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Nadler on Masks yesterday

Mike Pence Met With Group Behind Viral Coronavirus Misinformation Video

Here's a Novel Idea

When Your Driver Won't Stop Talking About The Dangers Of Wind Power

Hold Donald Trump up to a mirror and that bulging, scowling orange face is today's Republican Party

I had a disturbing exchange with an older sister today

"School closures in spring linked to drastic decrease in Covid-19 cases and deaths"

Who will play Fauci in the movies?

I hate when this happens!

Tennessee coronavirus count surpasses 100,000 cases, 1,000 deaths

Mail carriers have been told to "slow down",

Buddy, first dog to test positive for COVID-19 in the U.S., has died

Boeing might end 787 production in Everett; 777X delayed

Why we still need the $600 unemployment benefit

Sarah Cooper nails it - sorry it's not a video

After Woman's Arrest in Unmarked Van, NYC Activists Fear Targeting by NYPD

Dapper Dan Midas' youtube reading of Mary Trump book, taken down by CBS Audio

QUESTION: Can you name The Stooges? ANSWER: Curly, Larry, Moe

On the first week of quarentine

Trump Moans 'Nobody Likes Me,' And Twitter Critics Quickly Remind Him Why

U.S. renters owe $21.5 billion in back rent; Republicans offer no eviction relief

Public Opinion Polls for the 2020 CO US Senate Election- Hickenlooper-D and Gardner-R floor/ceiling.

Republicans Salivate Over Possibility Joe Biden Might Pick Susan Rice For Vice President

Administration wants West Wing remodel money in virus bill

We aren't even better off than 20 days ago!

I don't get it.

Archaeologists have solved a longstanding mystery about Stonehenge:

Trump's Secret Police Getting You Down? Let Coppy The Cop Car Cheer You Up!

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

Exclusive: Arizona leads multi-state probe into older iPhones slowing, shutting down

Ruth Bader Ginsberg in the hospital again

Gotta Be the most disgusting tweet trump has done.

Oh... Where is Rachel?

US commander affirms US support for Japan on China dispute

Ruth Bader Ginsburg resting comfortably in New York City hospital after non-surgical procedure

As it draws closer, who do YOU think he will pick?

Ruth Bader Ginsburg resting comfortably in New York City hospital after non-surgical procedure

NEW: Ohio's Board of Pharmacy bans the use of hydroxychloroquine to treat or prevent COVID-19

If There Is Not a Tweet There Is a Video

Man arrested on suspicion of setting fire to Democratic Party headquarters in Phoenix, police say

Have you been polled? Has anyone you know been polled?

Why Republicans' Boosted Unemployment Proposal Just Isn't Good Enough

Hey Reich Wing Gun Militia Members

Fact checking Barr's claim that that foreign countries will counterfeit mail-in ballots

Regardless of what you think of Reagan this was devastating then and it's devastating now

Hey Louie, how was the ride to TX on AF1 today?

As US passes 150,000 coronavirus deaths, experts at Johns Hopkins call for reset in national respons

"Vote Him Away #2 (The Liar Tweets Tonight)"

Judge rejects request by Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan to quash recall effort

Kitsap County designates more federal relief funding for housing assistance

Over 100 police agencies pulling out as security at Democratic National Convention

He's tweeting at "Suburban Housewives". He actually used that description.

McSalley Down By 16 In Arizona Hey Republicans Maybe You Should Dump Trump Ya Think?

Does anyone in the DFL keep count on who mailed ballots?

"Masks are bad and Hydroxychloroquine is good"

All Hell Breaks Loose In The House As Jim Jordan Gets Screamed At To Put His Mask On

Republican-funded PAC spends $1 million on ads attacking Collins for not opposing Trump

2020 US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats Democrats are expected to win in 2020.

Senator, union leader: Postal Service considers downsizing

RepAdamSchiff: Guess the call with Putin went well.

Don Winslow: If Postal Service closes offices, cuts serices, before election, Trump likely wins

50 times more people than 9/11

So why doesn't Michael McFaul get it? (just on TRMS) Trump is a Russian agent.

07/30 Mike Luckovich: John's bridge

Fauci Says Eye Protection Might Be Recommended to Fight Virus

OAC Has Nothing on John Lewis !

Haberman: Trump's racist play for suburbs copies Giuliani playbook against Mayor Dinkins

Watch The 11th Hour With Brian Williams Highlights: July 28 MSNBC

Hey, Republican Voters ...

Lee On Gohmert COVID-19 Diagnosis: 'Sad Day' For Those Who Have To Be Around Anti-Maskers MSNBC

Nancy Pelosi could be the POTUS in a few weeks

U.S. Warns Russia on Bounties While Trump Cries 'Fake News'

Does this country have the stomach to do what must be done? Investigate this administration?

Minn. Protest 'Umbrella Man' Was White Supremacist Trying To Incite Riots, Police Say MSNBC

Lincoln Project Susan Collins Trumpfeld ad:

Anti Black Lives Matter Senator Tom Cotton Just Called Slavery a "NECESSARY EVIL!"

Biden tweets on Friday fundraiser

*Joy Reid about interview with Mary Trump

Wish me luck.

Barr Denies Testifying Before Congress

Thank you Facebook- no really, they stepped up to the plate on this

Video shows Arkansas police saying 'If you can talk, you can breathe' before man dies in custody

This political/community activist gives a reality check on the real Portland protest story.

Want to party with a parrot or chat with a chuckwalla?

AL-SEN: Tuberville breaks DC self-quarantine policy to campaign

This cannot stand! We need outrage and to refuse to accept hate in all it's forms!

DNC campaign ad: "This Is Not A Test"

Dissembling, Defensiveness And Partisanship: AG Barr's House Hearing - Day That Was MSNBC

I need to learn my lesson!

A friend of mine wrote this and posted on Facebook. (His hobby is history.)

Democrats announce convention schedule, party officers for 2020 gathering transformed by coronavirus

Trump Pushed CIA to Give Intelligence to Kremlin, While Taking No Action Against Russia Arming Talib

My Past Life; My Current Life

The exterminator came over today.

It tweeted some more

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Back in Black - Outdoor Dining Rules

NC-08: New numbers show the 8th District could be NC's most competitive congressional race

Representative Jerry Nadler takes no shit from Marsha Blackburn. He's another bad ass NYer:

Trump's New Favorite Doctor Stella Immanuel Was Sued for Medical Malpractice in 2019

Follow the money Dems!

Obama, Clinton, Bush, Biden & Harris to attend John Lewis' funeral tomorrow. Trump will skip it.

Return of the American Bison

Coastal Texas Hit By A Hurricane While Dealing With COVID-19 The 11th Hour MSNBC

A terrible fact of life.

George Takei: 1429 Americans died today of Covid-19. That is one person every MINUTE

The Daily Social Distancing Show - Keeping Up with Corona: Twerking Contests & Dr. Demon Sperm

...this isn't a Russian poem, this is not somewhere else but here, our country moving closer...

Seattle police found explosives in van at protests over weekend

TX-06: Upset alert? A Look into Rapidly-Changing TX-06

I already know the Biden/Harris conservative talking point

Barack Obama: It's National Vote By Mail Day, Take a few minutes to request your vote-by-mail ballot

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Are the Secret Police Finally Pulling Out of Portland?

Gohmert says he will take hydroxychloroquine as COVID-19 treatment

21 States Are In Coronavirus Red Zone As US Death Toll Passes 150,000 TODAY

she gave the ugly boy a look ! Post Malone - Psycho ft. Ty Dolla $ign

Global Witness Reveals 2019 Was 'Deadliest Year on Record' for Eco-Defenders...212 killed.

Guilty plea in Northern California Ponzi scheme that fooled Warren Buffett, NASCAR drivers

Dr. Anthony Fauci Pleads With Americans To Listen To Science - Deadline - MSNBC

Choose your favorite Dr. Stella Immanuel claim!

For all you designated hitter haters

Toss a coin to your witch doctor

Why does my ac always go out at night?

California's backlog of unemployment claims will take 2 months to clear, Gov. Newsom says

Stengel Calls The Removal Of U.S. Troops From Germany 'Vladimir Putin's Dream' - Deadline - MSNBC

Twilight Zone fans

The Family Of A 14-Year-Old Called A Health Center To Help Her. Instead, Cops Came

Orangevale man named as alleged white power leader called a 'danger to community'

Hong Kong hospitals on the verge of collapse as outbreak escalates

Seth Meyers - Trump Lied About Throwing First Pitch at Yankees Game - Monologue 7/28/20

Whats up with Trumps Right foot as he walks.???.........It is definitely NOT a normal gait

Minneapolis Police Reportedly Identify Viral 'Umbrella Man' As White Supremacist

Just Once I'd Like To See Somebody Yell THIS Back At Jim "Jacketoff" Jordan...

I have Andy Rooney syndrome...

Where are all the PRO-LIFERS on Post Office sabotage?? It's NOT Pro-Life to force people to go to

Darren Walker: How to disrupt philanthropy in response to crisis (TED2020)

"Pass the salt ministries"... LMFAO.

Seth Meyers - The Check In: Trump Rolling Back Environmental Regulations

ISIS & militia members are raping gay men & transgender women because they're "soft"

Bush Jr. read the book "The Great Influenza" and it "freaked him out."

Who would sell Holocaust-themed face masks? This guy.

The Truth Behind Trump's Green New Deal Lies - NowThis

FDA could issue emergency use authorization for coronavirus vaccine in a matter of weeks

Arizona parents asked to sign COVID-19 waivers before sending kids back to school

(Jewish Group) Chicago Tribune demotes columnist who blamed George Soros for violent protests

Gohmert blames mask for positive COVID-19 test

New mask

Seth Meyers - Trump Praises "Demon Sperm" Doctor Who Pushed Hydroxychloroquine: A Closer Look

Free App - Free Audio & Ebooks - The "Libby" App

Buddy, first dog to test positive for COVID-19 in the U.S., has died

ACLU: "Only Congress can reschedule Election Day. It's in the Constitution."

Fun Fact: Harvey Weinstein was 67 when convicted of rape and criminal sexual act & sentenced to 23

Talking About Trump Makes Him Happy So Ignore Him

U.S. Warns Russia on Bounties While Trump Cries 'Fake News'

There's a reason why Republicans are pushing hydroxychloroquine again, and it's ugly

LAPD whistleblower lawsuit alleges a "SWAT Mafia" encourages deadly force and calls members who at

Facebook's Unchecked Power Risks Civil Rights: Allowed Itself To Become White Supremacist, Hate Tool

Planned Parenthood PAC Launches $1.25M Effort in PA

Census head wasn't told about Trump district drawing order

Republicans Will Push Hard for a Reopening In September...

Data removal alert 🚨 @HUDgov just took down all the #AFFH data

What Does America's Coronavirus Response Look Like Abroad? NYT Opinion

KS-02: Detective alleges Watkins falsely claimed he didn't vote in Topeka city council race

Domino's New Zealand drops 'free pizza for Karen' offer after backlash

Is Mary Trump Concerned About Whether Trump Will Accept 2020 Election Results? - The ReidOut - MSNBC

WTF? Zimbabwe to pay reparatations to white farmers

Doctor on Trump's Texas event: That's just inappropriate

White House to lure U.S. firms to Latam from Asia in nearshoring drive, senior adviser says

White House to lure U.S. firms to Latam from Asia in nearshoring drive, senior adviser says

Has the new relief bill passed

'Debilitating Illness': Coronavirus Survivors May Struggle With Symptoms

'Vitamin D Helps Fight Coronavirus, Israeli Study Shows': 'The Sunshine Vitamin'

'Vitamin D Helps Fight Coronavirus, Israeli Study Shows': 'The Sunshine Vitamin'

TX-01: Wouldn't you love to see this guy replace Gohmert?

Describe something crazy you did as a kid ...

I had fun patients tonight.

#CNN #News 'So unsettling': Mother on experience at back-to-school open house

'Pledge To Defeat Any Politician Using Covid To Attack Social Security' Operation Eternal Vengeance

She lost her daughter to Covid-19. Now she's left to care for her 3 grandchildren

Do Masks Work Or Not?? Proving Whether Masks Stop Covid-19 Transmission with Uncle Rob

'Bay of Piglets': A 'bizarre' plot to capture a president

Nothing On COVID-19 From Trump In Texas As State Sees 313 More Deaths The 11th Hour MSNBC

Trump downplays West Texas energy worries, attacks Democrats

A response to the Yale professor who says hydroxychloroquine will save lives

Tweet of the Day

Texas Renaissance Festival adjusts ticket sales, other policies for COVID-19 safety

William BARR -- Watch The 11th Hour With Brian Williams Highlights: July 28 MSNBC

Dana Milbank: How did tech CEOs do on Capitol Hill? Google 'robber barons.'

Louie Gohmert The Stupidest Person In Human History

Tropical Storm Isaias forms in the Atlantic Ocean

Turning Point USA co-founder dies of coronavirus-related complications

Great oldie by Nina Simone - Mississippi Goddam

COVID-19 outbreak reported in Beeville nursing facility

Microsoft changed my settings and I can't find where to change them back.

Nasa Mars 2020: First aircraft to fly on another planet

Hurricane Hanna likely did not knock down Trump border wall, feds say. Here's what we know

Belarus suspects Russian mercenaries preparing acts of terrorism - security official

Trump In Texas: Radical Democrats Want To 'Incite Riots' MTP Daily MSNBC

Texas reports more than 300 new coronavirus deaths, a record high; over 400,000 infected

'Silent Epidemic': Nearly 1 In 3 Kids Exposed To Damaging Levels Of Lead

The launch pad to Mars at Space Launch Complex 41

Anthropology and the Police

US names new Arctic envoy in push to expand reach in region

GOP Opposition To Masks 'Unconscionable, Incomprehensible And Outrageous' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Texas man admits to wire fraud scheme of more than $1.8 million

The US Is Now A Failed State

UT Austin Asks Students To Self-Quarantine Before They Get To Campus In August

Guatemala teacher pedals classroom to students in pandemic

Suspended Arkansas professor indicted on fraud counts

Dolphins talking like humans

Chiefs QB Mahomes II becomes part-owner of MLB's Kansas City Royals

Watch NASA's Perseverance Rover Launch to Mars

Arkansas to fund statue of Black woman civil rights leader

Jury will not indict Dallas sergeant accused of tampering in Guyger shooting

Police arrest former activist suspected of Arizona Democratic Party headquarters arson

Mexico Owes The United States Billions Of Gallons Of Water. And It's Not The First Time.


Breakfast 30 July 2020

(Jewish Group) Farrakhan may not like it but Jews and black people have a great musical past

Disposable masks raise same concern as other disposables: litter

(Jewish Group) Erasing left wing anti-Semitism is the height of privilege

OMG!! Epic Trump trolling by @VicenteFoxQue !! I love it so hard!! Face with tears of joy Face with

Ecuador on alert over huge Chinese fishing fleet off Galapagos Islands

San Diego's Truvian enters COVID-19 testing game with low-cost kit that delivers results in 10 mins.

Fox News on Deploying Federal Agents 2020 vs. 2014 The Daily Show

Think federal cops in Portland are scary? Cops use 'jump-out boys' all the time

TROPICAL STORM ISAIAS - Puerto Rico currently catching fresh hell.....

People Got to Be Free: The Rascals

Lujan Grisham builds profile as Biden looks to make VP pick

Simple Math

Where are the dump commercials in Ohio?

College scandal: Six months for Atherton financier whose wife, daughter gloated over cheating

Belarus Probes Russian Mercenaries For 'Terror' Plot

Republicans suddenly sweating falling deep into House minority

After sinking 18 inches, SF's Millennium Tower finally has a fix

Governor announces all nonresidents will have to arrive in Alaska with negative COVID-19 tests

Gohmert says he will take hydroxychloroquine as COVID-19 treatment

The documentary "UNFIT" (produced by 100 psych professionals) available on multiple streams Sept. 1

Baghdad, Iraq hits 125 degrees, shattering all- record

Obama to eulogize late Rep. John Lewis at Atlanta funeral

Prize-winning iPhone photos

Dad pranks golfers that hit balls in his yard:

Monroe County (Florida Keys) will have virtual classes only until mid September

COVID-19 And Animals: First US Dog To Test Positive Dies, Family Explains Symptoms

Florida man accused of illegally detaining Black 18-year-old heading to basketball practice

You know how sometimes you get a pistachio nut that just won't open?

Johnson & Johnson starts trial of COVID-19 vaccine after producing immune response in primates

Robert Costa said it is almost like Trump does not want to run against Biden

A racist dog whistle of epic proportions...

Lawmakers Warn Onerous New USPS Loan Terms Could Spur Demise; Slashed Hrs, Disrupt Vote- By- Mail

John Lewis: Together, You Can Redeem the Soul of Our Nation

Republicans suddenly sweating falling deep into House minority

Biden campaign launches first TV ads in Ohio

Turning Point USA co-founder dies of covid complications

The Cuckoo

Watch live: NASA launches Mars Perseverance rover to the Red Planet

Quake in L.A.

'Withdrawal Is Conditional': OR Gov. Says Federal Agents Leaving Portland, But DHS, WH Say Not Yet

There is a corruption and money connection between Barr, McConnell, Trump, Putin, within the GOP

SoCal earthquake: Preliminary 4.5 quake hits near San Fernando area

Chloroquine is a remedy for fools!

Meidas Touch - Nobody Likes Trump

Trump claiming peaceful protesters are anarchist

July 30 - Happy Birthday Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D) NY-18th

Portland's Wall of Moms crumbles amid online allegations by former partner, Don't Shoot PDX

Meidas Touch has this ad on fox news

Govs with highest #COVID19 approval rating/Govs with lowest #COVID19 approval rating:

Armed Right Wingers Thick On The Ground In ND Oil Patch; De Facto Backup For Police, Military

Place your bets - place your bets

Record surge in daily shipping volumes for UPS in 2Q

Christian Group: You Must Reject Sensible COVID Restrictions... for Jesus!

In 2019, Trump Yapped Re. "Golden Era" Of Energy; In 2020, The Full Extent Of The Damage Now Visible

Dodd draws fire -- and praise -- as Biden VP vetter

John Lewis: Together, You Can Redeem the Soul of Our Nation: Though I am gone, I urge you to answer

has anyone eaten pork in a can?

Argentina starts trials on hyperimmune horse serum to treat COVID-19

Argentina starts trials on hyperimmune horse serum to treat COVID-19

'Now it is your turn': John Lewis issues call to action in posthumous op-ed

Pelosi: Republicans have a 'disdain' for working Americans

Mr. Bojangles

Exclusive: Buddy, first dog to test positive for COVID-19 in the U.S., has died

Meidas Touch has this ad on fox news

2020′s final Mars mission blasts off from Florida

U.S. tops 150,000 coronavirus deaths

I just realized I haven't left the house (well, property) or seen my family in 10 days!

Rachel Bitecofer: Trump is losing big to Biden in voter polls. Here's how this will likely play out


The US Chamber of Commerce Says Trump Is Bad for Business The administration's in hot water with cor

U.S. Economy Contracted at Record Rate Last Quarter; Jobless Claims Rise to 1.43 Million

GDP down a record 32.9%. Are we tired of "winning" yet? nt

Lindsey Graham ad digitally darkened skin tone of Jaime Harrison

Hoping Democratic candidates do this one small thing.

Trump's Remarks on Restoring Energy Dominance in the Permian Basin, Midland, TX; July 29, 2020

In Detroit summer school, temperature checks and health questions before math and reading

An unusual cloud

If Biden wants to double down on a 'third Obama term,' he should pick Susan Rice

Trump Great Depression is for real

Biden and Obama call a teacher

UVA: Excluding Undocumented Immigrants from the 2020 U.S. House Apportionment

Lindsey Graham ad shows Black opponent Jaime Harrison with digitally darkened skin tone

Trump Tweet Asks - "Delay the election"?

Great Sarah Gideon ad released by...the Collins campaign. 😂

Joe: Masks Causing Covid Is 'Complete Lunacy' Morning Joe MSNBC

I'm not a doctor birx fan BUT OMG

trump just floated the idea of delaying election

Trump's latest tweet is suggesting delaying the election

What's for breakfast?

Trump Issues Presidential Permits; July 29, 2020

The Rundown: July 30, 2020

Art of the Week: Week of 7/29/20

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 7/29/2020


Poll for August Theme

Trump floats delaying the 2020 election 'until people can properly, securely and safely vote'

New baseball math

I'm hoping this woman goes to jail for life.

Choose your favorite claim from Trump's new "expert" on the pandemic:

Target mask tirade: Shopper who destroyed mask display seeking help

Trump is a fascist. Watch this video

My wife was talking to her aunt on the phone yesterday regarding my

U.S. Jobless Claims Rise a Second Week in Sign of Growing Risks

America's economy just had its worst quarter on record

These 68 videos show clear apparent instances of police officers escalating violence during protests

Florida Closing All State-Run COVID-19 Testing Sites Ahead of Storm

Who are these "20 GOP senators who refuse to.....

Sexism, what does it look like?

Kids can go to school but we can't vote?

He has no authority to postpone the elections

"It's been so hot in DC these last few days." Audience, in unison: "How hot was it, Johnny?"

Trump raises idea of delaying election

Well, I have to admit this is correct.........

Joe Biden campaign ad: "Backbone"

John Lewis. Together, You Can Redeem The Soul of Our Nation

This is what Trump is trying to distract you from with his early morning ramblefuckery.

You had one job, mate!

Birx is on Sinclair

Since 6 AM, Colorado State Troopers have been assisting in a large-scale sweep of a tent encampment

Kindly stop emailing this to me. Thank you.

In case you need this gif - WARNING language - here it is

How to person woman man camera tv

International Animals Pets Translated

Since July 1st, 1,573 Fires Recorded In Brazil's Pantanal, World's Biggest Wetland; Most Are Manmade

Would-be dictator Donald Trump would be unstoppable in a second term. That must not happen

Joe Biden, on Apr. 23: "Mark my words, I think he is gonna try to kick back the election somehow..."

JOHN LEWIS: Together, You Can Redeem the Soul of Our Nation

You say you want a Revolution...

Trump's properties: A playground for white nationalists, Groypers and other far-right loons

Short and Simple: Trump is a Hoax

Happy to see these wee critters

Before you obsess about Trump's comments about "delaying the Election"

No TOONs post today

Oprah Winfrey gives up cover of O magazine for Breonna Taylor tribute

School Lunch in Japan - It's Not Just About Eating! 27,694,450 viewsApr 19, 2015

You raised $3,113.20 on July 29, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

The problem isn't that Donald Trump was not invited to John Lewis's funeral today...

Graham says Trump trying to delay the election is not "a particularly good idea."

The worse economic quarter in our nations HISTORY. CONGRATULATIONS DON

Biden in April: "Mark my words I think he is going to try to kick back the election somehow"

NOBODY LIKES ME, Everybody hates me, Guess I'll go eat worms........(ancient kids pity-party rhyme!)

Best response to today's Dump tweet re: delay of election (by Randy Rainbow)

New nickname for the Impeached One: Depression Donny

Changing the election date is a great idea! Please see below...


Pro-Trump youth group deleted a tweet mocking protective masks after its co-founder died with virus

TS Isais shifting to the east...

Wonder which rethuglicon states are more likely to

Todays Mood.

Confession Time for Big Banks in Europe: Banco Santander Reports $12.7 Billion Loss

Herman Cain is dead.

"John Lewis and so many others did not endure for us to play with the vote."

MSNBC just reported Herman Cain is dead

Rational people do not knowingly risk their health and safety---their very lives---unless it is seen

Stop The Donald........

Nearly 30 million Americans reported not having enough food last week

Thoughts & Prayers & Pizza nt

Colombia's Big Lie: the fake paramilitary demobilization

Former presidential candidate Herman Cain dies of COVID-19

Herman Cain RIP. Take COVID 19 Seriously

If vote by mail were subject to fraud then it would favor the less ethical party (i.e. the GOP).

Sen. Perdue takes down ad with doctored photo showing Jewish rival Ossoff with enlarged nose


The Date for Presidential Elections is Set by Federal Law.

Herman Cain's last public appearance was appearing at Trump's Tulsa rally without a mask.

Umbrella Academy Season 2 coming Friday!!!

SHOCK: Biden +7 in North Carolina

Baby Trump EXTREMELY Jealous of Dr. Fauci

Obama Unleashes on Trump Privately as He Raises $24 Million for Biden

I proudly stand with Bernie Sanders

He Was 'Only 24 Hours In Tulsa'...

The Tulsa Rally really was a disaster

Steve Schmidt Calls GOP Rep. Louie Gohmert 'America's Craziest And Dumbest Congressman'

Free App "Libby" - Free eBooks & Free AudioBooks.

Sign of the times: Biden camp spending aggressively in Ohio, while Trump pulling out of Michigan.

Over 151,000 Americans are Dead right now....over a 1000 died yesterday and over new 75,000 cases

Sinister effects of the expiration of the Eviction moratorium...

Herman Cain Hospitalized for COVID-19 Hours After Tweeting 'People Are Fed Up' With Masks

Tom Perez on Stephanie Miller is really making me feel better about the DNC

Donald Trump just killed Herman Cain

CNN: White House is withdrawing Anthony Tata's nomination for Pentagon under secretary.

Herman Cain dies of corona virus at age 74---CNN report

Clinton, Bush, Obama Will be at John Lewis Funeral, Trump Will Not

Trump Killed Herman Cain

Flashback: Herman Cain attends Trump's Tulsa rally without a mask, rails against mask mandates

How soon before Trump eulogizes Herman Cain and

Need vibes, please. Job interview in a couple of hours.

Florida man driving with candle sets car on fire

Gohmert Says He Will Take Hydroxychloroquine For COVID-19, Flouting FDA Warning

Will Gohmert be next?

I wonder if Trump wii change his tone after Cain dying?

Damn C-19 cancels my FIJI vacation

Athletic dog jumps into pool while catching tennis ball in mid air

Over 250 died from covid in the past 24 hours over 300 in Texas yesterday

Rep. Swalwell hits Trump over delaying election: "you can't can't file an extension..."

Adapting to Reality Is a Positive Action

Q: does tRump feel responsible for Hermann Cain's death?

Second-quarter GDP plunged by worst-ever 32.9% amid virus-induced shutdown

"I don't need to know the capital of Ubeki-beki-beki-stan-stan!"

Buddy Guy has a birthday today.

Ladyfingers or Savoiardi Biscuits Recipe

Funeral services for Congressman John Lewis - watch live stream

It's tweeting (no Cain yet but worked in a commercial)

If the Presidential polls are tight in Texas, Georgia, and Arizona...

I keep wondering why there's not a massive call for tRump's Resignation

How many people died for Trump's Tulsa rally?

John Lewis Funeral

Will the Media question any Repuke

Trump's approval rating about 39% (late July numbers) Take a look:

Fly me to the moon, let me play among the stars

Richard "Duck" Baker has a birthday today.

Elephant Shows Wild Dogs & the Police Who's Boss

So unfair to Trump For Herman Cain to die of Covid.

On the day Herman Cain died after contracting COVID at a Trump rally...

For third day in a row, Florida sets record-high coronavirus deaths

Herman Cain had a choice between life and death.

9.0 economy earthquake confirmed just now

Larry Householder is having a very bad day

A sympathy card for Rep John Lewis

Has it been reported if Herman Cain took Trump's wonder drug?

Herman Cain tweet the day before the Tulsa rally...

No Justice No Peace PAC: Elections, actions, and activism

2525 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Thurs.; 172 deaths

UPDATE::Larry Householder, republician thief of Ohio is having a very bad day, very very bad day

Where does Joe Biden go to get his apology

Was Cain given Hydroxychloroquine?

Trump is starting to freak the fuck out about losing the election! This short clip comes to mind.

I didn't like Herman Cain but I mourn his passing.

FEC commissioner to Trump: 'No. You don't have the power to move the election'

This Republican implosion has been a long time coming

I'm grateful to those former presidents for attending John Lewis' funeral.

A Warning from Wisconsin

This little boy just spoke at John Lewis' funeral. Beautiful:

In a new interview, Trump again shows that he's Putin's puppet

Anyone dying of this virus is a tragedy, including Herman Cain.

Anyone else suddenly seeing ads on DU?

I feel heartbroken. My heart sinks on the death of Herman Cain.

The Lincoln Project Project - SOME MORE NEWS

I almost didn't recognize Dumbya

I can't believe Bush is on the TV and I didn't race to hit "mute"

Bush the Younger has certainly aged.

RIP Herman Cain

The Herman Cain tweet mocking people for wearing #COVID19 masks has been deleted:

Holding a Black Lives Matter Sign in America's Most Racist Town

Im suddenly getting ads! Methinks the update went awry.

I am a Star member. Why am I seeing Ads?

Don Lemon wonders what Trump would do if we started calling it 'the Trumpvirus' - TumpVirus it is!

Watch for Trump to demand a ceremony for Herman Cain equal to the one for John Lewis.

I have a feeling things are about to get so much worse for us regarding the virus...

Just spitballin' here, if some repub states delay vote....

Herman Cain died for a movement that deep down hates people like him.

Ohio speaker Householder indicted in federal bribery case; title stripped in 90-0 vote

I JUST DON'T LIKE all these people sharing an unsanitized podium and microphone,

Herman Cain's final indignity is Trump hawking some other guy's pizza on the day of his death.

Is Hillary in attendance? I only saw Bill Clinton alone in a pew.

Pence campaign bus involved in minor accident in PA

Poll: How will the right explain Cain's death?

AP FACT CHECK: Trump's view of flawed election is baseless

Tennessee State Senator Embezzled $600,000 in Federal Grant Money, U.S. Says

Reporters please

Republicans -- So, You Never Really Were "Pro-Life," Were You?

President Bill Clinton spellbinding story

The October surprise: Graham says he would like to issue a committee report by October

Pompeo clashes with lawmakers over troop withdrawal in Germany and watchdog firing

AshleyEckstein #Starwars #Ahsoka Ashley Eckstein (Ahsoka Tano) Talks Star Wars a

ICE Agents Complain About Nazi Comparisons, Say They're Only Enforcing the Laws

April 24th: Biden warns Trump will try to delay election, Trump calls Biden "conspriacy theorist"

Birx recommends face shields in addition to masks

Great speech by the Big Dog

2020 Republican National Convention Caravan

Cain's death wasn't due to not wearing a mask, it was due to proximity to others not wearing masks.

Stop blaming President Trump and the Tulsa Rally because we were tested before the Rally and After t

So...I just found a cat that is not mine and it had babies under my bed

Love Nancy Pelosi pointing out the three Presidents

U.S. Economy Shrinks by Record 32.9% Pace in Second Quarter

Senate panel scraps confirmation hearing for controversial Pentagon nominee at last minute

The Speaker is in tears

There is only one way to get the US economy going again: get COVID-19 under control.

Nancy Pelosi is so touchingly emotional

Two peas in a pod.

Update on my dog

Ohio House votes to remove Larry Householder as Ohio Speaker following corruption arrest

Hey look who made the front page at dailykos?

China's Xi Sets His Sights on Taiwan After Subduing Hong Kong

G, the day after he gets busted on the Russian bounties question he proposes moving the election

Rick Wilson: Get your absentee ballot. Do it today.

If Trump attempts to cancel the election

New: The full DC Circuit Court of Appeals has agreed to rehear the Michael Flynn case

Obama tells donors he fears voter suppression, Trump questioning election legitimacy: report

Pompeo claims he didn't interact significantly with ousted Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch

A Half-Century After Wallace, Trump Echoes the Politics of Division

Yes, delay the election (for you republicans). Meanwhile we Dems will be voting in November.

Weingarten: Teacher strikes possible in Arizona, Florida, Texas

Tweet of the Day

Legal experts blast Trump floating election delay

Reverend James Lawson is quite an impressive speaker.

POLITICO Playbook: A peek inside the Playbook inbox: Boiling over with rage

Why aren't Dems creating ads interviewing voters about why trump is an Unmitigated DISASTER?

The Supreme Court's Religious Crusaders Take On the Pandemic Response.

Dow Falls as Economy Shrinks and Wall Street Preps for Tech Earnings

Trumper GOP Candidate in John Lewis's District promotes foul play conspiracy in Herman Cain's death.

Plantation Capitalism!

Michael Flynn case to be reheard by full federal appeals court in D.C.

So fitting that the Racist-in-Chief is not there.....

Why Trump Might Quit

California Pizza Kitchen Latest Chain to File for Bankruptcy

James Lawson is one of the greatest orators of our times, when his voice raises up, it rings down

Jennifer Rubin: When did Republicans become such weaklings?

Dropped my mail-in ballot off at the Goulds post office

Republicans get all tongue tied when asked about Trump proposing election delay.

Fuck Herman Cain

Americans more worried about Social Security running out of money amid Covid-19 pandemic

The House Just Passed A Massive Child Care Rescue

A truly beautiful tribute from Jimmy & Rosalind Carter was just read at John Lewis' funeral.

Trump says coronavirus stimulus checks, direct payments may be more than $1,200

There's been a lack of leadership surrounding COVID

McConnell says the election date is set:::image of the turtle attached to tweet. Heads Up::::

Poll: 70 percent of Americans support voting by mail

A president cannot legally bar immigrants based on their religion---but Trump did.

Deaths at VA Homes Linked to Gaps in Federal Oversight

Pennsylvania Rep. Guy Reschenthaler in self-quarantine, shared desk with gohmert

Biden leads Trump by 13 in New Hampshire.

caption Trump photo

GOP staffers required to come to work in person but their bosses aren't taking COVID-19 precautions

@waltshaub- Trump's tweet has inspired me to request my mail-in ballot. I will be casting it on the

Occam's Razor

Soccer star Megan Rapinoe speaks out about race and change as part of new Nike campaign

'President Pelosi' Trends on Twitter After Donald Trump Suggests Delaying the Election

Federal agents show stronger force at Portland protests despite order to withdraw

Xernona Clayton is amazing celebrating the life of John Lewis, sharing the stories about him

Xernona Clayton

Tell me again why Nikki Haley is treated like a leading light of the GOP?

2020 Election Live Updates: Republicans Rebuke Trump for Floating Delaying Election

Herman Cain's Final Public Appearance Was Ironic--and Undeniably Typical

Congressman John Lewis: He loved America until America learned to love him back


Disgraced by narco ties, Colombia's VP sues crime analyst instead of stepping down

Where baby storks come from:

I have an idea. Let's hold the election SOONER!

SYMBOLISM ALERT: VP Pence ran into a dump truck.

DC Circuit will rehear Michael Flynn case as full court, per new order

Killer of rare gorilla Rafiki jailed for 11 years

LOL This didn't age well: Biden accused Trump of trying to delay the election. He should know better

Dr. Strange Test: Person, Woman, Man, Camera, TV

On today's episode of White Racists Gone Cray:

It's interesting to see how couples develop their own dynamic:

Mike Pompeo claiming "I fought on the border of East Germany" (born years after fighting ended)

You don't try and delay an election you think you will win. What Trump did today is an admission.

Ow owww OWWW! Stop it!

You know some Trumpers will think the election is delayed just because Trump raised the issue.

Republicans openly challenge Trump's tweet on delaying election

Pic Of The Moment: Joe Called It

Are you better off than you were 4 years ago?


Can Someone Tell Me The Strategy Behind This?

Alleged Car Insurance Scam Causes Huge Fire in Rio de Janeiro Forest

Brazilian Business Leaders Push Congress to Defend the Amazon

Biden: The last three months were the worst period for economic growth our nation has experienced in

I'm Every Woman -- Chaka Khan -vs- Whitney Houston

PARODY ** Attention all Trump Voters

1.4 Million New Jobless Claims

President Obama is coming up soon:

The Lincoln Project: National Virtual Town Hall--July 30, 2020

And then

Trump says coronavirus stimulus checks, direct payments may be more than $1,200

The way a growing number of right wingers are succumbing to the virus


Archaeologists Find 3,300-Year-Old Claw Of A Bird That Went Extinct 700 Years Ago ...


'This F*cking Shit Again'--Trump Haunts His Team With Diversions to Demon Sperm

Should Trump apologize to Herman Cain's family or at least share some responsibility?

Trump talks about his readiness to use 350,000 troops against citizens

The Galapagos islands face an invasion of trawlers


FOX NEWS Is morally culpable in Herman Cain's death too !

How Marilyn Monroe changed Ella Fitzgerald's life


VMI will not remove statues or rename buildings

WIAA gives option to delay start of sports until December

Just looking at the 44th President of the United States makes me cry my eyes out.

Trump Is Happy to Inform Suburban Voters That He Is Still a Racist

It needs attention

Just wanted to share the good news

trump's Tulsa event killed Herman Cain. Thoughts and Prayers

I recommend Mary Trump's book TOO MUCH AND NEVER ENOUGH

Richard Nixon attended Martin Luther King's funeral.

US agents in Portland set to pull back, but tensions simmer

Trump oversees worst economic downturn ever recorded in US history

Laura Ingraham Gets Roasted For Rosy Tweet On Texas Coronavirus Cases

A musical tribute to Herman Cain... Sung to the tune of Any Winehouse's "Rehab"

Jaime Harrison Hits Lindsey Graham With 'Invasion Of The Body Snatchers' Dig

Saving All My Love for You -- Marilyn McCoo -vs- Whitney Houston

CNN host says Gym Jordan owes broadcaster an apology over video played at Barr hearing

Yazidi activist Nadia Murad to appear on 'The Daily Show'

Is this the greatest quote of all time by an unnamed "senior administration official"?

Evers orders masks statewide

Watchdog finds 'strong indicators of widespread fraud' in the $60 billion small business bailout

Pres. Obama makes me so proud to be an American......

Obama is ON FIRE, decrying all the efforts of the administration to suppress the vote....

Japanese Railway Monorail Track Changing Mechanism

Republican senators shoot down Trump suggestion to 'delay the election'

Gym Jordan explodes when asked to put on a mask, pivots to 'unmasking' of Michael Flynn

Damn! Obama is just killing it!

Ghislaine Maxwell loses last-minute appeal to stop release of 'embarrassing' confidential documents

Rock on President Obama!

Better to be good or lucky?

Tony Evers just issued a state-wide mask order (again).

why is Dump getting crazier? walk with me for a minute if you will,

Where's Waldo?

Michelle Obama describes Barack as 'former president who reads and knows history', in apparent swipe

Oust the Racist

This thought came to me yesterday while listening to NPR radio while

Seattle Seahawks, King County Elections designate CenturyLink Field as official vote center

And now the Thursday edition ...................

Rest In Peace Malik B

What the f**k do we call a 33% drop in GDP?

About Trump delaying the election

Tucker Carlson Broadcasts Video Filled With False And Dangerous COVID-19 Claims

Obama Calls For Nixing The Filibuster If It's Blocking Measures To Expand Voting Rights

Walmart 'making changes,' associates cite layoffs in Bentonville

Don't be a dick!

Professionals have Warned us Again and Again and Again

As I watch the John Lewis service, I wonder how is it I have not yet run out of tears.

FUX Noise - Deploying federal agents in 2020 vs 2014

The Winans Wrote That Song FOR John Lewis

Mexico Supreme Court rejects state's bid to decriminalise abortion

Mexico Supreme Court rejects state's bid to decriminalise abortion

Obama's eulogy was fantastic.

This morning I got a call from Russia...

Carolyn Maloney: Proud to support @AOC 's amendment...


We're Paying A Drug Company Twice Over For Unguaranteed Coronavirus Vaccine

AZ-06: House Ethics Committee reprimands and fines Schweikart $50,000

Posted without comment

Today, and going forward, I declare that

6 cats, one fly, one chandelier,one table setting - This is not going to end well

Hackers post fake stories on real news sites 'to discredit Nato'

Conservative propaganda has crippled the U.S. coronavirus response


What % of Trump voters would approve of cancelling elections and making him president for life

Economic Slowdown Drives Gruesome Mass Killings Of Farm Animals

Pete Yorn - Crystal Village

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 7/30/20

Let's talk about pulling from Germany and slogans...

Did those weeping Hispanics think SHITLER gave a f* about their dead daughter or sexual assault?!1

Tribe: Trump may be preparing to have red state legislatures declare election results invalid

The Bankrupt President

Michelle Bolsonaro, Brazil's First Lady, Tests Positive For Coronavirus

Florida newspaper begs Ron DeSantis for help as coronavirus ravages the Sunshine State: 'We're dying

It tweeted about Herman Cain and said it called his wife


Exit Music (For a Film) - Radiohead

Blue Jays manager: Series at Phillies off because of virus

W gave a nice eulogy for John Lewis, but that doesn't make up for his awful record on voting rights.

Links to Clinton, Bush, Obama and Pelosi eulogies in their entirety, plus Carter letter

Mayor Tim Keller of Albuquerque joins other mayors denouncing federal law enforcement surge.

Is Louie Gohmert Dead Yet?

AZ-06: In deal, Rep. David Schweikert admits 11 ethics violations, to pay $50,000 fine

President Barack Obama eulogy at John Lewis funeral - Powerful!

UPDATE on job interview. I found _one_ post Covid weight gain outfit suitable for today.

Trump to Cain's family: Everyone signed liability waiver so no responsibility for killing him

And there is Trump to put a damper on what ever is positive and good!

California Pizza Kitchen Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection

Johannes Brahms Violin Concerto

Steve Schmidt coming up on MSNBC

My mask gave me Covid!

No time to defend the troops?

Good grief, media, stop chasing everything that the manbaby in the White House says.

Dear Media - There were tributes from four American Presidents

I would like to thank

Lawmakers Warn 'Onerous' New USPS Loan Terms Imposed by Mnuchin 'Could Accelerate Demise...

U.S. lets ex-Trump lawyer Michael Cohen publish book while serving sentence at home

Among the motives for Trump's "delay the election" tweet, there's probably his giving the finger to

I've seen a thin layer of clouds off to the west-southwest for about an hour now.

Barack Obama calls out Trump and GOP's brutal crackdowns and voter suppression in powerful John Lewi

Senators urge U.S. Justice Dept to probe TikTok, Zoom

Senators urge U.S. Justice Dept to probe TikTok, Zoom

Lexi Mama has a new home!

Withdraw Is Conditional': After Oregon Governor Says Federal Agents Are Leaving Portland on Thu

Drumpf's on with birx and friends

Ted Cruz looks like he has been stress eating over Texas going blue

Barack Obama Reveals The Thing About Donald Trump That Keeps Him Up At Night

After three decades, most polluted U.S. neighborhoods haven't changed

Donald Trump's Campaign Is Pretending There's No Pandemic

Donald Trump Jr. shoots guns from Utah company with ties to polygamous sect

I'm not a doctor and don't even portray one on TV, but it seems to me that getting Covid 19 from

Supervisors recommend rejection of NASA effort to have field lab declared cultural site

Latest USA Swing State Voting Intention

I am now officially a subversive antifa commie pinko enemy of the people.

Biden has an 8 point lead in Arizona

Wisconsin governor orders masks statewide amid virus surge

Jerome Adams MD : "I was in Trump country, and they told me to deliver you a message Mr. President.

How many doses of hydroxcholorquine are Trump and ...

Panel approves model of Billy Graham statue for US Capitol

Map: COVID Cases Per Capita, by county. This is the story the media wants to hide.

Musing about the 2020 election

COVID relief will "allow employers to sue workers for demanding safer conditions."

Got the news on my dog

Rescued Animals Melt Into This Woman's Arms When She Sings To Them

EXCLUSIVE: Fearing Trump interference, FBI agents hid copies of Russia investigation docs

Oil sinks on weak U.S. economic data, political uncertainty

Column: In GOP plan, you can't sue your employers for giving you COVID -- but they can sue you

Michigan Supreme Court rules former Gov. Snyder, emergency managers must face Flint water crisis law

Herman Cain's Infamous Smoking Ad

"......other than that, Herman, how was the rally?"

Two things, just watched Barack

What's for Dinner, Thurs., July 30, 2020

This was written by an American ex-pat living in Italy

The chances of your Golden Retriever killing you (Twitter)

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

John Lewis's Letter To Us, Written For This Day

GOP blasted for 'playing with the lives of 30 million people' as economic recovery sputters

Lola is home!

Sharice Davids is a vice-chair of the 2020 DNC convention.

Just saw the post by Griffin Ramsey

We were THAT CLOSE..

My granddaughter's jokes

MAGAt decision making skills

John Henry Durham, US Attorney

Trump and his advisors saying a prayer

If 2020 were a cookie

Barr: "If the election result is clear" is the admission of the strategy ahead.

Highly Anticipated Album

This video says the economic downturn started in February, a month before the virus

Trump trashes Postal Service workers after spending years trying to defund them

Governor Evers of Wisconsin has issued a statewide mask order. Republicans, being a death cult,

These 13 states need to lock down now, according to Harvard coronavirus experts

After more than 150 years on the South Side, Chicago's Mercy Hospital is closing.

And Householders day just keeps on being bad

After more than 150 years on the South Side, Chicago's Mercy Hospital is closing

Hey Debbie? It's me, the Lord.

President Obama gives a beautiful Eulogy

Minutes after news broke that US GDP fell by a record 32.9%...

Willie Wonkers

I don't know about you, but I've been waiting for this shot across the bow by President Obama.

Well there goes Costco's mask policy.

Exclusive: Kamala Harris to introduce comprehensive environmental justice bill in Senate

A message that I'd like to see in Democratic campaign ads..

I find it both precious and highly suspect...

Barack Obama's Eulogy for John Lewis Was Perfect

Positive effects of this virus??

And just think on November 4, 2020 this country is going to be doing this..............

Don of the Dead

This Was a Different Barack Obama. A Stick-Swinging, Old-Testament Obama.

Tropical Storm Watches issued for a portion of the southeast Florida coast

In the wake of Herman Cain's sickness and death

what did the Dow do today

Russian judge sentences former U.S. Marine Trevor Reed to 9 years in prison

Wow! Approximately 30,000 protesters came out in Minsk. Elections are coming up next month and peopl

Timothy Snyder on today's tweet from Trump

One of the Federalist Founders turns on trump?

What's Tara Reade doing these days?

Holy crap Steven Calabresi, co-founder of the Federalist Society, on trump election tweet

Brian Tyler Cohen: Obama takes EPIC swipe against Trump during John Lewis eulogy, gets HUGE ovation

If you don't test, you won't have so many cases of Covid-19, and if you don't have an election, the

Three questions on US troops moving from Germany

A question on the battle for civil rights, brought up by a friend: have there been ANY r's at

I've eaten at restaurants, gone to a mall and attended concerts. That is life in France.

SEC to play 10-game, conference-only football schedule in 2020

Bills' rookies were sent home after a fifth one tested positive for coronavirus.

Election delay? "In the end, the Department of Justice and others will make that legal determination

Determined Cat Escaped From A Shelter To Go To Choose Family Home

Dead Skunk

This is a question for all our Navy vets...

More insanity by Putin's thuggish regime. An ex-marine was sentenced to 9 years in Russian prison ov

If some maskless covidiot violates my space, can I pepperspray them in the face?

Trump just said the Herman Cain died from the

The shit show just started

You can tell trump is just reading

Lets use the Post Office crisis to our advantage

John Lewis would agree

Some DUers predicted that Trump would schedule something to counter Obama's eulogy. Well,

Asshole is setting up an Election Night riot.

Oh my god trump is mispronouncing the words plasma and remdisivir

Intel Dems press Nunes for details on anti-Biden package from Ukrainian official

9-9-9 gets great praise, still none for Lewis from Trump.

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 31 July 2020

"We'll never forget them"!

I am having one hell of a time stopping myself...

I think Trump should video himself, and watch it at a minimum of 10 times

Vaccine distribution will be 'joint venture' between CDC and Pentagon

Senate adjourns without extending expiring unemployment benefits

Trump plans to address United Nations General Assembly in person

Anyone who can early vote in person

So how does Trump know many ballots will be missing?

This is what happiness looks like...

In some instances, are Absentee Ballots not mailed?

Let's put things into prospective

It's exactly as bad as you think. Coronavirus Task force let Blue States twist in the wind.

Shut the fuck up already!

John Lewis asked The NYT to publish this on the day of his funeral...

I'm putting this out here because my conscience tells me I have to

It sucks to be Trump!

Trump walks like Frankenstein

Meme group joins with Lincoln Project in new campaign against Trump

Cardboard Cory, the movie


Important update: Tropical Storm Isaias now forecast to become hurricane & track ominously

Trump says 'you may never even know' who won the election if we proceed with mail-in voting

"He's insane." -- Gov. Gina Raimondo

Question about an ingredient ("deu kat") in Hungarian Goulash

How a Historian Stuffed Hagia Sophia's Sound Into a Studio

Democrats called the FBI after finding shipping receipt for anti-Biden dirt sent to Devin Nunes from

Trump says the Democrats are holding up the unemployment bill?

Trump's only concern is not his electoral victory, it's staying out of jail. nt

Ma Vlast: The Moldau Bedrich Smetana St. Louis Symphony Orchestra Walter Susskind (conductor)

European Commission orders France to ban 'barbaric' glue traps for birds Birds

Bedrich Smetana Ma Vlast: The Moldau

Illinois will hold our election as required by law on November 3rd. 1/3

Please Pray for Them


Delaying the landslide............

Apple stock heads for all-time high after earnings smash Wall Street expectations

A James Bond joke

Listen to the asshole today.....

Adorable baby elephants play in the river on a hot day

Yeah, there's an App for that.

I don't want a delay': Trump rows back on delaying election but not on mail-in ballots

'I don't want a delay': Trump rows back on delaying election but not on mail-in ballots

Delay the Election

'Just an alternate thought': Donald Trump Jr. defends posting video of 'demon semen' doctor...

Wolf Blitzer " the meantime a lot of people around the world are going to die"

NBA is back!

This dog's been obsessed with a baby donkey since the day she was born

Alabama State Rep. Will Dismukes resigns as pastor after speaking at KKK founder's birthday party

Woman feeds stray dogs for 15 years -- and never expected this to happen

McConnell's proposed ban on virus lawsuits will hurt Black and Latinx workers most

trump: It could take years to find out who won the presidential election

It shows how dangerous the Republican Party truly is...

So a decision has been negotiated! A kitten has been named!

Sources: MLB requiring teams to add coronavirus protocol compliance officers

GOP congressman admits to 11 ethics violations he denied just last year

Should the Congress be leaving town at this critical time?

Getting Older?

Bojack Horseman: Generic Pop Songs from the 80s, 90s, and 2007

I'm not sure what to make of this.

Jonathan Pie, "Put a f**king mask on!".

Coronavirus Outbreak Hits Sailors on USS George H.W. Bush

Tourist in Florida Keys caught poaching coral, police say

There's A Major Scandal Brewing In Trump's Kodak Pharmaceutical Award

Confederate Dunce: Alabama Lawmaker Who Honored KKK Grand Wizard Instead of John Lewis Resigns--as Pa

Democrats called the FBI after finding shipping receipt for anti-Biden dirt sent to Devin Nunes from

Middle Age Riot on Louie Gohmert

401k question

Gaposis Comes to DU.

Biden tweets

Just so we're all clear - Robert Reich

Transcranial magnetic stimulation

Still Life with Fruit

Pro-Trump youth group TPUSA deleted a tweet mocking protective masks after its cofounder died of CV

😁 7 Memes. 😁

My friend says he was peppered sprayed and mustard gassed

'A Man of Pure Joy and Unbreakable Perseverance'

CNN EXCLUSIVE: Fearing Trump interference, FBI agents hid copies of Russia investigation docs

Nrw horror movie coming! The kitten that ate the world!

Biden for the win!

'I had to visit Black Lives Matter Plaza in Washington. I just had to see and feel it for myself.'

Dog rides remote control car on streets of Boston

07/31 Mike Luckovich: Landslide

Trump walked out of a press briefing after being asked why he shared Stella Immanuel video

Billboard in Phoenix

Should I send my child back to school? This is the latest science on coronavirus and kids

I was prepared for some delays from the Postal Service eventually

White House tells Senate Armed Services they plan to withdraw controversial Pentagon nominee...

George Takei FTW

Sotomayor Slams Supreme Court's Conservatives for Increasingly Granting Stays to Like-Minded Petitio

Chris cuomo ftw