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Archives: March 26, 2021

Solved: Arsonist behind 1987 firefighter's death was only 12

George Takei ftw!

Both African elephant species are now endangered, one critically

Why a new jaguar sighting near the Arizona-Mexico border gives experts hope

Michael Flynn's relatives sue CNN for $75 million over report alleging QAnon affiliation

Video: EXPLOITED ⚾️ Minor League Baseball Players Make Less Than Minimum Wage

"Public cervix announcement" about gun control. This woman is on fire.

House Democrats call on Biden to ease policies on White House staffers' marijuana use

House Democrats call on Biden to ease policies on White House staffers' marijuana use

Philadelphia Turns Out the Lights to Save Migrating Birds

Hey Georgia Repigs

Wandavision/ Falcon & Winter Solider fans (Spoilers)

03-25-2021 Ohatchee, AL - Damage Left from Major, Violent Long-Track Tornado

FTC warns against phony COVID vaccine survey

I understand that the Georgia voting restriction law just signed by Kemp in Georgia

If Democrats never felt state and local elections were important, even more important than national.

Boulder Tried, and Failed, to Ban Weapon Used in Attack

John Roberts is responsible for all these voter suppression laws.

The Trump Organization controlled employees by giving them houses and paying for their kids' tuition

M$M repeating MAGA News immigration lies is them slapping their faces.

Ro Khanna appeared on Fox News with Matt Gaetz tonight, Brian Kilmeade's show.

Given what just happened in Georgia, I am respectfully asking all DU readers:

Trump's secret sit-down with Ohio candidates turns into 'Hunger Games'

ACLU of Georgia:

This is all open carry should look like.

Biden, a President who doesn't insult people -- or our intelligence

**Heads Up** Marc Elias will be on Rachel Maddow to discuss fight against GA voter suppression bill

House panel votes to repeal 19-year-old Iraq war authorization

Washington schools can adopt 3-foot distancing rule, Inslee announces

10 largest corporations in Georgia.

Gov. Asa Hutchinson signs law banning transgender women, girls from female sports teams

You can support the Georgia ACLU here:

Trump Appointed Commissioner of the Social Security Administration Releases Statement on Stimulus

American Rescue Plan: Ending child poverty -- let's make it permanent

Devastating 135MPH tornado kills at least five in Alabama after ripping through multiple homes

3/26 Mike Luckovich- Low Bar

Bernie and Killer Mike Rally Tomorrow With Alabama Amazon Workers

Trump Supporters Took Hundreds Of Thousands In PPP Loans Before Storming Capitol

Sesame Street introduces two black muppets - Wes and his dad Elijah

Re Georgia: This.

@FAA_Steve I can think of no better way to launch my new Twitter account than by honoring four visio

Gun Laws Now! Episode 6 The Divided State of America with Heather Gardner

*NOW 8:00 PM -- My Fair Lady (1964)

Gov. Ricketts, a gun rights advocate, opposes President Biden's plans

We know what is killing 40,000 Americans a year. So why don't we act?

Tucker Carlson Accuses Biden of Faking Mental Sharpness for More Than an Hour

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread!

There HAS to be a fierce backlash against the GOP in GA for this outrageous voter suppression bill

A very patient mother cat with 5 crazy active kittens !!

Prosecutors Bring Conspiracy Charges Against Oath Keepers for 1/6 Attack, What are the Implications

Rachel Should Do A Followup On The Tulia Texas Outrage

Stacey Abrams on the disgraceful voter suppression bill in Georgia

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, March 26, 2021

Rachel Maddow is slamming Manchin again with his idiotic thinking that Republicans will moderate.

Meeting between Trump, Ohio Senate candidates turns tense: report

Gov. Ducey lifts Arizona COVID mandates, including local mask rules

I don't mind ads on DU, but actual SHIT?!?!


I am beginning to think that getting rid of the filibuster is critical to American Democracy

Speaking of religion.

Proposal: Loaves and Fishes for Georgia Voters

HORRIBLE, what's happened in Georgia (today, and before.)

And DOG created rivers

The Fallacy of the Filibuster

If you can't conduct a succesful insurection on the US Capital, I guess state voting suppression

Cherry blossoms reach 'peduncle elongation' stage; peak bloom likely about a week away.

What if you said you were an Evangelical handing out Holy water to those waiting in voting lines

*Jenn Psaki and Beto on Lawrence show tonight.

New York's Hottest Race Is for City Council

17 Cozy Mysteries To Read That'll Make You Feel Like You Could Solve A Murder

Rachel Maddow SLAMS Georgia's Template Law To Nullify the Popular Vote State-By-State

Marine Corps F-35B in Arizona Damaged by Round Discharged from Jet Cannon

North Carolina to open COVID vaccines to all adults April 7

Siri, show me a black hole of credibility...

I've sailed the Suez canal on a cargo ship - it's no wonder the Ever Given got stuck

Executive With Ties to Cuomo Got Special Access to Virus Testing

For Your Consideration: Georgene Louis for NM-01 Special Election

Where To Cash Your Stimulus Check Without A Bank Account

Delegation of 19 Republican senators to carry out border stunt on Friday

A 20-foot aerial target drone used by the US Air Force washed ashore on a beach in southeast Florida

Sen. Warnock is at the Fulton Co. lockup on Rice Street. Leadership.

Southwest Airlines Pilot Busted on hot mic in profane rant against

I used to be against getting rid of the filibuster.

Muslim groups mourn and raise money for Colorado shooting victims

Few Facts, Millions Of Clicks: Fearmongering Vaccine Stories Go Viral Online

Depeche Mode - Halo

Ted Cruz is peddling frat boy spring break tanks featuring his mullet

In partisan divide, Senate Judiciary Committee splits on Justice Department nominee Gupta

The National Ignition Facility.

The Tubes - Talk To Ya Later


San Francisco Board of Education Votes to Remove Allison Collins As VP Over Racist Tweets

Noxious Trump wannabes lining up to pack the GOP primaries might also cost Republicans dearly

Pollution and teeny weenies

Guys-I know all this shit is sucky and depressing but BIDEN won't rest until it is fixed

X Ambassadors - Unconsolable

This tweet is such a self own.

Unearthing the True Origins of the Bible

Ronny Chieng's Response to Jesse Watters's Anti-Asian Racism The Daily Show

'Nothing subtle about a bullet': SCOTUS says police 'seizure' includes shots fired at fleeing suspec

Make any national vote a paid holiday....

U.S. elevation

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

'This Is Suppression!': Steele Slams GA Governor For Voting Restrictions Law - The Beat - MSNBC

No Mass Shootings Today

The Libs forced us to become fascists!

"Never in my lifetime have I ever seen anything like this before"

Knocking On The Klan's Door Is A Felony


Secrets Dash Music Video - Liquid Pennies

The National Mag Lab: The World's Strongest Magnet.

Georgia Turns Trump's Big Lie Into Law - All In - MSNBC

If one was to go back to let say 2013 when the dominated right wing Supreme Court

Fast Fallout: Lansing CEO Harassment Saga Brings Resignations, Shunning And Infighting

This one is dedicated to the GQP

So the man that was Secretary of State while running for Governor- now says there is funny business

According to Tucker, left is underming the system that kept fascism at bay.

Dr. Gupta Now it's-Florida-an incubator for dangerous variants because of its foolish Gov. DeSantis

EMU officials covered up dozens of 'brutal rapes,' lawsuit alleges

Texas Roadhouse CEO Kent Taylor, a Business Maverick, Was Tormented by Tinnitus After Covid-19

Cubs prospect arrested with 21 pounds of meth in team duffel bag

For the first time in over 30 years, Kaavan can pluck his own grass 😍

Gun Laws Now! Episode 6 The Divided State of America with Heather Gardner

NHL referee's hot-mic call during Detroit Red Wings game ends his career

FDR and President Biden both have the same superpower.

Seth Meyers - Sen. Ted Cruz Criticizes Democrats for Response to Gun Violence - Monologue 3/24/21

Republicans want to offer $250K to prosecutors who investigate Whitmer nursing home policies

Kool & The Gang - Open Sesame

PBS' The Blinding of Isaac Woodard : How Black Soldiers Faced Fascism in WWII and America

Sen. Warnock Flew To Rice To Support Rep. Cannon

Senate panel deadlocks on Gupta nomination, but she's still on track for confirmation with Democrati

Airto - Creek (Arroio)

biden's press conference

Seth Meyers - Guest Baratunde Thurston on the Left Checking Out After Biden's Win

The five states that are doing the worst on the vaccine rollout Georgia falls in dead last.

Horace Silver Quintet - Song For My Father

When Texas ended its mask mandate, the event cancellations started

'The Yanomami could disappear' - photographer Claudia Andujar on a people under threat in Brazil

"Never in my lifetime have I ever seen anything like this before"

National Labor Relations Board finds that Elon Musk tweet violated federal labor law

Michigan Border Patrol are more concerned with brown people

Four Tops - Ain't No Woman (Like The One I've Got)

Ever wish you met Einstein?

Ronny Chieng's Response to Jesse Watters's Anti-Asian Racism The Daily Show

Seth Meyers - Biden Holds First Press Conference, Ted Cruz Refuses to Wear a Mask: A Closer Look

Suez blockage is holding up $9.6bn of goods a day

Ann Peebles - I Can't Stand The Rain

A trade-off between plant and soil carbon storage under elevated CO2

Meanwhile, overhead in Portland

Rep. Clyburn (D-SC) On Filibuster History, Voting Rights Act - Ayman Mohyeldin - MSNBC

Ford loses Supreme Court decision, state claims can go forward

anyone on twitter - please give Rep. Park Cannon a follow @Cannonfor58

Beto O'Rourke Drives 8.5 Hours To Fight Voter Suppression In Texas - The Last Word - MSNBC

Michigan ranks dead last for government transparency. It's time to fix that.

Joe Biden Calls Republican Attacks On Voting Rights 'Sick'

Two-time Senate loser John James is considering running for Michigan governor in 2022

2022 Senate Elections - Trump's Last Stand?

MN Supreme Court reverses rape conviction because woman wasn't forced to get drunk

Public employees in Michigan's Ingham County can no longer be discriminated against for their hair

Capitol rioter seen chasing Officer Goodman wants out of jail, blames Trump

Isn't it just time to start a movement....

'Dimming the sun': $100m geoengineering research programme proposed

TJ Bucholz hospitalized for 'apparent suicide attempt'

Black farmers speak out against the 'festering wound' of racism in agriculture

Biden on voting rights: "I'm not gonna lay out a strategy in front of the whole world and you now".

Echo Park being 'cleaned' of displaced homeless folks by riot cops.............

Southwest Pilot Caught On Hot Mic Blasting Bay Area 'Liberal F**ks' And 'Weirdos'

Does Brian Williams sound hoarse? UPDATE: He said he's having allergies.

Debate over redistricting gets shut down in House

Trump Charges Coming?: Money Probe Hunts For Tax Experts - The Beat With Ari Melber - MSNBC

Indianapolis will retain mask mandate despite governor ending its version, mayor says

Muse - Take a Bow

All Notre Dame students to be vaccinated by end of spring semester

Missouri GOP Blocks Medicaid Expansion Approved by Voters Because Rural Citizens Voted Against It

Horseshoe Casino fined $100,000 for repeatedly admitting underage patron

GA GOP Gives Itself The Power Trump Wanted: To Overturn Elections They Don't Like - Rachel Maddow

Ted Cruz went down to the border... standing at the shore of the Rio Grande...

Indiana Supreme Court declines to protect stimulus payments from private debt judgments

Former cop loses pension dispute that would have cost taxpayers

Democrats choose new party chair

Former Lucent Polymers executives sentenced for securities fraud, money laundering

Lawmaker advances bill to repeal state ban on rent control

Moody's revises its Illinois outlook from "negative" to "stable"

Proposal would pay exonerees $50,000 per year served

Health care reform bill passes in Illinois Senate, will head to Pritzker's desk

Proud Boy who was present for Capitol riot planning run for Illinois Senate

Voting rights & Manchin

The GOP grabs the power. They say "What are you going to do about it?"

Lightfoot loosens coronavirus restrictions, expanding capacity for Cubs, Sox games, outdoor dining,

'Ugliest crime': Outcry in Sudan over lack of justice for killing of teenage girl

Strauss-Kahn accuser Tristane Banon helps shape new French rape law

Jacob Blake files excessive force lawsuit against Kenosha officer

Kroger Closing Some Ralphs Stores Due to Hazard Pay Mandate

"A vote is like a prayer"

Missile test propels North Korea to top of Biden's foreign agenda

Woman who coughed on cancer patient begs judge for leniency: 'This has cost my family dearly'

How could a high school football coach think anti-Semitic play calls were appropriate?

Marjorie Taylor Greene: Democrats are waging a 'spiritual war' on me 'because I speak God's truth'

Botched Order Prompted Big Mac Attack Minnesotan, 39, charged with assault following domestic beef

The End of The World before The Pandemic :)

India plans to widen vaccination campaign as infections surge

So the former terrorist in chief thought he could steal the thunder from President Biden's press


GOP Senator Sends Menacing Gun Tweet To Biden

Sanders 📢 Rally with Amazon Workers in Alabama - March 26 at 3 PM CT/ 4 PM ET

Rep Park Cannon: I've been released from jail. I am not the first Georgian to be arrested for fighti

SpaceX will try to stick the landing for new Starship test flight

Anybody else ever rush to get on the Internet, and then when you

program 202-224-3121 into your phone. Then call Senators Tester; Shaheen; Sinema; Manchin; Feinste

The Best President we never had.

Biden's Schedule for Friday, March 26, 2021

Biden's first two pardons...ought to be

Many QAnon followers report having mental health diagnoses

The last thing you ate is what you have to name him

Sanders and Colleagues Introduce Legislation to End Rigged Tax Code as Inequality Increases

Michael Steele FTW

If Florida gets its own Covid variant, I suggest calling it the

Dominion Voting Sues Fox for $1.6 Billion Over 2020 Election Claims

Biden's Eye-On-The-Prize Strategy

Roosevelt. Johnson. Biden?

Kroger Supermarkets lays off employees after local ordinance on hazard pay passed in Los Angeles

Tornado outbreak strikes Alabama, Georgia; at least 5 dead

NY/NJ: In a leaky underwater rail tunnel, workers race against time

Out of Africa, John Barry, Film Score Composer

Volkswagen to claim dieselgate damages from former CEO, Audi boss

A 'Pepsi x Peeps' Drink Is on the Way

The nutters are out in full force on C-Span this morning

Ethiopia says Eritrea agrees to withdraw troops from Tigray

STB: CSX acquisition of Pan Am is "Significant" transaction

Donald Trump and FOX News continue to be complicit in the attack upon our Capitol.

Plan To Bury Wind Transmission Line Not Encountering Usual Opposition, But Still Faces Complications

Starting Monday April 5 anyone over the age of 18 can get vaccinated in Florida!

Southwest pilot caught bashing liberals in SF

China's CO2 Output Up 4% In 2nd Half Of 2020; Another 247 GW Of Coal Planned Or Being Built

Bobby Brown, 96, a life of Yankees, military, medicine, dies

Dominion Voting sues Fox for $1.6B over 2020 election claims



DW- +/- 50% Of Great Barrier Reef Corals Have Died Since 1990; Most Species, Deep/Shallow Corals Hit

Said Trump: "Some of them went in & they're -- they're hugging and kissing the police & the guards"

India tells overseas vaccine buyers it has to prioritise local needs

Anyone know any good hummingbird sites? I need help identifying a hummingbird.

200 million shots in 100 days...

Service dog opens box of balls, only plays fetch with specific one

Devastating supercut video perfectly illustrates why Biden is president and Trump is at Mar-A-Lago

New problems arise for crop storage as planet gets warmer

Coronavirus: EU stops short of vaccine export ban

Coronavirus: EU stops short of vaccine export ban

What Killed These Bald Eagles? After 25 Years, We Finally Know.

There is only one story today.

API "Supports" Carbon Tax, But Nothing Specific, Wants "Sensible Legislation", Blah Blah Blah

Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare...

Ford idles F-150 truck plant through Sunday due to global chip shortage

A wild coincidence happened at yesterday's NBA trade deadline

The Famous Wartime Couple That Changed Photography: Robt. Capa, Gerda Taro. Spanish Civil War, WW2

On Google Podcasts, a Buffet of Hate

Morning Joe calls for filibuster's end to save democracy from 'fascist' Republicans

If it weren't for the long lines, food and water wouldn't even be an issue, at all.

House launches wide-ranging review of federal handling of Jan. 6 insurrection

The Doors of Perception

It's almost time for Full Moon Fever again! This month's full moon occurs on Sunday, March


Bobby Brown, 96, a life of Yankees, military, medicine, dies

Trump reveals he did the 'opposite' of what Dr. Fauci recommended during pandemic

Trump Defends Capitol Attackers: 'They Are Waving the American Flag and They Love Our Country'

Trump adviser Jason Miller hid income and misled court to avoid paying child support: report

Breakfast Friday 26 March 2021

Entire crew of Ever Given, container ship blocking Suez Canal, is Indian; all safe

Michigan farmers have crop storage problem as global warming brings higher temperatures


These Mega-Businesses Are Already Back to Bankrolling Insurrectionists

Jen Psaki Explains No Covid Questions at Joe Biden Press Conference: Because He's Been So Good

John Andersen: Nothing good about Wisconsin state's Wolf Hunt

Speaking of full moons!

Trains collide in southern Egypt, killing at least 32

Mitt Romney receives John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award

Mischievous cat steals Dean of Canterbury's pancake during morning prayer

The Power of Bike Education to Transform Lives and Communities

When the love of your life is cute but dumb

Ban on US water shutoffs could have prevented thousands of Covid deaths - study

President Biden has nominated Gayle Conelly Manchin to co-chair the Appalachian Regional Commission.

Pandemic drop in drivers, riders cost IL and transit agencies more than $1 billion in lost revenues

On the day this 75-year-old man gets his second Covid vaccination,

Bald Eagle Killer Identified

Senate Republicans warn corporate America over Iowa House race

Chewy Oatmeal Rum Raisin Cookies Recipe

@SenSchumer: Last night, the Senate did three good things:

The perfect breakfast.

You might say Kemp arresting a black politician is bad optics

'Alex Azar Anonymous': Trump health officials start a club to counter former HHS chief

Belated update on GUPTA vote: Deadlocked committee; MANCHIN supports; CORNYN calls her "dishonest".

U.S. Household Spending Fell 1% in February

Blind, deaf dog chirps like bird to get attention

Fox News vs America

Georgians Are Waking Up To Governor Kemp's Authoritarian Takeover

The Jolt: Image of lawmaker's arrest spoils victory lap on election law

Seems like THIS was their plan if QRUMP was DEFEATED??

Second gentleman Doug Emhoff's first Passover at the White House brings host of changes...

Despite recent mass shootings, Marjorie Taylor Greene is helping a gun manufacturer promote a contro

COVID-19 vaccinations given at MLB stadiums surge past 1 million

'It's hard to live with': Regretful anti-vaxx mom feels guilty about spreading misinformation

Sanders creates new headache for Biden on taxes

"Jan 6? That was just a little 'tough love.'" Please come CAPTION the former Liar-in-Chief!!!

A vivid reminder that the threat to American democracy remains

Bathroom sink aeerator tip for water pressure from Good Morning America - *works*!1

Sister Celie's Blues

Make sure you don't have any liquid in your mouth before reading this pile of bollocks from Fox-PAC

Biden administration guts Homeland Security Advisory Council

The Chinati Foundation: The Art and Ideas of Donald Judd

In a Bad Year For the Flu, 50,000 Americans Die.

Biden refuses to play into the Fox News narrative, and it's making me and Sean Hannity FURIOUS!

COVID-19 hospitalizations in Michigan surge 800% in March among people 40-49 years old

"Brian Kemp is a scared little piss pants piece of shit and a transparent white supremacist."

Trump CDC chief: Coronavirus 'escaped' from Chinese lab

Pipe Dream: Feds Sued Over Desert Water Pipeline OK'd by Trump

Oregon Wolf Found in Yosemite

Unsolved Mysteries: Does Don Jr. Know Who His Father Is?

Is Netanyahu In Or Out?

It's a cold, rainy, absolutely miserable day. Thankfully I now have Daffodils to keep me smiling

Every time I see some people crying because Trump got booted from twitter

You say you want to learn about Frida Kahlo

Joe Manchin must rethink his voting rights act position or go down in history as a racist enabler.

Record-High Worry in U.S. About Hunger, Race Relations

Pic Of The Moment: Wingnuts Of The Week (Friday Roundup)

"What if you hand someone a water gun in Georgia? Still illegal?"

White House considers vehicle mileage tax to fund infrastructure, Buttigieg says

Joe Manchin won't call the cops until one of the burglars in his house agrees to help him dial 911

You deposit a check using your phone...

Capitol riot defendants notch win at appeals court

The Big, Stuck Boat Is Glorious

Georgia's restrictive new voting law hit with legal challenge

63 percent approve of COVID-19 relief bill: poll

Amateur here. Need some suggestions on DNS settings...

A genuine Whistler was tossed into a donation box. A Yale student bought it for $4 in Williamsburg.

No postings today

Does anyone already have a list of numbers

GOP looks to squeeze Biden, Democrats on border

The WH has nominated Gayle Conelly Manchin, wife of Joe, to co-chair economic development board

The far right is waking up to the knowledge.. most people do not like them or trust them

QAnon's Suez Canal Dick Ship Conspiracies Are Getting Wilder and Wilder

Beyond parody

Left Out of Vaccine Trials, Long-Haulers Are Pushing The Limits of Covid Vaccines: The Atlantic

Joy BEHAR is the one who can keep whiney McCAIN throttled!

571 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today; 24 deaths

Diana Ross has a birthday today.

Mega-Businesses Are Back to Bankrolling Insurrectionists (Daily Beast)

What we worry about.

Geraldo Rivera: Biden Was NOT the 'Pathetic, Senile, Incomprehensible Old Fool Some Critics...

Good Day DU (March 26, 2021)

Robert Frost was born on this date.

Michael Flynn's Family Files $75 Million Defamation Suit Against CNN Over Segment Claiming They...

Preventing the Next Pandemic, A vaccine to prevent it may finally be possible

Friday TOONs - Blocked Traffic

Jim Crow 1.0/Jim Crow 2.0

*apology. Why the hell is Trump literally "phoning it in" to Fox?

Geez. That container ship Really did a number on the Suez Canal.

Biden administration guts (read: fixes) Homeland Security Advisory Council

Streaking light was Falcon rocket debris, visable over PNW

I think the pandemic has given me populophobia, if there is such a thing.

Johnson & Johnson WILL meet its goal of 20 million vaccines in March. Around 11 million will go out

Larry McMurtry (Novelist of American West, including 'Lonesome Dove') dies at 84

Dominion files $1.6 billion defamation lawsuit against Fox News (CNN)

They Rocked It

1% Of Americans Have $50 Trillion In Wealth Shouldn't They Start Paying Taxes

Health officials in Virginia have reported the first cases in the state of a highly contagious coron

What If Bankers Went To Jail For Laundering Money From Drug Dealers And Corrupt Leaders

THE SUICIDE SQUAD Trailer (2021)

Michigan GOP leader reveals plans to go around Whitmer for voting law overhaul


Can anyone help? The incoming audio on my andriod phone is so low...

Hannity Whines: Seth Meyers apparently hurt him where it counts. Watch him cry if you can stomach it

George Takei: Follow @Cannonfor58 and let's show her some support, even if the GA police and governo

the moon

Michigan GOP leader reveals plans to go around Whitmer for voting law overhaul

Bill Brock, Tenn. senator who rebuilt the GOP after Watergate and became labor secretary, dies at 90

Forgotten Harvest in need of volunteers for pop-up pantries

North Korean missiles getting more agile, evasive

Biden's news conference did not make big news but was revealing for other reasons

Moderna vaccine and vivid dreams

Guinea pigs reenact famous "Lady and the Tramp" scene:

Conservative columnist excoriates the irresponsibility of the Mainstream Media at the Biden Press Co

A popular internet meme updated for current events

A scorching reply to Georgia's vile new voting law unmasks a big GOP lie

Bannon criminal probe in N.Y. includes embedded investigators from state attorney general's office

Is there a thread

For Want of A Nail

This week's SmugMug theme is smell the flowers.

Dominion is going to have an antitrust problem on its hands...

Dominion signals it could sue Fox News hosts after seeking $1.6 billion in damages from channel

This is corrupt as hell

If You Think Education Is Expensive, Try Ignorance

Malik Aziz named next police chief for Prince George's County

J&J on track to meet vaccine delivery goal, White House says

Biden Administration Plans Localized Approach to Promote Covid-19 Vaccine

GOP Lawmaker Pushes Bill to Ban Books 'Normalizing' LGBTQ 'Lifestyles' From Schools to Not Offend

Tune in for a briefing with Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

Faux News

Democrats and Republicans stage dueling trips to the U.S.-Mexico border

Portland's Grape-Nuts shortage nightmare is over

So it looks like I only got a partial stimulus-EDIT:FALSE ALARM, NOT STIMULUS, SORRY

GQP Firmly Opposed To Any Action On Carbon Pricing; Even API's BS Greenwash Is Too Much

BREAKING! Report on incident at home. 🦟😆🤪

An anti-US alliance in the making, as Russia and China move ever closer together

John Roberts Said "Things Have Changed Dramatically" in the South. Georgia Shows Why He's Wrong.

Note to Mitch McConnell: The Senate's longest filibuster was definitely racist

Louvre Puts Entire Collection Online

Georgia GOP's Voting Bill Enrages Democrats: 'All You're Missing Are Your White Hoods'

Enforcing the no-water provision seems like it's going to be problematic:

MAGA World says Biden's lost it. Republican senators disagree.

WH Press Sec. Jen Psaki and Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy go back and forth on Doocy's...

Terrorism and Dangerous Online Content: Exporting First Amendment?

Today's ANOTHER DAY!!!

Thank you Brave @seanhannity! Sleepy Joe came prepared with hard facts and concrete plans to create

Democrats introduce 'DeJoy Act' in opening salvo against USPS leader's mail-slowing plan

House Taps Military Official to Lead Security

New Jersey gym is offering free memberships to people who refuse to take a COVID-19 vaccine

She's on a roll this week.

How Are We Forcing Tucker Carlson To Be A Fascist This Week?

Biden to hold first fundraiser as president, a virtual event to benefit Atlanta's mayor

Republicans in Missouri and Georgia Turn Their Backs on Democracy

"Oath Keepers was founded by...a former aide to RON PAUL?"

Middle Age Riot tweet:

Omar on arrest of Georgia state lawmaker: 'Wild and completely unacceptable'

Arvada gun shop says it sold firearm to suspect in Boulder King Soopers shooting after background ch

Mexican drug cartels really seem to have lost their edge.

Trump walks out of his coronavirus news conference

'They don't care': US supermarket chain shutters stores after hazard pay rules

Things you can only see in India (diversion)

Pelosi taps commander of D.C. Guard to become House sergeant-at-arms

Not what you would expect in West Texas ..

"I Thirst"

Looks like Georgia will pay for the voting restrictions:

Biden agenda could collide with federal judiciary remade by Trump

Come and Take THIS Cannon!

I don't usually swear on the DU, but....

Is anyone else having issues with the IRS?

Michigan GOP chair calls top Democratic women 'witches', jokes about assassinating congressmen.

These jackasses. Evil, hateful racists, all of them.

Made You Look

The Solution of the Zodiac Killer's 340-Character Cipher

shooting the moon

Tweet of the Day

Here's the Republicans philosophy:

Corporations that backed the sponsors of Georgia's voter suppression legislation AND never spoke out

FL-GOV: Nikki Fried fundraising on poll showing good gubernatorial prospects

Michigan GOP Chair quips about assassination; 3 Witches

If the Georgia Laws stand

BREAKING: #Russia-backed hackers launch new #CyberAttack against dozens of #Germany politicians.

'Godzilla Vs Kong' Comes Out Swinging In China With $21.5M Friday; Full Overseas Opening $90 Million

How Republicans' efforts to restrict mail voting could backfire

Here's one I've never seen before

Ruben Gallego, Ted Lieu, and Eric Swalwell are planning a road trip

DU Engineers

Rona story - a bit sad. Elderly school crossing guard.

Al Franken was on MSNBC earlier drinking DIET PEPSI

Here's an idea.

Georgia vote suppression law was signed under painting of a PLANTATION.

49ers' blockbuster NFL draft trade with Dolphins: SF moving up to No. 3 pick, report says

Republicans openly embrace their racism in Trump's absence

Ted Cruz Decries Voting Rights Bill As Shameless Power Grab By American People To Control Country

Trump lies about Capitol riot by claiming his supporters were 'hugging and kissing' cops

Lawsuit being drawn up over Oakland's guaranteed income trial program for people of color only

Happy Birthday, @SpeakerPelosi!

"What is a Fourth Amendment 'Seizure' After Torres v. Madrid?"

Cartoons 3/26/2021

More Dogs!

The PPP deadline is poised to be extended to this new date

State Senate Democrats unveil ambitious $59.2B spending plan

"Hey---JOE! Damn it! MY issue is more important than ANY other and I am a good


Tweet of the moment

Michigan GOP leader mentions assassination, calls Democratic women 'witches' during event

INBOX: Statement by President Biden on the Attack on the Right to Vote in Georgia

Pelosi to California Democrats: Don't run in Newsom recall


What's the point of talking if not to lie?

Trump's secret sit-down with Ohio candidates turns into 'Hunger Games'

Far-Right Extremists Move From 'Stop the Steal' to Stop the Vaccine

Democrats call for $1bn shift from weapons of mass destruction to 'vaccine of mass prevention'

Dominion Voting official, in hiding, speaks out: 'This never ends for me'

Statement by Pres Biden on new GOP backed voting law in Georgia: "This is Jim Crow in the 21st Cent

Question about words that get you locked out of Twitter

New image of M87's supermassive black hole (

Final voting results show major setback for Israel's Netanyahu

Why Is North Carolina Paying This Proud Son of Confederate Veterans to Lock Up Black Men?

Celeste, Texas

Coca Cola Products we need to boycott !

Ronald Weiser, MIGOP Chair, says Whitmer, Benson, and Nessel should be burned at the stake...

Editor of top US medical journal put on leave amid outcry over racism podcast

Georgia Republicans Take Revenge on Voting Rights

On that stuck ship,,,

Releasing Container Ship From Suez Canal Could Capsize It

Senior Dog Abandoned At The Shelter Because of Cancer, Gets Second Chance

Brianna Keilar is moving to mornings as the new co-anchor of "New Day" (6-9 am).

France claims UK will struggle to source second Covid jabs

France claims UK will struggle to source second Covid jabs

Sanders Pushes Medicare Expansion In Next Big Bill

Police confirm Boulder shooting suspect bought gun legally as motive remains a mystery

US offers assistance to free ship from Suez Canal

Things You Really Don't Want Falling Off A Suez Canal Tanker

How to bring grandstanding Liebercrat Joe Manchin to heel

There is just something deeply wrong with right wing Republicans

Georgia governor signed a voter suppression law under a painting of a slave plantation

Sanders pushes Medicare expansion in Dems' next big bill

Democrats work behind the scenes -- and in public eye -- to push against anti-Asian hate

"How Democracies Die" is a must read!

King County Council passes supplemental budget with millions for rental assistance, vaccine efforts

The Atlanta Spa Shootings Are Fueling Far-Right Attacks on Porn and Sex Work

We need NO uncontested races in 2022 races. We need 5 new Dem Governors AND

Kevin Kruse: If anyone thinks people should have to pass a test before they vote...

At least 20 livestock ships caught in Suez canal logjam

Is time to get ride of the Electoral College yet. My list of to dos.

Wow is the weather nice today?!?!?

Cuomo & Puerto Rican Leaders Speak At Opening of Memorial at New Settlement Community Center

Rev. Barber: ''This is our economic Selma. Are you on the side of the future of America...''

EARLIER: @VP Kamala Harris swears in Xavier Becerra as HHS secretary

Shaka Smart looks to be going to Marquette- bailing on Texas

Biden bashes the new Georgia voting law, calling it an "atrocity."

Justice Department Suing Over NY-22 Election

I'm Starting To Get A Little Pissed Off About My Delayed Stimulus

Could Every Wisconsin Adult Be Eligible for the Vaccine Early? Maybe.

Should all states be abolished? (i.e. end our federal system of government?)

The Mona Lisa restored.

I got my second Moderna shot today ...

We need ad and posters to take to all the red states at election time in2022

Want to know how to solve all spending problems?

It's gray and cool here in southern Illinois today, but the apricots are blooming,

Rev. Dr. Barber: "This Is Our Economic Selma"

Video: Rev. Dr. Barber: "This Is Our Economic Selma"



Stunning Hubble image shows a big galaxy full of blue stars

Alex Wagner needs her own show


Dead in the water cargo ship blocks traffic - Sack cartoon

Covid vaccine: Social media urged to remove 'disinfo dozen'

Covid vaccine: Social media urged to remove 'disinfo dozen'

David Axelrod's Commencement Speech to the Stuyvesant High School Class of 2010

The Donfather Part II The Breakdown - The Lincoln Project

Reporter reveals what happened at Trump's secret meeting with candidates (CNN)

Gayle Manchin Appointed to Federal Post

my solution for the Suez Canal problem

Batley school protests: Prophet Muhammad cartoon row 'hijacked'

A Single Texas Hotel Reports $350k in Lost Revenue Due to End of Mask Mandate

How to make beneficial insects welcome in your garden (

Shots in little arms: COVID-19 vaccine testing turns to kids

FFS: Lindsey Graham calls the border "the biggest issue facing the country in many ways right now"

The Rude Pundit: Republicans Need to Feel Way More Heat for Their Opposition to New Gun Laws

Devin Nunes' Mom F*cked Up His Campaign Finance Reports

Joe Biden is giving left parties the world over a masterclass in how to use power

Devin Nunes' MOM is treasurer of 2 of his political committees

"New York Becomes First City to Eliminate Qualified Immunity Protections for Police Officers"

You Can Now Invest In 'Republican' Mutual Funds

Female osprey on nest adjacent to my house, southern MD

White House watching China closely on forced labor after U.S. firms pressured

Wyoming Tells Donald Trump Jr. to Sit Down and STFU

"The former traffic reporter in me couldn't resist giving you a Suez Canal traffic update..."

U.S. to distribute 11 million Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 shots next week - White House

U.S. blocks Venezuela bid to seek WTO review of sanctions

U.S. blocks Venezuela bid to seek WTO review of sanctions

Its D-Day, as the Elite Strike Force aboard the USS Clown Show led by Capt Ted Cruz...

Encounter on the bike path

Trae Crowder: A brief message RE the Georgia voter suppression mess.

Biden says Xi, Putin welcome at climate summit April 22

The Hidden Hand Of Facial Recognition In The Capitol Insurrection Manhunt

Meanwhile, no news on the alleged bomber for 3 weeks - since March 9

GOP governor signs pro-religious discrimination bill allowing doctors to refuse to treat #LGBTQ pati

One of the most sobering things I've heard in a while was when Biden...

Why we don't get good gun laws.

Briscoe Cain Is A Bully Who Is Trying To Disenfranchise Millions Of Voters

Truck seen circling around OSU the last 2 days....

Joe: As we recall the Passover story of overcoming adversity, finding hope, and becoming free, we fi

Putin, Xi among leaders invited to White House climate summit

Prosecutors Are Lining Up Witnesses to Explain Donald Trump's Many Alleged Crimes to a Jury

Judge empties Delaware Co. (PA) Juvenile Justice Center after allegations of rampant abuse

The internet is undefeated.. 😂 Sound on

Why do Dems seem a bit afraid of tackling a subject with 60%+ approval from the general population?

Help needed with ".ico" file. Trying to save one to use with a link on my home page.

Stephen Miller to launch a new legal group to give Biden headaches

GOP governor signs pro-religious discrimination bill allowing doctors to refuse to treat LGBTQ patie

Media Manipulation Casebook

George Wallace. Brian Kemp

Floating Points / Pharoah Sanders / The London Symphony Orchestra - Promises (just dropped)

Advice on severe head pain after getting hit

Good morning. New #FOIA lawsuit.

U.S. sets new vaccine record with 3.4 million doses administered in one day

Aww... Kamala Harris visits the West Haven Child Development Center in Connecticut.

there's been a lot of great rock bands since 2000, but when we look back, these are the rock gods

What's for Dinner, Fri., Mar. 26, 2021

Obese Rescue Pig Finds The Perfect Weight Loss Plan

Just a boy and his bird....

TikTok is prompting users to follow Three Percenter, QAnon, Patriot Party, and Oath Keeper accounts

Aerial photo of stuck freighter

Couple more insurrectionists indicted

I agree that gifts should not be used to unduly influence the political process

"Nothing Else Matters" *** Brown & Brown skating routine *** Exquisite! Great camera work, too

This Is How America Nearly Nuked A Canal Through Central America

7 story apartment building built inches from single story wwII house

National Cotton accuses Biden of putting arrows on ground to show immigrants 'the way to the US'

Michigan GOP Chair says assassination only way to remove elected GOP officials.

Joe: The Georgia voting law -- like so many others being pursued by Republicans in statehouses across

Cherished children's book author Beverly Cleary passed away yesterday, March 25, at 104 years old.

Governors who attacked the American Rescue Plan will get $55 billion from it

Deputies: SC teens blame autopilot for crash with Florida patrol car

Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT) gets a little nostalgic when talking about how Mexican meth has overtaken h

Fox reporter whines Biden didn't take his question. Jen Psaki shuts him down INSTANTLY - Brian Tyler

Beverly Cleary, beloved children's author, dies at 104


Spring Flowers

Expansion Of Vote By Mail, Curbside Voting Will Head To Illinois Governor

Joe: A strong European Union is in America's interest. That's why yesterday, I met with @CharlesMich

I got a Stimulus check

Pitbull Angry There's No More Food! Talks All About It!!

Ted Cruz cosplay outfit of the day

The arrest of Park Cannon, it seems to me, is intended to incite POC to violence.

Mary Trump likes this video (and you will too)

Cottonwoods of Palo Duro Canyon

What Are You In For?

Vaccine supply is really opening up

Devin Nunes' Mom F*cked Up His Campaign Finance Reports

I would like to share an easy Meat Pot Pie Recipe made with Buttermilk Pancake Mix

Mike Lindell: "'ll make Wikileaks look like a tinker toy."

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg says taxing drivers by the mile "shows a lot of promise"...

Attorney for Georgia lawmaker calls charges 'overreach'

Sen. Daines gets a little nostalgic when talking about how Mexican meth has overtaken Montana meth

Bernie Sanders aims to lower Medicare eligibility age as part of Democrats' recovery plan

Gayle Manchin Appointed to Federal Post

Voter suppression:

MEIDASTOUCH Wins Lawsuit from Marjorie Taylor Green. $$$$

Officials Expect a Glut of Vaccine

Why The Supreme Court Decided An Abortion Case Again

This photo should have been a Pulitzer.

The Rise Of Wind Power In The U.S.

Joe Cocker - The Letter

Prosecutors Team Up in Steve Bannon Criminal Probe

(Belated HB!!!) Bela Bartok - Bluebeard's Castle: Prologue & Opening

Taiwan reports largest ever incursion by Chinese air force

Bartok:Contrasts For Violin,Clarinet&Piano-Szigeti,Goodman&Bartok - Goodman as in Benny Goodman.

CNP Helped Spawn Trumpism, Disrupted the Transfer of Power, and Stoked the Assault on the Capitol

KC (for KittyCat) "helping" to make the bed

Facebook has been autogenerating pages for white supremacists

Turn Around

Olbermann vs. Apartheid GA

Tupelo Honey: Van Morrison

How Texas' Tough Winter Exposed U.S. Power Grid Problems

Dominion files $1.6 billion defamation lawsuit against Fox News

I keep getting these GOP emails; usually asking for $$$

The Lie That Smolders

A Court Made It Harder For Prosecutors To Keep Capitol Riot Defendants Behind Bars

Time lapse of unloading and reloading a container ship

Fox News Sued On Election Fraud Claims By Dominion Voting MSNBC

Biden DOJ Might Sue Georgia Over New Voter Suppression Laws

AC/DC - That's The Way I Wanna Rock 'N' Roll

Hollies - I Can't Let Go!

10 Scams You SHOULD NOT Fall For in 2021!

Peter and Gordon - I Go To Pieces

David Crosby - Music is Love

The Beatles - Help (live)

Bennett says Cuomo skipped mandatory sexual harassment training, by having a staffer do it for him.

#SinceBidenBecamePresident winner

Does anyone here use Gardena hose fittings, sprayers, etc.?

Dislodging the Suez Canal Ship Said to Need at Least a Week

What has happened to us?

The responsibility of Sen. Joe Manchin to make bi-partisanship work.

How a Father of a Sandy Hook Victim Is Stopping Gun Violence

Got my J&J shot a couple of hours ago.

Waxing Gibbous, 91% visible

China added 300 million 5G subscribers and a million 5G base stations in 2020

Waxing Gibbous, 91% visible

@SecretaryPete We're facing a trillion-dollar backlog of roads, bridges, and other pieces of crumbli

The Carina Nebula, a star-forming region located a mere 7,500 light years from Earth in the Sagittar

Amazon Is Spending the Last Week of the Union Vote Trying to Come Up With Epic Twitter Owns

The Long History of QAnon's Assault on Planned Parenthood

Russia and China tell Biden: The old days are over

Marsha Blackburn Pulled Over By Capitol Police . . .

Biden calls Georgia law 'Jim Crow in the 21st Century' and says Justice Department is 'taking a look

Sen. Warnock: New Georgia voting law is "anti-democratic"

This new political class of Republican seditionist LARPers are utterly without feck...

America is on the verge of being majority people of color.

These 31 States Are Expanding Covid-19 Vaccine Eligibility

'Prepared to do violence': Another Oaf Creeper leader jailed pending Capitol riot trial