnoxious troll?

BNCNews #RobertAaronLong, the accused #Georgia spa shooter, was sentenced to four life sentences

Riddle me this, if Two bombs were found at the RNC and DNC right before the riot

Office of General Counsel for the House will NOT defend Republican Mo Brooks in Swalwell lawsuit

Tucker Carlson's Questions About January 6th Answered - The Daily Show

Five years ago today, a famous line...

How I feel about here.

Adam Kinzinger gives PERFECT comeback to his OWN party leader's attack on him - Brian Tyler Cohen

Opening testimony on the first day of the Jan. 6 House Select Committee Hearings - MSNBC

I can not think of an appropriate thread title as this is absolutely unbelievable.

How long till the name-calling starts

Adorable Pitbull loves to have his make up done!

CNN host nearly ends interview after mask answer (CNN)

And who says cats aren't affectionate?

Kevin McCarthy 1/13/21: "The president bears responsibility for attack on Congress by mob rioters."

If this committee intends to subpoena McCarthy and Trump,

Cute white sugar glider flying down into owner's hand

Covid Passports: How Do They Work Around The World?

US on track to see 200K daily COVID-19 cases, former CDC director says

Why do vaccinated people need to mask? See Gupta's answer (CNN)

The Congressional Subpoena Must Be Re-Established

Powerful testimony counters revisionist history

Campbell's soup cans get new design for first time in 50 years

As climate change worsens, extreme weather disasters pile up

Charlie Kirk calls Simone Biles a "selfish sociopath" and a "shame to the country"

Swalwell: 'McCarthy And Trump Trying To Erase Heroism' Of Capitol Police (MSNBC)

GOP up in arms over Cheney, Kinzinger

Man charged in Maryland federal court with threatening to kill Dr. Anthony Fauci and his family

Kudos to Merick Garland's Justice Department

The first January 6 committee hearing was a searing indictment of the GOP's lies about the fatal

Joe Biden Actively Considering Vaccine Mandate For All Federal Employees

Fox News has been whitewashing January 6th for months - mediamatters4america

Woman attacks store owners after card declined

Update on the dove hatchling I rescued.

Salmon Dying, Warming Rivers, 70F Water Temps, Heat Stress, Disease: US West Heatwave

Those of us who watched today's testimony before the Select Committee were impressed not just

Cheney calls Gaetz, Greene DOJ protest a 'disgrace'

My take on getting the vaccine.

Congress reverts to childish antics with no adult supervision in sight

Charles Pierce ftw!

Reporters To Return To Wearing Masks At Indoor White House Gatherings

The Indian girl killed for wearing jeans

New evidence shows Trump appointees' political interference with CDC weekly Covid data reports, Hous

Brazil's Bolsonaro turns to center-right senator for political survival

DOJ Siezes "Epic Of Gilgamesh" from Hobby Lobby

Dispute Over Whether To Watch Cartoons Or "Monk" Results In Man's Arrest For Battery

Ex-lawmaker who let protesters in OR Capitol gets probation

Biden mileage rule to exceed Obama climate goal

John Heilemann: 'We All Know Who Hired The 'Hit Man' For The Jan 6th Riot' (MSNBC)

What's the point? We are doom!

Republicans Have No Answer for January 6

Almost Had A Run-In With A Karen Today - But Kept My Cool And Didn't Engage....

TFG endorses scandal-plagued Ken Paxton for Texas attorney general

Inside a KKK murder plot: Grab him up, take him to the river

Jan. 6 rioters told Sgt. Gonell, 'You're not even an American,' officer says

BREAKING: Gov. Sisolak (Nevada) signs new mask mandate

Martin Shkreli had the only copy of a Wu-Tang Clan album. The U.S. government just sold it ...

This TOOL On CNN Right Now

Wu-Tang Clan album sale pays off Martin Shkreli's court debt

Top security official for slain Haitian president arrested by police

On this day, July 27, 1942, Bobbie Lee Gentry was born.

Higher COVID Rate Found In Some Counties With Higher Vaccination Rate

US pays $4B to Afghan forces; Who is watching?

Sorry Jeopardy fans

David Corn: Here's a Long List of Top Republicans the 1/6 Committee Should Question

Nobody wants to work anymore!

Can I view an archived Facebook page?

3 tech giants report combined profits of more than $50B

vetiver - to who knows where (2019) some SF-based folk, the nick drake hangs heavy over it

Biden Hater's Banners That Town Called Obscene Can Stay Up, Court Rules

VoteVets - 'Axis of Evil' Ad Featured on MSNBC During The Rachel Maddow Show

Capacity Changes, Capacity Utilization, Energy Production: Wind Power in California 2001-2020.