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"Could you come to the front please? Yes, you."

Official response from CNN General Counsel to @TeamTrump letter demanding CNN apologize for a poll

So George Floyd asked for trouble?

TCM Schedule for Friday, June 12, 2020 -- TCM Special Theme: Cinematic Pride: LGBTQ Critics' Choice

TCM Schedule for Saturday, June 13, 2020 -- What's On Tonight: The Essentials: Kipling Classics

06/11 Mike Luckovich: Trading places

I'm sorry but should we really be applauding NASCAR

Back in the day when we were protesting the Viet Nam war, police then also used tear

2020 CO US Senate Election- Andrew Romanoff-D

Has Trump given his race relations speech written by Stephen Miller yet?

Another record day in Texas (+2,280 coronavirus cases)

Protestors demand removal of Sul Ross statue at Texas A&M

Do you have any German-American friends? They would LOVE this!

GOP Strategist: "NASCAR gets it. Trump doesn't."

It's Not the Tweet

Think in a circle.

State agencies map out possible cuts to plug budget hole

Has Discussionist been hacked?

Alicia Keys Boosts Call Demanding Justice for Breonna Taylor

David Crosby: 'Trump Is Far More Dangerous Than Nixon'

'We Should Be Able to Work in Any Genre Regardless of Our Race'

I love Anderson Cooper.

tweet of the hour

Jon Ossoff to challenge David Purdue after winning Georgia Democratic primary

Pompeo confidant emerges as enforcer in fight over watchdog's firing

LeBron James to Start Voting Rights Group

More Than 1,250 Ex-DOJ Workers Demand Probe Of AG Barr Over Protesters' Removal

The Rock Slams Trump with Scathing Video Message NowThis

Bonus Quote of the Day

Second U.S. Virus Wave Emerges With Texas Hitting Record

"Don Lemon and Joy Reid put more poison into the black community...."

Finally got a picture of one of the feral cats that shelters next to my house

How does one start a movement? (N95 masks for everyone).

Momentum builds to end qualified immunity for police officers in the wake of George Floyd's killing

Larry Kudlow Says the U.S. Suffers No 'Systemic Racism'

Swift Consequences for Men Who Staged George Floyd Scene

2020 US Senate Election- US Senate seats that Democrats will win in 2020.

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

U.S. coronavirus cases now over 2 million: Reuters tally

Mama Cat Is Overjoyed To Be Reunited With Her Kittens At The Shelter

Perfect response from CNN

Trump to address policing Thursday as White House grapples with Floyd response

The temporary fence outside the White House is being taken down.

Fox News host talks race by calling out the real enemy: Sesame Street's Elmo

Starbucks to close up to 400 stores, speed up expansion of pickup locations

A Deadly Mosquito-Borne Illness Is Brewing in the Northeast: EEE kills almost half of its victims,

Georgia's election chaos is a 'cautionary tale' for the Trump-Biden race

Wisconsin attorney filmed spitting on protester arrested again after altercation in front of home

Pete Shelley - Homosapien

Derek Chauvin was in plea deal talks before his arrest: report

Chief removed Bellingham Police Department sign with 'thin blue line' image

Biden to be on the Daily Show tonight:

Police discussing returning to precinct shut in protests

All of a sudden there is a primary

2 Law Enforcement Reforms Advance At King County Council

Man shot during Capitol Hill protest while protecting others called a 'hero'

Steve Schmidt Calls Trump 'The Second President Of The Confederacy' Deadline MSNBC

Louisville police release the Breonna Taylor incident report. It's virtually blank

Heat Of The Moment - Asia

8675309 Jenny Jenny - Tommy Tutone

LeBron James and Other Stars Form a Voting Rights Group

NASCAR to allow peaceful protests during national anthem

Trump babbles that he's honored by RWNJ Archbishop Vigano saying he leads the children of light

Ex-Seattle Seahawks stars Chancellor, Baldwin among athletes to support police accountability bill

The Human League - Don't You Want Me

Trump Approval Plummets Ten Points in Less Than a Month in New Gallup Poll

US soccer to allow players to kneel during anthem

Has already given his remarks on race, many times

Nascar wants to ban the CONFEDERATE FLAG??? I DONT THANK SO

June anniversery of sorts...June 9, 1980..I started going to Overeaters Anonymous..

CNN analyst Harry Enten: "Trump's re-elect is in tremendous trouble." 1 in 4 or 1 in 5 odds.

Know The Signs: How to tell if your grandparent has become an antifa agent

Link to Secretary of State's candidate filings

Angela Rye is on CNN and says trump is acting like the...

OMG watching the statue come down in Richmond

June 9, 1980 is when I started going to Overeaters Anonymous..Kind of an Anniversary

2020 US Senate Election- 10 US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that are likely to flip.

Booker says he would sooner die than allow Trump to refuse to concede the election if he's defeated

Iowa Senate passes limits on secretary of state's power on absentee voting (Thugs trying to rig Nov)

Catherine Wheel - Black Metallic

Safe to assume Trump doesn't know significance of Tulsa and Juneteenth. But Stephen Miller does.

Joni Ernst is for violence against women.

Tulsa cop: research says police shoot black people 'less than we probably ought to'

The Lincoln Project: Donald Trump today became the Confederacy's second president.

Wisconsin fitness center apologizes after offering 'I Can't Breathe' workout

Hannity: "I'm not making any comparison..."

In case anyone needs a reminder, Pence is pretty damn awful in his own right.

Racism is going to get expensive. Fed ex employee that mocked George Floyd's death fired

Senate Armed Services on collision course with Trump over Confederate names

Courtesy of Mr. Fish:

In which Tucker Carlson memes himself:

It's The Racism. And More.

Donald Trump, Like the Confederacy, Is Picking the Wrong Hill to Die On

Trump violates Hatch act again

Georgia's voting "plan" worked perfectly.

Christopher Columbus statue debate rises as controversial statues fall across the country

U.S. Coronavirus Cases Now Over 2 Million: Reuters Tally

Candace Owens is so mindbogglingly stupid she thinks BLM is a shell for the "super pac" Act Blue

This keeps going thru my head....A timeless sound, it appears.

Tiedrich: Trump is such a fuck-up that he's managed to lose the 2nd Civil War before it even started

Pa. House Speaker Mike Turzai expected to resign before the end of his term, sources say

Message from GOP lawmakers to Iowans: We don't want you voting

Black lawmakers seize the dais and the day at Pa. Capitol; force action on languishing police reform

Pence deletes tweet showing Trump campaign staff not wearing face masks or social distancing

jeff tiedrich cracks me up

This Is "There Is No Systemic Racism" Larry Kudlow

Police Reform Legislation Moves Swiftly Through New York State Legislature Facebook Twitter Flipb

Judge says Justice Dept distorted justice system to protect Micheal Flynn - says Flynn s/b sentenced

Fox News contributor fumes at congressman for grilling him over treatment of white mass shooters

Sen. Tom Cotton launches new racist attack ad to support Trump

NASCAR truck racer Ray Ciccarelli says he's quitting after Confederate flag ban

Ashton Woods Black Lives Matter Houston @BLMHOU founder talks defunding police & more

The Daily Social Distancing Show: What Does It Mean to Defund or Abolish the Police?

I wonder if Michael Flynn has taken the whole "agent of Russia" thing to the next level

NYT reporting Army leaders leaned on Guard to be aggressive in DC so combat troops wouldn't be used

Trump threatening violence in Seattle?

A Top Trump Adviser Says The U.S. Suffers No 'Systemic Racism'

Like being shot by a gun- Yabu Jennelyn (cover)

Seth Meyers: Trump Tweets Conspiracy Theory About Buffalo Protestor Pushed by Police - Monologue 6/9

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Joe Biden - Reforming the Police

Trump just tweeted 20 mins ago

Disney fans say Splash Mountain, a ride inspired by 'Song of the South,' should be re-themed

Dogs pee in toilets

I assume this means he DID get bailout money

I need to stop replying to posts after 3 Jim Beams and water.

The Lincoln Project: Flag of Treason

I'm not interested in more "lipstick on the pig" solutions.

Thomas Lane, police officer involved in George Floyd's death, released from jail on bail

Liberal Redneck - Rural Antifa Panic

Columbus statue vandalized in Miami's Bayside Marketplace, protest turns chaotic

Abrams Slams Georgia Leaders For 'Incompetence' And 'Malice' In Election Disaster - All In - MSNBC

This trump tweet?... Huh? Government not carrying his properties?

The scab is pretty well ripped off.

Tens of thousands of rifle and pistol rounds were stored in the DC Armory for the military to use on

Miami-Dade reaches 20,000 confirmed coronavirus cases as Florida's total hits 67,371

Statue of Jefferson Davis torn down on Monument Avenue [in Richmond]

Trump never saw a Christian protester coming

(Jewish Group) A Walla Walla police officer has a Nazi-style tattoo. A synagogue there wants apology

Seth Meyers - Trump Sinks in Polls, Protesters Call to Defund the Police: A Closer Look

Inside the White House Bunker ...

American Skin (41 Shots)"

Trump to hold rally in Oklahoma, first since coronavirus pandemic began

Jimmy Kimmel

☦ Orthodox Prayer in Time of Attack By Enemies/Greek Orthodox Archdiocese

Please notice

TX Now Has the 6th Highest COVID Cases & Under-Reporting 8,800

2018 - Inside the memorial to victims of lynching

Something about this cartoon really struck me

Inslee tweets for the win.

When enough people decide to change something

☦ Orthodox Christian Prayer for Protection Against a Pandemic/GREEK ORTHODOX ARCHDIOCESE

If you'd like to know what 45 is referring to in Seattle--

Donald Trump Jrs.' dream of killing animals comes true

Coronavirus: California justices rescind emergency zero-bail order

Liberal Redneck - Progress in Rural America

Perez: Democrats will 'descend' on Milwaukee for convention

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Georgia's Disastrous Primary

The Confederate traitors/losers take another L

Robert De Niro Ridicules Trump's Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Trump says 'domestic terrorists' and 'ugly anarchists' have overrun Seattle and tells 'radical left

Trump Ends Obama-Era Ban On 'Barbaric' Hunting Practices - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Brazil's Bolsonaro tells actress to 'get out' after she criticizes pandemic response

Coup threats rattle Brazil as deaths surge

Jimmy Kimmel's Quarantine Monologue - New MAGA Bleach Helmets & Maskless Trump Will Rally Again

What the hell is gun porn?

Mexico: US teenager shot dead by police in Oaxaca

Mexico: US teenager shot dead by police in Oaxaca

Researchers on Atrocity Prevention Warn: US on Path to Widespread Political Violence

Louisville police release Breonna Taylor incident report listing injuries as 'none'

'I can't breathe,' Oklahoma man tells police before dying. 'I don't care,' officer responds.

More Extreme Waves Tipped to Erode Coastlines as Planet Warms

Prosecutors say man who shot protester on [Seattle's] Capitol Hill likely provoked the incident

President to Gov. Inslee, Seattle mayor: 'Take back your city NOW'

Outrage as Guatemalan Maya spiritual guide is tortured and burned alive

Chile's women's minister, Pinochet's great-niece, resigns following backlash

California bill asking voters whether to repeal anti-affirmative action Prop. 209 advances

Wait until Dark

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that the Democrats will win are-

Coronavirus parties highlight Brazil's fractured approach to pandemic

Coronavirus parties highlight Brazil's fractured approach to pandemic

Black Thursday? Dow futures plummet/**Update: Dow down nearly 1700 points in afternoon trading**

Meet the woman who filmed her mom's reaction to law school acceptance to show 'black joy'

Shot by police in her bed. Police report says "no forced entry" and "no injuries". Rest is blank.

Hakeem Jeffries takes down Dan Bongino

Imagine that in 1939 you'd planned a trip to Europe next year, in 1940.

2020 US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats up in 2020 that the Democrats will win.

This is worth a second look, Dwayne Johnson asks "Where are you??" (to Trump)

Fearing Justice or Ridicule? More Politicians Distancing from Lopez and Guaido

Holy crap: NYT nonfiction best sellers this week

Good read. Explains Trump's base.

Backlash grows over Greek energy deregulation law

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 6/10/20

George Takei for the win.

BHP to destroy at least 40 Aboriginal sites, up to 15,000 years old, to expand Pilbara mine

Ohio Republican asks if COVID-19 numbers are possible because the 'colored population' just doesn't

Stephen Colbert - Stacey Abrams: We Need The Senate To Pass The HEROES Act

Stephen Colbert: Megan Rapinoe's Parents Taught Her That You Need To Help People, Period.

I woke up at 4:30 because the cat was howling downstairs, and found a raccoon in the basement...

A&E's Popular Show 'Live PD' Is Canceled Amid Protests Over Police Brutality

A Wasted Presidency

Biden: Military Will Remove Trump From the White House if He Refuses to Leave

Keep in Mind - This is the real Confederate Flag!

2020 US Senate Election- Democrats guide to 60 seats- filibuster proof majority.

Disgust, anger, totally inappropriate: Reactions to racist cartoon in Missouri newspaper

Thursday TOONs - True Colors

Sweden does the best statues 😀

My purple parrot fish has died

De Niro is Eloquent as usual

Congress Poised to Get Its First QAnon Believer


Kamala Harris tells 1st. time she met her MIL.

Seattle's Mayor Speaks For All Of Us!

Fired IG says he was working on 5 investigations into State Department

Dow futures DOWN -669

You Win Again (Rolling Stones)

Gov. DeSantis makes 'very, very unusual' request to appeal to voting rights decision

'Stop the pain,' George Floyd's brother pleads with Congress

Stop the staining!

So, the orange jesus picks Tulsa for the site of his magat rally open.

Cartoon: A Dr. Seuss protest - BLM-I-am

Do you have a different opinion of Republicans now than in the past?

See, I think that the "photo-op" was a McGuffin

Gotta keep movin on MC5

VRE extends Keolis contract for five years

Happy 224th Birthday to the Treaty of Tripoli

John Bolton's spinelessness has come back to haunt him

RELEASE - NLRB Declines Jurisdiction Over Faculty at Religious Institutions

Police and the Pursuit of Happiness

Trump's Bump Stock Ban Is Under Fire From His Own Judicial Appointees

To be clear, the issue is no longer who---or what---Trump is. The issue now is:

Kamala: 'This isn't just a wink to white supremacists'

If you're planning on attending an upcoming Trump rally...

Smithfield Sued On Basis Of False Advertising Regarding Its Food Safety Claims

Jacksonville, the GOP convention, and Aug. 27 "Ax Handle Saturday"

Georgia voters: "The election system is in shambles!"

Trump Attacks 75-Year-Old Assaulted by Police

Hannity Recommends Tear Gas Gun in Live TV

Surprise, Surprise: BlackRock's Big Green Promises Evaporate As It Props Up Dying Industries W. Fed

The Rundown: June 11, 2020

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 06/03/20

Art of the Week: Week of 6/10/20

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 6/10/2020

Question about Cat Not Eating

Dow futures tumble 900 points as U.S. coronavirus cases rise, after Fed's grim economic outlook

As Trump struggles to respond to crises, internal polling instills fear in advisers: Sources

The big looming risk for investors? A second wave of coronavirus

Actually had a coworker try to tell me Antifa are fascists


Lennie Niehaus, Who Set Eastwood's Films to Music, Dies at 90 (NYT)

Why is it up to Idiot what the military bases are named?

I know what the Bunker Boy police reform plan will say.

Trump plans new rallies as a pandemic rages on -- and he picked a terrible date to start

Product placement on your dime

Renaming Military bases? Surely we have modern Heroes

Richmond VA - Jefferson Davis statue pulled down.

'Fort Trump' is dead

Don't think twice

The Army Was Open to Replacing Confederate Base Names. Then Trump Said No.

GOP-led Senate Armed Services Cmte has adopted an amendment to remove Confederate names from bases

Excellent article on what to expect from COVID-19 in the next 12-18 months. (hint: it'll get worse)

They treated me like I'm some type of animal: Compton man speaks out as leaders call for removal...

We should wait until the Democrats are in charge before we rename

Trump Demands CNN 'Retract' Poll That Shows Him Losing Badly

& I thought the asshole potus was supposed to be pivoting?

Another 1.5 million workers filed jobless claims last week

Why are so many of our military bases honoring Confederate Generals?

It's not about Flynn

Kim Simmmons and Savoy Brown

Is this what cops commonly say to POC that they've pulled over?

Jambalaya...Naudo Rodrigues

You raised $1,295.00 on June 10, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

More than 4,300 stores are closing in 2020 as the retail apocalypse drags on. Here's the full list.

Shakespeare must've been acquainted with an ancestor of the Dotard.

"The President Has Earned His Disadvantage On The Environment" - Biden Lead Biggest Of Any Issue

Anyone had a gaming dream where they rage-quit?

Trump 2nd Term: Even More Gutting Of Environmental Rules, Even More Coal, Oil, Leasing, Drilling

Suggestion for figures to replace racist statues: Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing TubeMen

Trump OKs sanctions against international tribunal employees

So, the chairman of the joint chiefs now says he shouldn't have been in...

American police shoot, kill and imprison more people than other developed countries. Here's the data

Otters have pockets? (Twitter)


3M sues Amazon storefront that allegedly sold fake N95 masks for $23 apiece

Top general apologizes for Trump's St. John's Church photo-op: 'I should not have been there'

Top general apologizes for appearing with Trump in combat uniform

So I have this thought this morning and executed it

'Fascism' might be too strong. But this doesn't feel like a healthy democracy.

CNN now talking about apparent split between military and Trump...

Google-backed drones will drop library books so kids in Virginia can do their summer reading

"Make my day, punk!" . . . Please come CAPTION Sean Hannity!!!

The Chilling Things Delta Said about the Airline Business.......

Mmmmmm, warm polling cockles first thing in the morning

This is the Republican Party. A QAnon believer about to win seat in Congress.

Syracuse Head Football Coach, Dino Babers, releases BLM statement...

5, count them, 5! Think about that number!

For heuristic purposes

Vermont Legislature poised to approve mail-in voting

The US is losing the 'discipline' to fight coronavirus

Noel Francisco to step down as US solicitor general, sources say

'Magic: The Gathering' Removes Racist Cards From The Game

Both sides are claiming the other is planning to steal the election

Jim Croce - Photographs And Memories

The time I got pulled over by a cop - Lottery ticket involved (?)

Water pressure weirdness

Tweet of the Day

Image of George Floyd projected over Confederate statue

***BREAKING*** Top general apologizes for appearing in photo-op with Trump after forceful removal of

Shenandoah University removes Harry F. Byrd Jr.'s name from business school

Its not the fringe anymore, this crap runs pretty deep in the repub party

MA-04: SEIU backs Mermell in 4th District race

CV Contact Tracers Are Facing Death Threats And Comparisons To Nazis On Facebook And YouTube

Texas State staffer slurs George Floyd protesters as 'monkeys' -- and then quickly loses her job

Wisconsin House Speaker says immigrant 'culture' was to blame for COVID-19 outbreak in Racine County

Breakfast: Thursday, 6/11/20

Dow plummets as investors grow fearful about the economy

Ohio GOP lawmaker asks if 'colored population' is hard hit by covid-19 because they don't 'wash thei

New voter registrations plunge during pandemic

UPDATE: Just gonna get a new HD. Thx all! n/t

Iphone (neighbors) gets no sound with text messages.

As the people rise up against brutality, Trump and his enforcers move to criminalize dissent

A letter to the editor in today's St. Paul Pioneer Press is disturbing:

Hit em' where it hurts - No more cheap donuts for cops/military

When a government participate in and celebrates tearing down statues in other countries

In secret recording, Vos says immigrant 'culture' was to blame for COVID-19 outbreak (Wisconsin)

Ducklings, and lots of them! Stella the duck adopts orphans.

NBA revises foul criteria after learning that one can fall harder than pushed.


Dear Donald:

The quality of GOPer's running for office in Georgia

Any info about location of T Tulsa rally? Any protests planned? city plans re protests?

Stacey Abrams says she hasn't heard from Biden campaign about VP search

Pence's Maskless Visit to Trump HQ in Rosslyn Criticized

Dow slides 1,000 points on fears of coronavirus resurgence, more economic pain

San Jose cops rupture testicle of their own bias trainer in violent response to protests

Democrats challenge Arizona mail-in ballot rule

Mnuchin said the U.S. shouldn't shut down the economy again even if there is another surge in case

Pine Top Smith was born on this date-

Liberal groups back plan to expand Supreme Court

Florida woman discovers alligators fighting by her home

Someone is giving a 350% match for each donation against Mitch McConnell

Netflix pulls The Mighty Boosh and The League of Gentlemen over blackface

The Unstated Penalty Cities Face if They Do Not Change

San Jose cops shoot their own racial sensitivity trainer in the testicles at protest. On purpose.

Mrs. A has oldies on in kitchen and the Stones' "Paint It Black" just ended. I have a vivid

Tucker Carlson Sees Advertiser Exodus After 'Black Lives' Comment

deAdder: Golf Again

I will keep on saying this because it is true.

"6 Things White People Say That Highlight Their Privilege"

George Floyd was 1 of 100s of cases under review involving cop charged with murder via lying

Seems that voting by mail delays reporting of results

STAY HOME! FL surges to highest positive coronavirus test rate.

Working dogs need work

Governor Cuomo Pandemic Update June 11 2020


June 1960: It's the sixtieth anniversary of the Arlington County lunch counter sit-ins.

Raffensperger dreamed of glory and woke up with egg on his face...

GAG: What trump wants US to swallow

Black Teen Shares The Rules His Mom Makes Him Follow When Leaving The House

Nigel Farrage has been sacked by LBC. Hehe

Senate Armed Services Committee adopts amendment to strip Confederate names from military bases

We can put to bed the notion the military will keep Trump in office after he loses.

BREAKING NEWS: Trump decries Seattle-area senior home as "dangerous Antifa no-go zone."

You think the protests are intense now, watch what happens if Trump rigs the election.

Pic Of The Moment: This Week In Local Racism

House impeachment managers: Trump is as lawless and corrupt as ever

Real Clear Politics shows Trumps approval rating going downhill quickly.

Trump has Kushner reading a book on the military

General Mark Milley apologizes for taking part in Trump's Bible photo op outside the White House

Republicans are engineering an electoral disaster this fall

BLM Mural in Charlotte

Get Ready for Janus 2.0, Which Could Devastate Labor More Than the First

Jared and Ivanka's next door neighbor has a "BIDEN 2020" sign prominently displayed

Harris: Trump throwing white supremacists a 'welcome home party' with Tulsa rally

This cartoon hits the reality mark, spot on.

Summer 1960 film Operation Abolition--HUAC claims communists were trying to destroy them

Press Briefing by Kayleigh McEnany; June 10, 2020

I agree with Trump, "ugly anarchists" MUST be STOOPED. STOOP them TODAY. #StableGenius

The crackdown before Trump's photo op: How law enforcement cleared protesters

Joe Biden warns that President Trump 'is going to try to steal this election'

The highlight of my day each day,

ACLU calls for removal of Ohio senator who cited 'colored' people not washing their hands in coronav

Amy McGrath Takes Narrow Lead Over Mitch McConnell in Kentucky Senate Race, Poll Shows

Trump is following in the footsteps of Ronald Reagan.

Mnuchin Says U.S. Can't Shut Economy Even If Virus Resurges

Trump's Remarks in Roundtable Discussion; June 10, 2020

Lady G

Executive Order on Blocking Property Of Certain Persons Associated With International Criminal Court

The South is losing again, in more ways than one.

Text of Letter to House and Senate regarding the International Criminal Court (ICC)

Any links to Biden speaking now?

Statement from Kayleigh McEnany regarding the International Criminal Court

Twitter aims to limit people sharing articles they have not read

Venezuela on Brink of Famine With Fuel Too Scarce to Sow Crops

Republican Kevin McCarthy: "Nobody Should Be Judged Based on the Color of Their Uniform"

How soon before Trump flies the Confederate flag over the WHITE House?

Scratch My Back by Slim Harpo. A great video with the rubber legged guys.

The Top Doctor Who Aced the Coronavirus Test

Trump Takes It As A Challenge.....

Racist Donald Trump Loves Him Some Confederate Generals

Is she done yet? Does her face need fiddling?

Coalition of several hundred West Point alumni pen letter to West Point Class of 2020

How much can one bear?

Remember Don Siegelman Won - They Changed The Vote Totals And Sealed The Ballots

1964 Philadelphia MS---Schwerner, Goodwin, Chaney, civil rights workers murdered--MS Summer

So, is anyone seeing or hearing anything about a counter protest in Tulsa next week?

Respecting Authority With Coppy The Cop Car - Ep 02

Who was Roy Benavidez, the man whose name some say should replace Confederate general's at Fort Hood

Amazing article from 2015: The meaning of the Confederate flag is best discerned in the words of th

I know Roger Stone was a Nixon fanatic, was he also a Wallace fanatic.

Coronavirus is mutating as it moves around the US -- here's what that means for you

FFS!!! Black man pulled over and issued a warning for doing 65 in a 70!!!

Economist predicts Biden Win

Cuomo: Cities May Open Pools, Playgrounds For Summer; 5 Regions To Enter Phase 3 Friday

Trump's Scottish golf resorts to get over $1M in tax relief

Who's Really Looting America? with Robert Reich

donald trump finally addresses the protesters

Portsmouth VA ups the game - marching band at monument destruction

65 Years Ago Today; Tragedy at LeMans

US Sued Over Vanishing Vaquita, the World's Smallest Porpoise

Wisconsin Gym Posts Offensive 'I CAN'T BREATHE' Workout

The Wiener's Circle is here for you.

My list of Trump's good qualities and accomplishments.

NASCAR reassures fans

White tribalism is under assault -- from white people. That's an amazing development.

Senate panel passes amendment to bar using troops against protesters

Why did they build so many forts in the South and why did they name them after the enemies?

Trump OKs sanctions against International Criminal Court employees

I'm not sure who exactly is in charge of elections in this country.


Federal Arrests Show No Sign that Antifa Plotted Protests

Quitting smoking - question about the patch. Day 67

This is the kind of trash that's still on youtube

Link to Biden Economic roundtable

Former Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino to be imploded, mayor says

More MC5

These people have been sick with coronavirus for more than 60 days.

Tucker Carlson Advertisers Depart After 'Black Lives' Comment

The press should ask the GOP

Trump jets off to Dallas to give talk on race and policing - snubs city's top LEOs who are black

Do you think Tulsa should give Trump a tour and treats at the Bama Pie company?

Scientists detect unexpected widespread structures near Earth's core

Florida Officer Caught Planting Evidence

How Donald Trump killed America

NYPD cop whines that he's no longer a "good cop" and shamed his uniform by kneeling with protesters.

for those still under lockdown

Trump sent this person a DM on twitter. It didn't go well.

NASCAR Loser Only Mama Could Love

Rep. Ken Buck faces questions from attorney oversight group about actions as Colorado GOP chairman

Trump to Accept GOP Nomination on 'Ax Handle Saturday'

This is extraordinary. No excuses offered. Only a firm declaration, the military is not a plaything

I voted by mail today.

Is there any cellphone provider

National Guard fired shot that killed Louisville restaurant owner

US reaches 2 million coronavirus cases

We're all sleeping worse due to COVID-19, study shows

Kennewick cat killer strikes again

Dow plunges 1,500 points as U.S. coronavirus cases rise, amid Fed's grim economic outlook

A White House Tour, from Outside Trump's Fence

Know The Signs: How to tell if your grandparent has become an antifa agent

Dr. Amy Acton resigns as Ohio Department of Health director

Trump has shown his personality in ways he couldn't imagine. And he doesn't care.

Best hitch hiker joke I have heard in years

Allow me to present the Swamp Milkweed Leaf Beetle

M.McSally: Chuck Schumer Is Going To Have To "Pry The Senate Majority Out Of My Cold, Dead Hands"

House impeachment managers: We told you dumb*sses he was corrupt

Is trump taking a victory lap over the Dow Jones today?

Dow plunges 1,500 points on Fed economic warning and fear of a 2nd wave of COVID-19.

Leading Dominican Republic presidential candidate has coronavirus

Great Confederate Monuments - Jubilation T Cornpone

Does Trump have a fight with Musk? Does he know Tulsa put up a 7foot tall statue of Musk? Want

Cartoons 6/11/2020

President John F. Kennedy's Civil Rights Address

Brave Dog Makes His Mom SO Proud Every Day

Joe Biden Unpacks Police Reform Plans on 'The Daily Show'

Jefferson Davis took a tumble last night.

Good read on the history of abortion in America.

Judge Merrick Garland takes bench for Shakespeare Theatre's 'Virtual Mock Trial'

So with the market down 6%, is the racist asshole in the WH going to tell us what

This underwater Italian 'ghost town' could reappear on land next year

Trump threatens to 'take back' Seattle as protesters set up 'autonomous zone'

'Qualified immunity' puts police above the law

Woman flies across country to adopt a bird she's never met

Budget proposal prompts calls to defund sheriff's office

Iowa Senate race

Nascar Confederate Flag

Hannity & Ainsley

Chicken Tinga Recipe

Sander's isn't for defunding

Correlation of Prevalence of Corona Virus in Sewage with Disease Prevalence in the Netherlands.

Lafayette Park near White House: A soapbox for social unrest

President Bunker-and-Wall claims that Biden hides in his basement during protests.

As US reckons over race, Trump becomes a bystander

Protecting looters

'Live P.D.' Canceled at A&E After Network Admits Show Filmed In-Custody Death, Destroyed Footage

Anderson Cooper Blasts 'Lie Teller' Kayleigh McEnany For 'Orwellian' Trump Defense

Coronavirus survivor in US receives double lung transplant

White nationalist's lawyer wants out of rally violence case

Country Group Lady Antebellum Drops 'Antebellum' From Name

Police: Man brought explosives into Long Island hospital

Trump as compared to Jesus:

"She's still a racist idiot, but Ann Coulter summed it up best..."

ATTENTION I am Special Agent Ted Nugent and am here in Michigan as.special agent in charge

George Floyd's Daughter Gianna Offered Full Scholarship From Texas Southern University

From the LOLGOP Twitter acct:

Trump Snubs Dallas Top Law Enforcement Officers, All Black

We should know America has been TRUMPED when we have

Twitter acct of LOLGOP explains why Republicans lie:

Three big studies dim hopes that hydroxychloroquine can treat or prevent COVID-19

Dan Bongino Goes Full 'All Lives Matter' During Congressional Hearing on Police Brutality

CHAZ website (capitol hill autonomous zone)

So, umm, no mention of the reckless opening of States, but

GOP-led Senate panel authorizes subpoenas of top Obama officials

This Little Light of Mine

Trump Admin. Refuses to Disclose Corporate Recipients of $500 Billion in Coronavirus Bailout Funds

'An abuse of power': alarm grows over AG Bill Barr directing force at protesters

'The SS were Nazis': Trump slammed for confusing the US Secret Service with Hitler's infamous parami

Jeff Tiedrich tweet on Gen. Milley's apology:

And the rallies begin.

Hashtag campaign

Trump reportedly wanted to fire his defense secretary for refusing to send troops after protesters

Trump slams Fed as Dow dives 1,500 points

40% of black-owned businesses may not survive coronavirus

Rupert Murdoch Thinks Trump Is Going To Crash & Burn & Lose the Election

Terrell Owens leading 'march and kneel' event in honor of Colin Kaepernick

CNN: US government spy planes monitored George Floyd protests

'His Brain Is Injured:' Lawyer Updates on 75-Year-Old NY Protester Shoved by Police

Speaker Pelosi: "Real men wear masks, we always say."

"Everybody Takes a Tumble"

Thanks to U.S. intransigence, a Salvadoran crisis repeats itself

Thanks to U.S. intransigence, a Salvadoran crisis repeats itself

Donald has Only Got one Ball...

Does Barr the Toad go everywhere with Chumpy now?

Biden Leads In Florida

Washington Regional Hosp. Arkansas issues calls COVID-19 surge a "serious public health emergency"

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: The struggle continues

Over in GD

13 Chicago cops lounged in a congressman's burglarized office,

Trump is out of ideas, out of luck and out of time.

The Orange Pussy-Grabber doesn't like being denied his wishes. . .

NASCAR ratings get a boost after Confederate flag is banned from races

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah: Fox News Is Suddenly Anti-Protest

What do republicans want?

In places where we expect voter machine fraud is there a way to have someone

Tucker Carlson's Fox News Show Loses Disney & Other Advertisers Over George Floyd Killing & (BLM)

Salvadorean war crimes suspect Montano on trial in Spain

This message was just made by Nancy Pelosi. "Republicans are afraid of voters."

Even a Vaccine Won't Erase this Pandemic

Trump to have Rally at Town of Worst Race Massacre on Juneteenth

NASCAR driver quits after Confederate flag ban: 'All you are doing is f--ing one group'

trump threatened this morning to withhold pay raises for the military if

U.S. surgeon general on George Floyd: "That could have been me"

Israel Repurposes Public Phones Into Lifesaving Defibrillator Stations

He's coming to Phoenix for a rally on June 23

Fossil tracks left by an ancient crocodile that 'ran like an ostrich'

Britain goes coal free as renewables edge out fossil fuels

Let him have his packed rallies. The smart ones won't be going

Chicago Police broke into Bobby Rush's office during civil unrest, made popcorn and coffee.

Drumpf's on (roundtable). Fox has.

"Trump Has No Reparative Skills": Cautious Optimism in Bidenworld as Trump Polling Craters

COVID Is So Bad in Arizona They're Running Out of Beds

I have a new conspiracy theory.

The ULTIMATE revenge? Joe nominates Hillary for SCOTUS seat

Sour Diesel and C99 flowers at 32 days.

One for our Canadian neighbors

This woman's love for her dog is so pure

Aggressive Tactics by National Guard, Ordered to Appease Trump, Wounded the Military, Too

The Tulsa Massacre of 1921:

Teargassing protesters is now "a beautiful scene." Gotcha.

Soon we'll see what's more important to NASCAR fans: The racing or racism

I just got an anonymous trump dog toy for my dog. It is hilarious.

G.O.P. Platform, Rolled Over From 2016, Condemns the 'Current President'

What's for Dinner, Thurs., June 11, 2020

LAPD launches over 50 investigations into officer misconduct during the protests

Golden Gate Bridge "singing" is heard across San Francisco Bay.

Group submits signatures to repeal Washington's sex education law

288 New Coronavirus Cases In Washington; 14 More Dead

(Revised) Poll: Hydroxychloroquine safety

Chicago IL Rep Bobby Rush: "PD lounged, made popcorn in HIS office with looters/riots outside"

Jefferson Davis statue torn down in Richmond, Virginia

U.S. could reach 200,000 coronavirus deaths in September, expert says

Profanity, Racist Words Shouted by Trolls At St. Pete Council Meeting

Honest Government Ad Trickledown Economics

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Stocks suffer their worst day since March, with the Dow plunging more than 1,800 points

Yeah sex is great but...

Kayleigh McEnany dismisses 'ridiculous proposition' that Trump be forcibly removed from White House

Trump claims he was misunderstood, wanted to "dominate the streets with compassion."

'Slap in the face to black people': Trump faces backlash over rally on Juneteenth

WH working on an executive order on policing standards. Trump: "We have to get

My humble advice to the Republican party: Convince Trump to drop his re-election bid.

If you attend Trump's rally in Tulsa next Friday, must first agree not to sue if you get COVID-19

In the new Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, protesters come together to give aid and fight for change

Group of West Point graduates warn that alumni in Trump administration 'betray public faith'

ABC News analysis of police arrests nationwide reveals stark racial disparity

LeBron James and Other Stars Form a Voting Rights Group

The pink rose started blooming, today

The Rude Pundit: Donald Trump Wants More Violence at the BLM Protests So He Can Act Tough

Trump Approval Down 10 Points in One Month

Trump To Hold Massive Rallies as Coronavirus Spreads

Chicago police made coffee and popcorn in US Rep. Bobby Rush's office while shopping plaza was being

Breaking News: NASCAR refuses to remove Confederate flag

WHAT A COWARD! Trump Says He Will "Not Even Consider" Renaming Bases Honoring Confederate Traitors!

AZ health official: 'We are not going to be able to stop the spread, but we can't stop living"

G.O.P. Platform, Rolled Over From 2016, Condemns the 'Current President'

A moment of hope

Stop pulling down monuments

Trump supporters have to promise not to sue over COVID-19 to attend rally in 19,000 seat arena

"When Danger raised its ugly head, he simply turned his tail and fled." Brave Sir Donald.

"Disband the FBI"? Call begins after bureau reports on white nationalist violence and plots

Agolf Twitler Channels Hitler

Pro-Trump Network Claims to Have Biden-Ukraine Tapes

The incredible life of dedication bio of Hillary R Clinton

Does the president of the U.S. have control over ALL the police in the U.S. ???

The floor is lava

It took him 17 days!

Spellbound by this - Robin Trower, "Daydream"

Trump: "We have bases named after Confederate and Nazi leaders, they were tough, not changing them"

Liberal Redneck in 2016-even more relevant in2020 MUST WATCH

Chicago Police Board President Attacked by Chicago Police: Chicago Tribune: June 5

all lives matter

Any Chance the West Point Grads

"You put that on Facebook, I hope you do!"

Liberal Redneck and ANTIFA----sooo funny

Legal question for our legal eagle types:

Tulsa rally to be at BOK Center, holds 19,000. Attendees must sign document not to sue if get virus!

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 12 June 2020

So I'm in the process of moving.

Trump Says He'll End Racism 'Very Easily'

What is it about white women in parks?

This was really great! A.I.M. saved over 20 businesses during the Mpls riots by patroling.

Fifth diabetes medicine recalled for containing too much of a 'probable carcinogen'

Colombia: US Troops in Country Seek International Conflict

William Cohen on CNN just now. WOW!

I know it is wanderlust, but It would be awesome for Biden to win all 50 states and just smash the

Trump demands that his rally attendees sign COVID-19 Waiver

Knife-wielding man briefly holds TV Globo reporter hostage in Brazil


I'm looking for a post from last night, referencing a New Yorker article

Joe Biden has lierally told the Judiciary to tell the USA whih side they are on if the Con refuses

What about the Republican National Convention in Jacksonville and elsewhere?

The Incredible Life of Dedication / bio of Hillary R Clinton

Venezuelan Embassy Protectors hail legal victory

Senate GOP readies policing bill after Floyd death, protests

Ex-DEA spokesman admits posing as covert CIA agent in $4 million fraud scheme

"Bye-bye Tucker Carlson!" T-Mobile CEO says as advertisers drop Fox News show

Trump fumes as protesters stake out festive zone in Seattle

Ohio's State Health Director successfully hounded from office

US has regional epidemics brewing

Robert Baden-Powell statue to be removed in Poole

Robert Baden-Powell statue to be removed in Poole

Ersatz Hollandaise

Woman goes on racist tirade at Asian woman working out in the park (video contains profanity)

trump's Tulsa campaign rally sign-up page includes coronavirus liability disclaimer

Sean Hannity & Ainsley Earhardt Have Been Dating

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 6/11/20

Video shows Chicago officers lounging in congressman's burglarized office during looting.

David Corn: Trump Just Showed Us His Core Campaign Message: Chaos In the Streets

Researchers in Chile unearth 74 million year old mammal teeth

Just when you think these people can't be any bigger fools ...

Trump calling on police to use 'force with compassion'

Researchers in Chile unearth 74 million year old mammal teeth

Shooting of Amadou Diallo

Bullfighting's South American home moves to ban the bloodthirsty tradition

Whatever happened to the OANN poll that supposedly showed His Lardship ahead of Biden?

U.S. Army Unit Was Issued Bayonets to Prep for D.C. Protest Duty

Interesting Tweet About Wake County, NC.

Milley discussed resigning over role in Trump's church photo op

Why I reluctantly pulled out of working the June and July elections in northern VA for the county

Dog Who Was Scared Of Everything Gets More Playful Every Day

Walmart stores will stop locking up 'multicultural' personal care products

Trump fumes as protesters stake out festive zone in Seattle