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Is Donald Trump More Dangerous Than Roy Cohn? The Rosenbergs' Granddaughter Says Yes

2020 US Senate Election- Democrats guide to a supermajority.

Bill to remove Confederate statues from Capitol stalled by Missouri's Blunt

Trump Jr tells his father that Bin Laden endorsed Biden because it would lead to destruction of U.S.

Money Pours Into Biden Super PAC

Ted Cruz is terrified of Sesame Street

Incest uncovered at the elite prehistoric Newgrange monument in Ireland.

Whoa! This Trump Rally Is Really Packed

Wirecard CEO resigns as $2 billion goes missing and fraud claims fly

Judge to OK $58B plan to end PG&E bankruptcy after wildfires

What the fuck is with this flag?

Immersion (stick) blender recommendations?

Mass Poor People's Assembly & Moral March on Washington June 20th,

Biden Proves an Elusive Target, Adding to Trump's Frustration

Just back from a quick shopping trip to Costco and (ugh!) Home Depot

Stinky kitten poop

Trump admits 'so many lives have been lost' -- but says their coronavirus deaths won't be in vain

Expanded voting options for 2020 elections pass Massachusetts Senate

DDay anniversary jump

Hitler reads Bolton's book in the bunker (2nd tweet):

I never heard of the Tulsa race massacre of 1921 until this week.

A Cabinet of rivals just like Lincoln said the Ninny today

NY-16: Jamaal Bowman raises $2M, launches $350,000 ad buy ahead of New York primary

Some days---and this is one of them---I despair that we, the sane, reasonable, tolerant, thinking

Detroit rapper's 'Big Gretch' song gets some love from Gov. Whitmer

Let's talk about Gil Scott-Heron and it being televised....

Trump campaign accused of wire fraud by former White House counsel

juneteenth tweet from tiedrich -- another win

Enes Kanter's father has been released.

Is there room yet?

Worst day for new cases?

No, Roberts Gates, "both sides" are not focused on dividing us!

Trump to OK Gov; "One of the reasons we chose your state, Kevin, is you have done so well with the

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

It appears that I can't donate blood.

What time does the shit show start tomorrow?

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Live and Let Die!

Wanna know what a good Corporation looks like?


Guess how the oldest African-American nursing home avoided losing a *single person* to COVID-19...

A song to honor the 155th anniversary of Juneteenth.

We are now BACK above 33,000 cases today, people please be careful

Do you want to sign some petitions for black women who have been gunned down by police?

Women Scare Trump (ad)

Donald Trump's campaign manager didn't vote for Donald Trump in 2016

Wow. "Women Scare Trump" - MeidasTouch goes after Trump for his treatment of female reporters

How to Prevent Coronavirus Spread From Trump's Tulsa Rally

Parody: Christian face masks

The Bidens' Little Free Library - Sack Cartoon

Hello. Hello out there. I am still isolating.

*TONIGHT, 9:31 PM ON MPT 22,

Tweet of the night:

Ann The legendary,

That, too.

Reagan went to Mississippi - the Con heads for Tulsa

Friday Talking Points -- Anarcho-Syndicalists Unite!

Tweet: Trump is setting Tulsa up a riot for tomorrow night.

***Ann The legendary (Y'all GOTTA watch this!!!)

CNN tasks Van Jones with interviewing 3 ignoramuses

Mueller Report Redactions on Roger Stone Are Revealed

I just lost ten years off my life watching Rachel

1971 Protest Song Marvin Gaye 'What's Going On"

Biden Proves an Elusive Target, Adding to Trump's Frustration

Trump to replace SDNY prosecutor with lawyer who defended Deutsche Bank from money laundering scanda

My lady just found this on Craigslist,

Friday Night News Dump

The devastation of racism ...

Yet Another Week in Hell: Everybody Welcome (Sigh) Nestor to the Cast (Ferret/Shower Cap)

It's not just Trump. The GOP needs to be punished.

Editorial Board Trump appointee launches assault on Voice of America, affiliates

Look at the Sahara dust in the Atlantic - it's heading for the US

there is no end to the corruption of Barr and Trump

I can't believe some have bought into Trumps debate bluff

US Senate seats in 2020 that Democrats will be winning.

Be Happy...

"Don't worry about me voting. Worry about my aunties and all her church sisters"

Mark Hamill to moderate $500-a-person 'Joe-bi Wan' fundraiser, says Biden 'our only hope!'

Glenn Kirschner: Trump and Barr are international criminals killing the US rule of law to assist

Trump holding a bible will not hold well with those that know the bible.

Geoffrey Berman announces charges against Jeffrey Epstein, July 8, 2019

Barr Abruptly Seeks to Oust U.S. Attorney Who Investigated Trump Associates

The US and South Korea discovered their first COVID-19 cases on the same day


BREAKING: Excerpts from Mueller Report Redacted By Barr(UPDATED)

When is the best time to donate to a campaign?

Midnight In Memphis - J.J. Cale

Mexican president says he ordered release of 'El Chapo's' son

Mexican president says he ordered release of 'El Chapo's' son

Uplifting Biden tweet

Colorado Gov signs sweeping police reform bill ending qualified immunity, banning chokeholds

US Atty for SDNY Geoffrey Berman was fired.

2020 Horse Racing - Free Belmont Stakes PP's

AP changes writing style to capitalize ″b″ in Black

AP changes writing style to capitalize ″b″ in Black

The Daily Social Distancing Show: SCOTUS Protects Dreamers

What time is Trumps Tulsa rally tomorrow?

Brazilian mayor censured over 'racist' coronavirus ban

This is what keeps me awake at night

Richard Pryor on the choke hold and the police

John Bolton may lose book earnings

Biden tweets about his first tv ad

The Daily Social Distancing Show: What is Juneteenth? Dulce Sloan Explains

EDIT to fix title. Contest is NOT closed. Sorry for the misinformation.

Coronavirus Attacks the Lungs. A Federal Agency Just Halted Funding for New Lung Treatments.

So will there be a second wave of lockdowns if the infection rate is on the rise?

Biden's short tweet on Trump and the virus

Maryland Board Approves Nearly $4M for 2 Wrongly Imprisoned.

Don Lemon Just Interviewed Both Fathers From The Toddler Video

Mexico blows past 20,000 coronavirus deaths

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Kimberly Jones - Speaking Out About Black Experiences in America

And there goes Major League Baseball for the year.

Unredacted Mueller report reveals Trump may have lied to the special counsel

Photos from the scene as more Trump supporters gather in Tulsa before Trump

Trans candidate aims to succeed Ritchie Torres as Bronx councilmember


Seth Meyers - Supreme Court Blocks Trump Administration from Ending DACA - Monologue 6/18/20

Trump dislikes Trudeau and once ordered staff to attack him on TV, Bolton book alleges

Friday Night Wine-Buzz. Ask me anything.

Novel coronavirus hospitalizations increasing in 17 states

Berman snaps back at DOJ

***Holy shit*** Berman says he has NOT resigned and has no intention of resigning.

Trudeau says he's 'disappointed' after China charges two Canadians with spying

The stuff at the bottom of the Chill Indica tincture bottle is the strongest......

Replaced USSD NY Attorney Refuses to Leave Until Replacement Confirmed

US Attorney: "I have not resigned, and have no intention of resigning, my position"

Trump's annoying new tweets offering jackbooted thugs

Seth Meyers: Guest Wanda Sykes

Here's my lurking concern about this weekend in Tulsa

Prevue of the masks being handed out at trump's rally tommorow:

Up next on Brian Williams The Eleventh Hour: dump called Bolton a liar and a whacko.

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 6/19/20

'Eskimo Pie' owner calls brand 'Derogatory' and vows to change name

Jolly: It takes a small man to be as dirty as Barr

Trump blasts his own military leaders in new interview: 'I know the regulation even better than they

WaPo breaking news: Local Alert: Protesters in Washington D.C. topple a statue of Albert Pike, the

Lacking Nominee, Judges Pick Berman as U.S. Attorney (2018)

Klay Thompson cleared to train without restrictions

Question about online dating

55,000. Brazil posts a world record for new coronavirus cases.

Crazy Mama -J,J. Cale

What I did after watching Rachel Maddow tonight 6-19-20

WHO DECIDED NOT TO CHARGE TRUMP: Barr got one of *FIFA's defense lawyers* and the same Kirkland & El

As coronavirus surges across South and West, Texas mayors plead with residents to wear masks

I'm Not In Love- 10cc

Geoffrey Berman says fuck you and your attempted Friday Night Massacre, Bill Barr. Come and get me.

Geoff Berman's statement to Trump and Barr.

Friday Night song suggestions. Well... Sharon is always a solid pick

Just finished watching "Ann" (Holland Taylor's one woman play about Ann Richards)

"It's a Jim Jones moment," my hubby says

MLB's latest move, Phillies' coronavirus outbreak leave 2020 season on the brink

Berman says he won't step down. This is getting interesting

Nadler's inviting Berman to testify!

Tulsa Tix for sale

Why can't the United States Sectet Service refuse to let trump's rally happen

2020 US Senate Election- Democrats guide to 60 US Senate seats.- filibuster proof majority.

Friday night Pokey?

Little known NJ bank gave out $5 billion in PPP loans

Safety Dance Mask...

thank you thread to atty Berman

In the present climate, think it's a good time to rename the Washington Redskins?

23 Clemson football players test positive for COVID-19

Can't get enough! Wife is threatening divorce

Pence Won't Say 'Black Lives Matter'

Washington Post calls on Skins' owner or NFL to change name

Is civil war inevitable in the USA at this point?

New directors at federal media agency have ties to anti-LGBT groups, fought pro-transgender policies

Barr is acting as if the election has already been won or will not matter...

Doctors shocked as COVID-19 patients inundate emergency rooms

Vacation off to a bumpy start heading to OBX

Trump rallies aren't Jonestown. It's not a suicide cult. It's worse than that.

Costa Rica halts reopening as coronavirus infections rise

Protesters topple only Confederate statue in the nation's capital

Tenino washington keeps the town alive by prining its own currency.. what a cool idea!!

I hope this Berman stuff keeps drumpf up all night

Kentucky braces for possible voting problems in Tuesday's primary amid signs of high turnout

Full Frontal: Who Runs the World? Apparently This Guy. Meet Reference Man.

Venezuela celebrates beatification of 'doctor of the poor'

Venezuela celebrates beatification of 'doctor of the poor'

Trump should be removed from office now.

I predict that Trump will try to pull a "Bob Roberts" on Saturday

One new hanging ("suicide"?)-Manhattan. Nooses in Bronx

DOJ Tries To Oust U.S. Attorney Who Led Probe Of Trump Associates - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Rice on Bill Maher

President Donald Trump bragged that he "made Juneteenth very famous."

Pressed Repeatedly To Say 'Black Lives Matter,' Mike Pence Says 'All Lives Matter'

People protest at Mitch mcConnell s house

Everything is closing in on dotard

One of the highest-ranking Black women in the Trump administration resigns over Trump's response

A Song For Our Time

Statues being toppled in San Francisco right now

Why Would Barr Fire The U.S.Attorney At SDNY Unless He Knows Trumps Re-Election Is In The Bag?....

Green Gobbler... Helpful hints...

Colorado governor signs sweeping police reform bill ending qualified immunity, banning chokeholds

Protesters tear down Confederate monument in Raleigh, NC

Storm Warning...

Joe Biden will accept Democratic presidential nomination in Milwaukee

Intel report warns that far-right extremists may target Washington, D.C.

NOW they're flipping out over the statue of Lenin here in Seattle.

How Tulsa's Republican Mayor Found Himself at the Center of America's Debate on Race

Kentucky braces for possible voting problems in Tuesday's primary amid signs of high turnout

Trump's Death Cult Gets Their Poison Tomorrow

Tweet of the late night:

Excellent interview on safety precautions for COVID-19 - Michael Osterholm

$23,310,000 of worthless drugs.

I twerked for 5 straight minutes today.

VA-GOV: GOP Candidate Says Black Democratic Opponent Is 'Not For All Virginians'

SDNY head Berman tells Barr to pound sand and REFUSES to resign !!

Coronavirus Attacks the Lungs. A Federal Agency Just Halted Funding for New Lung Treatments.

friday night massacre tweet from tiedrich is perfect

I have a sliding door that leads to my back deck.

Europe Worries Trump May Wreck Chunk of Merkel's Legacy

Unemployed Kentucky residents descend on capital, demand help after months of waiting for benefits

Amazon acquires voter suppression documentary featuring Stacey Abrams

Dallas Woman Tests Positive for Coronavirus Again After 4 Months: 'I Was Floored'

Colorado woman tests positive for COVID-19 twice

Croatia ex-President Gives Middle Finger to Anti-Abortion Politicians

If he's as sick as I think he is,

Millionaire Rs saying that $600-a-week in Unemployment Benefits is too generous

Marijuana is legal and haircuts are against the law. It took half a century but Hippies finally won.

Powerful US attorney who investigated Trump associates refuses to step down after Barr tries to push

Breakfast Saturday 20 June 2020

The Tulsa Rally is the First Big Beta Test of the Trump 2020 App, Which Knows Where You Are and Who

Why {was} Confederate general Albert Pike memorialized at Judiciary Square?

In 2017, state and local government spending on police was $115 billion.

CDC Climate Program Budget - $10 Million; Spending To Date On Golf At Merde-A-Lago - $65 Million

Study: Arctic Ocean Likely To Become 20 % More Acidic Than Projected In Coming Decades

It is happening again

Scientists Estimate Heat-Related Deaths In 297 US Counties Nearly 10X Higher Than Thought

Oops! PR Release Attacking Environmentalists As De Facto Racists Reveals Chevron Connection

WY Senators Push To Protect Mine Cleanup Funds By . . . Cutting Rate Coal Firms Pay By 35%

Junipero Serra, Francis Scott Key statues toppled in San Francisco Golden Gate Park

Five Years Along, Multiple States Well On The Way To Completing Criminalization Of Protest

This perfectly summarizes Trump rally today..

AK Republicans Whine That Banks Exiting Arctic Oil Drilling Discriminating Against Native Peoples

June 20 - Happy Birthday Rep. Don Beyer (D) VA-8th

House Dems Repel GOP Attempt To Cut Environmental, Alt-Energy & Mass Transit From Highway Bill

How long before the junior morality police head for the libraries to burn "Huckleberry Finn"?

200 Oklahoma Black Gun Owners Set to Rally for 2nd Amendment Rights

Rev. Barber's digital Poor People's March today 10am and 6 pm eastern

Born on this day, June 20: Chet Atkins (1924) and Brian Wilson (1942)

The media is fucking doing it again

Game warden spots 4-foot lizard crossing Vermont road

Alaska's 'Into the Wild' bus, known as a deadly tourist lure, has been removed by air

There should be NO presidential debates this time around

10 Words and Phrases People Say Incorrectly

Maddow tweets: Who's in control of Berman's physical office space and files right now?

Death of two workers sparks wildcat strike by 3,200 workers at auto parts plant in Matamoros, Mexico

41 Years Ago Today; President Carter unveils new Solar Panel array on White House

Schatz: Media need to use correct terms: autocratic, illegal. Not "dramatic" - this isn't a show.

A question about raccoons

Hoping this Scotus "Leak" is true: Trump is going to lose all of the tax cases either 5-4 or 6-3.

Hmm, I knew I had seen the Tulsa Rally before

Take a virtual vacation through the Alps with this happy dog

Trump Stacks US Media Agency With Loyalists - Rachel Maddow

Colorado passes major police reform bill.

In the 1st Quarter Ireland Produced almost 50% of elect from Wind

Berman's refusal to leave quietly could make Trump go completely off the rails in Tulsa tonight

We're going to find out if Berman was actually fired (asked to step down)

Trump crowd, protesters verbally clash ahead of rally

Hold on tight it is about to get very bumpy indeed.

No Velshi - fuck the rally - the big story is Berman

Camden NJ police chief tells us how he did it

Barry McCaffrey: This Administration seems to have gangster impulses. In the open.

5 Stories from Europe You May Have Missed

Tattoo parlor gets hundreds of requests after offering to cover up hate and gang symbols for free

Donald Trump Jr (when interviewing daddy): "Between myself, Ted Cruz, and Rand Paul --

It's going to be Susan Rice for VP

Was Barr/Trump action last night against Berman a Hail Mary Pass, another distraction, a fit of

Novartis halts malaria drug trial against COVID-19 amid participant shortfall

Case against father of mass shooter who returned guns to him will continue

Flashback: Pink Floyd Play 'The Great Gig in the Sky' With Original Vocalist Clare Torry

Flurry of positive coronavirus tests in athletes hurts U.S. restart plans

Trump crowd, protesters verbally clash ahead of rally

China unveils details of national security law for Hong Kong amid backlash

Scandal! 'Subway Sally' not a stray.

Famously Cold Verhojansk In E. Siberia Just Hit 38C (100.4F), Establishing New Instrumental Record

Pope, in first post-lockdown audience, thanks Italian doctors

"Barr Lied in Writing"

Predictable projection: Trump thugs in the media calling Berman & his defenders "corrupt"

Amid wave of cultural change, Trump tries to stir a backlash

Wow, warm summer evenings on the patio are a challenge!

McCaskill: The Trump supporters going to multiple rallies are "a traveling sideshow of cultists."


Harris Rises To Top of Biden's VP List After Klobuchar's Strategic Exit

You raised $913.10 on June 19, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

EA Sports trailer reveals next-gen Madden and FIFA

The DOJ may be exceedingly corrupt right now, but there is no way to defund it

US Attorney Breman tells AG Barr in no certain words.....

Van Jones revisits three Trump voters as nation grapples with unrest

Projecting the transmission dynamics of SARS-CoV-2 through the postpandemic period

Huge crowd in Tulsa this morning-NO #socialdistancing, and virtually no one is wearing a mask

Trumpanzees can't sue trump; but we can sue them if they bring the virus back into our State.

Apparent suicide by 20-year-old Robinhood trader who saw a negative $730,000 balance prompts app to

'This protest was different:' Statesman photojournalist on documenting Floyd protests USA TODAY

No need to read between the lines with Berman's statement

@tedLieu to @TheJusticeDept Personnel:...use whistleblower statutes; report to IG; or contact @Hou

How close was Berman to the target, to have warranted the clumsy and rushed Friday night hit job

We don't understand the covid economy

I'm hoping this is OK to post here. The Poor People's Campaign is having a big virtual event today

Deadly Heat Is Killing Americans

Roland Martin addresses being called Negro by Rick Wilson's wife

Trumpworld Fears 'Nightmare Scenario'

If McConnell pushes another SDNY head through quickly then he's in on it

We have hit 30 entries for the Spring Competition

It's gonna be me.

Tweet o' the day from Joan Walsh

Public Enemy new song released on Juneteenth - Trump's gotta go

cartoon: You're not wearing your mask correctly

Son in IA heard Tulsa anti racism protestors to march from fairgrounds to downtown. Can't find anyt

So if the election of Barack Obama meant "racism is over" or it "counts as reparations"?

Seth Abramson thread: Barr is involved in funding of Trump 2020 campaign by foreign sources

Young boy sees the future for Trump's MAGA people in Tulsa

The political equivalent of shooting someone on 5th Avenue

I'm cheesed off. It's my birthday and everywhere I look online is trump trump trump.

Treasury, SBA cave to demands for bailout transparency

Weekend TOONs 1 - Trump Really?

Weekend TOONs 2 - The Autocracy of Donald J. Trump

A behind-the-scenes 'bully' in the State Department is the perfect example of the mess that is the T

Hello DU!

Drumpf was still tweeting 8 hours ago

Trump looks to reset campaign amid pandemic with Tulsa rally

Asha Rangappa goes OFF on "Bully Barr" - thread

Florida's Covid-19 surge shows the state's reopening plan is not working

Proud to be an American

Russia report: UK MPs condemn 'utterly reprehensible' delay

AP FACT CHECK: In time of trauma, Trumps congratulates self

I think Rev. Al may have given Biden a great campaign slogan: Make America Great -- For All. nt

The beauty of the human form expresses itself in patriotism

Unique Funeral Customs of Tana Toraja

This is either an expensive toy or. . .

Jose Andres is a hero

Jill Stein cost Hillary dearly in 2016. Democrats are still writing off her successor.

'Nightmare scenario': Trump staffers panicked because president can't 'dig himself out of the hole h

Massive Coal Burning Linked to 'Great Dying': The Worst Extinction in Earth's History

Poor People's Campaign live-streaming now.

I wonder how many unmasked White House officials will be at today's superspreader event

Up-armored HUMVEEs rolling into Tulsa for big party, festive displays in windows across street

Cheetah out for a morning jog - mesmerizing

"Reading 'Bangkok Wakes to Rain' Helped Me Imagine a New Normal"

Trump Warns GOP Moderates to Fall in Line, Gleefully Recalls Those Who Crossed Him and Lost: Some Se

How many will die because of Trump's rally today?

Susan Rice calls Trump administration 'racist to its core,'

#WomenScareTrump video (Ouch)

Happy birthday, Professor Theodore von Schwartzenhoffen, M.D., A.D., D.D.S., F.L.D., F-F-F-and-F.

this is america today

Why I believe that Trump's rally tonight will be remembered as the moment he lost the election

For James Michener fans - What is your favorite Michener book?

Very good article on what the vaccine might look like and timeline

Tennessee legislature passes fetal heartbeat bill; Planned Parenthood, ACLU file lawsuit

Judge denies Trump administration's attempt to block the release of John Bolton's book

Flower update...

Hand goes over the face, please.

Internal affairs records of ex-police director who used racist, sexist slurs to remain private

Chet Atkins was born on this date.

Fears over US media independence as Trump-appointed chief fires editors

Man reluctantly gets into pond (wait for it)

Huge crowds in Tulsa...

How To Watch Today's June Solstice Live From Stonehenge

Aaw Poor Donnie....Trump and RNC raised $74 million in May, trailing Biden's haul

Polish president vows to ban LGBT teaching in schools

the Poor People's March and Assembly is on ABCNews Live right now.

I refuse to watch coverage of the rally today

Rejoice with me and be glad. My baby brother has a grandson

Black Parade, Beyonce

😃Spring Photography Contest Preliminary Vote Thread One😃

😃Spring Photography Contest Preliminary Vote Thread Two😃

The one most hated...

😃Spring Photography Contest Preliminary Vote Thread Three😃

'I can't even enjoy this.' #BlackBirdersWeek organizer shares her struggles as a black scientist.

Man arrested after threatening to shoot 'everyone' at Black Lives Matter protests: Sheriff

😘Spring Photo Contest is now open for voting in GD😍

Rev Al spoke at Greenwood yesterday. Anyone watch/listen? Was it televised?

Fact check: Trump falsely claims 'insurance reasons' prevented him from entering St. John's Church

A Trump supporter flies a Confederate flag outside BoK Center in Tulsa.

The Nova Scotia shooter case has hallmarks of an undercover operation

The stupidity of the view that the reason the COVID numbers go up is because of more testing

Trump RONA RALLY 2020!!

Suicide or Lynching? Six People of Color Found Hanged in Less Than a Month

In case you missed this about Rod Rosenstein

My thoughts on the Kentucky primary Amy McGrath vs Charles Booker

Why it would be a good idea for Democrats to work with Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) on police reform?

Judge: Bolton can publish book despite efforts to block it

NEW: Judge has denied Trump's attempt to block release of John Bolton's book

An Hour Of Hilarity!!! Will Smith, Naomi Scott, Octavia Spencer, Kevin Hart - Graham Norton Show

This is funny, Bolton put himself in legal jeopardy, even though the judge gave his book a pass

How the US military helped create the Juneteenth holiday


Trump Wants to Create Election Chaos by Killing the Post Office

NEO- liberalism sucks

Police Investigating Shooting Inside Seattle's 'No Cop,' CHAZ Zone

Barr's Astrology INdicates One Long Banana Skin

Sen. Bread Bags (and Trump) in trouble in Iowa

Nadler To Invite Berman To Testify After Barr Attempts To Fire Him In Friday Night Massacre Gone Awr

Masks like this would give people control over their own safety....

An example of the level of wit and intelligence of Trump rally attendees:

Judge: Bolton can publish book despite efforts to block it

Well, this is normal (as seen at the Trump rally):

N Carolina protesters hang Confederate statue from post

This country is being played by an organized crime syndicate during a pandemic

For those who can't watch the rally tonight, here's a prevue:

" Nation, under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All".

Urban Forestry, Tree Cover are Key Components of Reforestation

Trump believes his followers are a bunch of racist morons--and @PressSec who defended Trump.......

Typhoid Mary Trump Should Be Trending

New shoes ...

He wasn't playing with Connie (righteous rant alert):

Trump quoted Steve Schmidt to attack Bolton this morning. Schmidt responded:

"Privilege is having history rewritten so that you don't have to acknowledge uncomfortable facts"

Iowa House Democrats advised to get COVID-19 tests after session

How many needless Covid-19 deaths were caused by delays in responding? Most of them

Dr. Gupta: Trump rally risks are an anatomy of an outbreak

Berman firing: The investigations that the SDNY is handling that potentially implicate Trump

Mark Taylor: Black men are hanging themselves to start 'civil war' that will stop Trump's reelection

Anarchists descend on Tulsa: report

Joni Ernst & Donald Trump Could be in trouble in Iowa: New York Times

At the Supermarket on June 20, 2020.

Meanwhile in upside down land, trump tweets

Boy, that Vallow, Daybell, Cox story outta ID is effed up!

Former Governor of Coahuila pleads guilty to money laundering in U.S. courtroom

This is the GOP voter pool.

Trump is fanning the flames of hatred and racism.

Actual news is stealing the oxygen from Donnie's lies and re-election chances

So much for the dip and spike.

Will transit systems convince you it's safe to ride? The answer is in this European city

US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats up in 2020 that Democrats will be winning.

How will never trumpers act during a Biden Administration

Oh SHIT! The walrus is the bad guy!

Ypsilanti mayor apologizes for racist comment about black resident

Washington Post online is only $29/year right now

The Vaccine

Eskimo Pie to change name, cites racial equality

Schumer calls on Clayton to withdraw from consideration to be US attorney

GA hospital being sued for falsifying COVID results


A fascinating analysis of the attempted firing of Geoffrey Berman

Trump Is Losing His Grip on White America

Police protests upend Democratic Senate contest in Kentucky

The whole world is watching America's failure

eROSITA has completed an all-sky x-ray survey

Three tight North Carolina polls

Anyone watching MSNBC - Peaceful Protester at Trump Rally. Police called

MSNBC Covering Tulsa Protester Being Hassled By Police & Drumpf Campaign

Trump Announces Intent to Nominate the Following Individual to Key Administration Posts; 6-19-20

Dems Call On U.S. Attorney To Testify After Barr Tries To Fire Him In The Middle Of Trump Probes

Arrest warrant issued for suspect accused of setting Wendy's on fire

Manhattan Beach fire chief sacked after 'throat' comments

How I feel every morning...

Berman is in his office at SDNY working on a Saturday.

Thank you Sheila Buck

So DU's Legal Minds - Re: Supreme Court's Title VII Ruling for LGBTQ

Democrats in Tulsa

The MSM Should Ignore Tulsa Tonight....

what time does his hate fest start tonight?

Tulsa police arrested a woman in line with a ticket just for her "I can't breathe" T-shirt

Confederate monuments: Why the National Trust for preservation changed its stance

Despite Hair Fuhrer's distractions and histrionics tonight stay tuned

"Viking Executive Protection" is on the scene in Tulsa.

We are approaching 120K Covid19 deaths and the IDIOT is holding an indoor rally for 19K.

Dear. Gawd. #TrumpianLogic

US Senate seats up in 2020 that will put Democrats back in the majority.

Woman forcibly removed by Tulsa PD from Trump Rally for wearing "I can't breathe" Tee Shirt

Trump's Tulsa Rally Highlights His Record of Racial Division

Any Kaiju fans here?

Saw this in a Politico comment section: BYEDON 2020

Trump Won't Wear Mask at Tulsa Rally, Tells Attendees 'Do What They Want'

A little veg garden update

Why I'm not worried about Trump rushing a vaccine for an October Surprise:

Black gun owners in OK will hold rally in OKC ar 2pm today

Trump pick to lead US media agency under fire from both sides

New record high of 4,049 reported COVID-19 cases in Florida;Gov DeSantis blames immigrants and young

Typhoid Trump Makes Typhoid Mary Look Like Nurse Of The Year

How the Shooting of Breonna Taylor Changed the Kentucky Senate Race

and here we have one of the Trump nutjobs interviewed - off the wall insane.....

Has Travis Yates shown up yet? Tulsa cop who wants to shoot 20% more blacks?

Ever watch the Raccoon Whisperer?

Food scarcity is on the rise in America as the economy reels

Statue of Confederate general toppled in Washington, Trump calls it a 'disgrace'

Black Father Gives Son The Talk About Holding Literally Any Object

Jockeys at Belmont Park just TOOK A KNEE!!

Can I ask a favor of those who have the room to garden in their yard..

Lindsey Graham Signals He Won't Take Up NY US Attorney Nom Without Dem Senator's Approval

How trump plans to treat Peaceful Protestors in Tulsa today

Given Chump's attempt, and failure, to block publication of a book

Somebody Should Come Up With Some New Lyrics For This Tulsa Song.....

Interesting thread about why Barr is trying to fire Berman.

B-52 bombers train with Japanese fighters over Sea of Japan days after deploying to Alaska

Had you heard of the Tulsa massacre before Idiot announced his rally?

ZERO change in MN laws regulating police conductĺĺ

How far with the buffoon go tonight?

Replying to a Michael Moore post

Odd fact about names of Tulsa streets

Viral Videos Show Teeming Throngs of Maskless Trump Fans Lining Up for Tulsa Rally

I confess.

Gary Chambers for President 2032

Pandemic may be contributing to increase in male genital injuries, UBC researchers say

ICE has kept detainees' COVID-19 hospitalization a secret from families

3 Arizona State football players share story of racism at Whataburger in Tempe

Sonia Sotomayor was the lone justice to point out Trump's racist history in his move to end DACA

Should we resurrect a loathesome twit of a human being with a Beetlejuice chant?

Woodstock '99 website is still operational and feels like getting into a Time Machine.....


Cartoons 6/20/2020

Firing a New York Yankee fan? - Gorsuch

AOL: SDNY att'y ousting standoff. (Yah, from AOL! Wanna rassle?!!1! 😆 😘)

NEW: 6 staffers working on Trump campaign rally in Tulsa have tested positive for coronavirus

Sheriff supports executive's proposed reforms -- to an extent

Students lead Juneteenth march, seek change at their schools

Pic Of The Moment: Your Bingo Card For Tonight's Rally

What the 'Meat Paradox' Reveals About Moral Decision Making

Biden's latest tweet on drumpf and coronavirus

Administration drops secrecy posture on small business aid

Statement from the Press Secretary; June 20, 2020

The Automatic Earth: The US is at a serious risk of becoming ungovernable.

Val Demings Touts Police Record in Biden VP Bid: 'I Chose Tough Jobs'

Biden tweets on Christian Cooper

Six Trump campaign staffers in Oklahoma test positive for COVID-19

The Navy Is Blaming the Captain It Fired for Accurate COVID-19 Warning

Patrick & Delvon Carolan: White dad, Black son discuss their experience w/ Police, School, more

Tina Turner - We Don't Need Another Hero

Will twitter suspend me for this tweet?

Column: Donald Trump, our narcissist in chief, wants us to thank him for discovering Juneteenth?

Jane Elliot -- a real national treasure

Six campaign staffers working on Tulsa rally test positive for coronavirus

A moment of Zen: Take a breath and relax in the splendour of the Wye Valley

Jamaal Bowman (NY-16) campaign ad

Oklahoma coronavirus cases surge, hospitalizations rise ahead of Trump's Tulsa rally

Seattle, King County officials sign pledge to fight systemic racism, invest in Black communities

American Atheists Launches Investigation into Trump Administration's Secretive Church Bailouts

Interesting thread about why Barr is trying to fire Berman (PART 2)

Is Trump threatening to kill John Bolton here?

500 Delta Airlines employees have tested positive. 10 have died.

6 members of Trump's Tulsa advance team test positive for COVID

Another morbid thought about tRump's Tulsa rally....

"Tallahassee man hoping to be reunited with dog after being accidentally sold."

Velvet Underground - Lisa Says

Help! I can't figure out on my very old mac how to post a picture.

Oklahoma GOP voters spoil Trump's Tulsa rally by calling him 'a danger to our country' in new ad

Kentucky candidate convicted of extortion last time in office seeking to win back the job

Morcheeba - Shoulder Holster

One of my favorite Father's Day Baseball Memories

"It's not a difference of Opinion, it's a difference in morality."


Biden officially forms transition team

It's a tough time to be intelligent

Ivanka, Melania, Kimberly Guilfoyle, and Kayleigh Mcenany might have been exposed to C-19 and ...

Joy-Ann Reid scolds police officer complaining at fast-food window. Epic!

Minnesota lawmakers fail to reach deal on revamping policing

Kentucky Has Orchestrated a Mass Voter Suppression Event

Ball Is Life Best Pets of the Week

I'd almost given up on one of my Nasturtium baskets. Then this happened.

Breaking on WAPO: 6 Trump staffers test positive for virus ahead of rally

I hate these people

no one uses this forum?

"white cheating"

Bolton suggests possible 'obstruction' by Trump in SDNY Turkey investigation

Trump's Tulsa VirusFest - what's a good media outlet

Kentucky Senate leaders cite 'frustration' over lack of school COVID-19 reopening directions

why aren't DEMS refusing to confirm ANY new appointments

Giuseppe Verdi Rigoletto

We are better than they are in every way, including grammar.

What blood is to Dracula, outrage is to Stephen Miller.

Christian Cooper: "..That's why I'm backing Joe Biden" 💙

VA-05: Democrats choosing nominee in suddenly competitive Virginia congressional district

last night I watched documentaries on Thurgood Marshall and Emmit Till

Joni Ernst and Donald Trump Could Both Be in Trouble in Iowa

Steve Schmidt eviscerates Trump like no one else.

BREAKING: White House suddenly believes in contact tracing.

Barr lies about potential issues with vote by mail

Georgia becomes the latest state to have its highest number of new cases ever.

MSNBC trump has fired Berman

MSNBC: Reporting that trump has fired Berman....LINK

Pence refuses to say that "black lives matter", denies that racists exist

Kentucky reports 258 new cases of COVID-19 as reopening continues

Why Berman can ignore "Lower the Barr"

Claire McCaskill: "If it's true that Barr offered Berman a promotion yesterday (albeit a desk job at

Tweet of the Day

What do the Oklahoma rallyers

Hey girl friend. 👋👋👋👋👋wanna chat?

The proud Alexandria resident

Hot 'Lanta

Is it just me,

AG Barr tells Manhattan U.S. Attorney Berman he is fired amid power struggle

Judge: Gay couple's child was US citizen at birth in Canada

Trump waited to fire latest bullet!

Two Scoops swore to faithfully execute the office of President of the United States

BREAKING: Trump just fired Berman

Been feeling kind of blue lately..... Needed a fix of Blue Man

MSNBC showing all of the BOGANS at Trump rally.

Tearing down Confederate statues I can understand. But Ulysses S. Grant?

10% of Kansas State football team has tested positive for Covid-19 (30 LSU quarantined)

This is really a scary sight!

You can't fix stupid.

Mark this day: Donald Trump again obstructed justice by firing Berman

Biden outraises Trump with $80.8 million in May

Some people are ridiculous

Trump just told reporters at the White House that he's "not involved" with the firing of US Attorney

Danica Roem exposes Joe Biden's true feelings about trans rights

What's better than @jordanklepper at a Trump rally? Here's a compilation of greatest hits:

Biden tweets on the Tulsa Race Massacre

Trump just said he had nothing to do with firing SDNY US Atty Berman!

I hope Berman knew this would happen and is ready to file an

Firing Berman is straight up obstruction of justice

Wife of Republican Virginia Beach mayor goes on social media to reveal husband's affair.

Wait, I'm confused..

I have accused Trump of being lazy and not working hard.

There should be protest against cities closing polling place and making the

In the least surprising moment of the day Trump fires Berman - and then doesn't?

Organized crime has never been so disorganized

Trump says he wasn't involved in decision to fire Geoffrey Berman.

David Byrne - Say His Name - Broadway Performance

Reptilian Alien buys a new human costume.

"I didn't fire him" defense?

Pushing for Serbia-Kosovo Peace Deal, U.S. Roils Allies

Trump Gets Called Fake News At His Own Press Briefing

Trump on firing of Geoffrey Berman: 'I'm not involved'

Is trump gonna speak indoors or outdoors?

C'mon Bill, defend your honor and resign now!

Trump Defends Confederate Monuments: "This Was a Gesture of Healing"

Trump & Barr can't even manage a simple firing. It's like a bunch of drunk frat boys running

PBS Frontline - Putin's Revenge (Nov 2017)

Piano Sonata #8 "Pathetique" Ludwig van Beethoven Daniel Barenboim

Dirty Boulevard

Once more, Moscow Mitch isn't getting attention from the MSM.

That arena is looking er not exactly full.......

New Zealand Government ad on kids and porn (NSFW)

Graham says he won't advance Trump nominee for SDNY prosecutor without Schumer/Gillibrand consent

US Senate seats up in 2020 that Democrats will win to regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

Rally attendees are being given wrist bands as they enter the arena...

Baby Trump is in Tulsa!

Trump Has a Half Billion in Loans Coming Due. They May Be His Biggest Conflict of Interest Yet.

They're back to showing an empty podium again

From Watergate to Trumpgate...the Saturday Massacre has arrived.

I Kinda Miss Discussionist.

New Gravis poll - Minnesota - Biden 54% Trump 37% - Clinton won it by 2......

Trump claims he didn't fire Berman but that he left it to Barr,

another great tweet

Martyrs for TRUMP!

Prgressice group raises $26k for African Americans running for LOCAL offices

Ohio Lawmakers Reject Proposal to Ban Confederate Flags and Memorabilia at County Fairs

Can Trump passively fire someone by delegating?

Anyone else have the feeling that Trump's presidency is about to implode?

It's a beautiful afternoon in western NC. 6 mile hike in DuPont forest this AM.

The Big Lie

Roberts to Trump: Don't Take the Supreme Court for Linda Greenhouse

Bonus Tweet of the Day

At least two of the infected six in Tulsa are U.S. Secret Service agents

What's for Dinner, Sat., June 20, 2020

Relentless arctic heatwave - Siberia on fire - 100+ degrees in Arctic circle

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that will flip from D to R and R to D.

'Several dead' after park stabbing incident in Reading, UK

White security guard charged in fatal shooting of Black man in Tulsa motel parking lot

A little Al Franken humor re the Barr/Berman situation

NC governor orders Confederate monuments removed from capitol property

Police respond to mass stabbing in Britain

Post a line from a song & see if anyone knows the song without using Google - Part 16

The truth about growing up Black, trapped and poor, no escape and that is the way things are

Barr to Berman: "Trump has just fired you." - Trump in press-conference: "No, I didn't."

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 6/20/20

300+ motorcyclists ride to Louisville to support renaming public area after Breonna Taylor

Trump Angry News Leaked About Infected Aides

Why is MSNBC giving so much air time to the Trump rally?

Need a solution stoners... maybe you have an answer?

2020 Horse Racing - 2020 Acorn Stakes

Braidy Industries gave former CEO Craig Bouchard $6 million to sever ties with company

7-day rolling average of new COVID 19:ETA today's #s - we're in trouble

Berman stepping down ...

Enjoy two brilliantly colorful views of distant stars, compliments of Hubble

What If You Held A Million Person Rally, And About 5,000 People Showed Up?

Thousands Call For The Removal Of A Statue Of Abraham Lincoln With 'Degrading Racial Undertones'

Check out this overflow crowd at Coronafest 2020

There's a rally outside the Con's Tower in New York

If we are eliminating monuments to white supremacy, what should be done about "The Six Grandfathers"

Is it me, or does the Trump overflow rally look pretty small?

Memorials to the racist former owners of the Washington Redskins and Minnesota Twins are removed

Alexa is playing me old protest songs. Sam Cooke-- A change is going to come--

Monument to Redskins founder, who has a racist legacy, removed from outside RFK

They Just Cancelled Outdoor Speech To "Overflow" Crowd!!

The Toxic Combination of a Con Artist; and Simple Ignorants.

2020 Horse Racing - 2020 Belmont Stakes

In new book, John Bolton reportedly says Trump worried about 'son of a b**** Rand Paul'

2020 CO US Senate Election by CO US Congressional Districts if Romanoff-D is the Democratic nominee.

How a West Baltimore nursing home has zero COVID-19 infections

Barb McQuade: Tough talk by Barr, but chalk up the win for Berman, whose defiance has stopped Barr..

The Shaw Memorial ...a monument to keep

Geoffrey Berman reverses course -- now says he will leave SDNY 'effective immediately'

New anti-Trump ad that I think he will hate.

Full page ad in the Tulsa World this morning: "We are Tulsa-We Are Better Than This!"

New ad: Childish Corrupt Exhausting:

Millions of ticket requests!!:

Superthrive for stressed tree?

3 people allegedly dead, as man goes on stabbing spree in public park in UK

Bolton's book makes it clear: Trump is the amoral charlatan we knew he was

Trump rallygoer sans mask: "We had a friend who died from Covid, and his son was on a ventilator, he

LOL !!! Joy Reid: "... what is the attitude of the police, are they peaceful are they calm? ... "

Climate-driven risks to the climate mitigation potential of forests

Woman drives vanloads of rescued chimps to the forest for playtime every day

Death from above? Fireball may have destroyed ancient Syrian village

Neither Pence nor Trump will speak outside the Tulsa areana as hardly anybody

This image is a bit too accurate....

Trump cancels outside event as Overflow crowd FAILS to materialze

A fuller view of stadium as program begins

Berman resigns

NEW - SDNY US Atty Berman *IS* stepping down

There are 800,000 people there.

Guy Gets His Tiny, Deformed Tortoise Wheels To Help Him Walk

Trump's Remarks Before Marine One Departure; June 20, 2020

Did Barack Obama ever have a rally in Tulsa as big as Trump's rally?

"Prejudice is an emotional commitment to ignorance."

LOL-- Diamond and Silk just took the stage

WOW. Tulsa arena filled in quickly at the end

If 30 Million people spend $55 on Trump gear that is $50x30 million. $1.5 Billion

Geoffrey Berman reverses course -- now says he will leave SDNY 'effective immediately'

Comeback Kids: Lost Baby Seal Gets HUGE -- And Swims Back To The Wild

Trump couldn't even pack an arena in the heart of the most conservative state in the country.

Given current events and our nation's shameful history of racism, what would be the

Alternative Rally for Tulsa

Watch what it takes to make this stubborn golden retriever finally move 😂

The people in the upper bowl of the arena in Tulsa were dressed like empty seats....

Family discovers trove of valuable baseball memorabilia in uncle's attic

Houston (Harris County) Has a Real Problem

CNN chryon right now...

Imagine how pissed off you'd be if you camped out for days to get into a half empty event

Seen this? Graph of world deaths from covid19 compared to the usual mass killers.

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! There are very few people around the outside stage

This cat finally got to meet his window washers in person

Full statement from Trump campaign on low turnout

Only the Trump Losers showed up: Crowd is chanting "lock her up" after Hillary Clinton is mentioned

Elephant Mom Protects Her Babies While Trying To Save Them

LOL-Text to Tulsa ticket holders begging people to come to the arena: "There's still room!"

Delta Flies Final MD-88, MD-90 Trips

1 dead, 1 injured after shooting in Seattle autonomous zone

Wow, this place is packed.

Bottom of the CNN screen:

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

This is a living meme

Add your voice to this poll on the political and medical aftermath of the Tulsa Trump rally

Video of the empty seats tonight:

Tulsa's Drumpt virus crowd is packed

Donald Trump doesn't want you to retweet this

The MAGA rallies are Trump's lifeblood. It was obvious that the resumption of the rallies.....

Police enter cop-free zone in Seattle after shooting kills one, injures another

This Brad Parscale Tweet Aged Poorly

"NEW-- @SpeakerPelosi endorses House Judiciary investigation of Barr: "

*For night owls, 2:15 AM -- ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN (1976)

Here's a poll on what the ramifications of the Tulsa Trump rally might be long term

Rick Wilson with the tweet of the rally:

Trump scraps speech to overflow area of rally as turnout looks 'well below campaign's expectations'

what time does Trump appear? nt

Trump's campaign now blaming the radical left protesters for crowd size...

Steve Schmidt: My 16-year old daughter and her friends have hundreds of Trump rally tickets.

CNN reporter: Trump campaign texting "There's still space!" to Trump supporters

Tour of empty seats. #TrumpRally

A Message to America's Corporate Executives - Sherrod Brown WSJ op-ed

Loser can't fill the arena!

Isn't Obama doing a fundraiser for Joe this coming week?

Rolling Stone's Stephen Rodrick posted video of the empty rally seats half an hour ago:

Dallas County hits new record high hospitalizations as county health officials stress wearing face

Trump Tulsa Rally underattended

Darn, I've done it again

Steve Carell must play Mike Pence in any movie about Pence

Oklahoma is Deep Beet Red, its one of the reddest states in the union! If Red Don can't fill it up

I'm hearing a distinct echo with Pence on stage! LOL n/t

Texas childcare centers see sharp increase in coronavirus cases after months of relative calm

Trump Rally Has Tulsa on Edge

Reporters' tweets from minutes ago from inside the rally:

OMG fox entertainment showing a split screen on pence....with the sound talking about horse race!

Tulsa Sets Coronavirus Case Record As Trump Rallygoers Dispute Health Risks

Michael Beschloss reminds us of earlier crowds.

if you have a police scanner App on your i phone, tune in....

Brazil could surpass the US as the country worst hit by coronavirus this summer

I would hate to be on Air Force One on the way back to DC.

Mrs. Betty Bowers comments on the Tulsa rally:

CDC coronavirus test kits were likely contaminated, federal review confirms

Best headline in a long time: "Trump Cancels Tulsa Overflow Speech After No One Shows Up"

You know this is absolutely killing him, right? He has to be seething!

Berman is now free to testify to Congress.

Trump just days ago: "We've never had an empty seat, and we certainly won't in Oklahoma."