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Impeach the plant almost done,


Let hate sit alone.

Just got a third heart!

South Dakota's HB 1057 Bill Targeting Trans Youth Effectively Dies in Senate Committee Vote

Thanks for the love ... val hearts

Biden struggles to find path as Buttigieg, Bloomberg rise

Trump admin sues New Jersey and Washington state county over 'sanctuary' policies

BTRTN New Hampshire Preview and Projection: Bernie Will Win a Home Game, Pete Makes it Close

Here are 5 of the weirdest auroras, including the newly spotted 'dunes'

An update on that Susan Collins "He's learned his lesson" thing

Sean Hannity is at the Biden event in Manchester, 1.5 miles from where #Trumprally starts shortly

Please everyone refrain from posting anything fron

I can hardly wait to get some dirt under my fingernails.

I wanted to thank the 3 folks who gave me Valentine Hearts

Are the Bloomberg ads running on faux like they are everywhere else?

Nina Turner....

The Unusual Earth Orbit Circling Above Our Ancient Past Roger G. Gilbertson TEDxColoradoSprings

Just saw Nina Turner on Ari

Timothy Snyder Explains The Road to Unfreedom -- How To Develop a Politics of The Future

Warren bringing the jokes to the campaign trail

Would someone talk to me about Michael Bennett Sen of Colorado

Trump wants further cut pandemic funding by 34 percent.

Michael J. Fox on Pete Buttigieg

High court rules Aboriginal Australians are not 'aliens' under the constitution and cannot be deport

Thanks for the hearts! My Dilemma:

Latest Quinnipiac: Everybody beats #orangeface

On the eve of NH's vote, this one goes out to James Carville and Chris Mathews

Trump endears himself to NH MAGAts by bringing up his "Very beautiful" daughter, Princess Ivanka

Trump moves to cap pay raise for civilian government workers at 1 percent

Krystal Ball: Voters reject media's Bernie bashing

Will Bunch: The most horrifying thing about Trump's State of the Union? The two words he never said

A rant: Krinkle Kut 'French fries' are an abomination!

I had a throw-back to my long ago teenage years.

So did Asshole do his dreary voice again tonight?

More Hearts. Thank You.

Vanilla candidates...

Jackson State University President Resigns Following Prostitution Sting Arrest

Behold - a article with not-horrible comments

Trump tells MAGAts he didn't win NH because of "Hundreds and hundreds of buses from Massachusetts"

How to brainwash someone - Good information to see how people get stuck.

Trump following the Democrats around...

Watch this dog fall in love with her new baby brother 😍


Mike! Mike! Mike! Mike 2020 BLOOMBERG/Team Bloomberg

Watch this perfect time-lapse of a dog growing up with her best friend 💙

Surgery tomorrow!

If we get to the convention without a nominee with the required delegates

Tiny bear cubs seized from hunters learn to be wild together 🐻❤️🐻

M. J. Hegar running for Senate in Texas.

Trump looks to kill student loan forgiveness program

This is what a baby emu looks like 😍

And the Oscar for best movie goes to...

Klobuchar roars into contention on eve of primary

Death toll from coronavirus exceeds 1,000

DOJ whistleblower complaint suggests anti-trafficking grants went to questionable charities: report

This guy chased down a fox to save his life!

Uh, Yeah, Uh-Huh . . . Bolsonaro Sending Paramilitaries To Amazon To "Protect Against Deforestation"

Watching AOC right now. Is she a contender for 2024?

Charlotte Hornets mascot attacks mall maintenance man, mascot loses

Schumer asks for sweeping probe of whistleblower retaliation after Trump's retribution campaign

Over 100 US troops have been diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries following Iran strike

QAnon Believers Are Now Running for Congress

Abandoned Puppies Found In A Box At Night

80 Years Ago Today; Tom and Jerry premieres in theaters

Trump's New Budget Goes After Social Safety Net Programs

Chinstrap Penguin Numbers In Freefall In Antarctic Islands; Down Nearly 60% In 50 Years

Just hours to go, New Hampshire primary voters still can't make up their minds

Shower buds ♥️

What's at stake in the Democratic primaries

Coast Guard offloads $338 million worth of seized cocaine in San Diego

Disinfecting Wuhan.

I've worked up a draft of what the next NYT Trump Voter Diner story will look like . . .

Tweet of the night:

Democrats pan Trump's budget proposal as 'dead on arrival'

House Democratic campaign arm raised $12.1 million in January

CenturyLink Field to go cashless ahead of Seattle Dragons XFL home opener

Madeleine Albright and Igor Ivanov: A Plea to Save the Last Nuclear Arms Treaty

The first openly gay federal judge passed away at 72

If China valued free speech, there would be no coronavirus crisis

I say bring back those good old traditional American energy sources!!!!

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Apocalypse Now!

Pentagon: 109 troops suffer brain injuries from Iran strike

'Parasite' rich vs. poor theme evokes growing US wealth gap: 'It's never been this bad'

📍Sanders rally in Durham - Quite a split screen - Trump rally in Manchester

Thank you for all the love.❤

Trump cover-up achieved, Moscow Mitch returns Senate to acting as Trump's conveyor belt for judges

Just heard a talking head on tv say

Heart hunting - mother load in the lounge

Death Toll Tops 1,000; Mortality Estimate at 1%: Virus Update

Virginia's political shift may spread to NC

Billy Bragg - Levi Stubbs' Tears

Va House votes to ban strip search of kids under 14 visiting jails

Bloomberg in 2015: "you can just take the description, Xerox it and pass it out to cops"

Trump's budget reveals a tremendous fraud

Iowa legislature introduces eight anti-LGBTQIA+ laws in past week

Barr confirms DOJ reviewing Ukraine information from Giuliani, others

Chinese government disinfecting a city of 11 million...

Don't give me a heart.

Quinnipiac crosstab: made up mind or might change?

College Hockey - The Beanpot tourney is interesting.

Dotard has posted a "Curb Your Enthusiasm" clip making fun of him (w/beaucoup F bombs)

For your consideration: Christy Smith for CA-25

Trump's First 3 Years Created 1.5 Million Fewer Jobs Than Obama's Last 3

Bloomberg is running a smart campaign

Sen. Joe "Munchkin" strikes back

Kris Kristofferson & Friends - "Me And Bobby McGee"

Q anon wants his followers to drink bleach to ward off the coronavirus


'Nanny McPhee' actor Raphael Coleman dies at 25

Please tell me that this MLB proposal is a joke. Please!?!

Trying to figure out how to warm up to Bloomberg in the event he gets the nomination

I would like our Dem elected officials to have twitter conversations like this more!

Bernie Sanders, answer why your presidential campaign even needs a dark money group

Trump ignores reporters on so lawn

Liz on Cuomo now.

British traveler with the new virus may have exposed dozens

Trump Admin Braces for New Whistleblower Controversy

South Carolina GOP leaders plotting to impact SC Democratic primary by boosting Bernie Sanders

MSU Museum and Bolivian Mummies

Our "grandhorse"

Jill Biden: You can take the girl out of Philly...

Kitsap Transit expanding Bremerton-Seattle fast ferry service

The DU has now raised OVER $110,000 to defeat Trump this November ActBlue POTUS donation links!!!

Running out of time to send a nephew a college carepackage before

Pat Benatar - Here's My Heart

Twitter to label deepfakes and other deceptive media

Update: more than 100 US troops suffering brain injuries from Trump's attack on Iran

Originally my favorite was Harris, but today my wife answered a pollster...

Merely Mildly Manic Monday: A Slow News Day Lately is Like Drinking Diet Bleach (Ferret/Shower Cap)

This is a political rally for a 78-year-old presidential candidate.

Hi everybody. Sorry I've been so scarce lately

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Good luck, Mookie!

Benefit from my goof up - lots of hearts to give. I accidentally...

Job Creation Slowed Under Trump

Something scary happened

Louisiana GOP Censures Mitt Romney

Deadline to Register to VOTE 11:59 tonight

Making A Historical Parallel To Trump's Impeachment Revenge Tour Deadline MSNBC

Neil deGrasse Tyson - How NOT To Raise Your Children

Thank you for my hearts

I'm no longer Charlie Brown! Many thanks

First He Came For

Trump says he expects virus to 'go away' in April as 'heat comes in'

El Salvador's President Nayib Bukele Invades Parliament To Have His Demand Approved

Ok, I need to go to sleep soon

Let me know if you want a heart!

Who did Biden lose his African American support to? Bloomberg (Quinnipiac Poll)

Sen. @BernieSanders rallied more than 7,000 tonight at Whittemore Center in Durham, NH.

I ❤️ my secret admirers

What if SC and NV went first?

A new bill could finally make it legal for unmarried people to have sex in Virginia

🐦 FEB 14 at 11:30AM - Durham NC Rally with Bernie Sanders

How an unemployed 39-yr-old banker became a billionaire, 3-time mayor of NYC & presidential hopeful

Republican Senate Veteran Slams 'Demeaning' Trump After Impeachment Firings MSNBC

🐦 FEB 14 at 3:30PM - Charlotte NC Rally with Bernie Sanders

OK, now a feel like one of the cool kids.

Sailor... Once upon a time in Eugene, Oregon.

Bloomberg Seeks Tech Talent

Florida man threatens to destroy everyone with army of turtles, police say

Trump, Nov. 2016: "Every Republican wants to do a big number on Medicare, Medicaid, & SS

Storm Ciara

No symptoms of coronavirus: 57 evacuees from Wuhan healthy and settling in at Camp Ashland

Absolutely perfect press release from Bernie 2020 the night before the New Hampshire Primary.

Saw Easter candy for sale at Big Lots today.

Absolutely perfect press release from Bernie 2020 the night before the New Hampshire Primary

House Judiciary Goes After AG Barr Over Back Channel For Giuliani To Give Info On Ukraine

TY for the heart! nt

Breaking: new California poll, Sanders 29, Warren 16, Biden 11

OK, funny story about my plow guy, tonight.

home to Native American burial sites, is being blown up for border wall

Bloomberg Talks About Race

tRump may be open to civil litigation in 2021 RE: Lt. Col. Alex Vindman's brother Yevgeny

WMUR-TV: Bernie Sanders in final pitch to NH voters

WMUR-TV: Bernie Sanders in final pitch to NH voters

New Hampshire Primary Eve Poll Shows Bernie and Pete Tied

A noun, a verb and South Carolina: Joe Biden's last-ditch primary strategy

Bloomberg is already running local ads in TN

Ginger kitty doesn't know what to make of a new fish toy!

Mrs. DoubtRump, with lipstick and eye glasses

What is the lounge?

Why so many federal judge vacancies?

Bloomberg was worth $54.1B in November. Now it's $61.5B

Bloomberg only candidate who beats trump - small business poll.

Dixville Notch votes at midnight tonight

The Daily Show: The Oscars, Coronavirus Updates & United's Plane Porn Ban

The Daily Show: Dems Take Shots at Buttigieg and Biden Takes Shots at Voters

Did Trump deliberately let the Iranians attack bases housing US troops in Iraq with missiles?

Seth Meyers: Trump Retaliates Against Impeachment Witnesses as Rudy Digs Up Dirt in Ukraine

BREAKING: Mike Bloomberg SURGES in Dixville Notch!!

Bloomberg wins Dixville Notch vote.

This a**hole apparently doesn't understand irony.

Suffer from migraines for 25 years...

Votings results from Millsfield

We need worms

They say there are three tickets out of Harts Location...

Dixville Notch: Bloomberg won both the Democratic and Republican primaries.

Klobuchar wins Hart's Location vote.

Sanders takes lead in 538 National Polling Average

Roger Stone: Prosecutors seek 7 to 9 years in prison

Modern tRumponian Projectionism

Twitter: Will Trump declare war on Dixville Notch, say it's rigged, or say it's highly overrated?

Trump 2020 team hopes Secret Service activity in New Hampshire will prevent Dems from voting:

The venerable RBG spoke at Georgetown today on the 19th Amendment's centennial - here's the link

The Moon is coming down from full...

For Your Consideration: Sara Jacobs for CA-53

Tiffany Cross: media is soft selling trump's racism

For Biden supporters. Keep the faith. Biden has not changed overnight. He is still the best

Tiffany Cross: media is soft selling trump's racism

California's primary looms large -- just like state officials had hoped

Chuck "Not My Job" Todd should have been fired and put on Fox New years ago.

Tweet of the Day

Mayor of Atlanta on CNN for Biden

Philippine leader terminates troop agreement with U.S

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

Kenyan women fight invasive species by planting indigenous trees

Trump DOJ directed federal grant to Hookers for Jesus.

Hillary booed at Sanders rally tonight.

Dixville Notch may not have actual residents

The star Betelgeuse will reveal likelihood to go supernova by Feb 21st

Trump Just Tweeted A Clip From A TV Show That Was Totally Making Fun Of Him

Soldier who discussed attack in U.S. pleads guilty to distributing bomb instructions

Ya ever wonder how many of us here are movie stars and were at the Oscars?

February 11 - Happy Birthday Senator Tammy Baldwin (D) WI

Incoming US Senators if Democrats regain control of the US Senate and Sanders/Klobuchar become P/VP.

Even Tardigrades Will Feel the Heat of Climate Change

Discovery of Unmarked Graves Earns 2020 AAAS Scientific Freedom and Responsibility Award

There's Big Trouble Ahead For Pennsylvania's Economy

Thanks so much for the Hearts!

Thanks so much for the Hearts!

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 2/10/20

Stephen Colbert: Guest John Oliver!

Texas asks U.S. Supreme Court to end California law banning state-funded travel

Republican cruelty on the poor never ends; just gets worse.

Thanks for the heart, whomever

Don the Con and his lies about Dems wanting to destroy Health Care

is it better not to drink too much With meals?

Ruth Bader Ginsburg says deadline to ratify Equal Rights Amendment has expired: 'I'd like it to star

This video was published in Feb 2017, It's now Feb 2020, Trump has a gotten a lot worse.

Beto O'Rourke's flock remains loyal while his party debates whether to move on

Navy Proposes Big Budget Cuts; Rep. Courtney Says It's DOA

Veterans Group Issues Joint Endorsement Of Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders

More Than 3 Dozen Military Hospitals to Stop Treating Retirees, Families, Memo Shows

Sean Hannity Shows Up At Joe Biden Rally In New Hampshire,,omg what is he doing there...😯😲

American Factory

No other republicans on the primary ballot but he still lost... priceless 👀

China's daily death toll from virus tops 100 for first time

Has anyone heard Bloomberg say what he will do with his 60 billion if he wins the presidency?

Holland American Lines' Westerdam denied port entry in Thailand due to Coronavirus fears

Sean Connery as James Bond?

Charisma! That is what is missing from our candidates. Sorry! Where is our Obama? Unfortunately

Locust Swarms Move On To Uganda, Tanzania; Biggest Outbreak In Decades Threatens Crops

Arizona State football recruiting: Sun Devils 'state champs' of California

Bernie Sanders' Supporters Booed Hillary Clinton's Name And Cynthia Nixon Wasn't Having It

Excellent DW Video On Australia's Horrific Fire Season - About 25 Minutes, But Worth It

'We're technically homeless': the eviction epidemic plaguing the US

Where does Elizabeth Warren go from here?

Trump urged his supporters last night to meddle in our NH primary. Fortunately those registered as

My letter to the Joe Biden Campaign:

The road lies long before us...

Swiss company, Crypto AG, was secretly owned by the CIA.

Biden super PAC warns of 'doomsday scenario'

The Rundown: February 10, 2020

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 02/05/20

Buttigieg on MSNBC NOW

Tuesday TOONs - Foundation of Retaliation

The Con must be pissed

Native burial sites blown up for US border wall

Dear MSNBC: Political Lanes are Horseshit

Bloomberg shows the foolishness of arguing over wine caves & purity. Voters just want to beat Trump

Faiz Shakir - Pod Save America Interview

I made a website for older people

WI Hmong Leaders Say Reported Trump Deportation Plans Would Put People At Risk

Looks like the Madman is itching for a pardon of Stone and Manafort

Bernie Sanders isn't a radical -- he's a pragmatist who fights to un-rig the system

Double dose of Tiedrich for your morning pleasure.....

Majority in new poll says they would not vote for socialist: Gallup

Spain searches for 67 missing at sea, rescues 119 others

BAS - A New Generation Of Young, Green Republicans Will . . . Uh, Well, Maybe . . .

Newsrooms Rethink a Crime Reporting Staple: The Mugshot

The Billion-Dollar Disinformation Campaign to Reelect the President

'He's a con man': MSNBC's Chris Hayes says Donald Trump is much weaker than he seems

I have a call today with the DNC Executive Director...will let you know what I hear.

Sanders Crushes Trump with Independent Voters

FWIW: MSNBC: "Mike Bloomberg is on the road seven days a week meeting voters."

Chris Matthews: "We just want a designated driver right now. We just want someone sober

Pro tip for Joe Biden: Don't call NH "small" and "unrepresentative" on the day they're voting...

The NH write-in ballot results will be interesting tonight.

All of the candidates, I feel more fondness for all of the candidates

I can no longer be proud that I served this country

What happens November 4th? Even if it's a blowout in favor of Dems, will he leave?

Profiles in Thuggery. Please come CAPTION Matt Schlapp, Chair, American Conservative Union!!!

What Happens When QAnon Seeps From the Web to the Offline World

The Golden Age Of White Collar Crime; Elite lawbreaking is out of control.

Who's the smiling economic dipshit who always tells us how wonderful Donnie Dollhands is?

Why is the media allowed inside the polling site in Manchester?

Breakfast Tuesday 11 February 2020

Bribery trial begins against ex-Ecuador leader Rafael Correa

A question....

I am going for hope today and this should not be impossible... right?

This Is Trump's America

Dolly didn't win at Westminster, but her owner doesn't care. She helped him beat cancer


Nevada Democrats to use scannable ballot for early voting

In 2016, Sanders got 60% of the New Hampshire vote. How much less will he get now?

Chevron Boosts Venezuela Oil Output While U.S. Is Eyeing New Sanctions

Most Would Not Vote for a Socialist

Biden's attack Ad against Pete backfired - bigtime

Sen. Bernie Sanders Captures Enthusiasm, Electricity Of NH - Morning Joe - MSNBC

'Chavismo' Fades As Venezuela's Poor Suffer

Dan Rather: "They are counting on despair. That's how they win."

Sen. Bernie Sanders Captures Enthusiasm, Electricity Of NH - Morning Joe - MSNBC

New Mexico GOP headquarters hit by spray-painting vandal

For Your Consideration: Wendy Davis for TX-21

CAPS LOCK Trump Explodes in 2-Day Twitter Meltdown

Pence Now DEFENDS Trump Deficits as NECESSARY & GOOD

Orange Chumpie tweeted this clip not realizing it was making fun of him

How should Democrats fight back against Trump's billion-dollar "Death Star"?

Initial testing fails to identify 1944 Hartford circus fire victims

Bloomberg has a straightforward message

Louisiana Legislative CBC endorsements for Biden!

Keven Costner was just on MSNBC

DU Is Also a Social Media Platform

Sprint's stock soars more than 70% after judge approves T-Mobile merger

Steve Irwin's family has saved 90,000 animals, including many from the recent Australian bushfires

Black Histort Month Day 11 - Advertising in the US

Biggest Deficit Ever!

Josh White was born on this date.

Larry David about the MAGA hat episode, and whether he's worried of alienating MAGA fans (video)

The Economist's polling model tells a very dramatic story...

Hey Dems, go less political and talk about something like this !!!

Mike Bloomberg Is Doing Interesting Things for Supporters

Gene Vincent was born on this date.

Georgia Sees New Wave of Voters

If it were done when 'tis done, then 'twere well it were done quickly

Sergio Mendes has a birthday today.

Pete Buttigieg campaign ad: "Time to Vote"

Gerry Goffin was born on this date.

There is a new brand of fake tan on the market...

Biden Plummets in the Morning Consult Poll

KGO Radio host to Nunes..."Hostile? You ain't seen hostile yet, you emasculated pissant."

Remember Mid-Terms Talk? Any Lessons for 2020?

So, just how cold was it?

Sheryl Crow has a birthday today.

Thank you for all the love.❤

Could be said about the "World" series also

Ladysmith Black Mambazo founder Joseph Shabalala has died

Helping a 5 th mech Vietnam vet I'll help you out bro

MORNING CONSULT National Tracking Poll

Three tenors having fun with O' Sole Mio

Judge Approves T-Mobile Merger With Sprint Exclusive: New Unredacted Emails Show How Deeply OMB Misled Congress on Ukraine

Bloomberg's spokesman said that he is afraid that Bernie voters will stay home if Bloomberg

NY-14: Former CNBC anchor Michelle Caruso-Cabrera will challenge Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in Primary

Thank you for my new heart ❤️.

Morning Consult: Sanders (+1) 25%, Biden (-6) 22%, Bloomberg (+3) 17%, Buttigieg (+5) 11%

Shawnee Mission teachers resigns during school board meeting

Henry Louis Gates Jr. On Mike Bloomberg

Thanks for the hearts, such a nice gesture.

Just want to say thanks for the hearts! nt

Joe Biden-"I married way up,man. I married way up."

'Notorious RBG' exhibit opens at Holocaust Museum.

Trumps decision to boot Lt. Col. Vindman was 'designed to humiliate,' his former Army commander says

Stacey Abrams is an intriguing vice presidential candidate .

A video for us

A conservative relative once told me

Damn it all!

Need letters/calls RE: Keystone Protestors

Thank you for your kindness! A heart a beautiful heart was in my inbox this morning!

Mike Bloomberg Slammed Over Unearthed Audio of Himself Defending Stop and Frisk: 'This is Disgusting

Introducing The President Trump Foundation Line

Thanks for the computer love!

NH, today we have a chance to finish what we started four years ago and send a powerful message ...

NH, today we have a chance to finish what we started four years ago and send a powerful message ...

Boeing has zero net orders in January

Morning Consult Super Tuesday: Sanders 27%, Biden 20%, Bloomberg 16%, Warren 11%, Buttigieg 10%.

Women Mushers Sweep Montana's Race To The Sky.

Getting the green light! Tomorrow we start the entries. "Repetitions" Theme for February

Why has this not been mentioned here yet?

Thanks for the heart!

Women Mushers Sweep Montana Race To The Sky.

Vote Today in New Hampshire

Vote Today in New Hampshire

Spacetime 'Echoes' From Quantum Black Holes Could Soon Change Physics Forever

David Corn is a National Treasure

Bloomberg's 50-state strategy

Barr declares war against sanctuary cities. Expert says he's 'targeting' Democratic jurisdictions

Bloomberg: throw them up against the wall and frisk them

Trump denounces Roger Stone sentencing as 'miscarriage of justice'

What is the relationship between Bloomberg and Giuliani like?

THIS DAY -in 1937, the UAW-GM Flint Sit-Down Strike ended

Sudan says it will send former dictator Omar al-Bashir to ICC

Misogynists chat shit about a female POTUS being nuts 5 days a month. They are wrong of course, BUT

Critics warn Trump is gearing up to pardon Roger Stone, Mike Flynn and Paul Manafort after dead of

**A + Rated Monmouth Nat'l Poll** Bernie 26% Joe 16% Elizabeth 13% Pete 13% Mike 11%

If it came down to Donald Trump and a can of beans, who would I vote for?

Mayor Pete's Support. My 2 cents.


A once-powerful Montana mining town warily awaits final cleanup of its toxic past

A once-powerful Montana mining town warily awaits final cleanup of its toxic past

Sarah Lawrence Parent Accused of Sex Trafficking and Abusing Students

On DU, we're all pretty much political junkies.

Are Bloomberg's racist views disqualifying?

Impeach at 55 days flower (SFV bagseed)

Giving Birth. Costs; a Lot

About the vote

Louisiana Man Pleads Guilty to Burning Three Baptist Churches in St. Landry Parish

Louisiana Man Pleads Guilty to Burning Three Baptist Churches in St. Landry Parish

Bloomberg gets 60% of the vote !

U.S. Deficit Soaring. Why?

Bloomberg pulls out win in tiny Dixville Notch, NH

Ratfu-ery in NH: Trump Camp Hoped Secret Service Lockdown Would Screw Dems

The U.S. deported them, ignoring their pleas. Then they were killed.

The U.S. deported them, ignoring their pleas. Then they were killed.

!?! Utah Senate committee unanimously votes to decriminalize polygamy!?!

Nevada Dem Caucus Will Use Paper Ballots For Early Voting After Abandoning App

Sorry, but the Bloomberg quotes are accurate and reflect his true feelings

Monmouth: A majority of Democrats want a single national primary

How Democratic talk of austerity plays into the Republican game plan

California Capital Weekly Poll (Feb.10) change in a month

Bloomberg Ad: 'Defend President Obama's Successes'

Sanders Crushes Trump by 18 Points Among Independent Voters

Coronavirus 'could infect 60% of global population if unchecked'

Fed Chair Powell warns Congress that $1 trillion budget deficits are unsustainable

Trump Again Downplays Brain Injuries in Iran Attack With Toll at 109

Now this is a political ad !!!

#BloombergIsRacist Trends As Second Resurfaced Clip Shows Dem Candidate Saying...


(Failing) Infrastructure Week In South Florida: Residents Face "Sewage Spill Whack-A-Mole"



GOP budget chair dismisses Trump's plan as 'just a list of suggestions'

Pic Of The Moment: About Trump's Claim That He Rescued America's Job Market From Obama...

Early voting starts tomorrow in TN!

A simple solution to Bloomberg: defeat him in the primaries.

Biden is LITERALLY abandoning New Hampshire.....

The Man Behind the Counter

Breaking: DoJ reversal; 7-9 yrs for Stone "extreme, excessive and grossly disproportionate"

Monmouth National poll: Bernie 26% (+3), Biden 16% (-14), Warren 13% (-1), Buttigieg 13% (+7)

Coronavirus latest: World Health Organisation officially names illness COVID-19

Coronavirus latest: World Health Organisation officially names illness COVID-19

The Latest Monmouth A+ Poll Has Bernie Sanders On Top with 26%

Has anyone heard about 2 U.S. CV cases not linked to China?

"The Day Democracy Died" Sung by The Founding Fathers

DOJ says sentencing recommendation for Stone is too extreme - will change guidelines today

Bernie is ahead because Bernie speaks basic truths.

What happens when Trump starts sending out menacing tweets at SCOTUS?

Sanders Crushes Trump by 18 Points Among Independent Voters in New National General Election Poll

In 2008, then candidate Barack Obama was facing serious heat over Reverend Wright

Trump Jr [& Lindsey}onFox&Friends wearing the exact same Trump jacket Mark Meadows has on How cute

Fed Chair Powell warns Congress that $1 trillion budget deficits are unsustainable

Can I start a running Thank You For My Hearts thread?

"What Exactly Does Tom Want With Jerry?"

Drugs fail to slow decline in inherited Alzheimer's disease

CNN just aired the vile audio of Bloomberg defending stop and frisk.

Limbaugh Trashes Micheal J Fox -from 2006 -Warning: Mean Behavior from Limbaugh (7:32)

Jason Johnson: This Is A Life Or Death Election For Black Voters

Modi's party concedes defeat in Delhi after polarising campaign

What do Bloomberg's coat tails in the Senate look like? GOP majority?

We have no reason to believe 5g is safe

Hundreds of County Jails Detained Immigrants for ICE

** Brand New New Hampshire Poll** Bernie 30% Pete 21% Joe 9% Elizabeth 8% Amy 8%

Pelosi on President Trump and his budget proposal:


BREAKING: DOJ will "change" sentencing rec for Roger Stone

Beyond North Korea: Fractures in the US-South Korea Alliance

Feds back away from Stone sentencing proposal

'He's A Cop,' Say Bernie Backers, Withdrawing Support After Realizing Candidate Vying To Be CinC

WSJ: DOJ Nears Decision on Whether to Charge Blackwater Founder Erik Prince

Called the Registrar of voters for Pierce County this morning, to confirm my status.

O'Donnell points to polling showing all six top tier Democrats leading Trump

On the trail with Joe Biden: What happens when the 'electability candidate' starts to lose?

Longtime CNBC anchor Michelle Caruso-Cabrera running against AOC

Photos From the 2020 Westminster Dog Show

Senate Intelligence Committee releases report on Russian election interference

I've noticed quite a few Primary type questions in GD.

WTF! Trump's ambassador to SA under fire for nepotism allegations

The actual NYC homicide statistics behind the Bloomberg remarks being called "racist"

The DOJ is changing its sentencing recommendation

7️⃣,0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣,0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ donations to @BernieSanders campaign per @fshakir on CNN this morning.

Dinesh D'Souza gets an English lesson

7️⃣,0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣,0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ donations to @BernieSanders campaign per @fshakir on CNN this morning.

David Corn gets in Junior's face in NH diner -- check it out.

Lawlessness is like putting the genie back in the bottle...

Bernie Sanders' campaign manager says Michael Bloomberg should remind voters of Trump:

Bernie Sanders' campaign manager says Michael Bloomberg should remind voters of Trump:

Sigh. Friend of mine who is a democrat still thinks there will be a 'fair' election except for some

Too damn cute - Little girl, first snow, "Let it Go"

Landmark Decision: Judge Rules NYPD Stop and Frisk Practices Unconstitutional

Senator Schumer, for the (cynic's) win:

jason isbell & the 400 unit - if it takes a lifetime (2016 house of blues boston) classic tune

COMMENTARY: In Nevada, the public schools are not for sale

Amy McGrath (KY-SEN) campaign ad opposing MfA and free college tuition

COMMENTARY: In Nevada, the public schools are not for sale

New Poll Shows Deep Red Kansas Slipping Away From Trump And Republicans In 2020

I went in search of "naked" posts: no hearts, and found many. Too many

In case you forgot - Gerrymandering, how it works

Kirschner: "sounds like it could apply to a certain president as well."

In the 2004 DC Democratic primary I voted for Al Sharpton, and I want to mention why

Just so you know - here are the candidates on today's Democratic ballot in NH - in the order listed

If Capitalism So Great Why Is The Planet Close To Total Environmental Collapse?

Joshua Brooks, who brought underground rock to D.C. airwaves, dies at 73

Reuters poll of independent voters feb 7-10

NH voter tells MSNBC their anti-Sanders coverage convinced her to vote for Bernie

Joshua Brooks, who brought underground rock to D.C. airwaves, dies at 73

David Jackson of USA Today claims that "The Snake" by Al Wilson is an anti-immigration parable.

Altobelli Family Honored in Memorial Service at Angel Stadium

Isicia Omentata - Great,great,great, etc., ancestor of the Whooper

Polls, and the possible skewing thereof

If Bloomberg wins the nomination, it's good to know everyone here will vote for him.

Monmouth National Poll Results

Trump's latest rally stunts are designed to get you to surrender

Monmouth National Poll Results

Cheap wig edition -"Nice hair, wait - Is that a cat on your head?"

What does one do when visiting a home that is sitting Shiva?

On William Barr accepting "evidence" from Rudy Giuliani re: Hunter Biden. And then I remembered!

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Bad Moon Rising (Official Lyric Video)

the longer Stone's sentence is, the more likely he is to try to offer *additional info about Trump*

How di I change my candidate preference?

You raised $3,436.80 on February 10, 2020 ActBlue POTUS donation links

"He has a History Deficit Disorder."

Rebels shoot down Syrian helicopter as fighting intensifies

My thoughts on 2020

#orangeface proposes $800 billion (with a b) cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security

I received a 12 hour Twitter suspension for the following Tweet

Barb McQuade reacts to DOJ's reduction of Stone's sentence recommendation: "INTOLERABLE"

So Bloomberg is Just Like Trump, According to Bernie's Campaign Manager

Bloomberg Spent Millions To Put Them In Congress and Now They Are Endorsing Him

Million $ idea for anyone out there - self winding fishing reel

Pentagon budget calls for 'civilianizing' military hospitals

📸 Group Photo On-Stage: Bernie Concert Rally

Good cheer:

Senate GOP blocks three election security bills

want to make reading the news a little more fun?

📸 Group Photo On-Stage: Bernie Concert Rally

Buying social media va Russian bots

Deputies take man, dog into custody in store theft.

Trump plunges into New Hampshire race, aiming to rattle Dems

Limbaugh still at it.

250 of the 52,000+ tweets about Bloomberg's racist comments are from suspected bots.

Thank you for the ❤!

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 12 February 2020

The Root: Why does Chuck Todd exist?

New Republic: The Obsolete Politics of James Carville

Nina Turner "I'm not going there"

Which Concord? Trump appears to mix up geography at campaign rally

Without Warning, ICE Deported New York Man To War-Torn Yemen

🐦 FEB 14 at 8PM CST - Rally in Dallas with Bernie Sanders

Pup dives face first into puddle of mud

Katy Tur represents when the media starts unnecessary

Epilepsy treatment side effect: New insights about the brain


Black and Hispanic mayors who have endorsed Michael Bloomberg

Trump promotes Larry David's MAGA hat spoof. Did he get the joke?

Anyone care to remember what a real President sounds like?

"We are now truly at a break-glass-in-case-of-fire moment for the Justice Dept. "

Too many cats, not enough hands - Long video of man and cats in the park

Manchurian Cantaloupe😂

New York Cardinal hopes to build bridges with Cuba visit

Whoever gave me the heart.

Trump campaign manager has built a $1 billion disinformation machine. Here's how to beat it.

New Hampshire Primary: Joe Biden Changing Course, Leaving For South Carolina

CDC mistakenly removes San Diego's first positive coronavirus case from hospital

Amy McGrath (KY) ad falling flat with progressives

A Catholic Priest in Rhode Island Suggests Abortion is More Heinous than Pedophilia

Trump is suffering from a fact deficiency.

Colombia 'unlawfully detained' 12,000 during anti-government protests in Bogota alone

It is obvious Bloomberg has a number of people terrified.

Rachel Maddow: "Trump appointee Mark Paoletta, general counsel of OMB, is the official who blacked

BREAKING: Top STONE prosecutor moves to withdraw from the case.

Roger Stone prosecutor withdraws from the case!!!!

If you are voting-by-mail, you should have your ballot now or very soon

How 2020 took away the most important role of Iowa and New Hampshire

US Removes Brazil from The List of Developing Nations

Prosecutor from special counsel's ofc has moved to withdraw from Stone's case.

US Removes Brazil from The List of Developing Nations

Journalist Details 'Brazen Ways' Trump Will Use His Power To Get Reelected

Olympia woman among those stuck on quarantined cruise ship in Japan

"Chloe." Entertaining film starring Julianne Moore

Coronavirus 'could infect 60% of global population if unchecked'

2fer: The joke's on the Founders for their loopholes. And I held off on Orson BEAN.

We Talk About One U.S.-Backed Coup. Hondurans Talk About Three.

Trump calls Bloomberg 'A TOTAL RACIST' over tape of ex-NYC mayor defending 'stop and frisk'

How do you vote in the primaries and general election ?

Did Bernie Sanders ever apologize for supporting Fidel Castro?

Endorsements by Governors of our top five candidates:

As Kitsap's housing crunch continues, home prices soar

Bloomberg has responded on Twitter. It's... not going well.

Thank you for the heart!

More Than 3 Dozen Military Hospitals to Stop Treating Retirees, Families, Memo Shows

MSNBC: Trump sent, then deleted a Tweet attacking Bloomberg as a Racist

Endorsements by Representatives of our top five candidates:

Endorsements by Senators of our top five candidates:

3 die in King County within hours in overdose cluster

You can soon fly from Seattle to Portland for $49 one-way

Greg Sargent: Time for Democrats to get much tougher with William Barr

As quirky as ever, Dixville Notch goes for Bloomberg

Sanders sending the dogs after Mike

Rep. Nadler just now: Trump's intervention in DOJ Stone case will be investigated

Bernie as mayor

In his first campaign rally since acquittal, Trump recited a poem comparing migrants to snakes

If Amy were to win the primary who is her running mate?

Trump Encourages New Hampshire Supporters to Vote for 'Weak' Dem Candidate

"cartoon ricochets"!

Naval Base Kitsap can house passengers quarantined for coronavirus

Justice department sues to allow ICE flights from King County Airport

Breaking: 2nd Stone prosecutor resigns - Jonathan Kravis


Second Stone prosecutor just moved to withdraw. UPDATE: Resigns from DOJ, too.

Fortney decries hire of ex-sheriff as 'political payback'

Oh, ha ha Google. A laugh for anybody into Irish politics

Michael Bloomberg's sympathy toward authoritarian leaders (Washington Post)

Sanders campaign adviser: We've 'got some tricks' to win in Nevada

Roger Stone prosecutor abruptly withdraws from case and resigns after DOJ seeks lighter sentence

"This Andrew Yang campaign has changed my approach to life."

Cartoons 2/11/2020

Bloomberg to Trump: "I will do everything I can to defeat you whether I am on the ballot or not".

I am terrified about the possibility of Trump being re-elected.

The Primaries are very important but so is what is happening with that interference

Final DU candidate preferences before results out of NH (candidates only, Undecided not included)

Joyce Vance: "There is a 4-alarm fire at Justice."

Credit where Credit is Due; Bernie just ripped Trump a new one.

Trump called Mike Bloomberg a racist. I stand with Mike

Looks like some our frontrunner's backers (BS) are getting nervous about Bloomberg's groundswell

Trump Cult meets again; but November 3rd will be our rapture.

Warren, in New Memo, Outlines Her Path and Rivals' Flaws

How do I turn the primaries forum back on

I wondered how Tiger Woods made it through the 2008 Open

Top Trump Adviser Says U.K. Slips Behind EU in Trade Priorities

Entrepreneuring Girl Scouts target marijuana dispensaries for cookie stands

U.S. Household Debt Exceeds $14 Trillion for the First Time

Gator Found in Florida Family's Garage

My NH prediction.

Never give up, Dems on the right side of history, law, religion, HUMANITY


Wow, Bernie surging from 8% to 11% on DU!? Now I KNOW he's gonna win in July and Nov.!

7 Ways The Media Sure Is Freaking Out About Bernie Sanders

Judges at all levels in Jamaica shut down the courts

Deforested parts of Amazon 'emitting more CO2 than they absorb'

Prosecutors quit amid escalating Justice Dept. fight over Roger Stone's prison ter

#3: Adam Jed resigns as Stone Prosecutor

Candidate net favorability among potential Dem voters in NH.

Third Stone Prosecutor just withdrew.

Lyle Mays, Wisconsin native and 11-time Grammy winner with Pat Metheny Group, has died


All Four Prosecutors Resign Over Roger Stone Case

What's for Dinner, Tues., Feb. 11, 2020

Here's the revised Roger Stone sentencing filing.

Oh for the love of God... the Equifax breach

Barr Runs Off Stage When Asked About His Giuliani Ukraine Collusion

Can Michael Bloomberg push Trump over the edge with his campaign ads touting the Oval Office lunatic

Oh yeah, he's learned his lesson alright.

Giuliani Working on Hunter Biden Documentary

Any idea why Buttigieg has slipped so much on DU? Am I not right...

Jeff Tiedrich: Roger Stone

Doesn't this Stone move open the door for ANYONE convicted of similar crimes to appeal for dismissal

I'm confused by the polls about which candidate can beat Trump

Andrew Gillum knocks it out of the park, again.

Is it reasonable to now refer to every Trump Administration member as a co-conspirator?

I do not trust pitbulls

Another prosecutor, Aaron Zelinsky, withdraws from Stone case

BREAKING-Trump says the military should consider disciplining Vindman

now is the time for a strong Democratic resistance leader to emerge

Limbaugh still at it

Biden to WMUR reporter: And don't poke that in my face, ok buddy?

Indisputable Proof Susan Collins Witness Vote Was Staged

Millions vote to screw themselves

This woman rescued a litter of stray puppies -- and went back every day looking for their mom 🙏

When asked about Joe Biden leaving NH: Bernie Sanders smiles.

Thank you for the heart. 💖

trump says he has an "absolute right" to tell the Justice Department what to do

Cooper reacts to Graham's revelation: They aren't even trying to hide it

It'll be interesting what Judge Amy Jackson in the Stone case decides on for a sentence.

Xie Xie, Merci, and Muchas Gracias for the hearts. Thank you, too! Three people gifted me today,

Notes from a DNC call with Tom Perez

a must watch

Mama Duck Walks Through High School With Her Babies

Tweet of the Night:

"I have seen the opposition book assembled by Republicans for Sanders"

At this point why are people voting for candidates that have absolutely no chance?

The Political Thriller Donald Trump Helped Cancel Is Coming Out After All

Prosecutor In Roger Stone Case Resigns After DOJ Plans To Reduce Sentence


Let 2020 be the year

Early NH Exit Poll Profile...


MSNBC New Hampshire Voter Profile coming in:

Donkey Acts Just Like A Dog When He Sees His Dad Is Home

Former 'Empire' actor Jussie Smollett indicted by special prosecutor in Chicago

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love ❤week at DU.

Top Biden adviser Anita Dunn: "this was basically what was always going to happen."

'The intelligence coup of the century'

Judge dismisses Virginia lieutenant governor's libel suit against CBS.

Brexit - UK loses 6.6 billion a quarter since referendum, S&P says

Buttigieg and Annie Kuster bring Dunkin to supporters outside a polling station

Fourth Stone prosecutor withdraws.

46 46 46

NH Voter Says Live on MSNBC That Network's Effort to Tear Down Bernie Sanders Made Her Vote for Him

Buttigieg on Trump's Budget: "thinks we're suckers."

Dog Returned 4 Times Finally Adopted By Someone Who Totally Gets Him

So far, after one caucus, and one primary,

All four federal prosecutors on the Stone case have asked the judge to withdraw from the case.

DNC Chair Perez: any candidate under 10% at this point isn't viable

FactCheck Posts -Sanders Spins Young Voter Turnout in Iowa

Stone Must Be

Holeeee Crap. I ventured into The Primaries forum ...

Bill Maher has been making a weird but potentially effective argument for Bernie

Teen dies after 8-year-old accidentally shoots him in the eye with BB gun

Barr Needs to Soften Roger Stone's Sentence to Prevent Him from Talking about Trump's Involvement

Trump's Budget Proposal Will Destroy The Republican Base

More of Sanders' interview with @LesterHoltNBC tonight on @NBCNightlyNews.

NH Exit Polls coming - Young not Voting

Can we get a class-action F U to the main orchestrators of Twitler's deep and rancid swamp??

More of Sanders' interview with @LesterHoltNBC tonight on @NBCNightlyNews.

2% mortality from coronavirus? I don't think so.

Bloomberg on Transgender rights

Noam Chomsky's thoughts on Sanders chances

Who says the perfect date does not exist? 😍

What are YOU looking at?

Biden sees black support erode to Bloomberg

I'm no longer undeclared, I voted for Amy Klobuchar in NH primary today!

This is Kevin. Sometimes his tongue gets stuck on wiggle mode

Senate GOP blocks three election security bills

This Is What an Unleashed Trump Looks Like

Delicious Frog: Kana-chan in Las Vegas

Michael Bloomberg's Surveillance Of Muslims Sets Dangerous Precedent For His Presidential Run

Woman helps baby turtles dig out of their nests

GOP Scam To Stay In Power EXPOSED

So we're having weather here in Albuquerque today. We got snow as I witnessed when I got up

Trump says he would rather face Bloomberg than Sanders: Bernie 'has real followers'

A Short Tale About Diplodocus' Long Neck

Dear GOP Senators,

amy won the two other early reporting districts in NH

Some exit poll results...

I know everyone is scared

Ok undecideds

Ladysmith Black Mambazo

David Axelrod: Three keys tonight

Somebody needs to be disbarred.

Robert O'Brien: "a bunch of lieutenant colonels can get together and decide what the policy is"

In only Iowa/NH can a person rejected by 70 - 75% of voters declare themself some kind of winner...

FWIW: Anecdotal report from MSNBC commentator on the ground in NH.

Olmert and Abbas meet in New York, urge direct talks as Trump plan rejected

Priming the Pardon Pump??? Re: Roger Stone.

Thanks again for my hearts. DU is the best!!!

The early story out of NH tonight...

When people register to vote in the primaries does their name and

Charles Pierce: only one D candidate has promised to bring these crooks to justice

I was watching morning blow watching faux noise as long as I can for ya........



I told you he was ramping up. We Dems will be next

Are these people IN LOVE?

Quarantine officer of Japan's health ministry diagnosed with coronavirus

I enjoy reading historical fiction or seeing it in a movie. When I was in the 7th grade it was my

Boy do I miss Kamala!!!

Open letter to the GOP Senate.

Scoop: Trump pulls former U.S. attorney for D.C.'s nomination to Treasury post

Breaking: Trump suddenly pulls former U.S. attorney for D.C.'s nomination to Treasury post