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Archives: May 15, 2019

Justice Department says FDA 'lacks jurisdiction' over death penalty drugs

Proposed plastic bag ban gains traction in Delaware

New Jersey sues DuPont, 3M over toxic firefighting foam

Hey everyone - my crush just released a new video

Meet the dogs of Chernobyl - the abandoned pets that formed their own canine community

There are no victims of trump employment. No upstanding moral individual would ever work for him.

Hogan, Local Lawmakers Give Thumbs-Down to Trump's July 4 Plan

3 Florida radio stations vow to broadcast Trump speeches daily until end of 2020 election

U.S. Ambassador Says Israel Is 'on the Side of God'

Facial recognition: Interesting that the city with one of the highest percentages of tech gurus....

Judge skeptical of Trump effort to keep records from House

Maryland gov signs 1st-in-nation measure to help uninsured

Thank you, Utah Phillips. Now, who's going to surround their buildings and homes.

Donald Trump Jr. Strikes Deal for 'Limited' Interview With Intelligence Committee

Romney breaks with GOP to oppose Trump's judicial pick who called Obama 'un-American impostor'

This explains Biden's poll numbers: "the activist left is out of step with most Democrats"

Missouri Teachers Say Pay Is Biggest Reason They Quit

U.S. warns on possible 'imminent threats' to U.S. forces in Iraq

Union workers at Pimlico Race Course avert strike prior to Preakness by ratifying contract with pay



Crack Found In I-5 Bridge, WSDOT Makes Emergency Repair

Incoming Democratic US Senators if Democrats regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

I'm a 63 yr-old and I'm tired of old establishment Dems whining about our great Young Democrats

Former Baltimore Police chief Darryl De Sousa enters federal prison

Pentagon contractor's 9,400% profit on a half-inch metal pin is challenged

Trump Reassures Struggling Farmers He Has Never Seen One Of Them And Cannot Be Sure They Even Exist

Maryland Gov. Hogan signs bill banning young adults from buying tobacco, nicotine products

Bill Nelson was robbed of his Senate seat

415: The Most Dangerous Number

Mercedes Benz

Lara Trump has a whiny sad-on. Boo hoo.

Baltimore ransomware attack: Here's what's working and what's not in city government

It Sure Looks Like the Trump Administration Is Preparing for War With Iran

AOC quote of the day. . . .

I'm so glad that I'm not a Knicks fan!

House Intel to probe whether lawyers for Trump family interfered in investigation

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! The Biggest Loser!

Border Wall to Go Up in National Monument, Wildlife Refuge

The House is investigating Trump's lawyers for obstruction of justice!

Amazon contributes $3M for Seattle U's new science and innovation center

I am so fucking sick and tired of Trump.

3 Florida Radio Stations to Run Trump Speeches Hourly

Muslim Lawmaker Says His Faith Attacked at First Town Hall

​Why the U.S.-China trade war could be long and painful: no offramps

Saguaro flowers are here! 10 things to know about this special desert bloom

Pelicans land No. 1 pick

Oklahoma Republicans were just caught on a hot mic discussing the molestation of a female State Rep.

I just learned that my father died in March of 2018.

Been trying to type, but my speed is nonexistent.

Tim Conway is dead. Pat Robertson still lives.

In honor of Holocaust Remembrance - and our theme of "Sacred"

New Zealand Girl Sends Prime Minister $5 'Bribe' To Fund Dragon Research

D.C. Council rejects mayor's proposal to move Banneker High

Help with a Career Day talk for 8th graders - how do I hook them in?

3 Florida Radio Stations to Run Trump Speeches Hourly

Trump Can't Stop Attacking Biden. G.O.P Strategists Wish He Would.

Exxon scientists predicted 415 ppm of carbon dioxide and 1 C temp rise in 1982!

As part of budget vote, D.C. lawmakers opt to close city's public hospital within four years

Trump Thinks Trade War Will Secure His Re-Election

Come on folks, please?

AT&T promised 7,000 new jobs to get tax break--it cut 23,000 jobs instead

Valero says it could be facing $1.3M fine from Texas Attorney General

Bernie Sanders Interview on Iran MSNBC

3 Florida radio stations to broadcast Trump speeches every hour until 2020 election

Wild Horses - Rolling Stones

God Emperor Trump: Save For The Elections

Rooster fighting operation shut down in raid near Gillett

50 years ago: When Crazy Horse debuted on 'Everyone Knows This Is Nowhere'

Most annoying OCD daily activities

'Asian Nazi' guilty sentenced to 97 months in federal prison on firearms convictions

Congressman Vela endorses Biden over Texas friends Castro, O'Rourke

Alabama state Senate passes near total abortion ban in direct challenge to Roe v. Wade

I will never go to this state.

Sanders: Bolton is a guy who likes war (CNN Anderson Cooper)

Old versions of Windows get a new patch to stop WannaCry-style attacks

Whatever happened with Mueller appearing before Congress?

One of the finest ideas I've ever heard from the Hard Right

Alabama state Senate passes near total abortion ban in direct challenge to Roe v. Wade

Buttigieg's Press Secretary Reaching Out to Alt-Right A-Hole Dave Rubin

*Cecile Richards coming up on Lawrence show,

It seems like Trump is making the main communist country look pretty good.

Alabama state Senate passes near total abortion ban in direct challenge to Roe v. Wade

Mama duck leads ducklings on waddle to White House grounds

Biden still rules the roost, while Sanders's wings get clipped

We flipped the House thanks to Pelsoi who guided all the candidates to run on health care

North Carolina state senator wins GOP primary in 9th District

Louisiana Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser just nudged Hannity out of Trump's ass

Why the Teamsters president supports Trump's new tariffs - PBS NewsHour

"The Orville" renewed for Season 3

Is it Alabama Get Away or Alabama Getaway?

Phillip LARKIN #1 and ORWELL #2 - *really*?!1 C.S.Lewis/Ian FLEMING, really?!1

Why don't ants get sick?

Saw mention of D B Cooper in a novel. Had to look up. Anyone remember the theft?

To let the Alabama Tourism Department know how you feel about the state's CRIMINALIZATION

Here's how Americans rank the 2020 presidential candidates on the political spectrum

Trump's Continuing Tariff War on His Own Country

Young cancer survivor rings the bell

No More Deaths Trial Begins, As More Bodies Are Discovered Along The Border

Def Leppard - Gods of War

Did Chernobyl Cause the Soviet Union To Explode?

The Daily Show - Obama's Saudi Bow: The Worst Scandal in Presidential History

Alabama passed it. Alabama's gonna pay for it -- more than it does for its 6,000 foster children.

Cake-"I Bombed Korea" from Motorcade of Generosity

The Daily Show: We Need a Lot More Women to Run for Congress - Desi Lydic Womansplains

Seth Meyers - Vice President Mike Pence's 30-Minute Commencement Speech - Monologue - 5/13/19

Let the Word Go Forth

NC-09: GOP Nominates 'Bathroom Bill' Author for Congress

Dear God, if you're listening...

Fourth-largest coal producer in the US files for bankruptcy

Trudeau set to sign New Zealand PM's pledge to tackle violent, extremist online content

Rooster Shows Up At Auto Shop One Day And Decides He Works There Now

Seth Meyers: Guest Rep. Rashida Tlaib on Growing Up in Detroit, Holocaust Comments, Fighting Poverty

Joe Biden cannot play nice in this election cycle...and this attitude will not win...

A possible fair trade with N. Korea

No one should ever do business with Alabama again

Do not respond to any post slamming Mayor Pete

'Let's go, keg stand!': Fraternity under investigation after forcing puppy to drink beer

I can not believe what I'm reading on this board right now in regards to Joe...

A great quote from Michelle Obama......

Maybe a good protest could be NCAA D1 teams forfeit all games againt UOA

Quit calling it "Anti-abortion". Or "Pro-Life". It's the FORCED-BIRTH movement.

Mrs. Betty Bowers sums up the insanity and injustice of the Alabama abortion decision

WTF is this weird Colbert interview with Gayle and the new CBS am news anchors?

This time...WMDs are a reality...and fucking with Iran is civilization ending.

Before you judge Trump

Abramson: "it was an act of cowardice by congress..."

Asia Bibi's lawyer to defend couple on death row over blasphemy 2100 if we get World effort...

Finally bought a new wireless mouse. Never thought the old one would wear out.

Tax carbon, not people: UN chief issues climate plea from Pacific 'frontline'

Border wall to go up in national monument, wildlife refuge

A republican admitting election hacking in 2016...OMG

These 25 white men - all Republicans - just voted to ban abortion in Alabama

Tennessee Pastor Who Repeatedly Raped Daughter, 14, Gets Light Sentence Because Jesus

Maybe they will get a woolly mammoth pathogen...

Heartbeat' abortion ban to be debated in Missouri Senate

Prediction....this faux legal analist will get twitched by our commander...

Trump Can't Stop Attacking Biden. G.O.P. Strategists Wish He Would.

AP Explains: Brazil's environmental changes under Bolsonaro

America's religious right...

AP Explains: Brazil's environmental changes under Bolsonaro

Before...A billion loss in 10 years...After....A trillion loss in less than a year

Critically endangered Hawaiian crows build first nest in the wild in decades

Whites have more to fear from other whites than they do from their fellow black and brown Americans

Metzl: It's time to talk about the privilege being white in America

'It would destroy it': new international airport for Machu Picchu sparks outrage

Is OBS Free software safe to use?

Bolsonaro Wants to Transform Protected Ecological Area into A "Brazilian Cancun"

Wow. And the children shall lead...

Argentina's biggest union calls for anti-government strike

This letter from Kavanaugh to Starr 8/15/98 !!

Chile launches mobile lab to promote astronomy

Chile launches mobile lab to promote astronomy

Big Brother-style surveillance gives new insight into Amazon's hidden wildlife

I can't feel heat in my right hand.

Big Brother-style surveillance gives new insight into Amazon's hidden wildlife

Re Iran: Tim Kaine with Chris Hayes points out the irony in Trump's breaking the diplomatic

Judge sets rapid pace to end fight over Jeffrey Epstein sweetheart deal

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 5/14/19

Chimps Raised In Captivity Spontaneously Learn How To Use Tools

Giant Hole In Mars Atmosphere Responsible For Loss Of Water On Red Planet

Should someone tell Briahna that BS is suppose to be running as a Dem?

Tunneling Experts Excited At Prospect Or Boring Tunnels On Lunar Surface

Very Early Galaxies Shone Much Brighter Than Previous Expectations Says Researchers

'Terrifying' Ebola epidemic out of control in DRC, say experts

'Super corals' give glimmer of hope for world's dying reefs

Alarming study finds plastic ocean pollution harms bacteria that produces the oxygen we breathe

When are we going to stop...

Lawmakers seek protections for Native women, children

Humans Crawled Through a Cave 14,000 Years Ago. We Can Still See Their Perfectly Preserved Footprint

'Patriots' group remains on the border

160 ancient tombs discovered in central China

Stellaris 'Ancient Relics' expansion lets you investigate precursor civilizations

Both leading Senate Democratic candidates reject PAC cash

Xalapa Museum of Anthropology

Xalapa Museum of Anthropology

Closed New Mexico private prison may reopen to hold migrants

GM Incentives Approved As Senate Turns Attention To Abortion


Six big takeaways from The Colorado Sun's forum with Gov. Jared Polis and top state lawmakers


150 Years Ago Today; S B Anthony and E C Stanton found the National Woman Suffrage Association

Missouri Teachers Say Pay Is Biggest Reason They Quit

Democratic state Rep. Rochelle Galindo resigns citing undisclosed allegations against her

Sanders Vows to Prevent Trump Administration's Attempted War with Iran

These 25 white men - all Republicans - just voted to ban abortion in Alabama

OMG, Classic Kitchen Films

Colorado to set aside $100 for each newborn's college savings through 2040

The vast majority of Republicans support the Loan Shark Prevention Act.

79 Years Ago Today; The First McDonalds opens San Bernardino, CA

U.S. Executive Sentenced to Prison for Role in Conspiracy to Violate Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

Fox News viewers are more likely to support Bernie Sanders than people who watch MSNBC

Second Defendant Pleads Guilty in Multimillion Dollar Prize Promotion Scam Affecting Elderly Victims

Colorado GOP, with a bad case of recall fever, picks the wrong Democrat this time

Former University Soccer Coach Pleads Guilty in College Admissions Case

'Terrifying' Ebola epidemic out of control in DRC, say experts - 298 new cases in last 3 weeks

Immigrant-Rights Activists Say Jared Polis Has Turned His Back on Them

Single-use plastics a serious climate change hazard, study warns

Single-use plastics a serious climate change hazard, study warns

47 Years Ago Today; Arthur Bremer attempts to assassinate presidential nominee George Wallace

Not 'born to be in it': Beto O'Rourke strikes more humble tone as buzz fades

State Department Orders Non-Essential U.S. Government Employees Out Of Iraq

Abortion bill keeps Alabama in the dark ages

Plan for 'blue water' Vietnam veterans benefits on the move again

This is beyond words.

Sen. Kamala Harris will announce that she would use executive action to ban import of AR 15

Denver camping ban fight already resurfacing in mayoral runoff


Ala: Fla called: They want their stupid back.

First on CNN: TSA to deploy hundreds, including air marshals, to border

Washington ranked as top state, Louisiana, Alabama last in US News rankings

Breakfast: Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Appropriations Committee Releases Fiscal Year 2020 Defense Funding Bill

May 18 - Sen. Bernie Sanders to campaign in Orangeburg, SC

Upcoming HASC hearing May 21 on military and veteran suicide

An example of how important representation is to anyone not male and white

Wyoming revenues not benefiting from economic recovery

Bike and Barge

Dad has opted to get the biopsy

Cloud Peak Engaged With 21 Potential Buyers, Didn't Pay County Taxes

SECNAV Censures 2 Captains as Part of 'Fat Leonard' Investigation

Abortions now, birth control next.

YouTube's Newest Far-Right, Foul-Mouthed, Red-Pilling Star Is A 14-Year-Old Girl

No Mercy: How A Kansas Town Is Grappling With Its Hospital's Closure

What Buttigieg really said at the Human Rights Council Campaign fundraiser

'He's white, male and gay': Buttigieg hits obstacles with black voters

Turning women into incubators for future cheap labor, cannon fodder against Venezuelans and Muslims

Rachel Maddow: New Obstruction Investigation Could Catch Ivanka Trump In '50 Tripwires'

Rawlins pays more than $900,000 in settlement for police shooting

AM Teaser: Seth Abramson says "Big story re: Jeff Sessions coming later this morning"

2039, 2050, Whatever: "Ambitious" Corporate Climate Timelines That Aren't

The Emoluments Clause Could Be a Tipping Point in Trump's Downfall

Trump's prized Doral resort is in steep decline, according to company documents, showing his busines

If Russia attacked our election system, why are we investigating the investigators?

Finally the cards are on the table. Right there in your face. They cannot be denied.

Handful of whooping cough cases reported in Campbell County

We're having a "little squabble" with China...

DeVos family Foundation and health care in Michigan

Former Wyoming Rep. Cynthia Lummis considering 2020 Senate bid to replace Enzi

The American baby bust

Bill aimed at tackling shoplifting, misdemeanor crimes becomes Montana law

Helena Mayor Wilmot Collins to run for U.S. Senate seat

Bernie Sanders zeros in on Joe Biden as his favorite foil

There is no state in the country where support for banning abortion reaches even 25%

"The three most common lies---new edition"

Wednesday TOONs - Boomingarang Economy

Never wrestle a pig in its own sty because you'll get covered with pigshit and the pig will love it.

New Hampshire's governor to seek 3rd term, not Senate seat

Bullock approves Medicaid expansion, reinsurance program; vetoes prescription drug bill

The right is good at controlling the narrative,

Does "Russia rigged the 2016 election" sound outlandish now?

How Bad Are Shitstain & GOP On Science & Enviroment? Bad Enough To Alarm David Gergen

Beer Soup for Breakfast and Corn Flakes instead of Sex

Morning Joe saying Chief Justice won't touch Roe

How can we fight back re:reproductive rights?

Beto O'Rourke calls HB 314 unconstitutional and a radical attack on women, calls for support of PP

William Barr Delivers Chilling Message to FBI for Trump

Today, fascism arrived in the United States wrapped in

WTF?? Florida Governor Says 'NDA' Prevents Him From Naming Counties Hacked by Russia

Lou Dobbs and his so called Fox Business News Show.

Rick Gates' Status Report Suggests Trump Will Be a Focus of Roger Stone's Trial

The new Alt-Feminism, when white supremacy met women's empowerment

Skeptical U.S. Allies Resist Trump's New Claims of Threats From Iran

So Im watching Morning Joe...

Trump and Sanders have the same problem: They are both running 2016 campaigns

i have a dream.

U.S. Retail Sales Unexpectedly Fall Amid Weak Auto Purchases

The Rundown: May 14, 2019

Jesus H. Christ, I can't even post what Scarborough said about Trump this morning

The Webcomics Weekly #35: Webcomics; Notes (5/14/19 Edition)

Here we go again: State Department orders non-emergency employees to leave Iraq amid Iran tensions

If the gop stacks the courts, why stop at Roe? Are they going to overturn Abolition of Slavery?

Dear supporters of all the Candidates.. we have go to pull our heads out of our

Too Many Dare Not Call It War - But the GOP Is Waging War on America

Alabama lawmaker demolishes GOP colleagues for draconian abortion law: 'We raped women last night'

IRAN: Where are our Democratic Leaders?

Some Truth:

U.S. Hard-line Stance on Iran Rattles Allies (Foreign Policy)

Almost 16 million voters were removed from the rolls. We should be alarmed.

William Barr Delivers Chilling Message to FBI for Trump


Why did Mueller turn in his report before the investigations were complete?

Trump Has a Huge Mueller Problem As 56% Of Voters Want Him To Testify

since 1880

Jeff Sessions's Grave Conflict of Interest - by Murray Waas

Broken: "Small Group of Atheists Disrupt Mass in Cathedral"

Nothing says 'party' like liquor and firearms and fambly. Don't forget the fambly..

Alabama Lawmakers Pass Bill Banning Nearly All Abortions

Prosecutor draws protesters

And yet, they enthusiastically murder adults.

Abortion extremists are women killers. That's how we should treat them.

Stock Market Implodes as Trump Continues Terrible Tariffs

White House Purging Reporters from Press Room

Alabama leads the nation in infant mortality rates

What was the last show you binge-watched?

Meanwhile, in Alabama

Travel advisory issued for American women.

Three Nominations Sent to the Senate; May 14, 2019

New May 12-14 Economist/YouGov poll, small changes, increasingly worrisome age divide

TX-23: Gina Ortiz Jones running again to unseat Texas U.S. Rep. Will Hurd

Industrial production slumps 0.5% in April

AR Times:. Feds dig up more evidence against Jeremy Hutchinson

Gary Clark and coffee while I edit my slide deck before the in-progress review w/the boss

Huge music festival happening this weekend in Alabama

Hungry for some heart warming news?

Operation "More Jack White Videos in DUMA" continues...

The Flim-Flam Man

100% Verified

Trump names former Rep. Todd Rokita, an opponent of federal funding for Amtrak, to Amtrak board.

The trump administration will stop defending women against female genital mutilation.

"We need a good, long spanking!" . . . . Come CAPTION Pat Robertson (Southern Baptist wack-job)!!!

Classic Ferrari worth millions stolen on test drive

Brzezinski urges Warren to do Fox News town hall: Candidates should be able to 'walk into any fire'

How does effing DeSantis know the votes were not manipulated in "two" Florida counties?

8-year-old boy accidentally shoots mother at baseball game, gun owner charged

The Rude Pundit: Elizabeth Warren Tells Fox "News" to Go Fuck Itself with Roger Ailes's Femur

Watch live: House panel holds hearing on Boeing 737 Max

Pic Of The Moment: The GOP's Giant Tax Cut Scam, Two Years Later

"Love Makes Justice Happen"

Michael Wolff releasing sequel to Fire and Fury

Dear Conservatives (re: abortion)

Alabama: All of Senators opposing exception for rape and incest supported Roy Moore for Senate.

'Dumping Trump' - A giant talking robot of Donald Trump sitting on a gold toilet - being sent to UK

US senator asks Canada to protect Erdoğan critic Kanter during NBA finals

US senator asks Canada to protect Erdoğan critic Kanter during NBA finals

Effect on extreme anti-abortion laws on the states that enact them

Chef stopped at Los Angeles airport with 40 frozen piranhas

Washington's Reliance on Redactions Threatens Our Democracy

One million face hunger in Gaza after US cut to Palestine aid

I Say Let Them Have Their Abortion Ban

Mitt Romney is a mensch. Yeah, I said it

CT school staffer accused of sexually assaulting student in school arrested, fired

Trump expected to sign order paving way for U.S. telecoms ban on Huawei

Trump expected to delay auto tariffs decision by up to six months: officials

WATCH: Cop Mows Down Boy with Cruiser for Improper Bicycle Light

Ford to build more Lincolns for Chinese market locally: CFO

How Oxford and Peter Singer drove me from atheism to Jesus

In limbo: the dirty Russian oil no one wants to pay for

Undermining Trump-Bolton War Narrative, British General Says No Evidence of 'Increased Threat' From

Ford recalling 270,000 cars in North America that could roll away

France grants asylum to wife of former Interpol chief charged in China

Trump Is Building Toward War While Alienating All Our Allies

Polish bishops to discuss child sex abuse as documentary spurs outrage

I am tired of Morning Joe constantly being used to promote Mika's newest book.

These need to be seen again. Justice Ginsburg on Abortion;

'Anti-vaxxers' including RFK Jr. rally at Capitol (NYS)

"Women's health care is under attack, and we will not stand for it," - KamalaHarris

Meet Jaime Harrison who is challenging Lindsey Graham!

Just an editorial cartoon I saw regarding Trump's tariffs.

Republicans Reportedly Stunned by How Dumb Jared Kushner Actually Is

'Bill Barr is just a liar' working to make Trump a dictator

Warren releases plan to tackle climate change threats to military

Joe Biden Is Soundly Beating Trump In His Own Poll 😎

Warren releases plan to tackle climate change threats to military

New Reuters/Ipsos poll: Biden expands lead over rivals for 2020 U.S. presidential nomination

CBS Entertainment Chief on 'Bull' Renewal: Michael Weatherly 'Realized He Made a Mistake'

Juan Felipe Herrera, former poet laureate reads poems with 2 young Latinas

Disguising Hate: How Radical Evangelicals Spread Anti-Islamic Vitriol on Facebook

11-year-old sent to principal's office for telling fellow students to stop making Nazi salute

11-year-old sent to principal's office for telling fellow students to stop making Nazi salute

Karma just bit a huge chunk out of Mo Brooks' ass

As Leaks Show Lavish NRA Spending, Former Staff Detail Poor Conditions At Nonprofit

You raised $110.00 on May 14, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Trumps boasts that he is better looking and smarter than Biden!

Duo abandons stolen Mercedes after "joy ride" in a muddy cornfield, a north Alabama sheriff says.

Tesla's solar factory is exporting most of its cells - document

Birds playing basketball

It's Not Just Measles. What You Should Know About Vaccines For Adults:

The 2019 Eastern Pacific Hurricane Season Begins; First TD Possible Next Week

Jack and Meg

SCOTUSblog: Wednesday round-up, May 15, 2019

Cenk Uygur Praises Tucker Carlson For Being the Only Anchor On Cable to Oppose War with Iran (WRONG)

So, Trump Plans to Distract Everyone from His Bad Deeds

Mother. A commercial. I love it.

Since there seems to be a lack of Latin music here

Obama Had a Green New Deal, and It Worked. Let's Do That Again.

8-year-old boy accidentally shoots mother at baseball game, gun owner charged

Palos Verdes High School racist prom proposal

Happy 71st Birthday, Brian Peter George St John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno, aka Brian Eno.

**BREAKING REUTERS DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY POLL** Scranton Joe 32% Sanders 14% Harris 7%

Kamala Harris talks about Alabama's abortion ban

#LindseyGrahamResign is trending.

Illinois Farmers Delay Planting Crops Amid Wet Weather, Low Crop Prices, And Trade Uncertainty

St. Louis County Council May Block Pensions For Officials Convicted Of Felonies

Biden is at more than two to one over Sanders in latest Ipsos/Reuters poll

Andrew Yang Policy on LEGALIZE MARIJUANA

Andrew Yang Policy on LEGALIZE MARIJUANA

Bily Bobs...Andover Ks...

Trump's prized Doral resort is in steep decline, showing his business problems are mounting

He.Is. Simply.The. Pits

Next-Generation Acela Rail Cars Taking Shape in N.Y. Factory

Look at Bannon's new cronies in the taking down of the world order.

Who said he would start a war with Iran to cover his tracks, who said that 2 years ago?

Kamala Harris here in NH: "I think Joe Biden would be a great runningmate.

Kamala's excellent response to the VP talk

Stacey Abrams: These are the places to watch for voter suppression in 2020

Well, this is inappropriate. Literally, no separation of powers at all.

Bill Nye the science guy on climate change

White House counsel to House Dems: No "do-over" on Trump investigations

Mark Cuban runs as an Independent??

World War II bomb in Hamburg prompts evacuation

New MS-Gov (internal) poll: Dem AG Jim Hood +5

Recommended: Still LAUGH-IN: The Stars Celebrate (Netflix)

Aww, he's insulted..

*Some amazing numbers for Scranton Joe from A rated Quinnipiac PA primary and general election poll*

New Quinnipiac poll, Pennsylvania: Biden 39%, Sanders 13%, Harris 8%, Warren 8%

Video shows woman push elderly man off Las Vegas bus. He later died.

Joe Biden is not Crazy Joe, he's Regular Joe, and that should be enough*

Russian Don and his Army Troop Projections

Mueller report

A Trio of Outdoor Cats Are Taken by Surprise When a Plush Puppy Starts Meowing at Them

***Complete poll results for Quinnipiac's new Pennsylvania poll***

Abramson comments on Murray Waas article: DoJ DEEP CORRUPTION

Undermining Trump-Bolton War Narrative, British General Says No Evidence of 'Increased Threat' From

Entire Methodist confirmation class declines to become members over anti-LGBTQ policies

After Walking Thousands Of Miles, Mink The Bear Is Almost Back Home

Mnuchin says courts need to settle fight over Trump's taxes

Thank you Mayor Pete. You are so correct

Republican lawmaker indicted for trying to sell his vote

Georgia governor forced to cancel Hollywood trip to avoid protesters

E-mail from Kamala Harris campaign on protecting Roe v. Wade

John Bolton's Theme

Lindsey Graham wants to hold toddlers in jail at the border for 100 days

Poll: Biden leads Trump by double digits in Pennsylvania

GOP nominates bigoted author of 'bathroom bill' in key House race

The WH be crazy . Be best at crazy lies

White House Won't Join Christchurch Anti Terror Content Campaign

Audience Member Calls 911 After Muslim-American Comedian Tells a Joke at Comedy Show

After Showdown With Bear, Woodinville Woman Warns 'Be Vigilant'

Plankton bloom spotted in Puget Sound between Tacoma and Edmonds

U.S. Farmers: We 'Will Never Vote For Trump Again'

Harvard Lampoon apologizes after publishing sexualized image of Anne Frank

Trump Companies Were in the Red; He's Reaped the Rewards Since


War Drum - Sack Cartoon

Wild pigs causing 'ecological disaster' as they spread rapidly across Canada, survey says

China's state party posts defiant message about trade war with U.S. on social media site

DC Businesses: It's Perfectly Legal to Refuse to Host an Alt-Right Pool Party

Dad taught me french

Samantha Bee Reveals She Was 'Never in Contention' to Replace Jon Stewart on 'The Daily Show': 'It W

Malaysia respects Thailand decision on Kra Canal project

🐦 May 18 at 10AM EDT - Education Justice Town Hall in Orangeburg SC with Bernie Sanders

They are going all in on the abortion bans now. Full tilt.

In Ohio, the fight begins

They are two types of people in this world: Those who crave

Theresa May Will Reject Calls By Muslim Groups To Define Islamophobia As A Type Of Racism

🐦 May 20 at 12:45PM CDT - Town Hall in Montgomery AL with Bernie Sanders

Now Alabama has to figure out how,,,,,

neocon dreams. a reminder for young democrats .....

DU seriously needs a new infusion of 'People' Avatars if you ask me ... Add Yours Here!

republicans are all trying to fulfill their pipe dreams before the impeachment.

Minnesota infrastructure union?

Sanders Places First In Latest Daily Kos Democratic Straw Poll

Impeachment hearings are coming

China's "Pearl Necklace"

Wyden: Paper ballots are coming

Meet the Most Remarkable American Most People Never Heard Of

The US and its allies in Iraq are bracing for attacks as a hidden threat from Iran looms

White House Refuses Demands for Documents, Testimony

Real ID, Enhanced Driver Licenses - continue

From Earth's deep mantle, scientists find a new way volcanoes form

George Carlin Talks About Abortion

Trump's Mueller Problem Gets Worse As Voters Want Him To Testify

Did a Bahlsen heiress really say family firm's use of Nazi slave labor no big deal?

Biden tweet with great new video/ad:

Obituaries: Robert Maxwell, Medal of Honor recipient who fell on grenade to save lives, dies at 98

The Onion: Abused 12 yo Alabama girl doesn't think she can handle being a mom

"How Did Trump Live So Large While Reporting Such Huge Losses?"

Trump's Foreign Policy Team Is Making War Plans Without Telling Him

Bangladesh starlet apologises after 'atheist' comments

No 'do-over' on Mueller probe, White House lawyer tells House panel, saying demands for records, sta

Jennifer Rubin says judge might stop White House challenge to oversight powers

Evangelical Prayer-Coin Grift Is What the Age of Trump Is All About.

There's a Trump tweet for everything; November 29, 2011.

So... will miscarriages be investigated by the police?

Georgetown moves to expel two students in aftermath of admission scandal

No Words ...

U.S. Births Fell To A 32-Year Low In 2018; CDC Says Birthrate Is In Record Slump

Hollywood (liberals) need to pull out of GA, now!

Who is Remote-Controlling the Afghan Taliban - Qatar, Saudi or Pakistan?

Scoop: Sen. Kamala Harris Will Not Appear On Fox News For A Town Hall

Let's add Ohio to the list of states adopting radical anti-choice legislation.

TN county votes to censure judge; posted article saying Jews should 'get the f**k over the Holocaust

Not for nothing: I think Trump had a stroke. His right eyelid does not have ptosis.

Finally, some good news about the NRA...

The odds were against her.

The Latest: Lawmaker pans tribes' push to protect bears

Former Bush economic policy adviser to GOP: I enlisted 2 psychiatrists to evaluate Trump and he's a

Utah prosecutor says he won't enforce strict abortion law

A Resister's point of view

Trump to unveil immigration plan aimed at changing anti-immigrant narrative

Consumer bureau official at center of racial uproar resigns

Attorney General Bill Barr asked Pelosi if she 'brought her handcuffs' to gathering

Judge: No site permit needed for refinery near national park

'We're cutting out some of this ear hair': Beto goes live from the barbershop

Trump signs order to protect U.S. networks from foreign espionage

Does anyone remember Gerri Santoro?

Sherpa climber scales Mount Everest for record 23rd time

Buffalo Springfield For What It's Worth 1967

WAR 1969 Edwin Starr

Cambridge scientists create world's first living organism with fully redesigned DNA

Daughter of Las Vegas rabbi targeted with anti-Semitic notes at middle school

Pentagon contractor's 9,400% profit on a half-inch metal pin is challenged

Tim Ryan on China tariffs, environmental policy and immigration - PBSNewsHour 5/14

Met Museum Will No Longer Take Money From OxyContin's Sackler Family

Why do his decisions look so dumb?

All Ideas Welcome

Trump's VA Firing Spree Falters in Court

What does Steve Bullock believe? Where the candidate stands on 9 issues - PBSNewsHour

The United States has little global support for any potential conflict with Iran (Newsweek)

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #6-18: How To Lose A Billion In 10 Days Edition

are they trying to end abortion, or discredit the supreme court?

"Madam Speaker, did you bring your handcuffs"?

I know she is out there.

Abortion bans do NOT end abortion, they force women into the back alleys...

Warmaster Horus to stand as 'anti-establishment' candidate in forthcoming elections

Productive discussion during the primaries

White House declines to back Christchurch call to stamp out online extremism amid free speech concer

Ted Cruz says Space Force is necessary to prevent space pirates

Sanders Leads Senate Effort Urging Delta Airlines to Respect Union Organizing Rights

Chang'e-4: Chinese rover 'confirms' Moon crater theory

Carriers like Southwest and American Airlines are ending union worker contracts

New York medical examiner testifies chokehold led to Eric Garner's death

Instead of "landscaping", it should be called "hurty". n/t

If you believe (as MSNBC tells us many Dems now do believe) that Trump will win 2020...

Trump administration opens up Minnesota wilderness area to copper mining

I'll take "Crazy Shit Fundies Say For $1,000", Alex.

Nearly 100 charged in massive Green Card marriage scheme

Does Alabama Abortion Law Make Women Property Again?

GOP senators propose congressional term limits

What's for Dinner, Wed., May 15, 2019

Trump administration wants to reimburse Taliban's travel expenses

Some Rise. Some Rise And Fall

2020 Democrats warn Alabama portends larger abortion fight

Dem Senate leader on abortion vote: 'It's a sad day in Alabama'

Excellent NYT editorial explains what can be done to stop US building up to war in Iran

'Bathroom bill' sponsor Bishop wins N. Carolina GOP primary

Delta Draws Fire From Sanders, Warren on Union Complaint

And any fool knows, a dog needs a home.

U.S. Orders Partial Evacuation of Embassy in Baghdad

Interior head: 'I Haven't Lost Any Sleep' over record carbon levels

'A national shame': VA fumbles rollout of mental health benefit

Good Luck....

Seattle council member introduces bill to strengthen penalties for hate crimes

Mnuchin Foresees Trump Tax Return Fight Heading to Court

Misleading narrative in the trade tweets

After Walking 1,000s of Miles, Mink The Bear Is Almost Back Home

Pat Robertson: Alabama 'has gone too far' with 'extreme' abortion law

NH Primary Source: Legislators, alderman become Sanders' first slate of 2020 NH endorsements

Facebook to curb livestreaming amid pressure over Christchurch massacre

Trade war madness: bad for America but good for him in 2020

How Come Tim Kaine Didn't Throw His Hat In The Ring For The Dem....

Photo from the late 1800s

Half-naked husband busted with wife's body strapped upside-down in car: cops

U.S. abortion rights activists vow to challenge landmark Alabama ban

Do you think it helps our cause if our 2020 candidates accept invitations to do a town hall on Fox?

2020 Dems line up for Maddow primary

ACLU, Planned Parenthood file lawsuit challenging Ohio anti-abortion law

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 16 May 2019

Dear God, DeBlasio Says He's Running

Anyone who's ever read my posts in DUMA prolly already KNEW I liked this

For some trauma doctors, clash with NRA proves therapeutic

Sebastian Gorka slams PBS children's show 'Arthur' over gay wedding

Was William Barr unemployed prior to becoming Attorney General?

And the blossoms just keep on opening

Now that Bullock and DeBlasio have announced, seems we have many candidates not included on DU poll

DEAR ABBY Cheesecake Recipe

FAA chief faces questions over Boeing 737 Max crashes

Pentagon awards $646 million contract for border wall in Arizona

On world stage, Great Distruptor thrown off kilter

Administration wants to reimburse Taliban's travel expenses

Crisis or not, Congress can act as reckless as Trump

James Corden fires back after troll tweets 'I hope his kid gets cancer'

Deutsche Bank Begins Removing Possessions From White House After Trump Defaults On Loan

Majority Favor Eliminating the Electoral College

Springtime for Autocrats

Matt Bors: Cartoon: The case against impeachment

By the end of the next SCOTUS term, Roe v Wade will be overturned

The Trump Administration Is Thirsty for War, Intelligence Be Damned

U.S. farmers receive $8.52 billion in aid to date, USDA says

Snow is gone from Stevens Pass -- 5th earliest meltout in 39 years

The war whisperer

U.S. consumers sue Bumble Bee, Chicken of the Sea, StarKist over 'dolphin-safe' tuna claims

Cartoons 5/15/19

I've been on a White Stripes/Jack White bender today

U.S. House panel requests White House provide nondisclosure agreements

The teen who sacrificed his life to help stop the Colorado school shooting is honored by hundreds of

Officials: PG&E equipment sparked deadly California wildfire

Virginia we're next.

The Crash is Coming

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Turkish Rondo


Is There Any Doubt the GOP is the Women Haters Party?

Virtual kidnappings are rattling families across the US

Harris on Full Frontal with Sam Bee tonight:

Alabama governor signs nation's most restrictive anti-abortion bill into law

Luckovich-Congratulations You may kiss the Uterus Support System

Seen on Facebook

New Jersey will ask voters to legalize recreational pot

Woodstock 50 plans roll on; court nixes cancellation bid

Real Time this Friday:

Overturning Roe is just the beginning of their plans.

House approves bill to aid casino bid by Massachusetts tribe

House approves bill to aid casino bid by Massachusetts tribe

"When did you first know you were Canadian?" Ivana trump too

The Making of a Medical Insurance Spin Doctor - RAI with Wendell Potter (3/7)

Abortion is Still Legal in Alabama, but People are Already Terrified: "We've Never Seen it This Bad"

NYC mayor Bill de Blasio announces Iowa trip ahead of expected 2020 entry

Michigan Republican lawmaker Larry Inman charged with trying to sell vote to labor union

Bernie Sanders on the Alabama anti-abortion bill being signed into law.

Does this explain anything?

Ouch. Ain't that the Truth.

Self-driving vehicle pulled over by curious police officer

2020 US Senate Election Rating.

Want to Fix Presidential Elections? Here's the Quickest Way

US suspends all flights to Venezuela citing safety and security

US suspends all flights to Venezuela citing safety and security

Anybody use OPtimum by altice?


Farmer not 'taking one' for Trump:

Anti-abortion laws must include

DHS requests US troops build tents to house up to 7,500 migrant adults: Pentagon

Senate Wants To Make Missouri Latest State To Substantially Curtail Abortion

Andrew Yang Policy on MAKE PUERTO RICO A STATE

Alarmed lawmakers demand answers from Trump administration on Iran threat

Andrew Yang Policy on MAKE PUERTO RICO A STATE

Evangelicals don't want to deliver cakes

What do people think of this candidate guide?

Man killed by crossbow in Germany led 'medieval cult'

racist promposal poster goes viral

tRump shiny object: tRump administration opens up Minnesota wilderness area to copper mining

This is the song that ties all the loose strings up into a tidy package

Brewery offers free beer for info on stolen van; 42 minutes later, it was located

Looks like Mick is healing up well!

White House escalates war against Facebook, Google and Twitter with a campaign asking users to share