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Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, July 31, 2020

Pompeo says U.S. has expanded scope of Iran metals sanctions

Only N-95 and more restrictive masks offer protection to wearer.

Rescued Elephant Seal pup enjoys a nice scratch

Los Angeles D.A. Files Extradition Request for Harvey Weinstein

I think the Russians ought to give bounties

Prosecutor: No charges for officer in Michael Brown's death

I don't think of myself as paranoid...

If they hadn't tested me - Sack cartoon

"All In" with Chris Hayes is on fire now

Biden leads Trump by 9 points in Pennsylvania: poll

Watching President Obama

In GOP plan, you can't sue your employers for giving you COVID -- but they can sue you

Homeland Security Compiled Reports on Journalists

Schools Reopening

IRS tax refund stimulus checks

Senate stalls on extending UI, as $600 weekly benefit expires

This trump quote left me aghast

Thursday, time for some cat pixs

Glass door for sale

Aliens Issue Statement Asserting That Sex with Them Does Not Spread the Coronavirus

Brutal tweet

I figured out how Putin keeps trump in line

Great line about what Trump is:

KCMO. Some schools opened a little while ago.

How Jared decided to nix national testing because Dem states were the ones hit hardest

Brian Tyler Cohen: Trump confronted on his call to delay the election, gives HORRIFIC response

President Obama gave a stirring speech for John Lewis eulogy

The Lincoln Project: Wake Up

The Lincoln Project: Wake Up

San Antonio Congressman Chip Roy Says the COVID Pandemic Is a Hoax Meant to Hurt the GOP

2020 CO US Senate Election- Before Hickenlooper-D entered, Democrats had plenty good candidates.

I saw three words on twitter that brought calm perspective...

FOX attacks Obama's Lewis Eulogy: "He's a disgrace"

Trump is Using Us': Christian Republican Group Warns People Not to Vote For Trump in 2020 Election

who secures ballot drop boxes? perhaps be best early vote strategy is to

Dr. Fauci is on CNN with Anderson Cooper and Dr. Sanjay Gupta

No. Election. Delay.

Aren't you excited about Trump's complete healthcare plan that he said almost 2 weeks ago

Listening to Obama, I was struck by the timeliness of Lewis's leave-taking, as though even

Ammon Bundy comes out in support of defunding the police and Black Lives Matter.

How many people here believe if tRump loses

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

LOL @ Steve Sack

It all makes sense now!

Trump Might Try to Postpone the Election. That's Unconstitutional.

Cook Political: Trump's Grip on the GOP is Slipping

Trump campaign hits pause on TV ad spending for 'review' of messaging strategy

Mitch McConnell Could Rescue Millions. What Is He Waiting For?

The Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue

Lincoln project: Wake Up

California and Florida hit new daily record high coronavirus deaths

Apparently Trump crossed some kind of line with Republicans with his postponing of elections which i

DHS compiled 'intelligence reports' on journalists who published leaked documents

Ari Berman: Request & return mail ballots early, fill out carefully, drop off if possible

trump today: It's safe to send kids to school, but not safe to have election

Family gatherings, house parties account for 67% of virus transmission in Prince George's.

0.391808873720137% of Covid Deaths Today Resulted from Texas and Florida Republican...

DHS compiled 'intelligence reports' using *baseball cards *on journalists

If Hillary were president:

Republicans and White House at Odds Over Kansas Senate Race

Prosecutor: No Charges for Officer in Michael Brown's Death

NEW film from Don Winslow: #TrumpsEvilPlan

US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats Democrats are expected to win in 2020.

Former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain dies after battle with coronavirus

TCM Schedule for Sunday August 2, 2020 - Summer Under the Stars: Rock Hudson

Award for Kaepernick & Fauci:

I AM SURE people here HAVE done Weird things since this PANDEMIC ... i BOUGHT a Light saber

TCM Schedule for Monday August 3, 2020 - Summer Under the Stars: Rita Hayworth

Immigration Nation Lets ICE Agents Tell Their Side of the Story. They're Still the Villains.

Report: GOP Lawmakers Keep Staffers In a COVID Petri Dish

Dems pour record cash into battleground state parties

Duckworth interviewed by Biden team for VP slot

Obama: John Lewis was younger than Malia!

Trump Approved Mask

Trump's lawyers admitted in court that the terms 'mail-in' and 'absentee' are used interchangeably

Now I'm really confused!

NBA makes its stand: If you can't handle player protest, then move on

Bill Gates: We should be able to 'manufacture a lot of vaccines' next year

Lovely portrait of Obama and John Lewis

Nautilus, an intimate view.

'George Floyd All Over Again': ICE Guard Drove Knee Into Detainee

ProPublica are Tracking What Happens to Police After They Use Force on Protestors

Mitt Romney and other GOP senators propose 11th hour extension of extra unemployment benefits

Joe Biden gets Donald Trump more than I think any candidate I've ever seen.

Wanda Sykes has a point

Louie Gohmert who tested positive for coronavirus is America's 'dumbest' congressman,

KAREN decides to wear this mask smh (notice the Trump shirt too)

James Lawson slams plantation capitalism at John Lewis funeral

Dammit......trump has ruined mass transit!

Does anyone have any info about mail in voting in New York State?

I propose that when Trump has been announced as defeated

@JoeBiden You won't have to worry about my tweets when I'm president.

He'll never measure up

Trump is at only 25% approval among independents, according to yesterday Reuters/Ipsos poll.

Trump's Remarks in a Roundtable on Donating Plasma; July 30, 2020

CNN Don Lemon just showed

Honest Government Ad: A message from the White House.

Coronavirus makes a comeback around the world

Ice-T Says His Father-in-Law's Lungs Are 'Damaged Indefinitely' After Contracting COVID-19

"Stop turning retail workers into mask police":

Here's nearly 2 minutes of FOX News mocking Biden for saying Trump would try to delay the election.

Twitter has FINALLY suspended David Duke

Jefferson City Schools will be the first in Georgia to reopen Friday....

Trump Will Do Whatever He Can Get Away With

Trump's Remarks in Press Briefing; July 30, 2020

John Lewis Editorial to be read aloud on Lawrence show --coming up

I can't decide what is weirder

What if the CO &US Democratic Party asked CO Secretary of State Griswold to run for the US Senate.

Dems pour record cash into battleground state parties

NEW from MeidasTouch: #EvictTrump

Once COVID is over.....

Powerful image: BLM NBA

Bobby Kennedy: Democratic National Convention 1964

NBA Has Really Triggered Trumplicans Tonite with BLM in Opening Games

Oregon state troopers start duty at federal courthouse ahead of Portland protests Thursday

King's Vengeance - Thin Lizzy, Fighting (1975)

Chris Thile - Wilco

"And tell me was it worth it ...

NBA BLM National Anthem with John Batise:

Death by hoax.

Isn't this sexist?

'Dr. Fauci Warned Trump Admin. in Jan. 2017 It Would Face A Surprise Disease Outbreak' 3 1/2 Yrs Ago

Trump campaign temporarily halts ad spending for review of messaging strategy

How is tRump going to spin the fact that his Tulsa rally killed Herman Cain???

Obama tells donors he fears voter suppression, Trump questioning election legitimacy: report

'He's Willing to Put Democracy on the Block'

Trump's Presidential End--Descent into Madness... Twilight Zone's 'The Mirror' staring Peter Falk

Attention DUers: If the weather's nice, I might personally surround Chad Wolf's house tomorrow,

Sen. John Cornyn Still Won't Push Back at Trump, Even After He Threatens to Delay Election

Reschenthaler (R-PA) Self-Quarantining After Contact With Gohmert

Thurston County makes changes ahead of August 4 primary election to prevent spread of COVID-19

Experts dismiss Trump claim that it could take 'years' to declare election winner

THE Definition of MAGAT

Child hospitalizations from Covid-19 surge 23% in Florida as schools statewide must reopen

A video to contemplate

Brian Williams started his show by complementing Obama's humanity and decency

Someone has the answer for marketing DJT

Joe: Eid Mubarak!

AZ-06: DCCC Statement on Schweikert Admitting to Eleven House Ethics Violations

NY-24: John Katko Stands By Vote to Gut Health Care, Defends Tax Hike On New Yorkers

Scary exercise about what could happen with this election

NJ-02: NJ State Building & Construction Trades drops Van Drew, endorses Kennedy

Trump stokes racist fears after revoking Obama-era housing rule

Local ambulance worker lobbying DNC to oppose growing privatization trend

US Senate Election Rating for seats Democrats are expected to win in 2020.

PA-10: Editorial Board Eviscerates Perry for Endangering Safety of PA Children and Teachers

CV's R0 is unaffected by and independent of the # of daily cases

Nunes refuses to answer whether he received Biden disinfo compiled by Putin's

Does anyone think that Trump will give a eulogy at Herman Cain's Funeral?

Ana Navarro: Covid doesn't care about partisanship

An outline of the White House Covid-19 testing failure.

TX-21: Chip Roy Says the COVID Pandemic Is a Hoax Meant to Hurt the GOP

TX-22: 'Aunties Are Fueling My Campaign'

The SECRET Purpose of Trump's Threat to Delay the Vote


Gov. Hogan condemns Trump's 'outrageous' tweet calling for election delay

Morgan Freeman reading the final words of civil rights John Lewis

TX-22: Democrats make anti-Nehls ads in Chinese, Hindi

Herman Cain Survived Stage 4 Cancer

He spits on graves: One of the many reasons Donald Trump is incapable of uniting the nation

Oh, look. Alan Dershowitz is trending on the Twitters tonight

TX-03: Lulu Seikaly and the changing political landscape of North Texas

Federalist Society Co-Founder: Trump Fascist Election-Delay Tweet Grounds For Immediate Impeachment

Alan Dershowitz has a real problem tonight

Tommy Chong: Vote Biden!

KS-SEN: Republicans and White House at Odds Over Kansas Senate Race

'Never Trump' Republican group targets Dan Sullivan in new ad buy

Washington State's Attorney General Prepped In March To Sue If Trump Tried To Delay The Election.

IN-05: Buttigieg PAC Throws Weight Behind Slate Of Hoosiers

IN-05: Democrats eye quickly changing district in ruby-red Indiana

From the Maxwell docs -- 15 yo girl wearing white mar-a-lago uniform

Maxwell docs

Idiot Trump went on today about "sending out millions of universal ballots" with no controls.

Murkowski condemns Trump tweet predicting election fraud: 'This is not leadership from the White

KS-02: This Kansas congressional race was one of nation's closest in 2018. Will it be again?

MAGAt and also MAGAt

Let's Talk About Trump's Call To Suspend The Elections

Trump's Evil Plan

Drumpf travels to fl tomorrow. Will the hurricane get him?


Middle Age Riot tweet about Don Jr. & Eric:

The Daily Social Distancing Show - If You Don't Know, Now You Know: Black Women Deserve More Credit

Dementia: 'Lifestyle Changes Could Delay Or Prevent 40% Of Cases, Study'; Address 12 Key Factors

Dementia: 'Lifestyle Changes Could Delay Or Prevent 40% Of Cases, Study'; Address 12 Key Factors

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Bezos's Ex Spreads the Wealth & Trump Shrugs Off Bounty Hunters

so let me get this straight about Trump in 2020

Tomorrow's New York Daily News cover

World-first gene therapy reverses Alzheimer's memory loss in mice

The Daily Social Distancing Show - Breonna Taylor: Who She Was, How She Died, Why Justice Is Overdue

Chicago Deputy Police Chief Shoots Himself, Latest in Long History of Suicides at the Department

Minimum to Maximum number of US Senate seats Democrats will win in 2020.

Seth Meyers - Trump Questions Why Dr. Fauci Has a Higher Approval Rating - Monologue 7/29/20

Identity of Austin shooter (Garrett Foster's killer) revealed

What if Trumpsters send out masses of bogus, but legal looking, mail in ballots.

Public charter school financial officer sentenced to prison for embezzling over $600K

Seth Meyers - Trump Suggests Delaying the Election, Which He Can't Do: A Closer Look

Have you received packs of unknown seeds in the mail?

Brazil's President says he has mold in his lungs

My Gawd This Virus Is 100% Trump's Fault - He Dismantled The Team Looking For Pandemics

Waikoloa couple sues Ige, Kim over quarantines

Happy 40th Birthday

John Oliver - Last Week Tonight - The Great Mask Debate

Ige wants tighter rules after surge in COVID-19 cases

I've missed you guys and gals

Hawaiian Airlines prepares for layoffs, says it's nowhere near declaring bankruptcy

tweet of the day: "what the fuck did America just witness"

some unsettling things about mail-in voting.

blind dog discovers a puddle

'Can you assure anybody of anything?'

Ige Waiting On Congress To Act Before Boosting Unemployment Benefits

When the walls. Come tumbling down

When the walls. Come tumbling down

Thousands of Americans consider move to virus-free New Zealand

Oahu Bars To Close For Three Weeks Starting Friday

VoteVets - Puppet

☦ Orthodox Christianity: 'Kyrie Eleison'/'Lord Have Mercy'

"Tonight, as a lifelong Republican, I formally announce my support for @JoeBiden for president."

☦ Greek Orthodox Chant: 'Agni Parthene'

Philly Expat Becomes One-Man Anti-Trump Army In Super-Conservative Florida Retirement Community

Dave Wasserman: Six Congrssional seats to change status tomorrow.

Crazy (Cover) by Daniela Andrade

wake up

Introducing the PEC's 2020 State Legislature Moneyball Map

Long-time Clerk of the House Donnald Anderson passes away

With Obama's blessing, I think the filibuster is toast

Steve Schmidt On Trump Attack On Democracy: 'This Is An Autocratic Moment' - All In - MSNBC

American Samoa has succeeded in fighting covid-19 while the U.S. government failed

Medicaid expansion on Tuesday's Missouri ballot.

Herman Cain and John Lewis at the Pearly Gates.

This is going to be a challenging time for survivors of sexual abuse

Daily Beast: 'America's Dying': Russian Media Is Giddy at Chaos in the USA

Morgan Freeman Reads Rep. John Lewis' Last Words - The Last Word - MSNBC

WaPost: Trump (again) uses housing as a racial wedge

Trump administration waives NMI federal match requirement

The US missed a chance to control outbreak. Now it's 'impossible to predict'

Reporter Who Broke Gohmert Coronavirus News Shares Reports From GOP Staffers - All In - MSNBC

Unemployment check batch on Guam held due to fraud concerns

Democratic congressional candidate Robert Underwood: Guam needs more action on military issues

Brazil President Bolsonaro's wife, Michelle, and science minister test positive for COVID-19

More bad news!! New study finds children under 5 may spread coronavirus as easily as adults

Months into pandemic, Texas reveals ravages of COVID-19 nursing home infections

Delay the Election?

NYTimes: Children May Carry Coronavirus at High Levels, Study Finds

Bryan Cranston Recovers From COVID-19, Donates Plasma

Don Winslow Films - #TrumpsEvilPlan

SpaceX conducts successful engine test

Breakfast Friday 31 July 2020

'Virus Testing Turnaround Times Reveal Wide Disparity'

Former president who brought direct elections to Taiwan dies

Hurricane warnings up for the Bahamas; Tropical Storm warning for Turks and Caicos

2020 US Senate Election Prediction- Democrats will end up with 50 to 55 US Senate seats.

Just gonna leave this right here

trumps doing the same thing again,

Government criticised for 'Islamophobic' lockdown rules meaning British Muslims are unable to

Don Winslow's latest film: " Trump's Evil Plan

GBRA Reaches Deal With Some Lake Property Owners Over Dams, Spill Gates

How an impact lawn sprinkler works:

RGV COVID-19: Cameron County Reports Highest Single-Day Increase At 731 New Cases

Tropical Storm Watches issued for a portion of the southeast Florida coast

Why the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Is Suing the Trump Administration

Three Men and a Baby

Federal grand jury indicts Tennessee state senator on 48 counts of theft, embezzlement and wire frau

First time at the beach and making a rookie mistake:

Working My Way Back to You -- The Four Seasons -vs- The Spinners

To honor John Robert Lewis we need to let go of resentment and receive all with love

Calif. Landlords Locking Out Struggling Families; 'Tsunami' of Evictions May Be Next (Hoovervilles?)

Hong Kong asks China's top legislative body to resolve legal problems with postponing elections

'Mourning Nazis': Trump Ambassador Blasted for Visiting Nazi Cemetery on Jewish Day of Mourning,

From Al Jazeera: The BBC's latest attempt to play down the UK's role in slavery (...)

Arizona Republican Rep. David Schweikert admits 11 ethics violations, will pay $50K fine

The sketchy past of Trump's covid vaccine czar

'Indefensible and Disgusting': Senate Departs for 3-Day Weekend as Unemployment Benefits Expire for

I've liked a few, and I've disliked a few, but I've never actually hated a US President until now.

Kanye West won't appear on Massachusetts ballot

"Animaniacs" remake can go screw itself!

I got the best news last night

Tammy Duckworth for VP?

Sometimes it is the seemingly simple things...

Delay the election NOW

'Teachers Fearing In-Person Schooling Make Wills, Retire or Plan Strikes.' Deadly Risks Worry

'Teachers Fearing In-Person Schooling Make Wills, Retire or Plan Strikes.' Deadly Risks Worry

What's the story with Wilbur Ross?

Shane Bieber! !!Wow!!

"The virus had hit blue states hardest, a national plan was unnecessary..would not make sense..."

Nikes together commercial - Goal medal in editing.

Twitter should've banned David Duke years ago

Mills to double rental assistance, fund efforts to address COVID-19 racial disparity

PPP Minnesota poll... Biden +10!

Discontinuing unemployment benefits/Slashing unemployment benefits.

I read a BBC article about Dr. Immanuel and her description of how 'demons' reproduce.

White Christians Are More Racist Than Non-Religious People, Claims Researcher

How Jared Kushner's Secret #CORONAVIRUS Testing Plan "Went Poof Into Thin Air"

COVID-19 Hospital Data System That Bypasses CDC Plagued By Delays, Inaccuracies

If trump can destroy American democracy, then we never were what we believed ourselves to be.

Another poem about America

I don't think this is the first time that they used the strategy of slowing down mail-service.

Erin Burnett CNN: Group "wargames" scenarios in which Trump refuses to concede election

House Democrats find administration overspent for ventilators by as much as $500 million

Federalist Society Co-Founder Calls Trump Bid To Change Election Day 'Fascistic,' Impeachable...

Hospital employees call on MaineHealth to take concrete steps to address systemic racism

Anyone else, like me, feel sorry for the white girl in this ad?

Not The Onion: MI To Step Up Dam Safety By Adding Another Inspector To Two-Person Staff

Conservative Legal Expert: Trump Election Tweets Are Grounds For Impeachment

At Least One Quarter Of Bangladesh Is Flooded, 4.7 Million Displaced By Intense Upstream Rains

Trader Joe's says it will not change its product labels

Has the new Lincoln Project ad come up yet?

House Democrats find Trump overspent for ventilators by as much as $500 million

Even W. Emission Cuts, At Least 23 Million People Will Face Continual Coastal Flooding w/i 30 Years

Positive Covid-19 Tests

These 13 states need to lock down now, according to Harvard coronavirus experts

Suppose you could push a button

Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar

Trump is running the country like a business. One of his casinos.

Trump Is the Election Crisis He's Warning About

Signs Of Life, Slag Heaps, Green Sprouts, Vast Silences - Australians' Takes On The Burned Territory

Trump Has Made GOP Complicit In White Supremacism

House Democrats find administration overspent for ventilators by as much as $500 million

State Democrats mount big comeback in 2020

Our government betrayed us like never before.

How Samoyeds Spend the Summer

Rep John Lewis Dancing. I'm going to remember many things about him, this one is happy

For Months Now, Argentine City Of Rosario Choking On Smoke Of Burning Parana Basin Grasslands

Check out this comment from this article

Deleted Biden video sets off a crisis at Voice of America


How Our Indian Country Flattened the Curve

Training accident off Southern California leaves one Marine dead, 8 service members missing

Cousin Greg from 'Succession' Made a Pop-Punk Anthem for Love in the Time of Covid

Fauci testifying soon (cspan 2 has it)

How does the Vermont Country Store get these old

The Clairvoyants Group meeting has been rescheduled.

"Captain Underpants Dershowitz whining that he is named in Epstein scandal documents.

Walter Shaub: These goddam fascists have got to go.

The Rude Pundit: Barack Obama Reminds Us That We Are a Nation

Oft a dismissive critic of fox new here. However, they are covering Fauci live on the 9a show.

The media is doing it again

Trump doesn't give a rat's ass that he killed Herman Cain by holding his Tulsa Rally

The continuing saga of Sweet Judy Blue Eyes....

The U.S. Postal Service is experiencing backlogs of mail after a top Trump donor running....

The reason young children do not spread COVID-19 widely

Does Lush Rimshot even think about the logic of the crap he spews.

Three-day weekend? Are Republicans meeting behind closed doors?

Pinal County Sheriff's Office starting new volunteer posse group

Got a text from my daughter in Buffalo

AOC: "Ed Markey is the leader we need "

Fireball Mail

Dr. Osterholm: Americans will be living with the coronavirus for decades

Wolf halting that journalist baseball card thing

Trump badly miscalculated in Portland - and even he knows it

Any DUers watching Fauui et al at the House hearing?

Trump may be the Confederacy's new "Lost Cause"


We're Dying Here': Florida Newspaper Pleads With DeSantis To Step Up COVID-19 Fight

Uh oh:

Cook Political moves five House seats in our direction, one towards Republicans.

Joe tweets on Drumpf's continuing coronavirus failure

Don't count out Duckworth in Biden VP race

Trump Incoherent, Glitches Badly During Sweaty Fiasco

Trump Brags About His Reading Comprehension

Bahamas. Florida brace as new Hurricane Isaias bears down

Coronavirus updates: Dozens of fraternity members test positive for COVID-19, officials say

Canadian ice caps disappear, confirming 2017 scientific prediction

On this day, July 31, 1964, Jim Reeves and his manager died in a plane crash.

Scalise is a POS painting trump as some kind of hero in handling the Covid crisis. The fact is he

Dr. Fauci is brilliant, and he's got a GREAT delivery, too. Testifying at a House Hearing now...

Fun video review of the Lincoln Project's contribution to America

Trump in trouble as nearly two-thirds of Americans disapprove of his handling of COVID-19, protests,

This Congressional hearing. What a shit show between Redfield and Steve Scalise.

Here's where lab coat crackpot Dr. Bob Hamilton got his start. Seems he's something of a

If I actually believed in hashtags on social media (which I don't--can't stand them)...

Twitter permanently bans former KKK leader David Duke

US election 2020: Obama calls for end to voter suppression

Cardinals Brewers game postponed. Multiple Cards players test positive.

What It Felt Like To Have A President Again

Judge Releases Trove Of Sealed Records Related To Case Against Ghislaine Maxwell

A classic example of bothsiderism:

Had to turn off the televised Congessional Covid hearing at which the "White House corona virus

Redfield is quite disappointing in answer questions from Rep. Maxine Waters. He is going out of his

Uh-oh. 😲 Guess what ABC/Ipsos asked about in their poll. ⚡️

Reminder: Rev. Warnock (led service for John Lewis) is running to replace Kelly Loeffler in GA

Actor Bryan Cranston Had Covid-19, 'I Was One Of The Lucky Ones,' Donates Plasma

You raised $12,639.00 on July 30, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

Sleepy lions, empty bars, lost jobs: A world without tourism

Pic Of The Moment: Sadistic Republicans Are Stalling On Coronavirus Relief

Trump rages at Black congressman for calling out his failures at House coronavirus hearing

Schools beat earlier plagues with outdoor classes

President Biden will need to address the mental illness that leads to death in this country.

Former GOP Strategist Questions Why Republicans Want To Run For Re-Election...

Jared "Nostradamus" Kushner

Guess he figures they have all the judges they need..

Fauci looks like he wants to tell Jim Jordan to fuck off.

I am watching the hearing.

Here is something we all need right now

'Sniveling victims & temper tantrums': Conservative criticizes Trump-supporting 'crybabies' thin ski

Guys, I've finally managed to nail this Quarantine Hair thing, and let me tell you, it's AWESOME.

Hong Kong leader postpones elections, further eroding political freedoms

Bill Clinton Went to Jeffrey Epstein's Island With 2 'Young Girls', Virginia Giuffre Says

These kids are getting left behind when schools go online

We have a non functioning government.

Jazz pianist Hank Jones was born on this date.

Here come the Biden smears. Next move: A Subpoena

Thank you Trump. it is now hotter and COVID is going away

This is the reason Trump will leave peacefully & not contest Biden's election in any way.

NYT: Trump, Please Quit Before You're Fired

Kenny Burrell was born on this date.

Stanley Jordan has a birthday today.

J.J. Redick: 'I don't think anybody in the NBA cares if President Trump watches basketball'

Peter Hoekstra embarrasses Michigan and the United States. Again.

I am cutting back on my Pregabaliin and will eventually seek other medication for my nerve pain.

Admiral Grioir Disgusts me, why hasn't he spoken out about the testing fuck ups!? He's testing lead

European economy falls into worst recession on record

Yes, they are that big


Friday TOONs 1 - Delaying The Landslide

Friday TOONs 2 - Nutter Butter

Due to the School Reopening Policies of Trump's Administration,

I can only hope that Gym Jordan...

Chaos in Portland stopped cold when the feds pulled back

What's the latest on Dershowitz?

Ohio Bars to close at 10pm, starting today.

Former GOP Chair To Coronavirus-Denying Trump Supporters: 'You Will Die In That Bubble'

Nancy nails it.

Deputy gang with matching tattoos rules Compton patrol station, LASD deputy alleges

3212 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Fri.; 68 deaths

Ohio Gov DeWine is closing Ohio Bars, starting today at 10pm

Why doesn't Pelosi authorize testing of the House? It doesn't surprise..

Missouri police officer who killed Michael Brown faces no charges

"For only $19 a day ..."

Cartoon: A Mythical AG By Clay Jones -July 31, 2020 9:00 AM

How Conservatism dies or how it lowered itself into the pit of Trump

We WILL Vote

Dept. of Trumpland Security compiled intelligence reports on journalists covering Portland protests

U.S. Dollar Suffers Its Worst Month in a Decade

Portland protest scene relatively calm after US drawdown

Thinking ahead to Orange Gargantua's eventual demise.

3:42 a.m. A caller wondered why the neighbor was adjusting her sprinklers.

Trump campaign cancels TV ads to try to figure out how to stop losing to Biden

Nobody is saying you can't go to work Jim Jordan

Way to go, Washington State!

I believe the first Roswell headline

Kushner believed that the virus was hitting Democratic states hardest, So he did nothing.

Exxon, Chevron Earnings Gutted by Virus-Driven Demand Slump

Gyms Blaring Fox News - Should We Boycott Them Now?

Morning Joe: Trump will lead to the end of the party of Abe Lincoln: 7min 50secs

Jim Jordan, do you believe wrestlers should be molested?

Lollapalooza All weekend @ 5 cst YT A few are full sets and a few new ones too

Acting ICE chief announces retirement following clashes with Trump officials

White House condemns Hong Kong election delay after Trump floated postponing US vote

Pastor John Hagee's CUFI Church Association Filed to Collect Up to $1M in Federal PPP Funds

Election results may be delayed -- but not because of fraud

Trump's legacy of losing:

CNN: Bass, Harris and Rice are the top three VP contenders.

What Abraham Lincoln Said About Delaying Election in Midst of Civil War

Hong Kong police order arrest of exiled activists: China state media

270toWin Electoral Map Based Solely on Current Polls

China threatens to trap up to 3 million people in Hong Kong by no longer recognizing their UK overse

Fact-checking Trump's continued assault on mail-in voting and suggestions of delaying the election

One-Third of U.S. Restaurants Face Permanent Closure This Year

CDC director says he was not involved in decision to change coronavirus data reporting

Starship SN5 completes engine test - short, low-altitude flight test to follow 'soon' says Elon Musk

Just wondering here if

Which VP pick would help Biden win?

Deep Washington divide on coronavirus aid as jobless benefit to expire

Just Kidding? Trump Says His Election Delay Tweet Was Just a Ploy to Get 'Very Dishonest LameStream

Joe Biden products

Hong Kong delays polls citing pandemic, but democracy camp sceptical

Whenever possible everyone should refer to Trump as loser Trump. nt

Louis DeJoy crippling the US Postal Service by shutting down mail-sorting machines

Divers haul ghost nets from submarine wreck in Greece's Ionian Sea

Soldier who shot Austin protester Garrett Foster reveals identity, claims self defense, attorney say

'Boogaloo' member who plotted protest violence also sexually exploited a child

Is this "the Face of God" ?

Ka-boom. Fauci drops some science truth bombs re: hydroxychloroquine

New Lincoln Project Ad is exceptional.

Tammy Duckworth . . . . VP? . . . . . or . . . .

Pompeo handed over thousands of pages of documents to Senate REPUBLICANS probing Biden, but not Dems

Mars 2020 Perseverance Exits Safe Mode, Successfully Heading to Mars

How long after exposure before you will test positive? What say you Harvard Medical School?

Stephen Miller defends making it harder for people to vote

Fauci 'cautiously optimistic' coronavirus vaccine could prove effective by 'late fall or early winte

Rep. Greg Pence criticized for racist items sold at his mall

Teacher's Request

We WILL Vote (TLP)

Nearly Half of Florida's Coronavirus Deaths Happened in July

Nothing hinders the potential of human life more than death.


The making of a photograph.

White House condemns Hong Kong election delay after Trump floated postponing US vote

From Al Franken's July 23 e-mail ...

How Cops Can Secretly Track Your Phone

McDonald's CEO says that workers might call the police on customers who won't wear a mask

(Jewish Group) Philly NAACP head apologizes for anti-Semitic image, not his Facebook page


The Lincoln Project does it again:


Trump's 'Law-and-Order' Approach Falls Flat: Poll

U.S. Allows Michael Cohen To Publish Unflattering Book About Trump

Stephen Miller defends making it harder for people to vote

Tucker Carlson calls Obama 'one of the sleaziest and most dishonest figures' in US political history

Honest Trump Campaign Ad

Kaleigh didn't have an answer to that question in her magic binder.

Video resurfaces of Trump struggling to vote in person in 2004 as he ramps up attacks on mail-in vot

Trump Maneuvers To Protect Robert E. Lee's Name In Secretly Recorded Phone Call

First Amendment group files new suit against Trump over blocked Twitter users

So, I planted some seeds I got in the mail last week!

Hong Kong Delays Election, Citing Coronavirus. The Opposition Isn't Buying It.

I just went to the Minnesota Secretary of State Website

#We Will Vote:

Found on FB

None dare call it treason, but perhaps one day they will

COVID-19 Hospital Data System That Bypasses CDC Plagued By Delays, Inaccuracies

The beautiful voice and words of Amanda Gorman, 1st Youth National Poet Laureate

The Grifters, chapter 1 - Kodak

No one puts a better face on the GOP's coronavirus ignorance than Louie Gohmert

If you look up "prick" in any honest and reliable dictionary, you'll find a photo

Trump just told us how mail delays could help him corrupt the election

Too soon?

Stephen Miller: Obama's comments at Lewis funeral 'totally disconnected from reality'

The moment Republicans discover Trump has no coattails...

NYT editorial board: 'What is (McConnell) waiting for?

Trump Ditched National Testing Plan in April Because Virus Was Only Hitting 'Blue States' Hard

US officials seek limits on "habitat" for imperiled species

Florida breaks coronavirus death record for the fourth day in a row

The Kodak deal. link to post in GD

U.S. Rep. Greg Pence (R Ind.) criticized for racist items sold at his mall

Another 1000 layoffs in Ohio

The Lincoln Project: We Will Vote

The Lincoln Project: We Will Vote

Jewish group calls for 'disgusting' online sale of Nazi-era items to be stopped (Canada)

Twitter says high-profile hack was the result of phishing

This is false. Also, share your umbrella.

Will Americans Buy Trump's Claims About Mail Voting Fraud?

Trump's Vaccine Chief Picks His Own Former Employer--Where He Still Holds Millions Worth of Stock--for

House cancels August recess until coronavirus bill is passed

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Discussion with Libby Schaff, Mayor of Oakland, about Feds place in local peacekeeping...

When Biden wins and the Dems have control of both houses

'Breaking Bad' star Bryan Cranston reveals he has recovered from COVID-19

I subscribe to a UK photo site,

Michigan High Court Won't Hear Absentee Ballot Deadline Case

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 7/31/20

1 Marine dead, 8 missing after accident off California coast

Trump looks and sounds high

Trump Has Been Comparing Himself to Nixon. That's Hooey. John Dean

What's everyone's guess on extending unemployment benefits?

Immediately, I am going to purchase at least $100 worth of stamps from the US Postal Service

White House, Democrats trade blame on expiration of jobless benefits

Trump Votes by Mail. [MT]

Trump-ism now stands for actual Death Panels

Trump confronted on his call to delay the election, gives HORRIFIC response

An explosion at a gas station in Krasnodar, Russia

Lobbying Intensifies Among V.P. Candidates as Biden's Search Nears an End

Great Radiohead piano cover

George Takei: Hell is a place where Jim Jordan yells and sneers at you for all eternity.

Am I the only one seeing these:

BREAKING: Pennsylvania will pay for postage on absentee ballots

Kevin McCarthy wants to make rapid testing available at Capitol

Trying a bigger size in paper (18 x 24) to see if I like working larger.

$1.5 trillion of earlier relief still hasn't been spent. Here's what's left

Some people here say that Biden's VP choice has always been Harris.

THE LINCOLN PROJECT "Statement on Racism"

Democrats warned of targeting by hackers posing as Facebook

They've Lost The Federalist Society

I haven't heard it so much lately, but trump is obviously trying to reignite the idea

Gym Jordan's oppenent in November

THE LINCOLN PROJECT campaign ad: "We Will Vote"

Dems Subpoena Pompeo In Probe Of Senate GOP Biden-Ukraine Disinfo Campaign

The Best Way to Honor John Lewis? Ditch the Filibuster, Barack Obama Says

Portishead - All mine

Democrats exit briefing saying they fear elections under foreign threat

John Cornyn's 1999 Advice Column Warns Pagers Signal Gang Affiliation

Republicans attack Fauci and defend Trump at coronavirus hearing

Republicans are planning a mass attack against Biden using information from pro-Russian agents

Despite virus threat, Black voters wary of voting by mail

Tampa teen accused of being 'mastermind' behind Twitter hack that targeted high-profile accounts

House-passed funding package includes $500M for election security upgrades

Postmaster General conflicts of interest

Tenn. pastor invited to White House round-table event contracts COVID-19

6 months in, who is getting COVID-19 in King County? Here's a breakdown by race, age

The US Post Office is a vital part of our national infrastructure. It is under attack.

**JUST ANNOUNCED** Governor Hogan has extended the emergency order

Washington Passes 55,000 Total Coronavirus Cases

Trump's trashing of democracy will have consequences far beyond America

Fox hosts previously dismissed the idea that Trump would delay the election

I'm cynical. Donnie Dipshit has "suspended" his ad buys to

Perfect Timing - July

A big argument broke out at our home office between moderate Republicans and extreme Republicans

I've got a dilemma.

Well after a homophobic rant I ditched another supposed friend.

Brutal morning. Three patients tested for COVID-19; three positives.

When your head only fits partway......Middle Age Riot

anybody having trouble with verizon wireless today?

mask wearing percentage by county

My choice for Biden's VP is ....

The MD Department of Labor announced a 13 week extension to UI benefits for eligible claimants.

Census Bureau reportedly ending door-knocking efforts earlier than expected amid WH pressure

If ya wanna grab the unsealed Epstein trial depositions:

NEW: CDC projects COVID-19 death toll to top 180,000 within next three weeks, according to a documen

Carl Bernstein Demands the gop Intervene to end trumps Incompetence.

The most recent COVID-19 update is here and the numbers show an upward trend in cases.

Notice this during Trump's little press conf. on Wednesday...?

New Yahoo News/YouGov poll: Most Trump voters say they will not accept the 2020 results...

Have you ever wondered how much the Koch Brothers spend on defeating Pelosi or Schumer?

Press Briefing by Kayleigh McEnan; July 31, 2020

Fort Hood sergeant says he shot and killed armed Black Lives Matter protestor

What happens on 1/20/21 if election results are unknown?

Congress taking off for 38 days. That's 38 days of doing nothing about the Post Office destruction.

Trump responds to Obama's eulogy: I did much more for minorities than he did

Concentrates & Dab Guide 101 - TheHiCulture

The Lincoln Project: Nationalist Geographic

Behold Impotus Americanus

Did trump say something about President Obamas' eulogy yesterday?

It's a good thing racist whites are wrong, for their own sake

Two Campbell County schools close after teachers test positive for coronavirus

The LINCOLN PROJECT strikes again...

I have a friend in Florida who is a nurse.

2020 census: we have a serious problem

Sheriffs test positive for coronavirus after vowing not to enforce mask orders

On this day, July 31, 1935, Geoffrey Lewis was born.


'There Are Very Good Reasons To Doubt Information From Trump's New COVID-19 Database'

Bizarro Hypo: Should Dems accept a McConnell deal to convict Drumpf and nominate President Pence?

Despite vow, Trump's 'exciting' new health care plan doesn't exist

Barr makes it clear that he intends to deliver an October surprise ... that will surprise no one

Prince Andrew 'lobbied US government' on behalf of paedophile Jeffrey Epstein - documents reveal

Before Bill Murray there was.......

Cartoons 7/31/2020

Does Trump Care That Herman Cain Is Dead? Let Me Answer In German

TV news outlets in Rep. Gohmert's district mostly failed to cover his dangerous misinformation about

Joe Biden narrows down his VP list, with Karen Bass emerging as one of several key contenders

Ellen DeGeneres Apologizes to Employees After Toxic Workplace Allegations

Blacklist every single one of them!

Mother of Richmond school shooter will plead guilty

Hundreds of Georgia campers infected with coronavirus at YMCA camp in just days, CDC report finds

Sex ed, local control at heart of race for state schools chief

Prison For All Trump Admin Officials Who Committed Crimes Or Covered Up Crimes

Another man is presumed drowned near Eagle Falls

#RingoGate: Ernst Targets Greenfield's Dog (IA-SEN)

Inslee gives updates on reopenings, urges taking calls from contact tracers

I'm afraid if #ImpotusAmericanus trends on twitter, it might ruin the president's weekend of golf.

Are we a failed state yet?

Election Security

Just received an email that my Instagram password had been changed.

Colombia's Supreme Court deliberating whether to send Uribe to jail or drop charges

Ex-RNC Chair Spells Out Harsh Reality Of COVID-19 During Tribute To Herman Cain

World Health Organization reports largest single-day increase in coronavirus cases across globe

Hundreds of Georgia campers infected with coronavirus at YMCA camp in just days, CDC report finds

Hundreds of protesters gathered outside billionaires' Hamptons mansions to demand a wealth tax

Fact check: Joe Biden didn't take a knee upon seeing a flag; he was talking to a child

Court sentences Colombia's government over spying scandal that sent Uribe aides to prison

Foreign Tour For Pompeo's Wife Reportedly Deemed 'Necessary For National Security'

He was admitted to the hospital April 9. He's back home today!

Nationalist Geographic - The Lincoln Project

Germany: Fox steals over 100 shoes in Berlin

Bill Gates: We will have a C19 vaccine, but the disease will return if there's a 'leadership vacuum'

Went to Costco today...EVERYONE had a mask on, and then THIS GUY

CDC predicting 180,000 US deaths from coronavirus by August 22: report

The goal for DU for Joe just went up again

Cuba's ambassador to the UN rejects US unilateral coercive measures

Pennsylvania to use coronavirus aid for prepaid postage on ballots in November election

Don't forget Joe's fundraiser tonight!

If Biden Gets Mail-In Vote Advantage, Majority of Trump Voters Say They Won't Accept His Win

What's for Dinner, Fri., July 31, 2020

U.S. congressman denounces damages to Cuba due to blockade

Ex-'Ellen DeGeneres Show' employees claim culture of 'rampant sexual misconduct' in new article.

GOP uses pandemic to wither Social Security and Medicare

These Scientists Are Testing an Experimental COVID Vaccine on Themselves

The Madman is currently blabbering next to a bunch of sheriffs in my besieged state of Florida.

Moby Drops Moving 'My Only Love' Music Video Depicting Amazon's Heartbreaking Destruction

Moby Drops Moving 'My Only Love' Music Video Depicting Amazon's Heartbreaking Destruction

'Watchdog Groups Demand Probe Into 'Voter Suppression Tactics' By US Postal Service Chief'

Mmmmmm discount instant systemic racism 😋

Opeth - Atonement

White House says Democrats made 'zero offers' on unemployment aid. They did -- in May

Questions for School Openings:

Trump demands schools reopen so kids can eat after trying to cut school lunches

Mailer from Doug Collins, 9th Cong Dist of GA

Court overturns Boston Marathon bomber's death sentence

'Exclusive: 25 Civil Rights Groups Condemn Trump's Election Day Threat, Demand Voting Protections'

I just caught part of a Markey ad starring AOC.

Radio's Midnight Cowboy Bill Mack dies of Covid

Of course trump has already tried to delay the Election

Not exactly an overflow crowd at Trump's speech in Florida........

I'm playing EA Sports NHL 20 so much I need to worry about eye strain. I hadn't had a version

Citizen Con

Need some help. Have the book "Never Trump", and can look up...?

Butterfly picture tips!

How Rep. Karen Bass Became A Leading VP Contender

Wanted: Personal Assistant to Influencer

The Daily Show for some Therapy

McConnell signals to Republican Senate candidates: Distance from President Trump if necessary

The Loco-Motion -- Little Eva -vs- Grand Funk Railroad -vs- Kylie Minogue

Florida halts COVID-19 testing as it prepares for hurricane

'Fish always flop around before they die': Trump's panic over the election perfectly explained on...

Governor Cuomo Update July 31 2020

Did Kushner nix testing plan to punish blue states?

Football Season

Union that includes Bath Iron Works employees endorses Gideon

Jared Kushner hired his college roommate to create a national coronavirus testing plan

"A fish flops around while it's dying."

McConnell signal to Republican Senate candidates: Distance from Trump if necessary

'Demands That Kushner Resign Over 'Staggering' Depravity, Politics Not Public Health': Blue States

Barack Obama Just Changed the Landscape of a Joe Biden Presidency

Swanton employees resign after Confederate flag mask controversy

Trump, Please Quit Before You're Fired

On Mt. Irvine, CA during Lone Pine earthquake on June 24 (mag 5.8)

Gym Jordan tries to get Fauci to say protesters should be arrested for gathering during pandmic

Does Bass' support of Scientology make her VP candidacy a non-starter?

In 'Disheartening' Ruling, US Supreme Court Halts Citizen Initiative to Fund Education in Idaho

17yo Florida Teen Charged As 'Mastermind' Of Massive Twitter Hack

In the future

Study: Seattle's roads are among the worst in the nation

pres. idiotface is in my area and fucking up my commute.

Roger Waters - "Pigs (Three Different Ones)"

The polite way to describe trump supporters

Rep. Sanford Bishop allegedly misused more than $90,000 in campaign and official funds

If you could only save.......

Aspects of our COVID exhaustion

Herman Cain: "There is no virus".

NEW: Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was discharged from a New York City hospital Friday..

Portland sees peaceful night of protests following withdrawal of federal troops

Anybody else getting weird script on DU posts?

New Study Finds Expanded Jobless Benefits Don't Reduce Employment

'Bulletproof Warrior' training

James Murdoch resigns from Newscorp.

Dogs can sniff out COVID-19 with 94 percent accuracy, study says

acting ICE chief announces retirement. wasn't brutal enough for Trump WH

It sounds slurry

Demand for guns outpaces Sturm Ruger's production

Fauci Would Have Thought Twice About Career in Medicine Had He Known It Meant Talking to Jim Jordan

Before John Lewis, was the bold life and unjust death of Maceo Snipes.

Report: Coronavirus infected scores of children and staff at Georgia sleep-away camp

Stork couple celebrates first egg.

Reminder: Dershowitz wants to legalize sex with 14-year-olds

"Black staffers..talked about group hugs moments of silence and organic discussions after the George

From today: Assorted political signs and flowers:

FIFA President Gianni Infantino faces criminal proceedings in Switzerland

Lincoln Project: Oh, hi.

European betting odds have Harris the favorite

okay leaving DU for now....

FLIPPABLE: Jerri Green for TN-HD83

Warning: Republicans and Democrats should act now to prevent "Constitutional crisis".

Rep. Sanford Bishop allegedly misused more than $90,000 in campaign and official funds

Aoustic Neil Young- He still feels the pull

We could use your help tracking down a bug...

Report: MLB commissioner warns of shut down if coronavirus isn't managed better

Acoustic Steven Stills - I don't do business that don't make me smile

'The truest characters of ignorance are vanity and pride and arrogance' , Samuel Butler

Great day in Mark Meadows red district. We may win his seat.

Oakland Co. girl jailed for not doing homework ordered for release

How Jared Kushner's Secret Testing Plan "Went Poof Into Thin Air"

Wow. Trump Draws A Crowd Of Nearly 30 People At Rally In Florida!

It is a criminal act to use the USPS to influence or suppress the electoral process.

Bad news for Michigan elections this fall. Michigan Supreme Court, by 4-3 vote, refuses to hear cas

Trump scores win over Stormy Daniels' libel suit

Acoustic Dead. He's left his native country and darling girl behind

How Jared Kushner's Secret Testing Plan "Went Poof Into Thin Air"

Sometimes people refuse to learn a lesson even after being hit upside the head.

GOP proposal includes more money for an FBI building than to fight COVID-19 in Native communities.

Another military disaster -1 Marine Dead, 8 Missing After Southern California 'Training Mishap'

It is Friday evening....Everybody Dance Now

Kodak C.E.O. Got Stock Options Day Before News of Loan Sent Stock Soaring

Houston man dies after getting COVID-19 at his Father's Day dinner

Judge proposes numbered jerseys for federal agents in Portland

Trump supporter says party he hosted led to 14 COVID infections

McConnell signal to Republican Senate candidates: Distance from Trump if necessary


Republicans attack Fauci and defend Trump at coronavirus hearing

Trump's Remarks Before Marine One Departure; July 31, 2020

Honestly, you'd swear he's been watching the Hunger games......

Question: What about the healthcare plan that's coming on Sunday?

Here's all the authors of the these anti-Kamala for VP articles:

People in 1978: this song gonna die in a year or so. Us: laughs in 2020

2020 US Senate Election Rating for seats Democrats are expected to win.

Trump's Remarks in a Meeting with the National Association of Police Organizations Leadership

Karen Bass is pro-Scientologist...

Sadder than his inauguration.

U.S. Envoy Told Brazil It Could Help Re-elect Trump

SFV bagseed (Originally named Impeach) update

Anyone Watching The Reid Out?

Is anyone else joining the Biden/Warren online Grassroots Fundraiser?

The 'Father of Modern Gynecology' Performed Shocking Experiments on Slaves

What Do We Want From Law Enforcement?

BREAKING: Federal Troops Tear-Gas Yankees Off Field So Trump Can Throw Out First Pitch

Trump standing by Pentagon nominee under fire for Islamophobic tweets

Just heard on NewsHour, VP decision will be announced week of Aug. 10, NOT next week.

Supreme Court won't intervene in last stages of border-wall construction projects

Jared Kushner hired his college roommate to create a national coronavirus testing plan,

My @thedailybeast column on the @GOP's alarming inaction on Russia's increasingly sophisticated disi

U.S. appeals court delays release of Ghislaine Maxwell deposition

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg discharged from the hospital after latest medical procedure

One of Tumps biggest supporters now admits Trump is a fascist.

Al Franken with Joy Reid

The price of our food

MSNBC is featuring Al Franken a lot lately! On The ReidOut now.

'We will coup whoever we want': Elon Musk and the overthrow of democracy in Bolivia'

Tom Cotton stirs 2024 speculation with New Hampshire trip to help Republicans

Microsoft Said to Be in Talks to Buy TikTok, as Trump Weighs Curtailing App

Trump-endorsed GOP candidate says Chinese students should be banned from studying in the US

Senate Democrats press Postal Service on delivery complaints