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Definition of Insanity: L.A. County to Use Same New Unverifiable Touchscreens, E-Pollbooks in Nov. T

So, what do you think the odds are Berman testifies on Wednesday?

Beyond the bombshells: 5 other memorable takeaways from Bolton's book

This tweet just cracks me up.

Shooting in Seattle protest zone leaves 1 dead, 1 injured

That Boy Gonna Be In The Same Mood As A Jonesing Junkie Just Shot Up Baking Soda

Given all the empty seats...

2nd former officer charged in George Floyd's death released on bail

US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats up in 2020 that Democrats are going to win.

LOL! Larry Sabato tweet:

10 to 1 more Bunker Boy cult members, but they were afraid? SNOWFLAKES!

Travis County sets another daily record in new coronavirus cases: 418

It Doesn't Look Like the Protests Are Causing a COVID-19 Spike

Boeing tried to amend bid after guidance from NASA official, raising concerns it received inside inf

CNN just reported Trump campaign told Secret Service to move CNN away from outdoor stage

Get your bingo cards ready

Tiffany Cross for the win!

LOL! Did they still have those multistage musical acts they promised? nt

rally streaming anywhere? nt

MSNBC gave Bunker Boy a minute, give or take, and then cut away.

CNN Chose Not To Show It

Trump just told rally they're "warriors" for getting past "very had people outside doing bad things"

Pence has already left the building

Joy Reid was saying that Trump got played by teenagers.

Abby Philip: This is what the overflow crowd looks like at trump rally in Tulsa

Trump sounds soooooooooooooooooooooo sad !!!!

Summer Solstice

Smells like teen spirit at the Trumpass rally.

My exercise program

People That Don't Wear Masks Found Out When They Tried Wearing One That.....

OMG I'm watching a man die in real time. 🤣

Pink for the win.

Jeesh! The Pittsburgh Pirates used to draw more fans when they went through 21 losing seasons

Any chance the Democratic candidates for the 2020 CO US Senate Election serve together?

Hungary's Orban Uses Covid-19 Crisis for Another Power Grab

Oh noes. Lotsa very bad people outside.

Fucking Rickrolled Man....😜👁👁

Trump campaign told police to remove peaceful protester arrested outside Tulsa rally

Trump: "Gotta open up the schools"...


Any thread following Trump's speech?

Nabta Playa: The World's First Astronomical Site Was Built in Africa and Is Older Than Stonehenge

"you are so lucky i am president, that's all i can tell you" & other quotes from tonight

The View from the Tenderloin

Thomas Jefferson Descendant Calls For Removal Of His Famous Ancestor's Statues

Not meaning to cause a fence ...

I clicked over to MSNBC.

Trump just admitted he asked his team to slow down the testing - WH OFFICIAL DENIES

Air Force one just flew low over the BOK Center a few minutes ago. The (few) people who are out here

Picking up from where he left off!

She should have been packing an AK47

When he tested positive for coronavirus, he prepared for 2 weeks of misery.

OMG. He's spending 20 minutes talking about the ramp.

Trump Calls Fox 'Terrible' as Latest Poll Shows Him Losing Ground to Biden

What is the last thing that goes through a bugs mind before he hits your windshield?

Are the empty seats are Trump's rally...

Trump just spent 5 minutes setting up his excuse for the slow walk on the ramp

Brad Pascale. Dead man walking pool $$$ Maru is the WINNER

Trump coronavirus 'Death Clock' truck enters Tulsa ahead of rally

Holy shit. I'm

Trump canceled an outdoor speech at his rally in Tulsa after lower-than-expected attendance

Trump scraps plan to address outside rally due to low attendance. "radical protesters" blamed for

Those Abortion Pro-Life Repugs Are Pro-Choice When It Comes To Wearing Masks.....

There's an old man talking about walking down a ramp for 10 minutes.

LOL Rick Wison

Hes on about the water!

Ousting of U.S. prosecutor thrusts low-profile markets regulator into unwelcome spotlight

I used to think I was above schadenfreude

Yep hes the last Confederate president

Trump has now officially jumped the shark.

I am no fan of Marco Rubio, however,

There are so many tonight, but here's a candidate for tweet of the day:

China unveils security law for Hong Kong, city's freedoms in doubt

Looks like the only thing reaching the overflow stage tonight

How about if you desecrate the flag with trumps face you go to jail for 2 years.

John McLaughlin is amazing

Lets start pranking Trump. How do you go about ordering Rump Rally Tickets??

Now I ask you...

Real presidents don't need a crowd to cheer them for this.

Looking for confirmed attendance numbers and photos

So Trump talked about the ramp AND the water glass at his rally.

Friday protest turns tense in front of Austin police headquarters

We've been hearing for weeks ...

'Racial Hate': A famed folk singer, Trump's dad and angry lyrics at a Tulsa landmark

hysterical pics from trump rally

People Doing Bad Things...

photos of the massive rally crowds

Trump campaign blames protesters for disappointing turnout at Tulsa rally

Trump comeback rally features empty seats, staff infections

"There's Still Space!"

Who the hell is Ungula?

Damn--this is like a Washington Senators game I went to:

"I told my people to slow down the testing"

#BradExcuses: "Tulsa just isn't Trump country."

What's the best full length animated film?. My opinion on this is "The Iron Giant"

Dateline, Tulsa, OK: As Donald Trump layed egg after egg before a tepid and much

Texas attributes record-high coronavirus cases to bars, beaches and a data backlog in Harris County

Polling has to be REALLY off if there's no logistical problem that caused the low MAGA turnout

American teens and K-pop fans sabotaged Trump's Tulsa rally by reserving tickets by the hundreds wit

Trump can't decide whether he wants to be Rodney Dangerfield or Hitler

Consciously or not, Trump is putting himself out of our misery...

Fake America Great Again

A new documentary on Netflix about Queen and Adam Lambert

Trump rally continues as Oklahoma battles a surging coronavirus

Donald Trump admits attempt to hold COVID-19 numbers down by testing less people

I hope Berman shared a lot of stuff with NYAG Letitia James

His crowd is bored to tears

MSNBC showing live now a shit ton of armed yahoos circling the BLM people

Peaceful protester removed by police for alleged trespassing in front of Trump rally venue

The Lincoln Project is trolling parscale so bad. 😂😁😁😁😁😂😂😂😂😂

hotel guard kills black hotel guest. Charged with manslaughter

Every time anyone at that rally yells and cheers,

Trump's called himself handsome twice tonight.

Let's not let this slide or get lost in the shuffle! Trump just admitted that he ordered

Watch the "The Watchmen"for free on HBO this weekend. First Episode...starts with Tulsa 1921. n/t

video of MAGAts yawning as Dump drones on (Twitter)

Trump's attacks on Biden fall flat.

Half-Full Stadium For The Half-Assed President.

Eric Trump misspells Tulsa, hilarity ensues: Maybe the other 990,000 went to TULAS

If we did less and slowed down the testing proces for corona

How can he run a country when he can't even keep from being trolled by 16 yr olds?

How to happy father's day

The crowd may be small, but the enthusiasm is ...

Jeff Greenfield on Trump speech: I'd say it's batshit crazy but that would be unfair to bats.

So tell us, all you cowardly Republicans. Why are you voting for Trump again?

They placed the few black people (very few) where they knew the cameras would be aimed.

Low Energy Donald Trump

Tulsa is a bust for Donald Trump's first political rally (VIDEO)

WOW: "Trump admitted to his rally audience tonight that he told his team to slow down COVID-19

rally attendance estimate 10,000

Shannon Jae Ridout and Ashley Mae Flippo were half of the band Spitshine

'Magically Protected': Why Hardcore Trump Supporters Won't Wear Masks At Rally

I Went To Trump's Tulsa Rally And All I Got Is This Lousy...

How long has Trump been speaking?

U.S. (NIH) halts test of Trump-touted hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19 patients

Meanwhile, Democrats held a peaceful Juneteenth rally....

Has anyone noticed cspan frequently shows audiance shots with many just

the video that should be played everyday everywhere until election day... "slowed down testing"

Over 33,000 new US Covid cases two days in row...

I've been seeing a lot of posters saying "puppers" for puppies/dogs lately

Poor Diamond & Silk's Big Comeback went over like a lead balloon, too.

Breaking Now!

150 cannery workers forced into hotel quarantine without pay

India reports record rise in coronavirus cases; Delhi cancels all medical staff leave

German coronavirus outbreak at abattoir infects more than 1,000

He's still talking at 9:52pm est?

sis boom baaaaaaah..............

Maybe the other 990,000 people went to Tulas

CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta is really pissed off...

Trump is now demonstrating that he can drink water without spilling it. This drives the crowd wild,

The White House claims that he was "joking" about slowing down testing. Again w/the jokes.

STX Beef CEO tests positive for COVID-19

Korean Peninsula

Ramsey County corrections officers of color say they were barred from guarding Derek Chauvin

I'll admit I'm a tad worried as people leave that rally.

4 major screwups by the Trump crime family on today of all days.

Can anyone Identify this ?

I recently realized what a MAGA rally needs, more than anything else ...

Didn't the Rolling Stones

MAGAt has cracked the Covid Conspiracy! And he's running for Congress.

Next, the Gulag?

LOL! Drudge banner tonight: MAGA LESS MEGA

Bolton's book leaked in pdf

Watching MSNBC, gotta tell you - seeing all those cars among the pedestrians marching worries me...

Imagine the mood of the rally attendees tonight

Physicists entangle 15 trillion hot atoms

First we had the slippery ramp.

There is one good thing about tonight's rally

Trump's Tulsa Rally FAILED Before It Even Began

Teens and K-pop fans sabotaged Trump's Tulsa rally by reserving tickets by the hundreds

Tom Petty's family upset Trump used song - send blistering letter.

51 yr old Iowa grandmother on TikTok, former Buttigieg volunteer, behind the ticket troll

200 US Police Department databases hacked

I just had a thought: Do you suppose Parscale financed all those expensive goodies

Steve Schmidt: "The Emptysburg Address"

Protest in Tulsa plays RIGHT into the mad-maniplular's

Sarah Cooper's latest: How to Happy Father's Day

There really was a huge overflow crowd in Tulsa

The media's just always so negative when it comes to Trump

Waco University High teacher resigns after racist social media post

Trump says he wanted coronavirus testing slowed in grievance-filled speech to unfilled arena

NOT what I was expecting

The Lincoln Project can't decide what to call the speech. Please help:

How soon until Trump tries to ban K-Pop?

I am imagining the trouble ahead for the Air Force One flight crew tonight

Claire McCaskill sums up Trump's major message at rally

Here's A Pretty Good Crowd Picture

If the zoomers and Kpop crowd keeps fucking with tRump his dream of a landslide election

Trump has done a lot to piss me off, but the bit about wanting to slow down testing tops it all.

Kurt Cobain's "MTV Unplugged" guitar sells for $6 mil

Just because your not wearing a mask

How Ironic, a Sea of Blue

From Biden War Room. (Ouch!)

Biden campaign statement on Trump admitting he ordered the slowing of testing

I see Inhofe thinks CV-19 is a the Kung Flu, too:

Free Bolton book download

Joe Biden responds to Trump's testing remark.

Trump Rally Fizzles as Crowd Size Falls Short of Campaign's Expectations

Tom Petty's Family Speaks:

What did Cat (last name??) say on FAUX about Jimmy Kimmel

Tulsa just had an earthquake (reported by Tulsa NWS) 4.2 magnitude

Nirvana - MTV Unplugged; In honor of Kurt Cobain's Guitar selling today;

Kamala Harris says Bill Barr should resign.

I have to admit this is one of the best, most fun nights

"WITH ONE HAND" is trending...thanks, America!!

Mayor of San Diego Kevin Faulconer, is a Pendejo45 disciple and will do anything to help him. ...

I was really happy when I heard Trump was going to start holding rallies again...

NEW ad out already, ABOUT THE RALLY

I saw William Shatner recite poetry about space travel to a crowd that was larger than Trump's...

Dan Rather tweet re: Sarah Cooper

Rumor has it

A reminder: Trump also classified Covid19 meetings

What was Jeff Sessions smoking tonight?

To whoever arranged trump*'s hair, tonight - it looks like something slipped

AP Coverage: Rally stiffing and Trump lies

Peaceful protesters support BLM in Tulsa

Earthquake in Tulsa. The giant crane loading Trump on Air Force Lardship One broke.

Right now someone who's about to be fired is explaining to Trump what Kpop is.

Trump drinks water with one hand!

American Bridge super PAC already has ad out with Trump quote on slowing down testing

Okay, I gotta give this one to The Mooch just this once:

Punked by teens....priceless!

Will Trump order the military to arrest all teens? n/t

I like candidates who aren't stupid and weak.

The Russians are here...

They are doing the Cupid Shuffle at the Protest. LOL! I love it. Go Oklahoma!!

Statement of Biden Campaign on trump's confession that he slowed down COVID testing

From the Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers FB page

Caption Time.

pictures of tonight's junk fest please

Trump's mob ties getting attention

How is everyone's Saturday Night going?

We knew Trump didn't care for human rights in China. But this is a new low.

Sharpie to the rescue again.

AOC: Shout out to Zoomers. Y'all make me so proud.

Help me out here! How can these two things both be true?

Trump's campaign will leave Tulsa tonight owing -- in the opinions of 14 municipal government ...

The Bolton book wasn't supposed to be released until the 23rd, so its a big deal

the most kiss ass, most brown nosing tweet of all times

Is the world going to be saved from authoritarians by the youth? First George Floyd protests

Video of Trump getting off Air Force One tonight. NOT looking happy.

hee. Kayleigh McEnany's June 15th brag about 1 million tickets.

James Comey: Geoffrey Berman upheld the finest tradition of the SDNY office

is Trump going to develop a grudge against teens?

Stuart Stevens may have had the last word on Parscale's Death Star campaign

Was there a Trump rally? Somebody forgot to tell us!

I will be PROUD to call this man my Senator

Memphis *385* new cases today! New record!

2 'goodies' coming up on TCM:

wonderfully wicked little video on twitter (trump rally fail)

bette midler tweets "dear donnie..."

Puppies First Belly Rubs EVER!!!

Juneteenth (w Rep. Barbara Lee, D-CA, The granddaughter of a slave) Rumble w Michael Moore

Armed protesters peacefully march on Oklahoma Governor's Mansion

A new Chinese study finds immunity to Covid may last only a few months


I wanna know how many people were turned away after temperature checks at the door.

Does anyone know

6,611 Sounds about right .... Ha.

Cousin Frankie...

Dallas County officials stress wearing masks as hospitalizations again hit record high

4.5 earthquake 10.15pm Saturday 6-20-20 near Enid OK, 115 mi from Tulsa

The current state of generational attitudes towards the Zoomers

You know your rally is a bust when ...

Pool reporter Rob Crilly said they didn't see Parscale on the flight back to DC

Rich Americans' pullback in spending is hurting the economic recovery

Kentucky cutting number of polling places for Tuesday's primary from 3700 to 200.

Glenn Kirschner: Bill Barr fires U.S. Attorney Berman. Bolton's book reveals why.

Armed protesters peacefully march on Oklahoma Governor's Mansion

What I Did During Lockdown

Just for shits and giggles.

Compilation of people bragging about a million people signing up for the rally

Trump owes 14 cities over $1.8 million in unpaid police & public safety costs from MAGA rallies

Here's a supposed head count for the rally....

Keep your car cool for the summer

Blind Willie Johnson - Dark was the night

Turnout At Trump's Tulsa Rally Was Just Under 6,200-A Fraction Of The Venue's 19,200 Capacity

Trump proposes a year in jail for flag burning

If he saved hundreds of thousands of lives by closing the border...

Tonight, Trump's campaign entered the Dead Zone. Admitting to blocking testing should

Tom Petty Family Members Unite to Denounce Trump for Using 'I Won't Back Down' at Rally

I got yer schadenfreude right here.. video of Trump bragging about how big his rally will be ...

***NOTE***: K-Pop story has a couple of big holes in it; No set ticket limit and the empty overflow

Lock down. June Lockhart..

Any tweets yet? I haven't seen any, I can hardly wait

"Karen" of the day

Blowhard-in-a-Hat Sheriff

Trump bragging about the economy

Did Trump get infected with the virus a month ago?

Hello darkness my old friend

6,200 attended tonight.

Trump posts manipulated video to Twitter and Facebook

Native American tribe plans to build opioid treatment center; Washington state neighbors vow to

The look of a beaten man.

Democratic challenger for Viriginia Beach mayor out-raises Republican incumbent.

So, I watched two separate documentaries on Roy Cohn and Jeffrey Epstein

Big Sissies: How and Why Narcissists Get Worse with Age

From a Trump campaign staffer

Photo proving that the turnout for Trump's Tulsa-rally was actually HUGE:

FLIPPABLE: Jody Wagner for Mayor of Virginia Beach

San Antonio Police Officer Who Retaliated With Feces Will Not Get His Job Back

Perhaps they all went to Tulas?

Actor-comedian D.L. Hughley tests positive for coronavirus after collapsing onstage in Nashville

Fact check: Trump's Tulsa rally littered with familiar false claims

Wisconsin Elections Commission approves sending 2.7 million absentee ballot request forms to voters

if you were Trump

Top of Drudge tonight ...

happy Summer Solstice from Stonehenge...

Why DO conservatives hate science so much?

So, what's your gut feeling?

Tweet of the Month

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Mild Abandon Edition

One dead, at least 11 injured in Minneapolis shooting: police

Civil Disobedience Is Not The Problem

Very low-energy...

11 people shot, 1 person dead in overnight shooting spree - police say more than 1 shooter (MN)

Don't be a Brad

Breakfast Sunday 21 June 2020

There must be House Of Representative investigations into this corruption!

US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats up in 2020 that favors the Democrats.

LOL. This never gets old.

Who calls hard shoes "leather bottom" shoes besides Trump?

Trump Tulsa Rally attracts less that 6200 people per Fire Marshall

Trump fires a US Atty investigating his inner circle, there must be a House investigation


The Company You Keep

Lyin' Katrina Pierson: I keep seeing FAKE NEWS reporting that there wasn't an outside audience...

On this day, June 21, Joey Molland (1947) and Nils Lofgren (1951) were born.

After last nights debacle, Trump will have Bolton's TV interview tonight...

Voter Suppression

Before the rally and after the rally

The best thing about last night? A precedent has been set.

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog's commentary on the Trump Tulsa Rally

Perhaps the lowest bar for applause ever set

OUCH! Loser Trump arrives home after Tulsa Covidchella rally

Saturday night lights: the triumphal return. Look at that crowd!

Hey Trump, where is your next stop on your

So will Trump call it the biggest rally ever?

Meanwhile in Florida clear folks feeling entitled lol

Send/post this picture to every place that a Trump voter will see it

Is it true

He couldn't even top this crowd.

Donald Trump wandering round the WH today.........

Arrest Warrant issued for Atlanta Wendy's Fire...Natalie White wanted for 1st degree arson.

This should frighten us all. Trump's attorney general wants god's moral order enforced by government

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads on DU!

Just saw some pictures from Trump's so-called rally!

Fred's failure

D. Trump and Bill Barr are now working on America's biggest problem, transgender activists.

K-Pop Fans Sabotaged Trump's Under-Attended Tulsa Rally

'It's going to be an angry mob' KY cuts number of polling stations by 95 percent...

trump back at WH after Tulsa Triumph (photo)

WaPo: Trump rallies in red-state America -- and faces a sea of empty blue seats

#EmptysburgAddress is Trending on Twitter

You can clearly see his tail between his legs, he's finished ... and he knows it.

Leaked footage of Trump on Air Force 1 practicing drinking with one hand...

Doonesbury - At Your Direction And Under Your Leadership, Sir

TOON Bonus: Candorville - Wrong Number

For once drump got FAKED

I can't wait for potus to see THIS:

From The Guardian: The Iconoclast unmasked: the man behind far-right YouTube channel

Happy Father's Day to all the men of DU!

Angry exchanges, sporadic physical conflict, occur on downtown streets while president holds rally

Serious question. Are there any adults in the White House?

'Our country': Donald Trump renews racist attacks on Ilhan Omar

It's 9 AM in Washington, not a peep from trump's twitter account since....

"Going to be epic!" "Going to be amazing!"

Police: 9 shot, wounded at Syracuse, New York, 'celebration'

Turnout At Trump's Tulsa Rally Was Just Under 6,200-A Fraction Of The Venue's 19,200 Capacity

Where will he direct his wrath?


Bunkerboy Tear Down That Stage!

The orange asshole likes to use nick names for Biden


Toddler, 3 teens among 9 dead, 56 shot in Chicago Father's Day weekend violence

You raised $1,226.20 on June 20, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

Alternate explanation for the Teeny Tulsa Turnout

Your morning SQUEE!

Guardian UK: Donald Trump sows division and promises 'greatness' at Tulsa rally flop

June 21 - Happy Birthday Governor Kate Brown (D) OR

Which Trump spawn will be ballsy enough to wish Trump a "Happy Father's Day!" first?

Gym Jordan - looking a liddle' nervous?

You can read Bolton's book here

Is this an apt metaphor for Cheeto Benito's confidence today?

Cat, spray bottle:

There is usually only one take away.

The Lincoln Project: The walk of shame. #Trump arrives at WH after #TrumpRallyTulsa

Don't call it a comeback: Trump's Tulsa rally was just another sad farce

Scott Dworkin: Just was told Trump is firing someone "big" today over the low rally turnout.

Fathers' Day

No Trump tweets in 12 hours?? Is that a record? nt

Beijing can screen almost 1 million people daily for coronavirus, says official

Richard Wolffe: Don't call it a comeback: Trump's Tulsa rally was just another sad farce

Donald Trump: The Day After Tulsa

Part II: Donald Trump/The Day After Tulsa

A question for home gardeners

Thought that news of a earthquake felt in Tulsa after the EPIC FAIL might be fake but...


Tom Petty's family sues Trump over unauthorized use of 'I Won't Back Down'

Happy Failure's Day Trumpy!

Waxing a bit

When posting Twitter links, you can safely omit the ?s19, etc...

So, here's a big question. What does Van Jones think about the Tulsa Epic Fail?

Let's all support Brad Parscale to keep his job

It's already almost 90 degrees in Orlando! I hope Nestor

After Trump finished speaking, a person familiar told CNN that two Secret Service agents had also

Masks now required in Maricopa County as of 5pm Saturday

Oh, come on - Now it's Eskimo Pies turn??

There was no earthquake in Oklahoma last night.

Actor-comedian D.L. Hughley tests positive for coronavirus after collapsing onstage in Nashville

A "less redacted" version of the Mueller Report is available

Who would think that K-Pop fans were better organized

Parscale at the moment he learned they'd have to cancel the overflow event due to low attendance

Odds of Trump backing out of the race??

2020 is our last chance to avert climate catastrophe, says energy chief

He's definitely pissed off, he's gone off to play golf in Virginia....

Happy Birthday Nils Lofgren

My first pedicure in months is TODAY!

A Trip on The Rocky Mountaineer

It's over, Brad.


Mercedes Schlapp: MAGAs was too SKEERED of protestors to show up

George Soros Conspiracy Theories Surge as Protests Sweep U.S.

Lalo Schifrin has a birthday today.

Tom Jones & Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Long Time Gone (1969)

So Donald got pranked by a bunch of teenagers...?

Trump blames protestors for low turn out

post-rally Walk of Shame

MAGA 2020

While we were distracted, McConnell's Kentucky to shut down 95% of voting locations

Man dresses in pig costume for cop rally - Shows cop attitude

Young Adults Now Make Up Largest Number of COVID-19 Cases in California

19200 / 6200 equals 0.323

At #TrumpRallyTulsa-lots of yawns!! And Trumpy Claims he RAN down the last 10 feet of #Rampgate....

A compilation of Trump, Fox News, and the "OVER 1 MILLION!" giddiness

No tweets because he's trying to figure out a way to punish teenagers.

Black Skies Over Siberia: the Most Polluted Major City in Russia

The Comedy Drama Queen

(N.M.) Pie Town pie shop closed for good

Arriving at the WH in a minor key

Would This Sign Really Be A Deterrent?

Michael Rapaport PSA

Raw Story has a story about Trump being upset that the Tulsa Arena was half full. Fake news.

K-Pop success of sabotage will have started something

Slavery wasn't so bad - An idiot tweet

This AP headline ...

Speling Be Kan sulled

The Media Headlines are Comical about the Flopped Rally

Official rally attendance: 6200

Tweet of the Day by Stormy Daniels.

Someone set Trumps's return to the WH last night to music. George Conway: LOL--this is perfect

It's fucking over man...if the Democrats pick up the dropped weapon that is....

Definition of K-POP

Parscale forgot the "I'm over 18" checkbox on Tulsa signup. COPPA violation.

Forget Trump. Restore your faith with this -

English Premier League players wear jerseys with BLM on the back

Rachel Bitecofer just told Trump she'll craft him an exit plan that makes him look less like a loser

'We're Modern Slaves': How Meat Plant Workers Became the New Frontline

You think Trump's miserable now?

Fight Back Against Trumpers! Wear A Mask!

'Just Nasty': Fox & Friends Blames 'Mean Girl' AOC For 'Empty Seats' At Trump Rally

Trump campaign screwed up this Tulsa Rally badly😂

It wasn't all teenagers 51 yo Mary Jo Laupp sent out this tic toc:

Find Them, Fire Them, Have a Sitdown With Your Police Chief, Mayor Lightfoot!

Global Deaths Due to Various Causes

Honest Government Ad The Machine

Trump communications director says they weeded out bogus RSVPs, but "fear" kept the attendance low

The teenagers were not responsible for the low turnout

Chris Wallace grills Trump campaign adviser on Tulsa rally: "The arena was empty"

Tweet of the weekend!

Do you think Idiot will dare have another rally?

Calls to ban TikTok?

The Presidential Polls Do Not Matter When We Democrats Have To Deal With This

Hi DUers

The TikTok Kids Did Not Effect The Crowd Size at The Rally.

"Project Lincoln isn't just renting a little space in Trump's cranium. We have a hippie van full of

Naming a garment "tactical shorts" is stupid, but...

Lost Colony of Roanoke found, book says

great tweet from tiedrich on father's day

My take on K-Pop and the Rally. Brad knew something was up.

Please Don't Go To This Site To Sign Up For Drumpf's Tuesday Rally In Phoenix

Happy Father's Day

Back in the day prankster Dick Tuck drove Nixon crazy.

Trump failed in a safe, red state like Oklahoma

If the TIK-TOK prank hasn't happened...

Respecting Authority With Coppy The Cop Car - Ep 03

Adam Schiff drops endorsement of Jackie Lacey in L.A. County district attorney's race

Tulsa provides a control group!

What Fiction are you reading this week, June 21, 2020?

I wonder how Matt Gaetz is spending "Father's Day"?

Trump's so happy he posted a funereal HAPPY FATHER'S DAY message

Trump Repeats a False Claim That Doctors 'Execute' Newborns

Medaria Arradondo on "60 Minutes" this evening

120,000 dead people do not think a joke about Covid testing is funny.

Steve Schmidt tweet about Trump, minutes ago. Love this...

For all you dads out there - Corny Groan Dad jokes

Happy Father's dad to all of the DU Dads. Bio or not. Love to you all 💕

1 Dead, 11 Injured In Uptown Shooting Following Night Of Gun Violence In Metro Area

How can anyone trust Bill Barr's Justice Department now?

Oklahoma State purges racist governor's name

Trump calls out fake news about rally attendance

A Message to the Democracy hating Republicans

Stormy Daniels tweet

Texas reports largest daily COVID-19 increase as Greater Houston sees spike in cases

Just To Put Things In Perspective:

Zeev Sternhell, leading voice of Israeli left, dies at 85

George Soros conspiracy theories surge as protests sweep U.S.

Florida sets another single-day coronavirus record with more than 4,000 new cases

This is art

The Lincoln Project says, "This is art" -- and I agree!

Ludwig van Beethoven Violin Concerto

How do we know the prank actually happened?

The K-Pop/teenager hijacking story is fun, but the narrative needs to remain on the no-shows.

Microfluidic electrochemistry for single-electron transfer redox-neutral reactions.

MAGA warrior

Trump allies see a mounting threat: Biden's rising evangelical support

GET OVER the idea that the KIDS spoiled Trump's rally! It couldn't have happened like that.

Former Ukrainian president says Biden never pressed him on Burisma

Remember that M*A*S*H scene when Frank was drunk, or something

trump explaining himself about the West Point ramp!

Fired DoH scientist: "DOH stopped reporting the number of people tested in late May, right after..."

40 Brutal Memes Mocking Trump's Humiliating Tulsa Rally

Free republic, before/during/after:

AOC Calls Out Wall Street CEOs Trying to Unseat Her In Upcoming Primary

Community leaders covered up the Tulsa Race Massacre memorial to prevent it from being a photo op

Google "flop sweat"

Evangelicals Are More Anti Fornication Than Anti Abortion

Here's a look at the women under consideration as Joe Biden's vice presidenti

Trump's Tulsa Rally Adds to Week of Warning Signs for Campaign

Trump--The agony of defeat:

Arizona sheriff responds after positive COVID-19 test, says he wouldn't enforce mask mandate

"Slow the Testing down; please"

How the Coronavirus Handed the GOP New Ways to Squash the Vote

When a bully walks out of his house, angry and looking for a fight...

Rick Wilson, Mass text to Tulsa ticket holders "There's still room!"

"TikTok Teens Tank Trump's Tulsa Turnout"

He may have flopped bigly, but you certainly couldn't tell that from his triumphant return to the WH

Approval of Trump's coronavirus response underwater, as he returns to trail: POLL

Enough About The K-Pop Prank!

Good for Patagonia! And Dick's Sporting Goods, Gap Inc., Levi Strauss & Co., Lyft and Walmart...

👍 Thank You Mary Jo Laupp for passing the Political Torch forward

Video from "fact" on Twitter: "Biden President: He's not a whiny b***h"

Native American tribal nations take tougher line on COVID-19 as states reopen

Racial violence and a pandemic: How the Red Summer of 1919 relates to 2020

This is art.

Trump's campaign may have committed a COPPA violation

Temperature hits 100 F degrees in Arctic Russian town


Barber offers hope in Peruvian barrios devastated by virus

Advice on TikTok from past campaign worker to ruin Trump's rally

Stop the world! Justice Samuel Alito wants to get off

"So I Said To My People Slow The Testing Down Please" Trump's Own Words

The Colosseum in Rome draws bigger crowds.

Trump to Hold Next Rally in Bunker

I understand why Trump went golfing today


Florida governor stiffens penalties against bear poaching

6200 in a 19,000-seat venue is blood in the water. They gambled and lost, big.

How Many Deplorables Were Turned Away From The Rally Due To.....

The faster guy always wins:

This is why I will always admire Elizabeth Warren

Racists will be Racists: UK Charities And Schools Blasted For Hosting 'Mock Slave Auctions'

It will do little good to kick Trump out of office if....

Colombia's president urges "that we shouldn't talk about who's to blame' for his mistakes

People wearing masks wrong while going outside, anyone notice this?

Something else important that failed.

N.Y.C. Hired 3,000 Workers for Contact Tracing. It's Off to a Slow Start.

Trump Campaign Denies K-Pop Fans, TikTok Users Caused Sparsely Attended Tulsa Rally

Largest newspaper in TN, published full-page ad saying "Islam is going to detonate a nuclear device

More than 100 former Manhattan prosecutors condemn Berman firing

Trump Threatens Bolton With 'Bombs Dropped on Him!' After Judge Rejects Block of Book

Nadler says he expects Berman will tesify before the House Judiciary Committee

Racism, Lies, and Empty Seats: The Embarrassment That Was Trump's Rally

Ramsey County corrections officers of color say they were barred from guarding Derek Chauvin

Stroke? Watch very closely...

This week: Saharan Dust Plume--top 3 ways it will affect you

Trump campaign manager: Trolls claiming rally ticket hack 'don't know what they're talking about

Missouri police stand guard as white people paint over Black Lives Matter mural with 'blue line'

DACA preserved, but the 'Dream' remains deferred

Oof...there goes that excuse.

BRUTAL online ad!!!!!

cartoons 6/21/2020

Maybe I've missed them but, WHERE ARE THE BIDEN ADS TODAY? They should be all over the rallyfail,

This week: Saharan Dust Plume--top 3 ways it will affect you

Missouri police stand guard as white people paint over Black Lives Matter mural with 'blue line'

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 22 June 2020

Arctic Russian Town Sets New High of 100 Degrees

Arctic records its hottest temperature ever

fired, PA court employee who tore down BLM signs and said "not to me they don't"

Trump says he will announce visa restrictions Sunday or Monday

Minority jail officers were barred from guarding ex-cop charged with George Floyd's murder: Complain

An Extinction Event for America's Restaurants

Biden campaign says firing US attorney for New York raises 'extraordinary concerns'

BLM: for all nerds

California Sheriff and District Atty employees arrested over vandalizing of BLM sign

After the rally

Not necessarily taking this a face value, but ... (DC cops)

"Joe Biden for president. He's not a whiney b****."

Fascinating event this week: Saharan dust plume; top three ways it will affect U.S.

Trump allies see a mounting threat: Biden's rising evangelical support

Jerry Nadler says William Barr deserves to be impeached but it would be a 'waste of time'

New ad, Biden vs Trump on a ramp at West Point

Strained supply chain for glass vials could delay #coronavirus vaccine

Ford decides not to unveil new Bronco SUVs on O.J. Simpson's birthday

Franklin Graham attacks Dr Fauci for saying 'science is truth'!!

Trump is a monster...

Please post pictures of your pets

Tennessee Newspaper Blasted For Printing Ad Claiming 'Islam' Is Going To Nuke Nashville

Temperature hits 100 F degrees in Arctic Russian town

Finally thought of a name that should stick:

The Five Stages of Donald Trump....

Stormy Daniels: "Told ya'll he exaggerates about the size of things."

Who wants to go to Tulsa?

The Democratic Nominee for the 2020 CO US Senate Election will benefit from Joe Biden's coattails.

BWAHAHA! JarVanka are PISSED at Brad Parscale, and I MAGA! Bwahaha!

Trump Rally Fail / MeidasTouch Video

The next AG should aggressively attack voter suppression.

Reading (UK) stabbing attack suspect Khairi Saadallah known to MI5 - sources

Nearly 700 People In The U.S. Die From Gun Violence Each Week; A Memorial Honors Them

Trump's firing on SDNY's Berman has set the stage for a second impeachment: presidential historian

BREAKING: Trump campaigns disputes OFFICIAL Tulsa count...

Trump releases "more accurate" photos showing arena was full

Trump's current problem-and there ain't really a fix for him...

English Premier League soccer - "Black Lives Matter" on jerseys

Eric Trump managed to spell 'Tulsa' wrong when trying to promote his father's rally

Hundreds test positive at Tyson Foods plant in Arkansas

New Meidas Touch ad:

Trump fought the War of the Ramp

Zimbabwe anti-corruption body starts audit of the rich

He's got to be terrified about doing a next rally

US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats up in 2020 that Democrats will win.

Beginner Sewists....Evelyn Wood videos

Piano Man

Hungary's leading website says its independence is at risk

Here's What I Want My White Friends To Know About My Encounters With The Police

Tearful Mexican cartel chief threatens government after mother's detention

Tearful Mexican cartel chief threatens government after mother's detention

Disease Expert Likens Coronavirus Outbreak to 'Forest Fire'

Justices May Soon Decide Trump Tax Return Case

Tulsa Sets Coronavirus Case Record As Trump Rallygoers Dispute Health Risks

Trump administration aims to end Dreamers immigration program in six months

75-foot North Carolina Confederate monument removed from Capitol grounds following Gov. Cooper's ord

Losing a Family Member to Right Wing Media

Funny video: People walking out of the rally while it's still going strong.

Acts that had bigger crowds at the same venue in 2019:

Al Franken breaks down the Trump Tulsa Totter

The axe is about to fall.....

Texas cracks down on crowded bars as part of undercover COVID-19 operation

Kansas Democrats hopeful to flip seats in House and Senate this November, break supermajories

Family business: Trump fears latest damning memoir - this time by his liberal niece

Ted Lieu (D-CA) releases first campaign ad of the season

Dog Reunites With His Favorite Foster Kitten

Just a Loser

Man Can't Believe He's Reuniting With Lost Cat After 7 Years

COVID-19 outbreak at Cruisin' Chubbys strip club in Wisconsin Dells

Rerun in honor of Father's Day: Stray Cat Gives Birth Under Guy's Bed


Trump trade adviser: Rally comment on reducing Covid testing was just a joke

I'm doing whatever you're doing

Fluffy Green Rescue Bird Has Best Life Now

Abraham Lincoln

Dear Teenagers of America,

I'm petitioning Naked & Afraid to have a Senior N&A show

FLIPPABLE: Jo Ella Hoye for KS-HD17

A tree in three seasons (it doesn't have Spring blooms)

Hugh Hewitt - 4 million people watched the rally online. Joe Biden could not get 40,000 people

FLIPPABLE: Joana Scholtz for KS-HD40

Lonesome Loser - Little River Band

Kentucky braces for possible voting problems in Tuesday's primary amid signs of high turnout

Sly & The Family Stone - Hot Fun in The Summertime

Lincoln project slams Parscale

What's for Dinner, Sunday, June 21, 2020

Jerry Nadler Calls Every GOP Senator Who Voted To Acquit tRump Corrupt

FLIPPABLE: Angela Justus Schweller for KS-HD14

Parscale forgot to put the "I am over 18" checkbox on the Tulsa signup screen

FLIPPABLE: Cole Fine for KS-HD15

Trump's Big Rally in Tulsa Was the Worst Thing He Knows: Boring

Trump 'furious' about 'underwhelming' crowd at Tulsa rally

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 6/21/20

Though it did not carry the day, has there ever been a better closing argument?

Ted Lieu releases first campaign video of 2020: 😂😂😂

Supreme Court passes on appeal of Libertarian Party voter case

FLIPPABLE: Sally Jercha for KS-HD28

Bolsonaro's Coronavirus Response is a Campaign of Terror Against Black and Indigenous People

Trump last night

People are Dying in the Streets: Interview With a Bolivian Socialist

For Father's Day: Negrita, the Amazon River Dog

Can't wait for tonight

need a new tune for your workout playlist?

So, there is another Trump event to sign up for. From George Conway.

FLIPPABLE: Matt Fox for KS-HD87

Flynn transcript shows Russia opposed Obama UN resolution on Israel

To put the 6200 in evangelical perspective

OK, only ONE tweet from Trump today and it was a "HAPPY FATHER'S DAY"..........

My priest goes full right wing. Bye Bye.

Some BIG endorsements for Eliot Engel in the NY-16 Democratic Primary:

Parscale Goes After Media Coverage of Low Rally Turnout, Suggests They May Revoke Credentials

Beau's got a point. They crowded them together instead of spreading them out for safety.

Trump Isn't Sending National Guard To Seattle -- 'I Think It's Great Sitting Back And Watching This C

Found a GREAT pic of Jr and made a quick meme

Will Magats start getting embarrassed about going to rallies?

Pregnant South African woman found hanging from a tree

Ai Otsuka -Smiley

Video - trump #Hurt

FLIPPABLE: Lindsey Constance for KS-SD10

Aqua Timez-- Velonica

FLIPPABLE: Jeff Pittman for KS-SD05

OMG... Have you seen Ted Lieu's first campaign ad--produced by his kids? LOL

We don't have this wrapped up. Keep your eye on the ball.

Pink teases Trump over 1000s of empty seats: "I think I sold that same place out in 5 minutes"

The Lincoln Project has a new ad:

Rie aka Suzuku : Dreaming Eyes

FLIPPABLE: Jim Ward for KS-SD28

Lack Of Acid Supply Amid Pandemic Shuts Down Arizona Copper Mine

A totally shallow observation: We all notice how the presidency ages the person and

Harry Chapin - Taxi

The Criminal History of Fred trump

Jeff Sessions just keeps humiliating himself like a jilted lover. So cringy.

"When you see riot gear, it absolutely changes the mood," said Ron Moten, a longtime community organ

Just checked Dolt45's Twitter

Compilation of Sarah Cooper

He Ain't Heavy He's My Brother - The Hollies

Ayumi Hamasaki - Dearest (from Inuyasha )

The Lincoln Project: "Shrinking"

Virginia L. Giuffre vs. Alan Dersh set for this upcoming Tues by a federal district judge of SDNY

I came out to my mom Friday night

The Lincoln Project: "Shrinking"

Are you ready up there?

If you were trying to slay a monster---say, a vampire like Count Dracula---you would be

Disrespectful to our military!

Trump's betrayal of American greatness

US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats up in 2020 that Democrats are favored to win.

Hundreds test positive at Tyson Foods plant in Arkansas

Brian Tyler Cohen: Fox's Chris Wallace HUMILIATES Trump aide over empty seats at Tulsa rally

I have said this before but need to again.

Haruke Kanata -Asian Kung Fu Generation

Ted Lieu giving a master class in trolling right here.

Trump's problem in Tulsa wasn't just empty seats. It was empty rhetoric.

Biden ad-we need more testing

Florida man...

Happy Father's Day, Mr President!

We rednecks have a way of describing how Trump looked when he got off Marine One

Biden ad-We need more testing

At least his dog seems concerned:

A new algorithm! The 3/4 of 1%


Photographing an Annular Solar Eclipse in the Desert

I can't stop laughing

Ha! Twitter setting music to Trump's pitiful return from Tulsa: Here, "Hail to the Chief" in C-Minor

Bolton just endorsed Biden

John Bolton is going to vote for Joe Biden

Do As Infinity / 真実の詩(Shinjitsu no Uta)


The ads, the ads, the ads are on FIRE!

Is he still having a rally in Phoenix on June 23???

NYPD suspends officer who allegedly used chokehold on unarmed Black man in QueensP

Tiedrich tweet: presidential accomplishments:

Miracles - Jefferson Starship

What I was thinking about while mowing the lawn today.

Trump has found another authoritarian dictator to cozy up to...

So the dog wants to go for a walk. I know it's a losing battle so I leash up and we head out.

Are you better off than you were four years ago?

The lack of credible third parties is going to hurt Trump bigly.

Owners to drop 'derogatory' Eskimo Pie ice cream name

Huge magnetic spots may explain weird light patterns of super-hot stars

This will date me: "We-l-l-l-l, you can call me Don or you can call me John---or you can

Obama rallys. Let's compare

I was up at CHAZ/CHOP in Seattle yesterday

Compilation of brags about 1 million plus coming to rally (tweet)

Why are sitcom dads still so inept?

Panama exhumes 19 bodies in search of victims of 1989 U.S. invasion

I Would Be

To make a long story very short...Trump now has a clue of what is coming..

France describes attack on Cuban medical cooperation as perverse

He was stunned and yelled at aides about the blue seats:

Ayumi Hamasaki - Voyage