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Archives: March 30, 2021

A leading Arizona promoter of election lies wants to be the state's top elections official.

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats are more than likely to win.

In the middle of the night comes a call (2nd tweet):


NYPD Hate Crimes Unit investigating video of passenger punching, choking Asian man on subway

It's a small, but poignant thing I noticed about Joe Biden

DA won't charge Palo Alto cop who sicced dog on innocent man

Did Chauvin defense SERIOUSLY blame the f**kin crowd for the cop killing Floyd ?!!? WTAF !

Biden's Lesson From Past Green Stimulus Failures: Go Even Bigger

Statement on GAO report on recommendations for the NLRB

Statement on GAO report on recommendations for the NLRB

McConnell blames election-related 'confusion' for Republican vaccine reluctance

Knew today would bring relief. Did not to expect to feel emotional. Because my wife is now safe.

Washington state House approves open carry ban at Capitol, permitted rallies

PM Update: Seasonably chilly tonight ahead of a very nice Tuesday

How bad a president was Donald Trump?

Democrats look to impose capital gains tax at death

I'm firmly against handing out water at the polls.

Lara Trump Joins Fox News

Sharp David Frum tweet:

Payment status Unavailable.

More than a dozen states to open vaccines to all adults

Biden Could Override Shitstain's Methane Rollback In Congress - With A Newt Gingrch Rule

Here's a game that's new to me. Looks like fun.

This Baylor / UConn women's game is a humdinger!

Alternative bidders emerge for newspaper chain Tribune

A story in four photo(s)

Some people were worried about a nonexistent problem, so we made a real one

'Active and dangerous scene': Mount Rushmore closed, 400 homes evacuated as multiple wildfires

Beto O'Rourke Slams Ted Cruz Over Ridiculous Border Stunt

Rambo Lindsey Graham Threatens AR-15 Shooting

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread!

Anyone Having Issues With Embedded Twitter Posts With Video?

My Opening Farewell: Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne

Fine Young Cannibals - Good Thing

The Director of the CDC is coming up on Rachel n/t

We really are on the perilous edge of losing our democracy

It's not about passing out water to people

Cat tank:

Capitol riot suspect wore 'I Was There' shirt when arrested

Parallels between Georgia and Ireland.

What lengths will Walmart go to in order to peddle their blueberries?

NYPD says 65-year-old Asian American woman was walking to church this morning when suspect assaulted

Cat playing piano:

By Punishing Raffensperger, The GOP Moves One Step Closer to Nullifying Democracy

The TRUTH About Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis The Divided State of America

Sweet - Fox On The Run

Jane Mayer:Inside the Koch-Backed Effort to Block the Largest Election-Reform Bill in Half a Century

Rachel is hilarious tonight!

Moonrise: Cascade Mountain Forest


An anthropologist showed a game to the children of an African tribe ...

Maru being weird again:

Alleged Capitol rioter called for public lynching of a Black police officer, prosecutors say

Here's another GOP voting law that's almost comically suspect

Kitteh tries to put her bed in the box:

This is pathetic

I know that everybody has their issues and things they want to achieve

Biden's CDC Director: If You're Not Scared Shitless About COVID-19, You Should Be

Rachel Maddow Slams Billionaires' Dark Money Use As Their Political Hobby

Kitty's daily delivery:

Eric Boehlert: Press ignores bombshell -- Trump negligence cost U.S. 400,000 Covid lives

I have a theory about SSA recipients, the Direct Express debit card, and the 3rd EIP stimulus

Trooper who arrested Ga. lawmaker says he was wary of a Jan. 6-type of attack

Former Tokyo Olympic Officials described by Bugs Bunny

Where is my gray image of a "non avatar?"

Immigration and Customs Enforcement Denies Asking Trump to Visit Border

Jesse Fuller - Let Me Hold You In My Arms Tonight

Sign I saw on the Hollywood Freeway going south near downtown.

Fully vaxed and two weeks immune build up tomorrow

Kentucky GOP Overrides Veto of Senate Vacancy Plan

The Rolling Stones - Waiting On A Friend

Who watches Snow Piercer?

Vent/rant about unclear speech

Sweeping legislation to overhaul state's electricity market in response to winter storm heads to

A "Blood Choke"

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump Fires Back at Fauci & Birx and Makes Babbling Wedding Toast at Mar-a-Lago

Osprey looking at me!

Neil Richardson - The Riviera Affair

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats will be more likely to win.

The message on Fox News tonight seems to be ..

The Monkees - Words

No convictions in case of undercover officer beaten during 2017 protest (St. Louis)

What if you wanted to give some people in line a folding chair to sit on

Our Farce of a Justice System, White Cops get away with beating up Black Cop in STL...

Trump Furious Birx Not Giving Him Credit For First 100,000 Deaths

Bills restricting abortion, including one that bans procedure as early as six weeks, get initial

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

F*ck You, Representative James White

Gab CEO questions where all the money raised by Trump to "stop the steal" went

Chile president proposes delaying election on new constitution

Minstrel of the Dawn - Gordon Lightfoot

'Strange and inappropriate': Flood victim says Cuomo came onto her in her home

If chauvin gets off, I will be in the street. I am done with this bullshit.

Mummified parrots point to trade in the ancient Atacama desert

Jackson Browne - Running on Empty

Black lawmakers, NAACP and students push back on UT-Austin's "The Eyes of Texas" report, urge school

Shirt, er, tweet of the moment

My vaccine appointment is Wednesday, and I have a question.

FSFP is suing the U.S. Election Assistance Comm'n. The agency has failed to disclose backchannel com

Joe: we remember the brave members of our armed forces who sacrificed so much in service of our nati

Happy Birthday to @TedLieu! A fantastic congressman and a great person standing up for our democracy

☦ 'O Gladsome Light', St. Vladimir's Seminary Choir/'Irmos St. Andrew of Crete Great Canon'

When Cindy Hyde Smith was running for office, did she ever campaign on a Sunday?

donald trump is a Mass Murderer

Tuesday Digit: 10/10 - This is the peak, the best weather day of the week. -Matt, CWG

☦ Orthodox Christian: 'O Gladsome Light',Trabachev Valaam Chant w/ Female Doubling

Bryan Adams: Summer of 69, Live

Former Mexican politician pleads guilty to money laundering in areas including San Antonio

☦ Orthodox Christian: 'O Gladsome Light', OCA Vespers

Kim Mulkey: Covid denier

Their lies are bad enough, but their stupid is stunning

☦ Orthodox Christian: Psalm 33:16-22, English Standard Version

You'll have to wait a bit longer for your discretely packaged item...

Fear Inoculum

ACLU: Arkansas has become the first state to ban health care for trans youth.

NASA in the process of retiring ISS in favor of private space stations

Inside Mexico's Mysterious "Bat Cave" of Blind and Deaf Hanging Snakes

Inside Mexico's Mysterious "Bat Cave" of Blind and Deaf Hanging Snakes

3/30 Mike Luckovich: Flowing water

Biden to release his first wave of judicial nominees

Stop the Genocide! Garfuna Land Defenders Fight Against State-Sanctioned Violence in Honduras


Islands of plastic floating off the coasts of Central America

Islands of plastic floating off the coasts of Central America

Texas lawmakers push for police reforms in response to Botham Jean shooting

Dominion Voting Systems building 'legal armada' to sue Trump supporters for billions: report

Can someone explain to me why a jar of strawberry jam had to be imported from Egypt and a box...

Susman Godfrey-Dominion Voting Systems building 'legal armada' to sue Trump supporters for billions-

Our dog Shadow caught her tail, finally.

Mexico overrun by mask-less tourists, closes Chichn Itz Maya ruins

Washington's role in Berta Cceres' 2016 murder in Honduras

The Daily Show: The Role Of Women In Apartheid South Africa - Between the Scenes

Dallas Rep. Colin Allred taking short paternity leave to take care of newborn son

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Violence Against Women & Why It's Up to Men to Stop It

Isn't life cruel enough without cruel words? - Hello - Pop Life B-side - Prince

Improve Public Health, the Environment and Racial Equity All at Once: Upgrade Low-Income Housing

Tim Miller: Capitol Riot Deniers 'Are Telling A Lie So Their Political Project Can Go On' - Deadline

I Can't Even Post About What Will Happen If Closet Klan Juror Let's Him Off

Prince - Shredding The Guitar Compilation

How My Godless Redass Daddy Woulda Handled the Lil Nas X Situation - Trae Crowder

Arkansas has become the first state to ban health care for trans youth.

The Beatles - Blue Jay Way

Olivia Troye Says There Should Be A Full Investigation Into Trump Admin. Covid Response - Deadline

They are freaking out over the popularity of new voting rights bills.

Tracy Chapman - Fast Car

New Trump Probe Launched: Task Force Member Says 400k Covid-19 Deaths Due To Leadership Failure

Asian woman attacked. Nearby security do nothing

Cars owned by elderly Asian-Americans set on fire in Oakland, Calif.

Since Maryland restaurant and retail capacity limits ended on March 12,

After Putin-Trump Disinfo, FBI Warns How To Spot "Deep Fake" Videos Online - The Beat - MSNBC

The Amazon Rainforest Now Emits More Greenhouse Gases Than It Absorbs

40 Years Ago Today; Attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan

The Problem With Normalizing Stephen Miller - All In - MSNBC

Two KXL protesters in South Dakota face criminal charges

NY Public Housing Inspector Sends Racist 'Ching Chong' Letter to Vietnamese Tenants

Pollution concerns lead to bottled water for French Island

Former Columbus mayor pleads guilty to bank fraud in real estate development case

'We Can Get There!': Stunning Pace Of U.S. Vaccinations Puts Pandemic's End In Sight - Rachel Maddow

3 fraternity pledges cited in theft of rare tree from UW Arboretum in Madison

When trying to clear your name becomes a confession...

America's Obsession With Wipes Is Tearing Up Sewer Systems

Gov. Tony Evers announces he'll direct $2.5 billion in federal relief money to economic recovery in

On ABCs WNN this morning "Trump says Fauci and Birx are

Ukrainian Association in Baraboo honors Nazi collaborators with statues at children's summer camp

300 days of Black Lives Matter protest

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (Q) is in quarantine after a recent exposure to an individual who tested pos

Residents of Fort Atkinson shocked that 2019 petroleum spill by Enbridge went unreported for over a

Getting our 5 G vaccines this morning and I told my wife the deep state is already watching

Tony Evers signs bill aimed at lowering prescription drug prices in Wisconsin

US Senate Elections in 2022 that Democrats will be more likely to win.

A Black Lives Matter activist exposed the role two local police officers played in the Capitol insur

New Covid vaccines needed globally within a year, say scientists

New Covid vaccines needed globally within a year, say scientists

Prosecutors Add Sex Trafficking Charges Against Ghislaine Maxwell

Canada pauses AstraZeneca vaccine for under 55

The Louvre Just Put Its Entire Art Collection Online so You Can View It at Home for Free

China sharply reduces elected seats in Hong Kong legislature

Vaccine stops brain tumor growth in humans: We're beginning to exploit the Achilles' heel of cancer

Manila Locks Down as COVID-19 Cases Surge in the Philippines

PWB Peeps: Expect the Unexpected!

The QANON gang will be parsing this for weeks.....

Biden's Schedule for Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Georgia Governor Declares Water a Gateway Drug That Leads to Voting

How to stay safe from COVID this summer, according to experts

I took a walk last night in the light of the full moon, and when I looked up at it I realized...

Could congress in regard to the election stealing

Czech billionaire among 5 killed in Alaska helicopter crash

The best combo ever, she's OCD and I'm ADD.

Confrontational politics.

Looks like most of the fascist insurrectionists are getting off with a little slap on the wrist.

Prager U gets owned

The Antiscience Movement Is Escalating, Going Global and Killing Thousands

FYI and in keeping with the boycott on Coca-Cola products, I purchased a "Publix" brand diet cola

Michigan: 53% surge in hospitalizations BUT none who were fully / partially vaccinated.

Man in the moon looks alien this morning

@fshakir tells @mehdirhasan: "You're gonna see workers take courage from one another."

Pence reemerges. Prepares for a 2024 run.

Cats (cartoon)

SPECIAL KIND OF STIPIDITY: Capitol riot suspect wore 'I Was There' shirt when arrested

Vaccination question not asked by the MSM

Oops !

Witness: Derek Chauvin purposely shifted weight to add pressure on George Floyd's neck

"Got any bread?"

Tuesday TOONs - They're Crowing About It

"Old is ..."

Hand Sanitizer RECALL

No vax for me update from 06:00 post my wife received the j&j

Commit sedition and get no jail time.

New Comic Releases for March 31, 2021

Iowa COVID cases jump sharply, test positivity among highest in nation

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 3/24/21

The Rundown: March 30, 2021


House inheritance tax phaseout differs from 'aggressive' Senate plan

Eric Nelson isnt working alone to defend

The way we were: Lockdown one year ago.

7 Thrilling SFF Murder Mysteries

Who are these "insurrectionists"?

Tennessee's 'permitless carry' bill passes, heads to Governor

California members of Congress want wildland firefighter jobs to become year-round

Sure, now that nobody is listening to you ...

Video shows Asian American woman assaulted on NYC street

The Mandarin "N" word that is not THE N word

Taize song, 'Behuete mich, Gott'

A moment of Zen: Chaffinches and a Blackcap in my pond at the weekend.

This Day in History

Does anyone have links for live streams for 2nd day of Chauvin trial ???

President Biden's first judicial nominees

Whenever you see Birks working her redemption tour - Remember THIS:

Best film I've seen in ages: "The Father"

Black woman branded a 'troublemaker' by neighbors after she exposed local cops as MAGA rioters

Want to book Donald or Melania for an event? Trump has a new website for that

Dr. Birx: Trump responsible for 450,000 American Deaths

Kentucky lawmakers override veto of McConnell-backed Senate vacancy plan

A pair of V-22s just came past the Alexandria waterfront headed north from Quantico. NT

"Political persecution"?

All evidence supports and confirms...

There is a LOT of bs in this FB post to unwrap

Go Joe. It looks like he has killed the Keystone Pipeline. Yahoo News.

Senior Australian politician jokes she'd 'kill' to be sexually harassed... and no, it's not funny

Alaska Elections

I learned more about hams this week. I didn't know the spiral cut hams are already cooked.

Jim Acosta: Just the shot in the arm I needed (check out his shirt).

'Sad clown' Donald Trump's new website ridiculed by critics for hyping his 'magnificent legacy'

Numbering of DU posts.

Why don't we get Bill Hader's character Stefon any more? it was hysterically FUNNY

The GOP has turned itself into the pro-COVID, anti-democracy party.

What's for Breakfast, Tues., Mar. 30, 2021

Biden Makes 1st Judicial Nominations, Including A Supreme Court Contender

U.S. Satisfaction with Vaccine Rollout Surges

Calling judgment on Covid a year ago - It is FINISHED, it is OVER

Review: Tammy Duckworth illustrates a bold refusal to quit

'Magnificent Legacy': Trump Blows Smoke Up His Own Ass on New Website

What is the difference between trump


Dominion Builds Legal Behemoth to Drain Trumpland of Billions

Dog makes a mistake in picking door #1

Stanford Scientists Post mRNA Sequence for Moderna Vaccine on Github

Former Parler CEO says Dan Bongino owns no shares, got hustled by Rebekah Mercer

Behind the dark-money web that put Barrett (and Kavanaugh and Gorsuch) on the Supreme Court

Watching Chauvin trial on MSNBC

I don't believe the Florida covid data

You've heard about a Cash Cow - How'z about a Cash Cat

Covid vaccine appts available in Colonial Heights, VA for April 3/May 1.

Pic Of The Moment: Hoping To Reap The Rewards Of Total Loyalty, Pence Lays Groundwork For 2024 Run

Rep. Matt Gaetz eyes early retirement from Congress to take job at Newsmax

Girl rabbits don't lay eggs either

Drumpf judge tells transgender persons they don't decide their gender. Other people do

Marjorie Traitor Greene says that a vaccine passport is "Biden's Mark of the Beast"

Security guard has been suspended.

So, what is the opposite of the bystander effect?

Biden admin remakes vaccine strategy after mass vaccination sites fizzle

The Antiscience Movement Is Escalating, Going Global and Killing Thousands

Help for leg pain/mobilty

US Senate seats that are up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats are more likely going to win.

I think the prosecutor in the Chauvin case just destroyed the defense's entire questioning

586 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Tues.; 23 deaths

Trump's Appeal in Defamation Case Dismissed by N.Y. Court

Florida's Ron DeSantis says he'll ban 'vaccine passports'

We just got our first vaccine appointment!!!

"I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees." --Henry David Thoreau

Former Air Force general gets probation for possessing child porn

Now CARLSON, before it was Brit HUME - demeaning Juan WILLIAMS

Good Day DU (March 30, 2021)

Texas repugs are attempting to redistrict Texas courts

Eric Clapton has a birthday today.

Young girls testimony live-What a HERO!

Cartoon: Trumpity diggity By Clay Jones -March 30, 2021 9:00 AM

Pot for shots

Trump takes mic at a wedding and pushes 2020 election lies (CNN)

Scoop: Matt Gaetz eyes early retirement to take job at Newsmax

SpaceX Mars rocket prototype explodes during test flight

Did Capitol Police erase footage of Rep. Lauren Boebert leading insurgency reconnaissance tours?

Labor and environmental groups work together on infrastructure

Van Gogh was born on this date.

1 American evacuated from Mozambique as ISIS-linked rebels seize coastal town

WHO Chief Faults Covid Report, Urges Study of Possible Lab Leak

Dauphin County postal employee pleads guilty to mail theft

Mule on equestrian trail leads hikers to fallen owner

Officer who arrested Ga. state Rep. Park Cannon says Jan. 6 was 'in the back of my mind'

How can I convince a friend to get the vaccine? (Note: not an anti-vaxxer)

Democrat Says He Will Oppose Any Biden Tax Plan Without SALT Fix

EXTREMISM: Meet the Fake Lawyer Who Goes to War for Anti-Mask Restaurants (Truly on the Fringe)

Driver, 84, hits reverse by mistake and winds up parked atop another car

Secret Service report says school shootings are preventable, with similar warning signs

Democrats On Friendly Turf in 2022 Governors Races

The Blues Are Brewing

GOP Gov. Kristi Noem reverses following pressure from the right, signs anti-trans executive order

Trump must face 'Apprentice' contestant's defamation lawsuit -NY court

House Democrats target HHS 'sunset' rule with Congressional Review Act

Schumer eyes obscure maneuver to pass Biden's infrastructure bill

Witness to George Floyd killing shuts down Derek Chauvin's defense attorney

Secretary Pete backtracks on a mileage tax as funding for the infrastructure bill

Proud Boys organizer charged in Capitol attack says he aided FBI 'antifa' inquiries

Rep. Matt Gaetz eyes early retirement from Congress to take job at Newsmax

Salmon burgers sold at Costco recalled for risk from metal pieces

Trump's favorite new candidate exposes the true depths of GOP radicalization

Third group files legal challenge to Georgia's restrictive new elections law

The Ever Given is sitting in an artificial lake off the Suez Canal while experts work out whether

Trump knew COVID was very bad while he was lying to Americans about it "going away"

Analysis: Corporations, wealthy pay in Biden infrastructure plan, not drivers and riders

Zip-Tie Guy, and His Mommy, Allowed to Go Back Home Before Capitol Riot Trial

Spain sets aside 665,000 euros to pay for exhumations at "Valley of the Fallen" memorial

Greg Olear: War Between the States (of Reality)

Man sentenced for using Molotov cocktails to burn police cars during Seattle protest

Trump will be President again by this summer because a guy who sells pillows says so.

Jayapal Calls on Biden to Fire T---- -Appointed Social Security Officials Who Delayed Covid Relief

'I Believe I Witnessed a Murder': Bystander Who Saw George Floyd's Death Tears Up Listening to 911..

Brazil on edge as three military chiefs resign after Bolsonaro fires defense minister

Trump on Cameo? Former President Fielding Requests for Personal 'Greetings' on His New Website

DeathSantis cooked the books to hide thousands of Covid deaths.

Which states are likely to elect an Indian American to the US Senate in the near future?

Georgia House passes permanent daylight saving time bill

Bizarre 'worm tornado' in New Jersey has scientists baffled

It's a 'perversion of truth.' Children of MLK, John Lewis and CT Vivian condemn Georgia voting law

On this day, March 30, 1853, Vincent van Gogh was born.

Pence reemerges, lays groundwork for 2024 run

Surprise! States That Make It Harder to Vote Had Lower Turnout in 2020

Plot twist...

Derek Chauvin Defense

It's John Boehner vs. Donald Trump in Ohio Republican primary

21 Senate Democrats urge Biden to put recurring stimulus checks, unemployment aid extension in,,,

The Chauvin defense that he had underlying health issues is easy to beat.

AKC: The Most Popular Dog Breeds of 2020

I know it's early in the trial, but...

Climate Deniers in the 117th Congress - Center for American Progress

Elizabeth Warren unloads on Archegos meltdown: 'All the makings of a dangerous situation'

He's back..Trump: Visit to southern border likely in 'next couple of weeks'

SpaceX launches test rocket that breaks apart before landing

Francisco Lindor asks for the moon: 12-years, $385 million

White House announces measures to address anti-Asian violence

Mercedes Schlapp melts down after Fox News guest calls her a 'grifter'

World Bank Predicts that Brazil Will Be Among The Worst Performing Economies in Latin America 2021

Darnella Frazier's last words on the stand were heartbreaking:

Michigan couple sentenced to 15 days for alcohol at party linked to teen's fatal crash

Doesn't "Julio" know that as soon as you raise your voice

Media Staging Border Crossings?

Biden Announces Diverse First Slate Of 11 Judicial Nominees

The Three Factions of the American Left

Where did you receive your Covid vaccination shot?

The Biden Administration

Another Proud Boy has been arrested

Baylor's Kim Mulkey gives ridiculous opinion about COVID-19 testing

Cardona suspends collection of 1 million federal student loans in default

Too damn high guy on Trump flags

New Revelations About GOP Governors Prove That COVID-19 Has Truly Been An American Genocide

An Italian view of the seder

"The defamation suit against Donald Trump filed by Summer Zervos is back on track after New York's h

Thorium based nuclear power is the best choice for our energy future not wind or solar

US Olympic Committee will allow kneeling, raised fists at qualifying trials

Sabotage Is All Republicans Can Do To Biden It Almost Worked Sabotaging Obama

Cartoons 3/30/2021

Sister act: Snohomish twins back on HGTV's 'Unsellable Houses'

The Wild and Crazy Journey of a Book.

Hillary broke the Suez Canal.

No convictions for St Louis officers who beat Black undercover colleague at protest

Dana Nessel PSA:

T-Mobile Set to Shutter TVision Just Six Months After Launch

Got my second dose of the Pfizer vaccine today.

Canada is struggling to deport its last known Nazi suspect

Kayleigh McEnany Named Co-Host Of Fox News' 'Outnumbered'

Sick City: Disease, race, inequality and urban land

Do you know anyone who needs a vaccine in Texas? Follow these websites to locate one today.

Biden's Judicial Nominees Have Diverse Backgrounds

Will New York's Legislature Cancel a MAGA Park?

Trump Facing 'Criminal Exposure': Ex-DOJ Official Says Subpoenas Likely Next

AG Merrick Garland hones in on hate crime enforcement, calls for 30-day review

No amount of rock music can cover it up. DeSantis dodged the unemployment question, again

Myanmar junta deepens violence with new air attacks

God: Life Is Indeed A Test ...

IRS will figure your new UI deduction if you have already filed 2020 taxes. No need to amend.

Monkeys experience the visual world the same way people do

A few more seditionists rounded up

NATO scrambles jets 10 times to track Russian military planes across Europe

Our puppy Shadow raided the laundry basket one morning.

Volkswagen is really rebranding as 'Voltswagen' in the US

My medical organization just announced 100,000 patients vaccinated.

Delaney & Bonnie - Groupie (Superstar)

Brazil on edge as three military chiefs resign after Bolsonaro fires defense minister

McConnell's tough sell: Brighter days ahead don't belong to Democrats

Does Nike actually have a case against the "Satan Shoe" company?

DeSantis goes full jackass Part II

New Gallup poll says less than half of Americans now belong to a church

Ted Cruz Complains He Was Taunted At The Border And You Know What Happened Next

Dog agility championship ESPN2 Wed 3/31 at 8 pm est

We're Finally Speaking Out! ...

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott banned mask mandates. Nevertheless, Austin persisted.

Study: Blue and Purple Counties Adapted to Covid-Red Counties Did Not

There's a stimulus payment date for Social Security and other federal beneficiaries!

"The Blinding of Isaac Woodward" tonight on PBS

Video: Amazon workers in Alabama can make history.

President Biden Announces Intent to Nominate 11 Judicial Candidates

Dan Rodimer ran for Congress in Nevada as a suburban family man and lost. Now he's running in Texas

Amazon workers in Alabama can make history.

Mom of police officer injured in riot outraged by Trump's lie

So I have two right-wing sisters. One has gotten the vaccine already, but ...

Biden administration's global human rights report is a rebuke of Trump priorities

The Hosts Battling to Be Fox News' Next Tucker Carlson

My Trump Friend Is Blaming Biden For Relief Checks Being Held Up Even Though T****'s People

2 JBLM soldiers accused of robbing, kidnapping pizza delivery driver

2 rescued from small plane crash in Clark County

Tennessee wildflower scavenger hunt

Kamala: A harm against any one of us is a harm against all of us. @POTUS and I will not be silent wh

Chris Hahn on Fox: The right is spreading conspiracy theories and it's costing lives.

Just got No. 2 at Walgreens!

Courting an Ex

Courting an Ex

The Salesforce Tower will stand for centuries, but the employees are gone

We have a live look at the cherry blossoms in bloom in Washington, D.C.

3 more insurrectionists

Watch LIVE: Derek Chauvin Trial for George Floyd Death - Day 2

Fox News is not covering the murder trial

Men think they are pulling a cruel joke, unwittingly advance women's rights.

Judge running for PA Supreme Court appears on show hosted by QAnon conspiracy theorists

*9:45 pm Rebel Without a Cause (1955)

Covid-19 Vaccine Skeptics Explain Why They Don't Want The Shot

DeSantis disputes Florida denies unemployment benefits to expectant mothers. It does.

Not Heading To Paris This Summer? The Louvre Has Digitized 482,000 Artworks

"Trumpism" Is Simply White Supremacy - sayeth Thom Hartmann

Woman rearranges entire house for earless dog's bizarre habit

It's heartbreaking, listening to these young girls testifying about watching George Floyd die

I Have A Friend In Pennsylvania...

How do coronavirus variants form and will the current vaccines work against them?

Why U.S. Roads And Highways Are So Bad

I look like a fox...I look like a wolf...I look like a bear....

Cedar Rapids advocates urge permanent rental ban on landlord of nuisance properties

The Mother of a Capitol Police Officer Seriously Injured in Insurrection Blasts Trump

Kentucky's GOP legislature overrode Beshear's veto on how to replace U.S. Senators

@MarsCuriosity Wish you were here! This selfie was taken in front of "Mont Mercou," a rock formation

Consumer confidence surges in March to highest point in year

Not than I necessarily condone breaking the rules, but...

Zero Sum Game (The Lincoln Project)

First experimental evidence for the formation of 'Martian spiders'

Meet The "New" Republican Party (The Lincoln Project)

Golden Retriever always gets super excited to see the UPS driver.

Step by step, the #MarsHelicopter Ingenuity is getting ready to drop to the surface. Once it's all u

McConnell blames election-related 'confusion' for Republican vaccine reluctance

WALENSKY: "Our data from the CDC today suggests that vaccinated people do not carry the virus."

Lunar lava tubes may soon have a autonomous glass spherical robot rolling around inside of them

Fox News says 9 year old girl is a "teen."

Republicans and the popular vote. Let this sink in.

Can you steer through the Suez Canal? - An interactive webpage from CNN

Middle Age Riot LOL!

Co-worker told me they aren't getting the vaccine

One Way Out

Just Ordered My Losers 1865 - 1945 - 2020 T- Shirt - Check It Out

Major Biden involved in another biting incident at the White House

George Floyd urinated on himself while down...

Roger Goodell: We expect full stadiums in 2021

The Folks Complaining The Loudest ...

Is there a comparable fast-food alternative to the classic Chick-fil-A sandwich?

Those Who Do Not Learn ...

Live Icelandic volcano eruption, March 30, 2021 Cameras 1 & 2

Mr big paws our thirteen year old golden retriever is barking at me , come on man I love meatloaf

If It's Any Consolation ...

Easter Bassets

Quote of the Day

US Dept. of State: Joint Statement on the WHO-Convened COVID-19 Origins Study

Big time cold front sweeping east this week,

So We're Supposed To Believe ...

Deputies indicted on manslaughter charges in Javier Ambler death by Travis County grand jury

George Floyd

Biden administration expanding pause on student loan interest and collections

Hypocrite Rep. Madison Cawthorn Tries To Take Credit For NC Stimulus That He Voted Against

K-pop stars BTS share racial discrimination they faced

Among the COVID-19 long-haulers: Iowa Rep. Amy Nielsen, who says it's 'like you have the flu for two

Joe: Nominating judges who reflect America is a top priority. That's why today I announced 11 nomine

Police are searching for the person that painted this tunnel 😬

NFL owners approve enhanced schedule with 17 regular-season games per team

United States senator Lindsey Graham states that his "crib" is the last upon which "gangstas" ...

Almost there... @NASAPersevere

When George Floyd went into the back of the cop car he was a healthy guy

65-Year-Old Asian Woman Attacked As Bystanders Watch - The Damage Report

how about some sunny pacific island reggae vibes for your afternoon?

Infamous televangelist who declared 'Jesus is the vaccine' mocked in local newspaper after getting a

Firefighter's testimony should destroy Chauvin's defense.

FEMA vaccination center will open at Greenbelt Metro Station on April 7

Got my first Pfizer jab today.

Ruh roh: Major Biden 'nips' National Parks Service staffer

It's really simple

What's for Dinner, Tues., March 30, 2021

Has anyone ever examined the $20 bill

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats will be more likely to win.

LOL. Truth telling heard yesterday

When I was in HS I played against David Clyde.

One Way to Get RWers to Get the Shot ...

Wow, Derek Chauvin is wringing his hands continuously.

Over 4,000 migrants, many kids, crowded into Texas facility

Over 4,000 migrants, many kids, crowded into Texas facility

Can anyone figure out the defense strategy here?

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 31 March 2021

George R.R. Martin may be unable to finish his Game of Thrones books.

Russian mercenaries accused of human rights abuses in Central African Republic

I could NOT love this EMT/Firefighter witness more.

Madison Cawthorne Touts Relief Funds He Opposed

I think the firefighter just stated the police officers had killed the man again.

Leopolitan (Leo P and the Velvet Trinity)

Florida COVID numbers face new scrutiny

Will Chauvin's fellow officers testify?

hummingbird nest cam [LIVE]

Chauvin Trial: Witnesses are great!

Opportunity to Think Big with Revenue Forecast and Federal Rescue Dollars

$$ thousand a day to rent a car in Hawaii? yes...

Watching the George Floyd Trial...

Legislature eyes early end to session

'Captain Underpants' Book Pulled Off Shelves for 'Passive Racism' and Asian Stereotypes

Matt Gaetz being investigated by DOJ (started under Barr) for relationship with 17-year-old girl

The Piano

DOJ is investigating Gaetz

Rachel Maddow Dominates As Fox News Loses 30% Of Its Audience

Why Transgender Girls Are Suddenly the GOP's New Target

To Fox News Viewers, The Coronavirus Pandemic Is Now One Big Joke

North Dakota Senate to consider putting recreational marijuana to voters

Matt Gaetz Is Said to Be Investigated Over Possible Sexual Relationship With a Girl, 17

Genevieve Clara Hansen

Matt Gaetz Is Said to Be Investigated Over Possible Sexual Relationship With a Girl, 17

Today's not a good day to be Matt Gertz (of MMFA)

WHO clarified today that China-WHO origins of covid-19 team did not extensively assess the lab leak

Baylor coach calls for end of COVID-19 testing at NCAA tournament

Eyewitness testimony in Chauvin trial was traumatic to watch and listen to

North Dakota Senate flushes resolution to legalize online poker

But but liberals are the pedos!

I say, give the man exactly what he wants.

Giant wall sticker in San Antonio (I can't unsee this. So now you can't either.)

Is it sexist of me to not really want to drive now that my husband is getting older???

If Gov. Kristi Noem is so determined to force a court battle over transgender bill, she should pay

QAnon wonders, what happen to the children in containers on the Ever Given Suez Canal ship?

Julie K. Brown - "Just a hunch: Greenberg flipped on Matt Gaetz."

Matt Gaetz; aka Professor Got2b Glued, under investigation for sexual allegations with a 17 yo girl.

Matt Gaetz was the lone no vote on anti-human trafficking bill & is friends w/ sex trafficker being

Breaking: Gaetz being investigated by DOJ

How to Fight Authoritarianism by Wesley K Clark

CNN: EMT's had to push Chauvin off George Floyds neck.

Our fervently anti-socialist congressional reps get hopping mad when federal money to Rapid City is

Gaetz has an ironclad defense:

Indiana Rep. Jim Lucas faces calls to resign after shocking comments to black surgeon

Pau (drummer for The Warning) covers Creep by Radiohead

Matt Gaetz. n/t

Girls in STEM hit my happy old feminist spot

ZZ Hill - Down Home Blues

Should Gaetz Marry or Adopt the 17 year Old?

Spring is definitely here. I have six STD checks on my schedule today.

Florida's Covid Statistics Look Fishy

How social media spread a historical lie (Washington Post)

Casualty of Covid? Apparently you can't rent cars now (for less than $200 per day)

"Trumpism" Is Simply White Supremacy

Is anyone looking into the Waterbury Secrets ?

Rock Steady: Bonnie Raitt, Bryan Adams

Should anti-vaxxers/anti-maskers be allowed access to hospital 1st responders /resources?

Lynn Valley library, shops remain closed after Saturday's knife attack in North Vancouver

So is FL the sex trafficking capital of the United States or something?

What a long strange trip it's been.....

On Gaetz developing situation.

How to Fight Authoritarianism by Wesley K Clark

Well, well. QAnon is worried about Sex Traffickers. How do they feel about GOP star, Matt Gaetz?

Witnesses: Onlooker anger increased as Floyd stopped moving

Jessica Denson wins lawsuit over Trump campaign's illegal NDAs.

Hospital Charged Family Almost $40K for 12 COVID Tests so They Could Return to Work, School

#PizzaGaetz! Yes, that's a thing.

Ethics upholds Screwy Louie Gohmert's $5,000 metal detector fine

Biden administration allows media inside Texas border tent packed with minors

Rep. Matt Gaetz is 'under investigation for sex trafficking, and paid to have her travel with him

Elvis Costello & Burt Bacharach - God Give Me Strength

Democrats have a growing tax problem with SALT

Gaetz throws his dad to the wolves

Trump's Appeal in Defamation Case Dismissed by N.Y. Court (Zervos case)

Dog Finds An Injured Parrot And They Become Best Friends

US Air Force expected to launch debut test of new hypersonic missile

'Trump' reacts to the Matt Gaetz investigation:

Gaetz responds.......kinda forgets that the investigation started under Barr DOJ

Do I have A.D.D.? I'll describe some of my behaviors.

Chinese Fighter Pilot Says Taiwan 'All Ours' After Being Asked to Leave Airspace

Gaetz Edition of "There's Always a Tweet"

On March 29, 1986, Falco hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 with the single Rock Me Amadeus.

Ever Given is no longer blocking the Suez Canal, but Russia sees a long-term benefit from it

Herd immunity could come and go (tweet):

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro replaces six ministers as Covid crisis balloons

Florida man accused in Capitol riot cites 'psychological burdens' of being in jail

Officials say executive order with 'a dozen' actions forthcoming after SolarWinds, Microsoft breach

Dallas City Council approves DART D2 Subway resolution

Jen Psaki

Opinion: Don't believe conservative fearmongering over vaccine passports

Hosmer Lake - Cascade Range

NYC Mayoral candidate gives up on online forums...

Why the World's Container Ships Grew So Big

Suez Canal logjam boosts China-Europe rail link

Killer T cells boost immunity to coronavirus variants: study

Is this Gaetz tweet real?

White House confirms President Biden won't throw first pitch at Nationals opening day

Cutest puppy ever delightfully plays with roll of tape

Anyone else being hounded by a Kidney foundation in Kensington, MD?

G. Gordon Liddy, undercover operative convicted in Watergate scandal, dies at 90

Biden must build back greener for a post-pandemic recovery

Chicken surprise:

Marjorie Taylor Greene Humiliates Herself By Claiming A Vaccine Passport Is Biden Satanism

Ethics panel affirms Rep. Gohmert fine over metal detector

A reminder: The UK has been in full lockdown since January 4.

G. Gordon Liddy has died at age 90.

Filmmaker shot to death while shooting documentary on gun violence

The thought of them nailing Gaetz with the Mann Act makes me delirious with delight.

Blinken swipes at Trump administration in unveiling human rights report