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He's unhinged

When does he order the troops in?

Is every republican senator watching this and fine with it?

I feel like I want to go out on my balcony

This was Trump's plan all along

While Trump is speaking his lead in GA narrows to 3,635 votes.

donald trump's press conference:

georgia down to less of than 4000

Trump's lead in Georgia down to 3,635 votes

Oh, I didn't watch. But I think if they just keep organizing rallies for him until Jan 19,

Mellow Donnie?

Maybe we should stop counting the male vote, as Trump suggests.

Shepard Smith just cut off #LIAR #Trump Press conference. He said he had to do and could not go on

"Feast of falsehoods" -- Jake Tapper

Geez, just reading the mad king's rants here, win or lose, the 25th amendment must be exercised

Emmy For The Apprentice

The cheater is complaining about being cheating?

Well many of us DUers have been waiting for the complete meltdown

Dana Bash: "When are they going to have an intervention."

CNN anchors have had it. Calling him on his shit.

Rucker: Keep in mind Trump read a prepared text, that aides helped him craft these lies


Georgia down to 3,600 votes.

Which is it ? Count or stop counting ....damn.

Greta Thunberg


CNN, Report On Trump's Presser, 6:30 PM Over; MSNBC, Presser, Vote Counting: Livestream

Okay, I missed it -- what did he say?

Georgia is a close one!

Dana Bash

Fascinating voter analysis! 3million more white voters, and white women, voted for trump. Gross!

Facebook, Alarmed by Discord Over Vote Count, Is Said to Be Taking Action

He lied and whinged

Where is Pence ?

The most Un-Presidential President ever. nt

In another milieu Trump would have been a gangster, albeit a feckless one.

Anderson Cooper: "He's flailing like an obese turtle on his back in the hot sun!"


An obese turtle on his back, flailing in the hot sun.

Ron Fournier: The most dangerous, traitorous speech ever delivered by a US president

Anderson Cooper on Trump

Amazing photo from 45's tantrum

Trump's enablers are peeling away...

"An obese turtle flailing on his back in the hot sun..." Anderson Cooper just now. WOW.

CNN nailed it.

Lose Yo Job the remix

Local Los Angeles CBS cut off Trump and went to 'Judge Judy' ... ha ...

Someone wanna send Donny some cheese for his whine? n/t

85% Chance to Win Georgia.

Trump nation melting down. Trump rages about "illegal votes," Bannon wants to behead Fauci, Cops

"An obese turtle flaying on his back"!

Bret Baier just said on Fox News that they have not seen evidence of election fraud


A straightjacket and muzzle are SO long overdue.

Apparently Trump's rant was even too much for Rick Santorum...

Joe Biden Speaks LIVE from Wilmington, Delaware - Joe Biden For President 2020

Anyone think it's possible that Ben Sasse switches parties in January?

It's 25th amendment time

Great AP photo from the last shitshow.

GA - Purdue just dropped below 50%

As Soon as Biden goes ahead in Georgia

Eta wreaks 'shocking' Central America devastation, death toll surges

Eta wreaks 'shocking' Central America devastation, death toll surges

That's one less thing to worry about!

I like watching Trump as he goes down spitting and fuming.

Tom Friedman: Tonight Trump put a bullet into the country. Most shameful thing I've ever seen.

Seen Today In The Millard Area Of Omaha Nebraska (Shocking)

"If this was such a big plot by Democrats, why didn't they do better?"

WOW - even Santorum says how nuts this was.

Can the Senate impeach by voice vote on Zoom?

Trump lead in PA down to 64K.

Steve Bannon and his co-host discuss beheading Dr. Anthony Fauci and FBI Director Christopher Wray

Nicolle Wallace just completely took down

Anderson Cooper: Trump is a like an obese turtle on his back, flailing in the hot sun (VIDEO)

Walter Shaub bows out of twitter

Rick Santorum is still ....

I spent 13 hours on Election Day as a poll watcher

Mikey tweets

I hope Fox News is the first to call a Biden clinching state victory.

The Repugs Should Shut Trump Down Real Fast Because.....

Holy crap! Georgia, people!

Bannon's twitter account suspended

Re: Trumps speech. Gee, who could have predicted this would happen?

From Gahan WIlson

@Mike_Pence I Stand With President @realDonaldTrump . We must count every LEGAL vote.

If any of the repukes have souls

Tonight I finally understand why in most companies, when a manager fires an employee, HR or security

Biden just won the mail in ballots in Deep red Forsyth Co GA

PA is down to a 1pt difference! 64,266 vote difference! (now .8pt and 53,221 diff)


So I didn't watch any of the Circus Peanut's speech...

Pa win at 91 and Ga win at 87

Happy Sunday lunch!

Van jones:"stop polishing a turd!" Santorum: "it's not polishing!"

68 million of our neighbors, co-workers, family, friends and congregation members

Another PA batch: 3,200 votes Trump, 14,400 votes Biden

AP sources: Texas AG's affair tied to criminal allegations

Nikema Williams: "I live my life out loud and on purpose"

GA down to a 0.1pt difference! 3,486 votes!

"Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!"

During this plague...

Sounds like Steve Kornacki has all but called Pennsylvania for Biden.

Who has called AZ? Who has called Ga.?

Murdoch NY Post headline: Downcast Trump makes baseless election fraud claims in White House address

Trump is going to do something that will detrimental to the country!

USPS processed 150,000 ballots after Election Day, jeopardizing thousands of votes

Stock futures are starting to move down, and I have to believe this has to be due to the mad king

John James is going full Trump, refusing to concede to Gary Peters

A reporter shouted "Are you being a sore loser? " as Trump walked out of room

TLP is asking all Georgians to check the status of their absantee ballots

New American Airlines Wheelchair Policy Strands Passengers Relying on Mobility Devices

AZ SofS website just updated:

Schiff: We just saw the most dishonest and anti-democratic moment in the history of the presidency

This is the look of a beaten man (and I'm exaggerating about the "man" part):

Trump Defends Lawsuits: "No One Knows More About Fraud Than Me"

Jon Ralston on with Rachel right now

I really hope the secret service is heavily protecting Joe and Kamala and their families

Biden pledges to rejoin Paris Climate Agreement on first day of presidency if he wins

Are they still counting votes in PA, GA, NC, and NV right now?

Tillis is under 50%....will there be another runoff election?

Reporting from Center City Philadelphia:

Spanberger on the Dem caucus call: We lost races we shouldn't have lost.

How long before they call these states

OK. How many EC votes is it, all up, if Biden wins AZ, GA, NV and PA?

Bannon's Twitter account suspended and YouTube video removed

The networks need to call Nevada.

". . . like an obese turtle on his back flailing in the hot sun. . ."

Make It So

Joe: No one is going to take our democracy away from us. Not now, not ever.

I guess Democrats just forgot to steal the Senate?

Biden tweet just now: No one is going to take our democracy away from us. Not now, not ever.

Who had Georgia on their bingo card!

Adam Schiff...

The nearly president-elect speaks

Sometimes, only Leonard Cohen will do. I needed him tonight.

Amendment XXV - Section 4...... It's time

Federal judge in PA has denied MF45's attempt tp stop counting in Philly.

Such a sad and broken man, mad man, hollow man...

Court just denied Trump campaign motion to stop vote counting in Philadelphia

WaPo: USPS processed 150,000 ballots after Election Day, jeopardizing thousands of votes

The American Education System

The hillarious irony is that if Trump had encouraged mail in voting ...

Let it never be forgotten

AZ lead continues to weaken. %s are way too many for trump based on my early estimates

Drumpf got one thing right: The polls were wrong.

Trump doesn't understand what "stop the count" means.......seriously.

The entire Trump family is about to learn a lesson about POWER POLITICS.

Are we gonna get a Jim Jones-type Tape?

The look on Jim Sciutto's face

I'm watching him now and I can only think of Captain Queeg.

2020 Latest: Judge nixes Trump bid to stop Philly vote count

Here's one take from today from the paper the president often mentions favorably

CNN Chevron: "Biden on the Brink of Win; Waiting for PA"

You Lost, Get Over It

Prepare for fallout, I'm thinking it will be a long weekend

Election officials worried by threats and protesters

So the devil tells a Republican, "If you give me your soul, I'll give you incredible power."

After watching Trump's presser all I can say is, What A Loser!!

YouTube fails to remove video falsely declaring Trump victory

Trump prepares to launch a second term early, even without winning

Anyone familiar with Erykah Badu's "Tyrone"?

Video of ballot stuffing being passed by Trumpers is from Russia...

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, November 6, 2020

Hating Math Right Now

How did Donald Trump do so well in New York?

Mail ballots affect races other than president

Photo of Trump leaving the WH Briefing Room following his statement about election results

If President Biden appointed me a US Attorney (I know, God forbid),

Republican congressman threatens to block the electoral college if Biden is elected ---

Two states to require masks in public at all times, regardless of distance from others

As the tens of thousands of African-American soldiers rallied to the cause and

Outstanding votes in Georgia....

They aren't going to call Pennsylvania tonight....

Made From 100% Horseshit

Hunker down everyone! Violence on an unimaginable scale imminent imo

About the House. We are still paying for the 2010 Midterms.

As GOP Politicians Back Away, How Long Before Trump Dumps the Info He Has On Them?

** Agent Mike: It's time to charge Steve Bannon with sedition **

Federal watchdog probing Trump campaign's use of White House: lawmaker

MSNBC chyron: "Biden poised for victory..."

Did anyone see long lines on election day?

Let me just say this to all Trumpers and various idiots of all shapes and sizes: If we were gonna ri

I know so many of you love Kornacki

Trump's Special Twitter Treatment Would End With Biden Win

"Trump breaks his silence in a statement full of falsehoods." (NYT Haberman)

Why a President Biden Will Make Parenting So Much Easier

Flags On Your Truck

Who will be the first ReTHUG in the Senate to condemn Killa Con's attack on the US

Did I hear this right that Trump is going to give another speech @ 9 tonight?

Robert Reich on voter fraud...

In 2000, after losing to Bush, Al Gore had to oversee the certification of the election...

This would not even have been close

Pennsylvania hopes to have majority of ballots counted by Friday

The NYT just posted an article titled

N.M. Governor urges residents to avoid gathering as state sees record number of deaths

"Trump's claims of election fraud are "shocking" and "dangerous" - SANTORUM!

Did anyone else hear the call out from someone in the press?

John Flannery...

I showered immediately after Trump left his podium and I am now cleaner, if not calmer. So,----


Pastor Paula White calls on angels from Africa and South America to bring Trump victory

Wilbur the French Bulldog Elected Mayor of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky - NowThis

Lawsuit: Census takers were pressured to falsify data

Georgia solidifies its swing-state status thanks, in part, to Stacey Abrams

Twitter bans Steve Bannon after call for beheadings; YouTube removes video

Twitter bans Steve Bannon after call for beheadings; YouTube removes video

This quote from MacBeth

(N.M.) Increases to SNAP benefits being issued in November

Could a recount flip a key battleground? History says don't count on it.

Strangers Reunite Woman With A Stray, One-Eyed Cat

"To go to total war": Goebbels used the phrase in his Sportpalast speech in 1943.

In 2016 my County went 57.4% for Trump. In 2020 it was

Jr. still spewing the violent rhetoric (with a "democrat")

3 and a half years ago someone ran a "What will you play when he loses?" thread, well

I think in the world Trump is used to, he uses his power to always get what he wants

Sean Spicer, breaking with Trump, says he sees no signs of voter fraud

Michigan Senate Race:. John James (R) refuses to concede to Gary Peters (D).

I am looking forward to January 21...

Obama Was Asked What Should America Do If Trump Loses And Won't Leave The White House.

Cnn. pen numbers are coming in.

'The process is working': Biden urges patience as vote counting drags on

Uber reports 18% revenue decline but says ride-hailing business is picking back up

How does this not violate his bail...???

I haven't slept much in 3 days

I think something was lost in tRump's speech this afternoon.

Buffalo, NY postal carrier arrested for absentee ballots in trunk of his car

When all is said and done, will fuckface have been Jill Stein-ed by Jo Jorgensen?

Lest we forget:

Is mail-in voting less likely to be hacked?

US breaks daily record of new coronavirus infections, topping 114,000 cases

Dam, we are pushing 120,000 Covid cases and it's not even Friday

Hillary Knew. She called it.

Ha Ha! Incompetent Trump Team F*&&d Up Locking GEORGIA Down!

"Like a turtle on his back...."

Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania!

Just to reiterate....

Let's start a Red (Trump out) count down, Blue (Biden win) count up for PA!

John King and Wolf Blitzer are doing this great thing right now on CNN.

Trump lies repeatedly about election efforts in Michigan, Detroit during national speech


New PA counts coming in. CNN showing a slow, wonderful, incredible loss for Trump.

a little consolation...

Why are metro area votes being counted last in multiple states?

Are these cowards going to call this?!?

This just popped up on Twitter: Dr. Al Gross, I-AK seems to think he may win

Greta Thunberg mocks Donald Trump with his own words in Twitter revenge: 'Chill, Donald, Chill!'

Irish Daily Mirror front page

When the Angels Heard Paula.......

If I may propose a simple explanation to resolve a few big dilemmas....

It's A Good Thing CA Isn't A Swing State

Jon Ralston sees no way for the Big Con to beat the odds...

'You Can Polish This Turd All You Want'

Serious question - there is about to be a new President-Elect

Stacey Abrams for DNC Chair!

Republican-appointed former U.S. attorneys 'hereby' call on Trump to let vote counting continue

Georgia has 18936 votes left to count. We need 3487 excess to win by 1. We need 60% of the remainder

CNN: An iceberg 80 times the size of Manhattan could destroy a fragile South Atlantic ecosystem

Justice Barrett should come out and publicly recuse herself from 2020 election decisions...

It is not Kornacki or King it is the software

You think this video sums up what Trump is feeling right now?

Twitter bans Steve Bannon after call for beheadings; YouTube removes video

Donald Trump Is The Snake

Iowa breaks 5,000 new cases of corona virus.

Diatribe about the state of America - from The Scathing Atheist

Fox and CNN covered President Trump's falsehood-laden speech but MSNBC quickly drops coverage

AZ coming up

Cute 8 year old breaks down election results

States that Biden lost by a single digit margin.

CNN says thousands of votes coming in from Arizona results - up next.


Me thinks...

Michael Beschloss: Remember. This. Night.

Facebook bans big 'Stop the Steal' group for sowing violence

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

I'm about to give up.

Ezra Klein on sedition within repuker radio stars...

BuzzFeed: A Bunch Of Lies Circulating Online Just Came Out Of Trump's Mouth


Remember, remember .. the fifth of November

Devil Electric. Because rock should be hard

Washington Huskies' season opener canceled due to Cal positive COVID-19 case, contact tracing

Mayor Durkan launches 'Clean Cities Initiative' to remove waste from Seattle parks

Woo hoo! Maryland GOP Governor Blasts Trump, "There is no defense."

Arizona judge hears lawsuit over Sharpies

46,257: Biden's lead in AZ now

This talk of Trump running in 2024? Well the law may have

Kelly looks like his lead is 103,000 after latest dump.

Trump Whines: Why Isn't Barr Coming to Save Me?

Vernon Jones threatens to shoot Biden supporters tonight

CNN needs to change the way they release new numbers

NBCNEWS: The FDA's cutoff for Covid-19 vaccine effectiveness is 50 percent. What does that mean?

PA: Trump is under 50K--48,854

Who said it? Sleeper Cell Puke, Agency (Russia), Agency (??), Village Idiot, Other

I'm drinking tonight like it's Tuesday, November 3.

If you aren't subscribed to Carter Vintage Guitars, are you a guitar fan?

"Shameful, shocking...the UNDIGNIFIED manner in which he governed--and left..."

biden should go ahead in georgia tonight

'Backlash to racial progress': For some, Trump's strong showing is a sign that bigotry prevails

Biden is gonna pull ahead in Georgia at midnight

Arizona's Republican attorney general puts the Sharpie nonsense to bed for good*.

Biden within 2500 in Georgia. That deficit will be wiped out before midnight.

Best Reactions To The Election

Predictit has Pa, Ga, Az at 91, 88, 68 respectively.

We gonna win Georgia. We gonna win Georgia.


Tonight is a great night! So much better than a quickie! This

NBC News about to interview Al Gore

President-Elect Biden. Has a nice ring to it. ...

Why didn't Rachel mention to Kornacki that Rep. Gallego...

Good God almighty Hannity

Where is Mike Pence in all of This ?

GA under 2,000 vote difference! 1,902

Portland Oregon votes for Ted Wheeler again.

What a DISRESPECTFULLY FRAMED photo from tonight's INSPIRATIONAL Trump speech! I'm OUTRAGED!

Biden is 2,497 votes behind in Georgia!

118,204 New Covid Case Plus 240,953 Total Deaths

Shut up Mike DeWine

Anyone paying attention to Alaska?

Sorry to be a pain, but did the Maricopa dump break for Biden?

Nate Cohn: Even if Biden takes lead in GA tonight, he won't be called the winner yet

The networks are just torturing Trump now...

CNN: Italian regions lock down and Paris tightens rules as Europe smashes virus records

The polls

Ralph Nader says Trump's press conference should not have been cut off

now only 42k behind in PA.

TCM Schedule for Sunday November 8, 2020 - Remake / Original

Curious on Texas only 85% in. 5.8% difference

Jesus Christ! An Amber Alert just fucking blew up my phone

Unfortunately looks like the big call is not going to happen tonight.

CNN: 1,900 Difference In GA nt


Predictit at 90 and 92 for Ga and Pa. Highest for both I've seen.

Insanity Hannity wants do-over in Pennsylvania ...

How many Electoral Votes will Biden-Harris end up with?

trumpy lead only 1907 in georgia

Anyone going to set off fireworks when Biden is announced the winner?

USA Today Editor in Chief responds to cutting Trump's livestream speech

Biden closes in on Trump in Pennsylvania

Lindsay Graham donating 500 grand to trumps

I voted for Joe with my head. Kamala has my heart.

TCM Schedule for Monday November 9, 2020 - Star of the Month: Shelley Winters

Saw on FB today...let's use " Donny" instead of "Karen". What say you?

Georgia tally update: Trump 49.4; Biden: 49.4

Pennsylvania - Trump lead down to 42, 178 with 90% in.

Anybody else having to sign in multiple times...

Hannity is stoking violence tonight.

Now my bean counting is not quite accurate but.....

Someone is going to call this

Rumors of brooks brothers riot forming in Pennsylvania...

Are these late votes in Maricopa cty mail in? Why would they favor Trump??

Dearest Lovely Dr. Jill Biden: FIX that fucking ROSE GARDEN

Olbermann vs. Trump #22: Trump Loses Mind, Begins 2024 Campaign

Hannity and Graham discussing having Republican state legislatures invalidate election results

The Missiles Are Flying

I'm chasing number updates across cable stations like a junkie chasing a fix.

My tinfoil hat on but

biden numbers looking in penn

The paper ballot as the only way to vote has been proven in this election.

Let's take moment to celebrate 🎉 that all these votes rolling in are getting us closer to having the

Are they postponing the big call

MSNBC: Democratic Leadership Expects Biden To Take Lead In PA Between 4:00 & 5:00 AM EST Friday

Make Anagrams Great Again

Chris Jansen says Biden will pass Killa Con in Pennsylvania between 4.00am & 5.00am

Trumps spiritual advisor praying over election...

Biden will win Georgia

Remember this Yahoo from a few days back

Lots of talk about Democratic "vote rigging". Who says there was no GOP vote rigging? nt

What happened in New Hampshire?

For four years, I've woken up wondering that if I were to check the news...

I know, I know. Patience.

Lindsey agrees with Hannity on sedition....

Hannity is firing up his viewers to take action.

Most likely outcome seems to be Biden with 306 EVs

I will cry.

The two reasons GA will flip.

Hannity Calls for 'Do Over' Election

The Elvis Song That Won't Be Played at the WH This Year

"I'm just a girl, standing in front of a boy..."

Seth Abramson...

I called it: Monroe County, PA back in the blue

We need to take a moment to remember those who weren't able to vote this year.

why doesnt anyone call this?

We're Going To Stop The Bleeding

I wish they kept Discussionist open for the election

Today is Guy Fawkes day...

Clayton (GA) will report it's remaining 5.7k votes at midnight EST.

Anyone have any handle on outstanding ballots in Pima cty, Az?

The Daily Show with a tweet of the night!

MSNBC--why is Nebraska striped on the map?

CNN's John King has slept 6.5 hours since Tuesday's election

Just think. Joe Biden is going to be the first president

Google electoral map has AZ already in the Biden camp for a total of 264 but msnbc says too close to

Georgia: Trump lead is 1,902 votes!

Biden not expected to surpass Trump in PA until tomorrow morning.

*Mary Trump on Lawrence show now.

337 New Votes In GA, Shrinks Lead By 105 nt

Its not fraud. Its math and democracy. John King CNN

Republican Majority Leader of PA Senate says they will NOT get involved to appoint electors

God bless Stacy Abrams. Especially if she can deliver the senate run offs.

Turn on MSNBC right fuggin' now. VIDEO added!

I'll call it... Congrats President Biden & VP Harris

***THE END IS NEAR !!****

I had 19 tabs open in my browser...

Still Life with Lemons

Important Dates for GA Run Off Election

Votes still to be counted GA, PA, AZ...

Jo Jorgenson, the Libertarian candidate is getting 61K votes in Georgia.

They are dancing in the streets in Philly.

Not sure why I keep scrolling and refreshing every 30 seconds

OMG - the L. Ingraham...

If Biden pulls this out, I guess Pat Robertson's gonna have to tell God

This has to be driving Trumpy absolutely NUTS!

I didn't do as much as I could to help Biden.

I said this last night and it's worth repeating

This map of Georgia is amazing !! (vote counts nearly tied)

Guess who reporter? Jon KARL said SHITLER would listen-to about it's being *over*!1

Trump turns angry and despondent as possible defeat looms

You know Democrats are stealing the election: The count is being done with Arabic numerals!

I'm so addicted to election coverage...

Gwinnett (GA) Democrats win decisive victory in most county races

Junior calling for "total war" WARNING: GRAPHIC

Mary Trump: "Donald's never been in this place where there's no one to bail him out or buy him out.

And here we have it. The reason to rush the ACB Supreme Court fiasco.

It was the look of a bully who has made a fool of himself..or was made a fool of...That was Trump's

"It just occurred to me that this election is following the plot of The Notebook"

Soooo...who's gonna get the job of telling Trump its final and he's toast? I say Ivanka. n/t

You know this opera's almost over because the fat clown is singing a sad song.

Young progressive Nithya Raman on track to win seat on Los Angeles City Council

Sean Hannity is about to hit the CRAMMING OF THE TV REMOTE UP HIS ASS stage!

For all the Kornacki fans.

Jimmy Kimmel:

Putin's peeps' propaganda: my guess is Putin is anxious w Biden presidency and what it means for the

Rock Lobster (studio)

Bullies don't like getting their asses kicked...

Malcolm Nance: If Trump calls it invalid we will see violence in the next 48 hours after a loss.

I don't think any congressional republicans are going to step in as trump continues to try and

CBS News is saying Alex Jones has shown up in Arizona

Alex Jones just showed up in Phoenix to get Trump supporters there more riled up

Can peeps in GA who weren't registered or weren't old enough

The definition of insanity...the Electoral College

GA is down to 1,902 with 16,105 ballots remaining. Previously 3,486 with 18,936 ballots.

CBS News: Trump does not plan to concede even if Joe Biden declares victory

Do you think a deal should be done with Trump - he encourages a peaceful transition in exchange

70 million people voted for an unhinged lunatic.

First prominent adviser to break with POTUS -- @GovChristie tells Trump to stop inflaming and show e

Official White House portrait of Donald Trump

Laura Ingaham?

John McCain Concession Speech to Barack Obama

At the City Level, Progressives Flex New Power

Is there any place that's offering an alert

The problem is NOT the Democratic party

Trump, Hannity, Rudy, Lewindowski, they're all freaking out

requesting a favor for a link/links to the live vote counting in PA

Is anyone else enjoying the fact that it's Biden's home state

PA diff down to 36.5k

I demand the vote counting stop in Arizona now!

*Jon Ossoff on Lawrence show now.

Cat jiving to Paula White's spasmodic gelicical prayers

Hero Worship - B52s

Denmark is rooting for us


GA down to 1775!

Democrat Daniella Levine Cava declares victory over Esteban Bovo for Miami-Dade mayor

Mary Trump

When Joe wins...

KORNACKI is still wearing the (same?) brown pants. Tie now a bit color coordinated.

Should Joe find a place in his administration for Cindy McCain?

Biden Within 26,319 in Pennsylvania

PA lead down to 26,319!

Trump won't be able to go to the White House anymore

A blaze of glory

Putin to get protection from prosecution for life

We have friends up north willing to help!

If professional athletes make vague and baseless claims that the game wasn't fair

How can people support Trump and buy his bullshit? Some wisdom from George Carlin:

it's the fucking touchscreens ppl.

Damn! Pa. won't be reporting votes from Pgh. till tomorrow! n/t


About three more hours ought to do it, at the rate that votes are coming in from Philadelphia

Music Appreciation: Georgia on my mind - Ray Charles

Biggest loser besides Trump is Pence. His political career is in the shitter, imo.

The United States in 2020 is *not* Germany in 1933...

"I'm melting" !

This is on Trump and his lackey Dejoy...

Yikes, Senator Casey D-PA is very low key eh?

Capital Weather Gang:

An appreciation thread for all the election workers saving democracy!!

America's Problem is That (over 50% of) White People Want It to Be a Failed State...

Ballot boxes dancing to Missy Elliot 🙂

Is It POssible To Get A Straight Answer From Kornacki?

There is an awful lot of desperation to keep Trump in the WH.

Fox is more frightening than usual

Cop dressed as "antifa"

Remember Back In 2000 When Gore Asked For A Recount In Florida?

Desi's Overdosed on Fox News Again

Are republicans terrified that trump is going to take them all down with him?

#obeseturtle is trending on Twitter


I can't believe I live in a world where THIS NEWS feels like an hilarious distraction

No "mainstream" Republican will ever get the nomination again.

Dan Fogelberg wrote this song about the emptiness of Trump 27 years ago

Wayne Macomb...

*Estimated* votes left in the key states of AZ, GA, NV and PA

A little Philly Soul to send Trump on his way...

With Trump Out Of The Way, Will Some Republican Senators Finally Find Their Backbone?

Heh. Jo Jorgenson is helping to sink Trump in Arizona and Georgia. (Libertarian candidate)

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton's affair tied to criminal allegations (AP)

WTF is SCOTUS going to do...?

What Happened To Anna Farris On 'Mom'?....

I am now wondering how many more Democratic votes Texas would have had

Ryanair trolls Eric Trump

GA: 12000 overseas and military ballots will be counted tomorrow

I know that Joe Biden will not embrace dictators

Passing the time

Good night all!

Can u run for POTUS from,,,

an old good thread from DU about suicide in narcissists

San Francisco Voters Approve New Taxes For Wealthy CEOs and Tech Companies

If Moscow Mitch blocks Biden's Cabinet...

Kellyanne Conway called out to her face by FOX HOST for defending Trump's victory declaration

Local news...95% of mail in in Philly for Biden.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Booker on Winning the Election, Trump Insulting Him & Girlfriend Rosario Dawson

You know what's sad, Trump is one day going to tweet he received more votes in 2020 than Obama in 08

Tribute to Philly! Rename John Coltrane's greatest to ... A Vote Supreme?

Which states are reporting tonight?

Popular Youtuber Philip DeFranco tells his viewers not to believe Trump's lies about the election

I did a bad...

Mary Trump sounds the alarm.

Dave Wasserman on Georgia

US Election Live: Biden and Trump Virtually Tied In Key State of Georgia


Have you seen the DC numbers?

NYT: Democrats urge Georgia voters to fix their absentee ballots before a Friday deadline.

Nate Silver just tweeted...

It begins: Man who planned on attacking Convention Ctr where votes being counted taken into custody

Possible plan for Trump campaign to manufacture illegal ballots *UPDATED*

Poor Lindsey. Who will he latch on to now? He desperately needs a daddy.

The tweet from Ryanair reminded me--it isn't just OUR HOUSE that must be deloused,

Orange Voldemort has finally an adversary he couldn't bully, or pay off.

So, it looks like no more declarations tonight.

AOC and other Democrats urge Georgia voters to fix their absentee ballots before a Friday deadline.

Watch Colbert tonight

Philly Special

"all about trump every minute" means the COVID tragedy and large number of tropical storms

Gingrich: Have Bill Barr arrest the poll workers over (non-existent) crimes.

Trump said he'd date his daughter ...

Now put a rug under them and you would think they were Terrorists, right?

Steve Kornacki: 'Forget grabbing sleep, there's still votes coming in in PA'

any more vote update expected in next few hours?

Liberal Democracy Is The Dominant Force Of Nature.

Pure tabloid but lots of them: Putin to resign in January

US Election Live: Biden and Trump Virtually Tied In Key State of Georgia

Lost my little sister one month ago today

Alex Jones Drove thru the Night I'm guessing...

Trump Moves Into the Burn-It-Down Phase

There was a dump an hour ago of 1935 votes which gave Trump 30 votes more


Biden won Orange County by the largest margin of any Democrat since FDR in the 30s.

The fact we are even having this conversation about accepting the election without violence

Police thwart terror attack on Philadelphia vote counting center

Down to 22k gap now in PA

'The whole world waits' with unease as drawn-out election and Trump's unsubstantiated claims batter

Steve Bannon has been permanently banned from Twitter.

Kornacki's back on after a shortened break.

The Racist In The White House, Threatens Democracy From The White House - Hours Later...

Surround Philly? Youse guys shouldn't do that

When Biden Takes Lead In Pennsylvania Will They Call it Then?

Comic relief! #1 Sebastian Maniscalco

How to explain mailed votes so conservatives can understand

The Lincoln Project Probably Did Help the Democrats

Interesting tweet from The Economist's election analyst...

If I were a high ranking mainstream Republican law maker, its not rocket science what to do next

For any Trumpers in your life.....

I made it! Around the map with a Four Star wanted level in GTA V!

MSNBC Bails Out of 'Dangerous' Trump Speech After 30 Seconds

It's possible #s have been uploaded to Georgia SOS website and person who updates went home...

All of us watching the Kornacki cam....

(Jewish Group) Jewish voters favored Biden 77-21, exit poll finds

Legal problems galore await Donald Trump if he loses reelection and his presidential immunity

While we're waiting...

What's up with the Alaska Senate race?

Trump is losing and Limbaugh is dying

Trump's lead in Georgia is now so small....

I just heard was some handcounting in Georgia

Comic Relief #2 - Sebastian Maniscalco

Three reasons Joe Biden will never be president

Scaramucci: Joe Biden will have a legendary victory

Steve Kornacki appreciation thread.

I still believe they have hypnotic powers to actually still be representing voters...

I will not miss you when you've gone

Trump declaring victory... (meme)

Sent money to Ossoff and Warnock in GA.

Fox News host demands GOP state legislators override will of voters to put Trump back in the WH

Fact check: Trump delivers the most dishonest speech of his presidency as Biden closes in on victory

Biden is on track to win, so if you say someone is stealing the election

12:30 AM ET 11/6: 2694 more GA reported: DT lead .051% to DT .037%

"Dude in NYC dressed as "Antifa" reveals himself to be a cop"

The Daily Social Distancing Show: What's The Real Deadline To Finish Counting Votes?

West Wing....

Something is going on in South Carolina Folks...

Prehistoric hunters weren't all male.

Women just arrived at the Clark County election dept. They're praying justice will be done and that

Florida Voting Results 2016-2020

Is it wrong of me to be looking forward to telling the MAGAts whining about how unfair

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Trump Cries Fraud and Calls Dibs on the Presidency

Prehistoric hunters weren't all male. Women killed big game, new discovery suggests

Sore Loser Trump HUMILIATES HIMSELF in Post-Election Presser - Called Democracy a "Corrupt System!"

Something to think about as we all wait for updates...

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Desi Lydic Foxsplains The Vote Count

Putin Will Soon Be Able To Take A Well Deserved Vacation - Running Two Countries Is Hard

Hilarious dog clip:

Interesting tweet about the last AZ update

Seth Meyers - Joe Biden Favored to Win the United States Presidential Election - Monologue 11/4/20

Getting really tired of the MSNBC NC Tillis Cunningham senate race numbers graphic

I LOVE Joebut we just elected the first Woman (of color even) VP She could be the 1st woman prez

Katy Tur: 'Sleep when you're dead'

Keeping my fingers crossed for the trifecta!

Is there ANY way to know how much PA vote is left

Watch a Surreal 1933 Animation of Snow White, Featuring Cab Calloway & Betty Boop

Seth Meyers - Trump Is Losing the Election, So He's Trying to Destroy Democracy: A Closer Look

Pennsylvania: Philadelphia police discover plot to attack centre where votes are being counted

Secret Service plans to ramp up protection of Biden in anticipation of his possible win

I'm on Facebook a lot (yeah, I know), but it's quite amazing that Trump is not only hated in the US

The future of Donald Trump

Looking forward to hearing Biden say, "Will you shut up, man?" n/t

Ari Melber Fact Checks Trump's Latest False Claims About 'Illegal Votes' - MSNBC

Long but Hilarious Twitter thread on the election

Philly will announce their ballots, networks will call it.

Watching MSNBC on TV, CNN on phone, Twitter and DU, etc on PC. Anyone else?

Washington Post reports the Secret Service is sending reinforcements to Wilmington this morning

Thwarted attack on Convention Center in Philly, tweets:

ABC: Eta back to sea as Central America tallies damages and dead

Pet Thieves That Were Caught Red Pawed When Stealing

Police probe alleged plot to attack Philadelphia vote counting center

Trump's Election BREAKDOWN Hits 72-Hours

text "FIRED" to 50409, @resistbot will text you if the election is being called.

Any chance that Trump being a sore loser might...

PA vote lead now down to 18,224

NPR: Clots, Strokes And Rashes. Is COVID-19 A Disease Of The Blood Vessels?

'USSS has given Biden a full counter assault team and a full HAMMER'


In 2016, trump was a sore winner

Kornaki's updates for Georgia are dribbling in 10 or 20 votes at a time now??

FOX: Denver voters bypass Democratic mayor's veto, lift 30-year ban on pit bulls

MUST WATCH: Colbert monologue November 5 2020

Silver lining of the long wait...

pa down to 18K georgia down to 1267

Getting This Song Ready To Go. Hopefully I'll Need It Tomorrow.

It occurred to me: One the things a vengeful Trump might to punish the nation that 'betrayed' him...

You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet - Bachman Turner Overdrive

Stephen Colbert is angry

Pink Floyd - Time

midnight speculation - who will be the new senator from California?

CNN: Twitter permanently suspends Steve Bannon account after talk of beheading

A Magat losing it and blaming the GOP

Armed QAnon supporter drove from Virginia to attack Philly vote counting: reports

During election week, Trump Hotel room rates start at $1,295

im guessing as soon as Biden takes the lead in Penn

AP source: Raiders fined, docked pick for COVID violations

A big thank you to Newman and cliff clavin

a little night music . . . Boogie Woogie Duet . . .

NBA players approve plan to start season on Dec. 22

I can't wait to say goodbye justifiably impeached illegitimate President

"I cut out the whining and lying"

Trumpy is tweeting

Deal struck to enable EU to block budget payments to rogue members

US results: Trump sons attack Republicans for 'weak' backing

CNN Live: Georgia Sec'y of State

when Biden takes penn

Let us pause to note that Martha McSally has managed to lose both AZ Senate seats

Pennsylvania 65000!

Police probe alleged plot to attack Philadelphia vote counting center

trump just tweeted "twitter is out of control"

Georgia is down to 665

Loser says Supreme Court should decide

MF45's lead in Georgia is now 665 votes

2020 Presidential & Senate Election Prediction- Democrats regain control of Presidency & Senate.

Tomorrow, enjoy the fireworks at the Biden/Harris afternoon event. nt

Bolivia's President-Elect Luis Arce Attacked With Dynamite

NYT: Biden will likely win PA by upper 5 digits in very least, if not more, winning 80% of 275K left

Are we going to see violent protests in the streets??

The Beatles - Tomorrow Never Knows (Remastered 2009)

Preznit Trump's final public rally from the other day...

47.7% is a pretty significant problem...

So, Now We Know Where We're All Going To Help Out In January...

Be alerted when Biden wins

European Airline Ryanair

It's boiling down to GA-PA !

It's now clear how we win elections...a moderate face with left policies

Why do you think the networks

Folks, btw, it will be called within the next 24 hours.

Paula White, Trump's spiritual adviser, went viral for her election prayer. Hear the remixes.

What's Wrong with Kansas? . . . What's Wrong with our Nation?

Trump administration wants $377 million for remodeling the West Wing included in the next

The Election Results Map looks like a sea of blue, if you use population dots.

The space above Biden's home has been designated "National Defense Airspace

WaPo: Secret Service plans to ramp up protection of Biden in anticipation of his possible win

Are there really 34 House seats that are still undecided?

Midnight Train To Georgia - Gladys Knight & The Pips

Down to 463 in Georgia

Election americaine : Joe Biden proche de la victoire

But yeah, those of us who talk of authoritarianism & fascism, we're the alarmists, right?

How do we garner enough support to eliminate the EC?

So, how did Lindsey Graham go from...

Protests in Haiti as anger grows over student's murder

Trump's special treatment on Twitter would end with Biden win

Biden has fashioned a coalition that has some different components...

Waiting for the "tippany's" for those who grew up with the Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon

Stephen Colbert - Revised Monologue and Opening - 11/5/20

Cori Bush became the first Black woman to win a House seat in Missouri. In Delaware, Sarah McBride

How young, Black voters lifted Biden's bid for the White House

Stephen Colbert: Guest Larry Wilmore Is Inspired By The Political Actions Of Young People

I went to the Jewish Museum in Berlin and I now understand why people choose Trumpism.

NASA finally makes contact with Voyager 2 after longest radio silence in 30 years

AG officials complain of retaliation after taking Paxton allegations to FBI

Katy Tur looks really happy.

Jousting yard where Henry VIII nearly died just discovered 5 feet under

2020 US Presidential Election Outcome- 306D-232R total opposite to 2016- 306R-232D.

Biden is ahead in Georgia

Ranting Trump supporter wearing a 'BBQ Beer Freedom' T-shirt becomes instant viral hit

MSNBC News: Biden now leading in GA by 917

Biden goes ahead in Georgia!

Biden takes the lead in Georgia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Georgia voters for standing for hours in those long damn lines...

This will be the US tomorrow


Georgia is now light blue on all the maps!!!

Georgia on my Mind - Ray Charles. Never sounded sweeter.

This is why we need paper ballots everywhere

Biden-D is now leading in GA-16ev.

Starting to think there must be a boat load of ballots left in NC

Putin must be disapointed ;)

Biden takes the lead in Georgia

Prince - America (Live 1985)

Tracy Chapman: Talkin' 'Bout A Revolution 2020

Marching Through Georgia

Georgia has flipped!

They are protecting him from Trumps domestic terrorists...

Trump's lead in Georgia is so small ... even he can pick it up with one hand.

MAGA Suggesting Not Supporting Georgia Republican Senate Candidates in Runoff

Americans have shown Kushner, his wife, and his father in law the door.

Midnight Train To Georgia

US networks interrupt Trump's live speech over disinformation concerns

Now I can't get this song out of my head

Rupert Murdoch needs to fire Hannity et al

GOP splits over Trump's false election claims, unfounded fraud allegations

Final Countdown

Mitch McConnell needs to speak up now or resign.

He's desperate, he's flailing, and there's literally nothing he can do legitimately except to watch

Twitter bans a Steve Bannon account after he says Anthony Fauci and Christopher Wray should be behea

We just changed our state's name to "Joegia"

Let's All Pretend We're Somewhere on the Amalfi Coast

Georgia on my mind..

We've Found Oceans Of Molten Lava And 'Rocky Rain' On The Most Extreme Planet Yet, Say Scientists

Why can't Trump return to the White House?

Trump supporters pray in front of Nevada counting centre as crucial ballots tallied

When you think about it the Killa Con's spawn are worse than their daddy

Its time for the republican leaders

Daily Mirror Cover - A Liar and a Cheat Until the Bitter End

Since everyone thinking Georgia songs and Trump

GA Democrats are becoming more progressive since the 1990's.

ReTHUGs will condemn Killa Con after the election is called for

Philadelphia will have another update in the next hour or two

Mike Allen on MSNBC -- Trumpworld in chaos

When tyrants tremble in their fear...

After all of the photoshopping, fake emails, and character assassination attempts on Hunter Biden

Does Putin actually think he has a chance?

If Trump does lose, and runs again in 2024, it wouldn't be the first.

If the MAGAs want anything done on their behalf, they will support a Dem Senate.

From +917 up to +1,096 in Georgia!

Breakfast Friday 6 November 2020

Strange noise outside DOJ

It is a BEAUTIFUL morning, DUers... Enjoy!

History will show one of the BIG heroes of this election!!

Thank you John Lewis and PA for allowing GA to put Joe over. Now BRING IT ON HOME!!!

I'm headin' down the Atlanta highway

BLACK America put Joe Biden in the White House to address POLICE BRUTALITY and SYSTEMIC RACISM

One thing to remember. There are a lot of trolls out that trying to make DU look nasty.

Did the black vote win this election?

Need to register as many new democratic voters in Georgia as possible for the run off

Republican Party ball of incandescent rage this morning

Global food production emissions 'would put Paris agreement out of reach'

The eagle has landed... in the gulag 🤣

"On Tyranny": Best read and advice of the century. nt

Chasing the foxes out of every henhouse. Putting Justice back in the Justice Dept. These

Morning Joe and gang are talking how Democrats lost and how

M$M & Morning Joe again dismisses Trumps cheating or HORRID polling & Biden's win.

McConnell needs to be put back in his box

Major news expected on Pennsylvania. Don Lemon. "Could be any minute

Trumpies start a new political party?

Joe Scarborough is an ass.

Georgia secedes from the Confederacy.

Once Biden wins, I can go back to NOT watching Morning Joe.

160 years ago today, Mr Lincoln won his first presidential election..

Morning Joe is trying to describe this election as a "repudiation" of Dems. DON'T LET HIM

TRIGGERED MAGAts: False rumors about Sharpies went viral, sparking outrage and a lawsuit

Now for the actual important news!

South Florida and GOM folks - as we get ready to celebrate Joe, remember Eta is on the way again

CNN showing the stage in Delaware while Andrew Yang has called it for

Here's what this year's Starbucks holiday cups look like

POLL: Will Republicans in Congress Work With Biden And Dems On ANYTHING Significant?

Georgia Military ballots


Will Trump win the military votes?

Hold my root beer, I'm going under cover

Fun with my doll head

Hey Trump and family we will subpoena your taxes, defy it

Southern states from most Democratic to most Republican

Absolute priority is the 2 Georgia Senate races. Lets concentrate.

Lets all go to Joergia and help get the vote out on the senate

Trump draws closer to Biden in Arizona ballot count, but falls off pace needed to win state

Sleepy Joe, huh?

Voting Trump to "shake things up" in 2016

At Least 57 Dead, 40" Of Rain Possible In Some Areas Of C. America; Eta's Next Stop Gulf Of Mexico

I have been seeing the same headline for at least 8 hours about

Trump's spitual advisor summons angels - Twitter responds. :)

Can Texas still go blue?? Look at this

Where are GOP deserters?

For those who use touchscreen, dial, or button voting

Friday TOONs - We're Going To Litigate So Much You'll Be Sick Of All The Litigating

Remember Trump's Big Parks Funding Bill? Interior Missed Deadline For List Of Parks To Get Funds

How stupid is it to fundamentally attack voting when you are a politician?

To quote our 46th president

Moribund the Burgermeister

Time Capsule Planted In Ice At The North Pole In 2018 Washes Up In Ireland, 2,300 Miles Away

It's Friday, I'm in love

"In 2000, when GWB was fighting in Court, he sent in James Baker.....

This election demonstrates how important voting by mail is, and it needs to be expanded, and

Adani Renames Oz Coal Business "Bravus" (Latin): "Crooked", "Deformed", "Mercenary" Poss. Meanings

FCC Complaints on FoxNews

Joe Biden should give

Centrist House Democrats lash out at liberal colleagues, blame far-left views for costing the party

Trumpworld Rages Behind the Scenes

If the courts actually overturn the results of this election, this will no longer be my country

Republican US Senators that should get an Ambassadorship/Cabinet level position.

I'd like Katie Porter to replace Harris.

How did Trump gain ground with minorities?

Go home, Eta. You're drunk. Oh? You wanna meet drunkard Matt Gaetz??

Which state is going to be called 1st for Biden/Harris-D?

AP FACT CHECK: Trump fabricates election corruption

The Rude Pundit: Trump to America Today: Democracy Is for Suckers and Losers

GOP splits over Trump's false election claims, unfounded fraud allegations

Storm Eta: Guatemala landslide kills at least 50

I almost can't believe that a woman will soon be the Vice-President of the United States!

Tell it Ireland!

---another good thing about getting rid of Orange Anus......

Where is Bill Barr?

Has Susan Collins expressed her CONCERN yet re Trump?

In October, Trump joked that he would not have gone to Erie, Pennsylvania. He's trailing in Erie.

Trumpworld rages behind the scenes

KYW gets an FM outlet. They are not dropping AM, but adding a channel.

How long before trump starts doing these things,

POLITICO lead: "Trump on the brink of defeat"

Cataract lens.. improve night vision? Glare?

Van Jones is a fucking idiot.

This is a different type of Groundhog Day!

Joe Biden's Secret Service name should be: #Joergia

Georgia, Legend

Trump Defends Lawsuits: "No One Knows More About Fraud Than Me"

Andrew Yang: Democrats have become party of "coastal urban elites"

In my opinion, this is so much better than a quick election night landslide win

George Takei ftw!

Trump Files Lawsuit In Pennsylvania Alleging Election Officials Totally Disregarding His Feelings

Does this mean we can finally write off Florida and not spend 95% of every election night focused on

Stacy Abrams is Obi-Wan Kenobi

Trump listened to this song all last night

Data Visualization. Land doesn't vote people do.

L. Graham's $500,000 gift to 45's legal fees makes me sick.

Just woke up - Still nothing?

Here come the self-doubting Dems

Trump is complaining about " they stole the election "?

Fraud fraud fraud!!!!

Captain Scott Walden of Flomaton, Alabama has been put on leave after advocating for shooting "liber

For those of you who remember reprehensor here from years back...RIP

So this drunk Russian walks into a bar with a monkey ...


Both the Detroit Free Press and NY Times called Trump's claims "lies"......

I have mentioned before that I keep a running list of people in GA who make me proud.

This morning:

Brutal tweet from former 538 writer

The fat lady is doing her mic check

I hope President Biden gives daily press briefings....

"Lindsey Graham should be twirling in a meadow like Julie Andrews in 'The Sound of Music'!"

Mitch McConnell upgrades his accommodations on the Titanic...

Is he going to file a lawsuit against every state he lost? roflmao

MAGA is fascist. Americans do not understand the power of fascism.

'Chill!': Greta Thunberg recycles Trump's mockery of her as he tries to stop votes

Democrats flip control of Michigan Supreme Court

Saw this online

20K votes to be released in PA

Philly vote count drop in next 10-15 minutes, 20K plus

MAGAts are beside themselves.

Fuck You Mitch

U.S. added 638,000 jobs in October, unemployment rate slides to 6.9%

Philadelphia - City of Brotherly Love, Liberty Bell - Let Freedom Ring!!!!!

While Americans voted, the Trump administration quietly revoked the union rights of immigration judg

Breaking on CNN - Biden preparing to move quickly on transition

Question about Senate race

What's taking NV so long?

Could we please begin our examination of why "all the polls were wrong" by vowing

Stephen Miller weakened by Covid is finished off by black people

Has Bannon been arrested yet for threatening the lives of Dr. Fauci and Chris Wray?

I was at the TCF Center in Detroit yesterday as a non-partisan poll challenger. The woman in the mar

John Legend - Georgia

The "Defund the Police" meme?

And now coming onstage Montserrat Caball - O mio babbino caro aka the Fat Lady is Starting to Sing

Stacey Abrams' Georgia Turning Blue

Per CNN: trump has no plans to to concede, even if he has no path to Victory.

Can we get a Joe/Kamala avatar?

Good Trouble From John Lewis' District

Why Trump can't show us his proof of fraud.

Biden leads PA!

Biden takes the lead in pA


Biden officially leads in PA!!!

It is over. We win!

Ben Ginsberg, no friend of the Democrats said if you haven't developed any

George Takei: Oh this is masterful!

RUSSIA IF YOU'RE LISTENING we need accomodations for

Biden flips PA, congrats! nt

Biden takes the lead in Pennsylvania

Biden now leads in PA!!! nt

Msnbc Biden leading in PA

Biden will be next President!!

Ken Burns Already Has Two Episodes of Second Civil War Documentary in the Can

Is Biden leading in PA now?

Screw 270! We're going for 306!!

Given the Pennsylvania development, this is worth sharing

Hurrah Hurrah Pennsylvania!!!!!

Decision Desk called PA for Joe!!!!

Long March 6 lofts ten Argentinian satellites

put Willie on the Victrola

What I've been waiting to see!!

Anyone have an ETA on the caravan of angelic reinforcements from Africa and South America.

You can't see it, but there's a massive shit-eating grin on my face right now...

Good Day Sunshine.. WTG PA

We have the first woman Vice President!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Decision Desk just called-Joe Biden is President elect

Anybody watching Fox news? Wonder what they are saying.

We make fun of the Freepers for praying but I have prayed for a Biden victory twice a day.

46th President of the United STates!

Pennsylvania 6-5000

cranking this song right now!!

Stock market futures just turned positive from being negative after Pennsylvania turned blue

Covid-19 Makes Tinnitus Worse And May Even Trigger It, Study Finds

I hope the other netwroks take their time calling AZ so Fox News ends up calling the election

Twitter is awash in this:

About 130k votes left in Pa., so we're looking at a lead of over 100k for Joe Biden

Middle Age Riot tweet: serious point being made about all Trump's failures

Trump has told people he has no plans to concede

Bye bye Donald/Bye bye Donald/Bye bye Donald...

Just so you know...little New Hampshire calmly and quietly


CNN, one of these news events is not like the others.

Go Philly!!!

An asteroid trailing after Mars could actually be the stolen twin of our moon

Philadelphia Freedom, Baby!

I know how you people feel about FB, but today

Predictit likes 306!! Look at this beautiful image!


We WON!!!! It happens TODAY!!! Philly brought it!!! Que the music

Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania...

I guess I agree with trump

130 K PA votes left, Biden's averaging 2/3 of mail-in votes and higher

Kellyanne called out to her face by a Fox Host BTC

How many people were qualified to vote but simply didn't?

Joe Biden has been elected as the 46th President of the United States!

Please RT this important message for @realDonaldTrump

How about a little more BLUE music.....

AP, everybody else:

Number crunchers: approximately how many ballots per hour have they been counting in Philly? nt

In spite of the pandemic, in spite of all of the economic suffering...

Because we listened to the scientists, doctors, and our patriotic leaders

Joe Biden Appreciation Thread

I don't follow Predictit, but for those of you who have...

National Defense airspace restricted over Biden home

YES! There was a blue wave!!!



Fox & Friends reaction:


Ya think Trump got any sleep last night?

Turned on Fox News for the first time in a long time

Gritty is your god now. Philly appreciation.

No, CNN, Trump is not a "political force," he's a Fascist. n/t

I think Steve Kornacki MSNBC does an excellent job at wading through the vote counts.

An observation. Messaging matters. Words matter.

You're fired!

Trump supporters in Miami-Dade say reelection is being stolen from him

I just went all redneck - fired my rifle until it was empty!

Biden is probably going to get 306 EVs! Oh the irony (Trump number from 2006 which he called a

Electric! Astronomers find sprites in Jupiter's atmosphere

Congrats, Bob! You called it!


Kamala Harris makes history as the first woman to become vice president

I hear a sound of abundance of pain ... I hear a sound of victory

Has it actually been called?


Jake Tapper lays it on the line about FOX.


It's my sister's birthday, I made her a card

Black Lives Matter.

A BLUE wave would have been nice,

NYT: The votes being counted in Pennsylvania do not include any mail ballots arriving after Nov. 3.

Thank you, Philadelphia! Music to salute you!

I was planning on doing one last mow of the lawn, today.

Don is Done!

Record 'Dark Money' Donations Help GOP Retake House Seats

I woke up this morning with this song running through my head

What help does Stacy Abrams need to win those two Senate seats in Georgia?

People losing their jobs soon: Devos

Increased Secret Service protection and restricted air space over DE indicate one thing

tRump defends lawsuits: "No One Knows More About Fraud Than Me!"

People losing their jobs soon: Stephen Miller

Check out Trump's Twitter. Just about every tweet has been filtered as deza. Sad!

Write a love letter to Stacey Abrams here

I have been waiting so long for this!

Trump might be prepared to concede.

So I hear Trump is only the 9th president in American history


Don Junior is coked out of his mind...

Pack up your skinny suits: Jared Kushner

Jim Clyburn Appreciation Thread, He put Joe on our ticket.

Ray Charles said it best:

That does it!

Next Blue Wave victim: Moscow Mitch

A small example how the republican voters are raving and ranting at how the election is going:

Shout out to my brother WaterMan - Get Up Stand Up!

Good morning. Just woke up. Did I miss anything?

Playing detective on a galactic scale

Ivanka's last pinned more WH photo ops starring herself in colorful frocks

Mangrove forests act as plastic sinks

Does anyone have a list of countries with nice golf courses and no extradition treaty with the U.S.?

Pssst, crybaby:

Putin planning to step down in Jan. amid rumors he has Parkinson's

Now, with Biden kicking the Great Orange Jabba out of White House...

10-year-old accidentally shoots his grandma at Pa. church: police

Earth 'wobbled' before two major earthquakes

Trump aides plotting an 'intervention' to tell him he has no hope of winning: CNN's Kaitlan Collins

Devil went down to Georgia (Joe Biden Version)

Poor Lindsey.

So when does trump resign so Pence can issue pardons to him and his family?

I'll be having this nightmare until 1/20/21...

Can we fuck with the Trump campaign's election defense fund?


First WOMAN VP in our nations history

Nate Cohn: Bden should have lead of 80K in PA before provisional ballots counted. Networks should

Police detain men after tip about armed group heading to ballot-counting site in Philadelphia

A missing part of the rock art gallery

One thing that Trump will never have as a booted President:

Joe Biden Needs ANY ONE STATE to Defeat Donald Trump

Upon our obvious victory let me be the first to say: NOW PUNISH HIM

Trump MELTS DOWN on Twitter As Leads Slip Away

Quite a self-own masquerading as a suggestion of election fraud:

Can't wait to say Trump lost

Nate Cohn expecting Biden to win with 306 electoral votes to 232 for Trump

An intereesting article in Time

NOW is the time:

Philly says re: Trump: "And when you're a star they'll let you do it. You can do anything...

GRAB THE NARRATIVE: RE-FORM Police, RE-PAIR the Health System, RE-VITIALIZE the Economy

"Tell Donald. I want him to know it was me."

Has no one posted this song yet?

Trump's intervention when the news is broken to him will go like this.

Trump Admin Most Wanted Playing Cards (similar to Iraq most wanted playing cards)

Mimosas for breakfast? Anyone want to join me, I'm crackin the bubbly, lol

"LOSER!" or "YOU'RE FIRED!". What should the headline be?

How long before Covidius make his concession speech?


Mika almost in tears, reading an excerpt of Joe Scar piece on Biden and the struggle of his aneurysm

How likely is right wing insurgent backlash?

George Takei:It feels like the spirits of John Lewis, Notorius RBG, & John McCain are shining down

Stacey Abrams for DNC chair

November Vine

Al Roker announces prostate cancer diagnosis

Van Jones insightful comment re: Kamala. "I've known...

Just throwing this out. Covid 19 will hit 10,000,000 cases in the USA today.

Lets start the rumor that all ballots the USPS hasn't delivered are Republican.

Has anyone seen Trump?

Math is beautiful! Esp *these* numbers!

"Donald Trump's political career began with the racist birther lie. May end w/ black woman in WH.

Frank Sinatra - The Best Is Yet To Come

Ralston: Bogus list Trump team sent DOJ about "improper"NV votes included legal military votes

Bottles of champagne are popping at Biden HQ

I'm watching FOX. It's glorious.

John Legend: "Georgia on My Mind"

Plot To Attack Philly Vote Count Location Investigated

'A nightmare case.' Florida man thought he shot an intruder, but it was his pregnant wife

Fox is instructing its talent not to call Joe Biden "President-elect" when the network calls race

BREAKING: Joe Biden Elected 46th President of the United States, Decision Desk HQ Projects

NYT: 130K Ballots Remain in PA -- Mostly from BLUE Areas.


CNN's Darcy: Fox News telling its talent NOT to call Biden president-elect when FOX calls the race

Biden campaign briefing at 11 AM

It's going to be nice to have a First Lady again.


Sadly, we have the deaths of over 200,000 Americans to thank for this victory

In 2016, Trump Called His Narrow Win a "Landslide"

Fox News has Biden at 270 (it was hypothetical)

Dogs are back and good people are going to back in the White House too.

Two names: Stacey Abrams and Bernie Sanders

Don't know bout y'all, but I'm Feeling Allright!

Patrick Peterson's Hilarious Reaction to DK Metcalf Chasing Down Budda Baker

Mr. President - Tear down Those Walls....

Anyone else feel a yuuuuuuuge weight lifted from their shoulders, on this bright, sunshiney day?

**WARNING** RIGHT WING TALKING POINT: There's no Biden Mandate, America accepted Republican policy

Biden's lead in Pennsylvania continues to increase, Now 6,737 per NYT.

The day the world stopped paying attention to Donald Trump

Team Trump is saying they are going to win

David Corn: When Trump was elected, I decided I'd only wear black ties.

How soon before he quits?

For what it's worth, we were still counting in Tarrant County Texas yesterday

Philly - Dancing in the streets

I decided to move my Biden/Harris sign to within range of my security camera

I feel good!

Trump has not exhausted all his options yet ... he is still left with two options

Is Ohio that much different than the other blue wall states? PA, WI, MI?

Per CNN: according to leaked Fox News memos, fox will refuse to call

to-day's song


John Legend when Georgia flipped.

From PA to the rest of the USA....

Philadelphia Freedom

Trump's political career began with birther lie-It may end with a Black women in WH

trump claims fraud? Ok, they lose the Senate then! Obviously those votes weren't valid either!

Trump campaign says 'election is not over' despite losing Pennsylvania lead

Burkman, Wohl Heading to Wayne County Circuit Court for Voter-Suppression Robocalls

Fred Guttenberg tweet. I am not crying.


tRump Humper tears are the best tears!

Trump just tweeted to attack Philadelphia. The Snowflake-in-Chief is melting, meltinnnnnng!

What tune should I tap out on my car horn while passing the trumper neighbor's house?

I'm betting Brett Baire and Chris Wallace are fired

Burkman, Wohl Heading to Wayne County Circuit Court for Voter-Suppression Robocalls

What noisemakers have you on the ready?. For my family it is the Magic Conch Shell!

Okay, stop the count!

What a Wonderful World

Of COURSE there was a Blue Tsunami!

Fox News is just repeating Trump's baseless claims

Jeff Tiedrich tweet: "but wait, we still have more than 17,000 Hunter Biden laptops to count in

Holy Shit! Biden statement.

Trump can not get to 270 ... but his chances of getting down to 239 lbs are really good

Did anyone here know that Stacey Abrams is an award-winning author?

Dancing in the streets!

Folks, we did it.

Vox just called the election for Biden

Sarah Cooper FTW

Updated liberal tears mug

Ben Ginsberg on CNN

Crooked Media calls the election for Biden

Have to admit, I like the ignore function

With Putin stepping down, what will be the geopolitical impact?

Fox News has been instructed not to identify Biden as President elect after he crossed 270 EC votes

Majority of American voters to Trump:

Media is holding off calling the race just because of fears from Trump Cult ?

FoxNews is still crying about the poll watchers!

Random Reader Rant and/or Revel Prince Of Petworth

Make sure to remind all Trump supporters if they accuse us of rigging this:

Fuck the bullshit! When Joe Biden is called 'President-elect', that's a BLUE WAVE for me!

America needs to hear from the great Kate Smith all weekend long.

For what it's worth, my take-away on all of this:

This is pretty eye-opening from @FoxNews reporter @KristinFisher

Knowing this is the LAST Christmas we will see Melania's UGLY decorations

We're The Alarmists

Just a perspective

Let's all celebrate with some Woody Guthrie!!

President Joe and Vice President Kamala

flags for sale..

Dear Trump, Ivanka, Jared, Jr., Eric ghoulani

"Black people organize for our communities. Nearly everyone else ends up benefitting."

How long before Melania files for divorce?

Trump is reportedly preparing to fire CIA Director Gina Haspel and Defense Secretary Mark Esper...

Fox News Tells Hosts to 'Stay Away' From Calling Biden 'President-Elect' When Race Is Called: Report

The Analogy of Rats

1996 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Fri.; 22 deaths

John Lennon and Chuck Berry "Johnny B Goode"

I think the problem is going to be that they won't let us govern

Elton John - Philadelphia Freedom Live On Soul Train 1975

Call it already! I've been saving my 'Hillary Pink' Champagne since 2016.

"I don't have evidence of any misdoing" -- Republican Jake Korman, PA State Senate Leader

I kept hoping we'd hear from "W" after Trump's "fraud" speech

In a year where we lost John Lewis and RBG...

How close is it?

Biden leads grow by 210 votes in AZ...

Lock Him Up

Biden is ahead by 4,111,426 votes overall at 10:45 am

Escorting trespassers out of the White House

"Some day, and that day may never come, I would like to call upon you to do me a service in return."

BREAKING: Georgia SOS holding Press Conference

Rick Santorum looks devastated!

Thank Christ this shit is almost over!

Biden team reminds Trump of their July 19th warning about White House 'trespassers'

"Sue a ham sandwich" - Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman

Finally, 2020, you've brought something great!!!

Is anyone protecting the teevees in the Whitehouse?

GA lead just rose about 500! Now at 1,579!

Stuart Stevens: Trump will never accept results so he can keep raising money...

Trump Has Been Bullying Science

Putin Stepping Down as Russian President.

I hope Trump stays in the White House ...

Trump enjoys humiliating his supporters

Trump having a rally this weekend?

I think it's safe enough to do this type of post...

Suggested new cabinet departments . . . Please suggest more.

Don Jr doesn't believe Biden's popular vote count. Tom Nichols has the perfect reply...

The Rundown: November 6, 2020

All that shit that Santorum is crying on CNN means he has a joint venture with Trump afterwards

Meanwhile, on FOX Business

The origin of Super Villains: Trickster

Break on through to the other side...

Can't resist

No, We Wouldn't

i just changed my avatar from a upside down flag to an upside right flag.

Georgia will be I N S A N E

Interesting observation on mail delivery

Tom Nichols echoes Cromwell when Matt Schlapp says they won't accept the results

Well, looks like Sister Malaise took this shit to the bank!

I love this Warnock ad

Trump on John Lewis: "He didn't come to my inauguration. I think he made a big mistake."

CNN major AZ dump in 15 min.

MSNBC Live Blog: Get your schadenfreude fix here: magat campaign worker tears

Anyone remember Rove's statement about them creating their own reality?

A request to the MSM

Americans Are Faster At ...

So Trump also had some plywood futures ?

If there's any confusion on how to pronounce Kamala, you are welcome to use "Madame Vice President".

How many BLM protestors will be stepping up in 2021....

I think our new mantra should be

There is one person, possibly more than anyone else, who we need to thank

"Kudlow says it has been an honor working for Trump."

Pelosi launches formal bid for Speaker in next Congress

How do I explain to my international friend

Joe needs to grab the narrative the second this race is called

GEORGIA - Overseas / Military Ballots - Clarification

Election official who supervised voting despite positive Covid-19 test has died.

Any DUers ready to launch resume writing advice service for unemployed Repubs.?

Remember when Barr recently quoted "History is written by the winner"?

I Agree

Maggie Haberman: no one I have talked to thinks he will refuse to leave.

Fuck the bullshit! GOP spin about it being a 'great' election for them is horseshit!

MSNBC, Biden team: "Declaration of Victory is Imminent".

NEW - Marc Elias - Two court cases (one in MI and one in PA)

Let's watch Trump pass through the Five Stages of Grief.

I think the gop will drift further right but I hope Nikki is the ticket Here's why

Jr: There's infinitely more evidence of voter fraud than there ever was of "Russia Collusion" but st

The bad thing about a Biden/Harris Victory

Multiple administration sources say Trump might fire Mark Esper & Gina Haspel today.

how is some of the rwingers behavior not sedition ?


Hey Donnie

Looks like the sweet number will be 306

"It is astonishingly amazing to read a normal news item from a normal president-elect."

Soon By Connie Schultz

Everybody Watching ...

Mass Delusion: Penn Exit Polls

IMO the new Attorney General should immediately look into...

i said id be celebrating with ship horns and whistles ,

Latest Arizona dump, only 3000 vote gain for Trump out of 59000 votes

New Maricopa Figues, 60K basically splits, this is not good for Trump.

If the votes are illegal, that includes down ticket

Trump is the Anti-Mr. Rogers

I slept in a bit, only to be woken by my Mr anxiously quoting morning joe about the Democrats

New AZ vote dump is GOOD NEWS! trump is UNDER the pace needed to catch up overall

Nate Silver says Maricopa ballots have shut down Trump's path to an Arizona win.

Predictit not impressed with AZs latest vote dump

Song for Today: "Happy Days Are Here Again"

Why aren't the "mailed" votes in AZ going strongly (D) like elsewhere?

battleground state real time tracking

Putin stepping down? Do you think that has a direct link to his failure to take control of the USA?

*** Here is the time frame for the November contest: "IN THE SHADOWS"

Stacy Abrams for anything she wants!

"Red Wave" looks like a "Red Stripe"

The adults are in charge now....

Fucking Chris on the Stephanie Miller show said AP just called it! He read it from

Is there any update on NC? How many votes are still out? nt


This is a Big 'Effin Deal

It just occured to me, if trump refuses to leave past noon on 1/21....

Why is Joergia recounting the votes? They haven't yet finished so we don't

Loves me some Brayden Harrington .... Biden is now @ 270 w/out PA & GA

Trump will have a press briefing today?

I can't wait until Joe hangs up

SCOTUSblog:...there is absolutely no chance of that happening, whatsoever. None.

Hey Joe.... You won!

I no longer wish the counting to hurry up

***Announcing the theme and timeframe for our Photo Contest November*** please participate

I would like to take a moment to thank the Republicans

Oval Office Fumigated After Complaints Of Overwhelming Smell Of Bullshit

***Announcing the theme and timeframe for our Photo Contest November*** please participate

Either polling methodologies are completely wrong across the board OR there's chicanery OR...

Special on MAGA hats at your local Trump Store!

PA lead up to 9k

Send "Happy Holidays" cards to the orange one and the repugs.

Kelly wins AZ Senate seat...

Mark Kelly the projected winner in Arizona!

Mark Kelly wins in Arizona nt

MSNBC FINALLY calling it for Mark Kelly (AZ-SEN)

Biden now 94% in Arizona on Predictit - link

Kevin Sorbo

48-48 Kelly won!! nt



Palmer Report speculating major news outlets are waiting to call AZ, NV & PA simultaneously

Whoooooooo's house?

I think we should stop counting votes now.

Trump train is losing momentum in Arizona!

Time for some Edwin Hawkins Singers!!!!

McEnany has started erasing tweets in anticipation of...pretending she never worked for Trump

Too late to jump off the Trump train

The new vote dump from Maricopa County in AZ didn't pan out for trump.

Red Sox to rehire Cora, manager from 2018 title

Fox News instructs anchors not to call Biden 'President-elect'

Will Martha McSally get the message this time?

Ronna McDaniel has nothing when asked to provide evidence of "irregularities"

I don't care what anyone says. I thank the Lincoln Project and FORMER Republicans who

Your Moment of Zen

Senate 48-48.....

Altogether fitting

Something to Keep in Mind Over the Next Couple Months

The unofficial campaign song of FDR's 1932 campaign and the Democratic Party, and now.........

Joe Conason: The Nation Is Rejecting Trump

Senate question here

The Lincoln Project not done.

It is altogether fitting and proper that an Impeached President should be removed

India Defense Head Says China Clash May Start Wider Conflict

Cabinet Posts?

The Hoarse Whisperer: Today, upon my table is a banquet. A glorious feast.

George Conway: A presidency fueled by lies finishes with the worst of them all

CNN: Airspace now restricted over Biden's home

Biden lead in Nevada is now 22,000

For Anyone Surprised ...

Asking for myself:


Is it a bit premature of me to be musing on this?

I'm waiting for that most delicious of all moments when...

Besides GA runoffs is there any chance for another dem senate flip?

Biden lead DOUBLED in Nevada!

John Ralston : It is over

"You can have as much time to grieve as the country got to honor the legacy of RBG."

I don't really believe In ghosts ...

Ha ha ha!

Joe Biden takes the lead in Pennsylvania and West Philly is dancing in the streets...

Instead of Madam Vice President, can we just agree to use MVP!!! n/t

Just curious. Has any one here ever heard trump speak a truth

DU Poll: Do you think frump as loser will keep bragging and lying through Nov Dec, Jan?

"Saddam Hussein in his underpants"!

This worries me, is this possible????????????

This is the way

Putin may step down in 2021 because of health problems, report states

Biden & Harris are going to win the total vote by more than the combined registered voters (D&R) in

this is like lying in bed on Christmas morning...

McConnell needs to be careful with two run-offs in Georgia...

Fast fforward to Georgia Senate race reruns....

I brought you some emails to read



Hope For The Future

New name for Trump.......LOTUS

Not merely a good boy, or even a great boy. The greatest boy that ever lived. (Twitter)

Any parent who has removed ...

"Hillary should be named Secretary of I-Was-Right-About-Everything."

When they say, "Joe Biden is about to become the President-Elect of the United States..."

House Democrats blame losses on polls, message, even Trump

I didn't think there could be anything sweeter than an Obama win

Presidential Medal of Freedom - Still have plenty of time

Has Kudlow ever been right about anything? Ever?

Judges are tossing out President Trump's last-minute attempts to sue his way to victory one by one

New Season of "The Biggest Loser"

will the deplorables just go back to hiding now?

Freaking Rick Santorum is on CNN whining about election fraud! GET RID OF HIM!!!!

Love this -

we need a new standard for recounts- the polls.

This guy is a bit vituperative but nailed the Trump appeal

The way I look at it.

Anyone know when GA runoff winners are sworn in?

We all need to be five years old again.

A Regular Person Would Go To Prison For What Loeffler Did

Gloria Bolger has been fact-checking Santorum

I know we've got this now, but I'm still desperate...

One of my favorite activities on Twitter is to sign off to see what Z-List "public figures"...

Eric still in the running for dumbest Trump spawn

Our new meme to be pushed 24/7. Time to make that phone to President Elect Biden, Donny.

You know what we should do.... all of you who are on twitter

How the counting is going.....

I'm still worried about Georgia. Biden's current lead is only 1,584. Not much gain

I just got off a conference call with India.

the gop may yet lose the senate

FB suddenly becoming "alarmed" at right-wing lies the day Trump loses...

A Large Portion of the Electorate Chose the Sociopath

Both Georgia Candidates Should Run On Eliminating Dark Money

More Philadelphia celebrating...

Ron Brownstein on how historic the AZ/CO/NV/NM votes are

Here's A Running List Of Debunked and Misleading Information About The Election

just woke up in newzealand its 6am

The Red Mirage is just that, a mirage

The day of Biden's inauguration should be like the baptism scene in The Godfather (mass arrests)

GOOD Morning!

Leadership lesson from Colonel Potter

An interesting thing about the big Red States/Blue States

Congratulations, Senator-elect Mark Kelly!

West Philly reacting to Joe's lead...

NYT: So far, no one has projected Nevada for Biden, but this is all but a done deal.

Unload that odoriferous festering orange orb and perform a public good at the same time.

Beschloss: Abraham Lincoln was elected President 160 years ago today

When Biden wins I'll be glad someone else is in charge of the pandemic

Joe Biden does not have to worry at all about Mitch McConnell blocking cabinet appointments.

If there is any message from the election it is?

A message from Hillary re: deadline in Georgia if you voted absentee -

You Did - The Lincoln Project

Doug Sahm was born on this date.

Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony #5 in C Minor, I. Allegro con brio

I guess they are gonna wait until every single state

Pelosi: Biden has a bigger mandate than JFK had

Is it me or does Andrea Mitchell look down today

Irish Daily Mirror Front Page......


Guy Clark was born on this date.

If we only hated people of color and foreigners

Judge Sullivan hasn't forgotten about DeJoy

what are the latest numbers for NV AZ GA PA

Right on cue, Lindsey Graham wants to talk about the deficit.

Trump's Forever Campaign Is Just Getting Started

The Sound of Philadelphia (People all over the world, Let's get it on, It's time to get down!)

Joyous people of #Philadelphia are dancing to the Trump 2020 campaign theme song

Glenn Frey was born on this date.

Ivanka: The Election 2020 Employer donor data proves that we are the party of the American worker!

One hit wonder: "Steam," performing "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye"

Trump, the Pathetic Loser

Rita Hart takes lead in Ia-02 (iowastartingline)

Jeff Van Drew wins re-election in NJ

"When Biden gives his first speech to the Congress..."

Andrew Mitchell just said NBC won't call PA for Biden till he has a 35,000 vote margin

Today's Sesame Street is brought to you by the letters F, U, ...

CNN's John King (political analyst) says Penn goes for Biden..

Marijuana candidates shake up Minnesota races

"Breaking: 61k new Maricopa Co. ballots added..."

Too soon trump?

NV projection update - Biden only needs 45% of the remaining ballots.

Want To Take The Senate? Someone Official Should Announce They Will Investigate Loeffler

Biden campaign statement

Rush Limbaugh has seen enough...

Fucking Networks

A quick note on Florida: Biden lost by about 400K votes. Gov. DeSantis worked VERY hard to maintai

What to do when your president has a temper tantrum

Whip Clyburn on the Georgia Senatorial races

Besides Georgia, what other Senate races haven't been called?

Great tweet: "He will never have another good day."

Live scenes from the White House.

Biden to give prime time news conference.....

Brent Terhune: its rigged. it has to be ((sarcasm))

Breaking- Biden will address the nation at prime time

Go lay down Donald, your political end is at hand

Realtime vote count updates at this website...

Kool & The Gang - Celebration

Updated: The US has now had over 10 million COVID 19 cases

Home Page of

Tapper just used "spawn" again for Dumps offspring.


Coming soon to NBC...

50 Funny Examples Of Cat Beds And Cat Logic

***BREAKING*** Video of Trump at White House today released, you've got to see this, wow!

Rush Limbaugh: I have not conceded the election. I have not conceded anything. President Trump still

The Devil done left Georgia....

Jake Tapper: "Read the twitter feed of "the spawn" -

"Fox Business Channel, where all sorts of facts go to die."

I have an embarrassing confession.

Popular vote is good. BUT last time ( 2016 ) the

Newt G. on Faux news saying the repukes were not allowed to veiw the count in PA

Imagine this guy getting all up in your face...

1979/The day ABBA, Bee Gees, Olivia Newton-John, Rod Stewart and Andy Gibb sang a staggering medley

We need a pool: Predict date & time Trump will call Biden to concede!

Need to put heat on Mark Burnett.

Mrs. Greenspan is utterly unwatchable.

Tell Him (Official Video) By Barbra Streisand, Cline Dion

Does anyone know who I call to make the inspectors sweep my small county post office?

this one.

Why does Andrea Mitchell look like she's deeply depressed?

The Lincoln Project is NOT giving up. Latest ad directed at Georgia voters:

Last day to register for GA runoff is 12/7/20. Anyone know how to support Abrams' effort down there?


Philly is dancing in the streets

Fire Fauci Now

At Dawn, look to the East

Iowa and Ohio are the past.

My song for today

Reporting from Center City Philly:

Let's get this party started in fifteen minutes!

I hope I can make this post work... this is really awesome!

Trump barely cared about COVID before, he REALLY isn't gonna give a fuck about it now!

He's just a whiny, little b***!

Why the slow process of counting is a good thing,

Maga Lives On

Where do I go to volunteer for the Senate run-off elections?

AZ, GA, PA at 93, 90, 94 respectively on predictit.

So, which House Dems

This made me smile: Festivus for the Rest of Us

I am SO proud of our Dem leadership in Memphis. New program to pool test restaurants & businesses

I now love the Philly mayor - big boy pants

Putin stepping down for Parkinson's? Nah, he and Dump are eloping.

Puppy Found Tied To Pole Is Glued To Her Mom's Side Now

Mayor of Philly says to trump: Put on your big boy pants and concede!

It's important that Biden get as many electoral college votes as possible.

Mary Trump's Article About Her Uncle

Biden PA lead now at 12,390!

In Minnesota, if you see men in pickup truck with guns today and this weekend,

Hit the road,

Arizona Pollster: It does not appear plausible that Trump will be able to make up AZ deficit

Clark County - people praying

A Modern Day JOKE of a Political Historian compares Trump's loss to the Battle of Gettysburg.

Biden leads by 12k in Penn!!!

Biden won Michigan by 2.7 percent, 50.6 to 47.9.

Trump's Remarks on the Election; November 5, 2020

Imagine the triggered health issues, if trump* is in an uncontrollable rage.

Mayor Jim Kenney on proper attire and decorum for a defeated President

Will Biden be the 46th or 47th President?

Patti Smith is an exceptional human being.

Clark County NV

Incoming message

Nevada presser - 60k provisional ballots to process. Updates will be twice a day. Morning and 4pm

Appreciation Thread for Roland99

Despite it not being a "LANDSLIDE" election

Steve Bannon's Lawyers Are Running for the Hills After Client's Insane Call for Dr. Fauci's Head

Vote leads as of 1:05 p.m. ET Friday:

It feels like this nightmare is over...

Day break on 270 day

Nate Silver - when he's right, he's right

Arizona flips! Navajos contribute to historic shift

Will the media now go on breathlessly about how the GOP failed to reach urban voters in 2020?

Now we can have Obama's portrait in the WH where

I Can Dream - Indulge Me In This

Can someone tell me a list of the House members who lost or are losing?

Reconnected with a friend I haven't seen in 50 years.

In South Florida, Charles Foster Kane and Susan, at home alone at "Xanadu," after the fall ...

Am I understanding this wrong

GET READY TO HONK YOUR HORNS going to feel so good

Biden to give prime-time address Friday evening

2012 level defeat for GOP- Keep Saying IT, Trump Will Hate IT!

RW "stop the steal" Facebook group gets punked in glorious fashion.

Question about vote-counting and calling the election

Romney: Trump claim of stolen election 'recklessly inflames destructive and dangerous passions'

So trump is crying about where is the military vote in Georgia

Video of Delaware County poll workers filling out ballots was manipulated and lacked context

Trump nutburger loses his shit on camera.

Really slow at counting ...

When is the last time we heard about Hunter Biden? Nope.

Pardons - and pardon me for asking

John Lewis's former county tipped Biden into lead in Georgia

Yet another definition of irony

Like it or not, a Trump self-pardon may be coming soon

My Battleflag -- Fuck Republicans

Trump's vote margin in latest Maricopa County ballot count is well short of what he needs

WAIT! Breaking - trump has been declared the winner of a state


Trump nut job has major irony impairment

Anyone interested in contributing to trumps defense fund?

Will trump do a group pardon before January ? Mike Flynn,

I can't wait

My prediction is

Winning both Senate run-offs in Georgia is a long shot, but I wonder...

Anybody here read Digby's blog?

Remember, it's not over until.......

Here's what we know about a potential recount in Georgia

Where my Marylanders at?

Do you believe Trump will hold regular campaign rallies

"Vlad, it's for you!"

Peter Strzok FTW !

I wonder if someone started that rumor about Putin resigning, just to terrify trump*.

I heard Hunter Biden is throwing a Yuge party tonight.

make that 13k lead in Penn

Rubio sends cryptic tweet about villains, 'crooked talk'

Welcome to Joe'gia!!

WaPo comment section: If Trump wants to reach 270 ... he needs to lose 60 pounds.

Replacing mike pence with Kamala Harris will be one of the Democrats Ultimate Achievements

If Dipshit Donny actually goes ahead and holds

Coronavirus updates: U.S. tops 116,000 cases, another record, as health officials worry people are

One snag for self pardon

Kevin M. Kruse: The kind of "concession" speech we can expect from 666.

So is Penn now saying all the ballots won't be counted until next week?

Jeff Tiedrich! 🤣 This guy cracks me up everytime.

Donald is a loser. Loser whiner loser. Loser loser loser.

Kudlow: 'There will be a peaceful transfer of power' if Biden wins

Statement from trump in White House - per MSNBC

"'Ivankkka Is a Nazi"

Trump wants transparency?

Projections vs Certfied Results (a timeline)

What the media is doing right now


President Elect Biden will start to get daily briefings

We're going to go to Mars really?

+1,558 in GA, +13,478 in PA, +20,137 in NV, +43,779 in AZ.....

We're far from out of the woods, Trump will try to burn it all down on his way out

Sources close to the White House say some officials are beginning to quietly back away from Trump

U.S. reports a record 121,888 new COVID-19 cases

Center City Philly is now out in the streets dancing to the YMCA song

Tired of the media coddling the toddler-CALL THE RACE AND CALL IT NOW!

We won't be able to get a Dr appointment because all the

Just saw a couple of varied thrushes

In Trump's Infant Mind He Won Fair And Square And He Will Never Concede

Voting and Right Wing propaganda

Wasn't some of those undelivered USPS ballots in Georgia?

Briscoe Cain....#lawyersfortrump (Bwahahaha!!!)

While American eyes are turned to election data, #COVID19 is soaring.

As Trump began floating baseless claims of election fraud, television networks cut away

RNC Voter Fraud Hotline backfires..

a tune to release the pent up wait

Pete Williams pretending Trump's potential lawsuits could give him PA...

It's time to resurrect the moniker "Sore-Loserman"...

Sarah Cooper ftw

Graham says Biden 'deserves' a Cabinet if he wins

Post-election strategy fight at the WH

Oh by the way?

So what are the chances of getting an earnest money refund on a house in New Zealand?

Are there more ballots to count in Georgia?

Most people feared him but no one respected him.

Will he turn on his own base?

Huge thanks to Stacey Abrams, whose work was pivotal in ALL the swing states.

donnie's meltdowns remind me of a great quote from "the sting", the 1973 redford/newman/shaw classic

This was Trump's last desperate try to execute his Russian benefactors' plan

Joe Biden poised to become Donald Trump's landlord come January

All those things that were "unwritten" rules should now be written.

Klobuchar: Some in GOP "not questioning" ballots in states they won

Little something to pass the time until IT is decided

Needed some counting ballots relief......and Mary Tyler Moore sure does it for me......

I like Presidents that don't lose.

PA provisional ballots

Smells Like Victory!

Talk grows of Trump firings at Pentagon, CIA

Democrats need to document every violation and cheat by the GOP

700,000+ Covid cases in the last 7 days - FUCK YOU donald tRump.

Newt Gingrich asks Attorney General Bill Barr to send federal agents to arrest election workers in P

Aren't there any Republican senators who will challenge Mitch as leader?

Is the Confederate flag America's swastika?

Do you think we can have a big inauguration this time?

Old Donald Trump tweet on losing with dignity

Biden Nearly Doubles Lead In Nevada As More Results Released

My special lunch today

Is it time for us to change gears?

Trumpers Are Losing Their Minds Right Now - May Lash Out In Violence

Republican Sen. Pat Toomey says Trump's claims of 'large-scale fraud and theft of the election are

Reality Check

Pennsylvania Court Orders Segregation of Provisional Ballots

January 20th

Remember the concession speech in the movie "Game Change"? The sacred speech?

2 men detained after police learn of possible threat to Philadelphia vote counting center

All those Trump appointees must be panicking....

The anger of Trump supporters is caused by his big con. Here is how.

Biden's version of the iconic Dewey Defeats Truman photo.

Fuckers couldn't wait to run to the Supreme Court


MCCAINS CONCESSION SPEECH worth watching again

Knowing how self interested dRump is . . . I'm wondering how fast he will turn to issuing pardons

Donald Trump lost the popular vote twice and never had a collective approval rating over 50%.

Now we're being asked to consider the Magat's feelings!?

Sometimes the photo and title are all I need ...

Al Roker announces prostate cancer diagnosis

Country Joe: Feel Like I'm Fixing to Die Rag - Woodstock '69 (possibly NSFW)

Letitia James warming up in the wings.

the scary thing is, i think it's now clear donnie would have won easily if it weren't for covid-19

Daddy, are we going to jail? (Put down your coffee)

I just now visited fauxsnooze to see their spin.

Freeperville has some in total denial: The whole world conspired to rig the election

Before you say it tonight, Joe, Nancy, there is no healing the nation until there are consequences

Is Louis DeJoy's XPO Logistics divestiture a sham?

Enjoying Faux News today

(PA + GA) is greater-than MAGA . . . by orders of magnitude!

I have been sleeping a couple of hours here and there...

VP-Elect Kamala Harris on mail-in voting (not really her but I like this).....

Question: Will the military votes skew the results?

In non-election news, my Facebook friend and her Trump loving husband are posting vacation photos...

Court comments put Barrett in bind

None of the remaining states will be called tonight? Wonder what Joe is gonna tell us??

This Election Would be Called By Now

There has been no movement from 253/214 for well over a day.

Biden Nearly Doubles Lead In Nevada As More Results Released

PA GOP Leaders Condemn Trump's Claims Of Fraud

trump reminds me of a basketball coach

Dear trump supporters....

Scoop: Brad Parscale has told people he's writing a book and is close to inking a deal with a publi

So.. When is the next trump covid fest (rally)

Trump's path to electoral victory is disappearing. So are his legal avenues.

Campaign contributions for Georgia run-off elections

More possible mischief

This song has been going through my head the last two days:

Mitch McConnell Sidesteps Trump Fraud Claims, Backs Counting 'Every Legal Vote'


Message for Q Anon...

Dems flip GA 7th

Just Saying

King County voters approve changes to police death inquests

what states are counting right now?

He didn't shoot anyone on 5th avenue...

My theme song for the last couple of days!

Philadelphia Mayor Calls on Trump to 'Put His Big Boy Pants On' and Concede Race

When they go low....well, they just go lower.

what time is Bidens press conference?

Biden On Cusp Of Presidency After Gains In Pennsylvania

Fun True Fact

Opinion: John Lewis and Stacey Abrams helped set off Georgia's Democratic earthquake

MNGOP Chair recruiting Minnesota Republicans to amplify Trump claims of ballot fraud

A Lot of Feelings

Philly Mood - Absolutely Vibing

Just heard someone tell Killa Con to put on his big boys pants and concede

YAY FOR JOE, KAMALA AND for all of the Democrats

Philadelphia: Evacuations underway after bomb threats near vote counting centre

My current mood, as a Floridian.

Dear Georgia,

Let Me Just Say ...

Provisional ballots and potential funny business.

CNN video: "potus angry frustrated, workers looking for new jobs...."

tRump tweets "So true" on the importance of losing with dignity

I'm glad. But I'm not joyful. I'm still dealing with the worst trauma of my lifetime.

Biden to deliver prime-time address with victory in sight

I believe there was a Blue Wave, it just crashed into and through a Red Seawall...

Democrat Bourdeaux flips Georgia House district

Sorry RW media, Hannity, Graham, etc... Electoral College scholar here...


Democrat Bourdeaux flips Georgia House district

Let Me Just Say ...

NOW...THat Fence Around THe People's House Can Come Down

Joe and Kamala needs to declare victory tonight. Some in the media and others tip toeing

So the mass-muRderer-in-chief wants to ask the USSC to throw away all the votes received after ED?

Can We Please start calling it the DemocratIC party

Ludwig van Beethoven Triple Concerto in C Major, Op. 56

"Save The Country," WE DID

Believe it or not: Fla actually did something right. Has been counting mail-in votes for 3 weeks.

In that other universe in which Hillary won...

Where's Hunter? ... Not on Twitter or television being a douchebag.

Ohio exit polling 39% R. 31% D

Breaking: Philly - Two Arrested With Guns After Police Get Tip of Convention Center Threat

Watch how fast a conspiracy is born during a protest at the Maricopa county election center.

Peak fall foliage persists through a gorgeous weekend in the Washington area.

Republican sheriff of Spalding County: NO ballots were found in a dumpster in Griffin, Georgia

How do you explain this to your boss when your deliverable is late?

Michael Moore: 'Twas The Night Before Trump Removal

Steve Bannon's lawyer kicked him to the curb after he went Full Trump ... never go Full Trump

Total outstanding ballots in NC is 99,000

Lil' Chumpy having a very bad day

Phila Mayor on Trump: Put on Big Boy Pants, Accept He Lost, Congratulate Winner

Warning. Swallow anything you're drinking.

How many ballots are still out in PA and why is the count so close?

Feeding the ballot counters!

Interesting question, Gary.

Thank you, Ruth and John! 💙💙

Think about the levels of self discipline it took for Secret Service Agents ...


Montgomery County

Exclusive: RNC seeking to raise at least $60 million to fund Trump legal challenges - sources

Hypothetical question:

It's time to call the race.

👍I know it's been said already but THANK YOU GEORGIA and STACEY

MAGA in Rhode Island---this is HUGH!!!1111!11!

How can I improve cell phone reception in my house?

I did not know this, but apparently Rhode Island is in play for Trump.

I have a convenient staircase near by.

My guess? We've seen the high water mark for the GOP.

Textbook actions When the Villain Loses

I guess I am just too sick and tired of trying to winnow a few nuggets of truth from

so...what happens on Inauguration Day?

The local bakery outlet store is reopening next week.

you know fucking well


Anyone in Puyallup just hear a shelter-in-place announcement over a loudspeaker?

Hey, Fox News: Go home, you're drunk -- it's time to admit that the Trump party's over

OK, so what happens if neither gets to 270?

Biden will have the final say on how Trump is removed if he refuses to concede: report

I am tired of hearing 'the state that could decide the election' or,

Joe must end shitstain's security clearance!

The fall of The Villain- another example

My Tweet

Wonder how many MAGAs will leave the country?

CNN: Maybe an hour away for those 35K votes mail in votes from penn

wife, daughters and I are elated Joe will be pres. We are overjoyed Kamala

Leslie Jones: Ok what is this fuckery WHERE IS STEVE?? Lol I don't trust this dude!!

fuck this we need to call the god damn networks

My pick for our new postmaster general

As of Thursday, California Still Had 4.5 Million Votes to Count

Hey, Rep Dan Crenshaw and Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene are having a spat!

We the People, A Tribe Called Quest

Can we get ActBlue donation links to the Ossoff and Warnock runoff campaigns on the front page?

Heard Velshi say provisional ballots are not breaking for Biden in PA...anyone heard this?

PARTY TIME: Philadelphia Residents Celebrate As State Goes Blue For Biden, PA Native Son

trump's legal arguments

There are 23,000 young voters in Georgia who just became eligible to vote who need to be registered

In Virginia's Vote For Biden, Democrats See Blue Wave Wobble While Republicans Spy Hope

PLEASE NOTE: The 2020 'exit polling' is an unreliable kludge.


When will the runoff senate elections in Georgia happen?

Orange is the New Sacked

As COVID-19 surges, conservatives are paying a deadly price for listening to Trump and Fox News

That moment when...

Philadelphians hit the streets as the Pennsylvania ballot count comes down to the wire

Scatological Humor Y'all

There's a Trump tweet everything, LOL

If Trump loses but refuses to leave the White House, what will the military do?

Steve Schmidt just called out news orgs on their bullshit

MAGA, how it's done

In the midst of all this, I have a serious medical/veterinary question

You know how the exiting president always leaves a ...

1/2 the money Trump's raising from his followers for the recountwill go to pay off his campaign debt

Idiots who contribute to trump's legal defense fund are also paying off campaign debt

Olbermann vs. Trump #23

2024 is now --Trump as the artist or magician

At the next State of the Union address

After 2 years and 500+ pieces of content, Guns & America is ending production. ...

Is anyone counting in NV for Pete's sake?


Cuomo using NYPD, National Guard to increase airport COVID-19 checkpoints

Election (Avengers style)

Novemberverbrecher (November Criminals ie. DolchstoBlegende ie Stabbed in the back myth) inbound

Unable to complete Jury Duty

What's for Dinner, Fri., Nov. 6, 2020

I am sure that my fellow DUers can relate

Turtle flipping off photographer wins Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards

Biden didn't 'take the lead' in Pennsylvania. If he wins, he always had it.

America: Endgame (Americans Assemble)

What's On Your Playlist When The Election Gets Called?

It's asinine that they even asked for this to happen. They're going to keep losing these court cas

My local fish wrap just called AZ for Biden

Trump will be the first president in almost 150 years to NEVER have won the popular vote

Anyone know the number of military and provisional ballots in Penn yet

Are there significant limits on what an acting Cabinet Secretary can do

Bogus QAnon Claim that Mail-In Ballots Are Illegitimate

Prices soared as Seattle metro home sales set record in October

Is it possible elections will be called when all is in place to stop civil unrest?

Who else is following the Maine Senate Race?

Trumps Last Chance ...

New QAnon Congresswoman Starts Twitter Beef With Dan Crenshaw

Cartoons 11/16/2020

Georgia lead over 4K!!!!!!

"..a couple of very special "poll watchers"

Ok, this is funny...

'Here Lies a Suffragist': Election Day thanks to the pioneers

Remaining ballots by state as of this morning

Bangor Daily News Banner Headline: JOE BIDEN WINS

I was good for a few hours and then...

JEWELZ -Anderson.Paak

**Breaking** Fed judge in PA denies GOP effort to toss ballots that initially contained errors

The provisional ballots will favor Biden.

Social Media's Dance With Donald Trump Is Getting Clumsier

Ali Velshi just did a state tour and this is what was revealed:

a song from Lenny for the evening

let's take a second to look at trouble. THIS Is why we must have Joe.

Biden lead in GA grows to 4,235!

Trump will 'absolutely' run for president again in 2024 if he loses to Biden, says Mick Mulvaney

Christie scolds Trump on stolen election rhetoric: Only inflames 'without informing'

Trump lost. That is a repudiation of Donald Trump.

Help with Senate races?

Acosta - Pennsylvania is the fat lady singing for Killa Con

Our celebratory bottle!

How's you doing DU? You Happy?

The repugnant plan brewing for state legislatures to steal the election must be stopped

Let them count all the votes (and please don't flame me)

'IT'S OVER': Biden Defeats Trump In Tense Election To Become America's Next President

Charlottesville By Name - Keith Morris

Who will take Kamala Harris senator position in California? n/t

The crucial Trump voting bloc that drifted to Biden

A topical film quote...

I half expect trump* to pull something distracting when Joe is on the air, tonight

Trump asks former Citizens United head David Bossie to be in charge of trying to overturn the electi

MSNBC: Biden Speech Looking Less Likely For Tonight, But Harris Expected To Speak

I will not stop fighting until every legal white person's ballot is counted except the ones Louis De

It looks to me (11/6 5:30pm) like there are just under 276K more votes in PA.

Situation inside WH right now "chaos."

Johnnie Walker presents Brittany Howard - You'll Never Walk Alone

Wacky suggestion: Biden should offer to split the cost of the WI recount

If they admit to chaos in the West Wing that means there is mayhem.

video of 1897 snowfight - 52 seconds of joyful carnage

I don't know BUT, could it be possible that Biden wants his home state to be the one to put him

Try to imagine the insane, criminal ideas that are being thrown around the WH

Need help finding a post/meme, please!

Lisa Gordon-Hagerty resigns as chief of nuclear weapons agency

Earlier, people were describing Kornaki...

Pennsylvania sends their regards


The time a person is born has a great deal to do with what s/he achieves.

Poll Watchers

"The King of Debt" strikes again.....

Hey, Fox News: Go home, you're drunk -- it's time to admit that the Trump party's over

Fox News is instructing its anchors not to call Joe Biden the "President-elect"

Alabama Police Captain Resigns After Saying Biden Supporters Should Get 'A Bullet In Their Skull'

Al Gore says 2020 election 'completely different' to his 2000 battle with George W Bush

Poll: A way to prevent another russian asset from "claiming": the White House

Idaho Man Banned from Yellowstone National Park for Attempting to Cook Chickens in Hot Spring

Lynchburg judge unseals documents in Falwell defamation suit

Is Joe still going live tonight? Thought it was 5pm est

"Hope is kindled."

OMINOUS (Not Necessarily Election Related)

Trump asked if he is 'sore loser' by CNN reporter Jim Acosta after baseless rant

black votes matter

THIS is the Twitter content I'm here for. My America...

Trump tweet about 'winners and losers' returns to haunt him

Rick Scott to run for leadership of Senate GOP campaign arm

Someone please clarify what is left in PA?

Kenosha killer attorney, John Pierce, added to Trump's legal team in Georgia.

Perfectly capable of escorting trespassers from WH

did trump really get over 69 million votes?

Trump's Republican Allies Are Going to Help Him Burn It All Down

Donald Trump is finding out that he's not really a dictator, and he's stunned.

Instant classic!

Justin Turner won't be punished for returning to field despite positive Covid-19 test

What is the name of this song?

FDA panel urges rejection of experimental Alzheimer's drug

Seattle ranks sixth for investing the most in high-density housing, study finds

The reasoning for not calling the race has gone beyond math

Pundits getting it wrong again: Trump is working the next step

Study Considers a Link Between QAnon and Polling Errors


HOOOOLEEE SHIT has anyone seen this?

Court orders FDA to assess environmental impact of GM salmon

The Twit tweets: "Joe Biden should not wrongfully claim the office of the President."

If the situation was reversed, would the media call it for Trump?

ICE T on Trump and Satan

Who officially declares a winner, and when is this done (traditionally)?

Well, HERE'S a first in DU jury service...

Probably reported already: Biden leads GA 3,974, PA 19,625, NV 22,657, AZ 38,455

The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything, is 46 nt

Washington razor clam digs canceled until December due to marine toxins

I was on a jury for a pissing contest that was so long it went off the page.

From FaceBook: Stacey Abrams built a blue wall...

Claims victory and also claims election is being stolen from him

cnn must be reading du

Trump fundraiser emails getting narky.

Photos Show Tensions Running High As The Vote Count Continues

Greta:"Donald must work on his Anger Management then go to a movie with a friend"

Here's a great tweet/video:

So when do we start the discussion re: post-Presidency tRump with all the top secret info....

i prolly already posted this, but happy friday.

Lame Duck Loser Knows He Is a Lame Duck Loser.

74,105,044 : "YOU'RE FIRED!"

Ex-Mexican military boss pleads not guilty in US drug case

DDHQ just called it.

AOC calls for holding Trump sycophants accountable in the future

Associated Press called Arizona for Biden 2 days ago

What Christiane Amanpour said

4846 vote dump in AZ, essentially no change +24 votes for Biden (edited)

This is how desperate the GOP is in Joergia!!

'Tucker Carlson is the frontrunner for the Republican nomination in 2024': Steve Schmidt

I'm waiting for fireworks to go off in my neighborhood any minute.

People Who Died. Lou Reed and Jim Carroll - 1984

according to CNN

Allegheny military vote-

YUMA ballot drop. Looks good.

Arizona-Utah canceled, Pac-12 down to 4 games to open season

What is happening today does not bode well for the future

Given the source, this seems significant:

Nevada update- Biden +22658

The suspense is getting on my nerves

Forget the count, live Al Green on Soul Train circa '72

There is no reason the AP hasn't called Nevada beyond not wanting to declare Biden President-elect

I liked the movie, Avengers Endgame, and someone did a fun piece of work here

Am I the only one who wants to see him right now? I want to see him.

Goose Gander - Slim Margins

Biden should give Trump an ultimatum.

This is One More

Why so gloomy, Democrats? You have a lot to celebrate

Am I the only one who thinks the networks and Biden will organize the reveal for prime time?

If I had Joe Biden's ear, (I do not)

Spread the word...Robert Reich

trump is running out of room across-the-board

Stressed? Yale is offering very popular Science of Well Being FREE

I think MSNBC just said there was another 7K tranche in AZ

Just saw my first Warnock runoff ad

One Day (Lincoln Project)

Rachel Maddow: "I have had a close contact test positive for COVID-19..."

US Covid cases New Highs

The RNC is recruiting Republican activists across the nation to make false claims of election fraud

They identified the 2 men arrested for threatening the Philly vote count

Doubling down on my assanine-10-11 (borrowing from Stephen A Smith)...

Mrs. Glam insisted I had to post the Bee Gee's version too...

This race continues in Georgia. "Retirement is coming for David Perdue."

Holy cow - did everyone know this - Ivana Trump's father was an informer

Crying and elections Saddest Music in the World

Trump unhappy with legal team's lack of major impact on election count

Practical question...Pennsylvania

Steve Bannon Loses Lawyer After Suggesting Beheading of Fauci


Is Nate Cohn sending a message to the networks?

Biden ahead by 17K in PA

Dave Wasserman on PA provisionals.

Biden won't speak tonight

Biden: Avengers Assemble!! (SO good!)

He will go the way of Sarah Palin ...

"False claims", "unsubstantiated assertions", "without evidence", "unfounded allegations"....

11/08 Mike Luckovich - No Hiding Place

Ivanka is a Nazi! (green day music video)


GOP voter review panelist argued write-in ballots for Pence should count for Trump (GA)

Local Nevada reporters are pleading with the national networks to call Nevada for Biden

Would the networks have called the election for a Republican by now?


Imagine having an adult President addressing our nation from the WH.

Use to be they couldn't wait to be first

so when they say prime time

Here is information on states canvassing and E.C. dates

Talking with a friend from middle school

I'm sure it's been said, but we wouldn't have this nonsense with a popular vote

Report: Trump Plans to Barricade Himself in the Oval Office and Refuse to Come Out If Biden Wins

Kornacki looks like he's gonna pass out

I have been checking this site and Az estimated votes left went up 40,000+

60k votes from az coming in in two hours.

When is Biden speaking?

AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!! (Juju loves this, me too...)

I certainly hope Georgians learned their lesson. I know I surely did.